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  1. Was checking Breeze’s website and saw that starting in February, RIC-TPA will be upgraded again to daily service! Great news that Breeze has had a lot of success on this route, hopefully we see some new routes soon as more of their A220s come online (would love LA and Phoenix).
  2. They are going to run out of towers to convert pretty soon at this rate. Should hopefully lead to new buildings being built downtown pretty soon!
  3. @I miss RVA Its pretty clear you don’t know anything about these regulations if you think any implementation of a historic district would hamper development in Manchester. Implementing historic districts has proven time and time again not to hamper development as implementing historic districts doesn’t legally do anything to stop development in areas so please stop spreading false information. Implementing a historic resources survey is nothing more than surveying existing sites in Manchester to determine which have historical significance. What is being proposed by VDHR will do nothing to hamper development of buildings without major historical significance so no…….. they don’t want to try and save EvErYtHiNg as you falsely claim. Professor Slipek was not completely wrong in everything he said in the article so please stop taking everything to the extreme and fear mongering on these forums that any sort of preservation will lead to a standstill on all development going on in Richmond as it won’t and it’s hasn’t in any decent city in the country, much less the world.
  4. I for one would like to see the silos saved, but only if they can be repurposed and rehabbed. They may not be a 20 story glass residential tower but they are pretty similar in height and a lot more iconic. Not many other cities have large grain silos basically as part of their skyline (outside of Buffalo). Saving the silos would have been a very visible monument to Manchester past as an industrial which is very quickly being erased. I’m not a fan of saving some 1 or 2 story brick or metal warehouse but a building that iconic that has been visible to travelers and has almost served as a gateway to the southern us is far different than the carriage building which tbh I didn’t even know existed prior to this article. While some might feel they are an ugly eyesore, they are more unique and cool looking than any skyscraper Charlotte, Raleigh, Austin, Atlanta or any other sunbelt city has in their skyline or will ever have. Gives off major Brooklyn vibes. Sadly for me and any others that find old industrial architecture to be more beautiful than any all glass building, they likely won’t be able to be saved, but if they were able to repurpose them as apartments or a hotel, I’d be the first in line to stop any bulldozer or wrecking ball from destroying them.
  5. @I miss RVA might need to write a thank you card to the NIMBYs for the increased height!
  6. Wow I hadn’t even heard about this! Good find!
  7. Awesome news! Should be a great addition to Broad and add residents that shop nearby and could use the pulse, especially due to less than 1 space per unit of parking. Hopefully we see more projects like this pop up long Broad all the way to Scott’s Addition!
  8. My guess is access to Virginia Beach was the sole reason that ORF was chosen. Due to high levels of leisure traffic, which is what Breeze targets, ORF seemed like a great spot to have a bunch of lower frequency routes to the Midwest. RIC actually has better PDEW to NOLA, which is why we still have the route at 4x per week year round, however our numbers to Pittsburgh are abysmally low as it’s a very short flight so they lose lots of passengers to driving. You can see this with other nearby cities, such as Charlotte and Philadelphia, which have direct flights but low PDEWs, however the difference is that those cities are hubs for American so they can warrant a direct flight due to the vast amount of connections they offer. Pittsburgh no longer is a hub so unless there were high numbers of passengers traveling my between the 2 cities, a route wouldn’t be picked up. Breeze’s strategy for choosing focus cities doesn’t matter a whole lot for what cities get new service as Breeze doesn’t allow passengers to book connecting flights so being a focus city isn’t as big of a deal, outside of increasing jobs at the airport. This is why Providence, which is a focus city, only has 4 routes year round and Richmond has 5, yet isn’t a focus city. Hate to be a downer but look for Breeze to keep scaling back lower demand routes across their network until mid winter.
  9. Breeze has further cut their schedule, not just from RIC but from almost all airports they operate from. RIC lost all flights to Providence and West Palm, taking Breeze down to 5 year round routes and 1 seasonal route out of RIC. However we fared much better than many other cities. Breeze’s prescience at ORF has shrunk to 7 year round routes, with 5 seasonal routes including big destinations such as New Orleans, Charleston and Pittsburgh. Providence, a focus city, has been cut to 4 total routes for the near future and New Orleans has shrunk to 8 year round routes and 2 seasonal routes. Seems as though Breeze expanded way to quickly and is looking to cut out routes that have lower ridership during the winter season, where ridership is usually lower among all routes. I don’t think we should be very discouraged by the Providence route as it never seemed like a plausible route to begin with, however the PBI route hurts alittle. Seems like it could come back as seasonal once Breeze better figures out how to allocate resources as it had decent demand and had been upped from 1x per week to 2x per week recently. I would look for Breeze to pounce on longer distance markets that are better suited to the a220 and have higher ridership (Think Los Angeles or Phoenix) or are popular tourist destinations (Austin or Fort Myers) in the future as opposed to routes to Hartford and Providence, which have to compete with driving and a plethora of Amtrak trains that may take longer but allow for increased flexibility.
  10. Virginia’s Amtrak services have shot back to pre-pandemic levels of service, with over 110,000 people riding Virginia state supported routes in July! No doubt that the addition of the third round trip to Norfolk and the second round trip to Roanoke were major catalysts for growth, but encouraging ridership bumps over last month across the state. I can’t even imagine the ridership in 2030 once the transforming rail in va plan is built out. https://www.masstransitmag.com/rail/press-release/21279332/amtrak-ridership-on-amtraks-virginia-routes-hits-alltime-high
  11. The JeBlue and Spirit merger will be very interesting at RIC as they serve the same destinations, meaning that where we once had two airlines for routes such as Richmond to Orlando and Richmond to Fort Lauderdale, we will only have one carrier, which does mean less competition in the short term, however it’s an attractive route with 97,000 (MCO) and 67,000 (FLL) each year so there is plenty of room for multiple carriers. Hoping Southwest or Frontier push into the market due to both having focus cities at Orlando, so breaking up a JetBlue monopoly, especially for Frontier, would seem very obvious. Regarding JetBlue’s cancelled route, I wouldn’t expect it to stay vacant for long as JetBlue will be acquiring A220s which work best for long skinny air routes connecting mid and large sized cities transcontinentally. Likelihood is that they will look to pick this route back up once they start acquiring them.
  12. Good news today! After looking at possibly booking a trip on Allegiant to Nashville, it seems that starting at the end of February 2023, Allegiant will up the frequency from 2x per week to 4x per week. Great news as this route sees very high PAX. Would love to see this route become daily within the next year or so. Also this hopefully is a confidence builder for Allegiant, who doesn’t fly to anywhere other than Nashville or Florida from RIC for future routes to cities like Austin, Indianapolis, Kansas City or Savannah.
  13. Very surprising news. Chesterfield has always been very anti public transit so the fact they are actually extending it is very surprising. I’m only guessing here but it seems like they could be piloting this route as a possible portion of a north-south BRT route. We will see though if it works as most of midlothian turnpike doesn’t have sidewalks west of the powhite interchange so who knows how accessible this will be for people. Hoping it does really well but gotta remember that this is Chesterfield.
  14. Drove by the site yesterday and tree clearing is well underway. They have finished the entrance road to the site and most of the land has been cleared. Wouldn’t be surprised to see buildings begin going up this spring.
  15. Not downtown but a new 124 room hotel is proposed off of Gaskins Rd in Henrico. https://richmondbizsense.com/2022/08/23/new-to-market-hotel-brands-to-rise-off-gaskins-and-in-short-pump/
  16. I doubt it has anything to do with market size as similar sized and even smaller markets have more air service from southwest, such as Memphis, Birmingham, Tulsa, Rochester and even Wichita have more service from Southwest. It could be for other reasons but it certainly isn’t market size, passenger volumes or year over year growth.
  17. @eandsleehit the nail on the head. Southwest has been Luke warm towards RIC, even before their equipment and staffing shortages. They have multiple routes that they could run daily out of RIC, such as to DAL, AUS and BNA, however, they have shown little interest in expanding for whatever reason and seem content routing traffic through Atlanta and Chicago Midway. I wouldn’t look for any of the big 4 airlines (American, Delta, United and Southwest) to add flights to RIC anytime soon outside of to their hubs (which is all they seem to be adding now a days) and JetBlue probably won’t add anything major until after they finish their buyout of spirit, so look for Breeze or Allegiant to be the ones to step up and add routes to RIC. Who knows though, maybe one of the big 4 will surprise us and a flight or two.
  18. My guess is it depends on the carrier for each route. Breeze and Allegiant are usually the most likely to take bets on routes like these, where PDEW is less than 100, and start them as 2x,3x or 4x flights per week and build from there. Southwest theoretically could also get in the game, as many of their major operating bases are on this list (Nashville, Austin, San Antonio, St Louis), but they have some unknown grudge against RIC for some reason that we may never know. Guess only time can tell.
  19. This post doesn’t have as much to do with the increased frequencies, but after doing alittle digging, I was able to find some passenger statistics showing the most popular international destinations in 2019, as well as the number of yearly flyers to those destinations from RIC. I this should give an idea as to which locations could be added by Breeze or another airline for future international flights, even if the data is alittle old. https://hanovercounty.granicus.com/MetaViewer.php?view_id=8&clip_id=480&meta_id=45764 I was also able to find this on RIC’s application for increased frequency on the SFO route, which shows the 10 highest PDEW destinations with less than 4 weekly flights from RIC. Granted LAS and SFO are now served by Breeze but the others are still unserved.
  20. Awesome news about the increased frequencies. Good to see LAS is doing well and Tampa seems to be a cash cow for Breeze, especially since no other carrier offers daily, year round service on that route for some reason. I am also alittle confused about the move to make ORF the operating base for Breeze over RIC. Seems like they wanted to tap into the military demand and midwesterners going to VA Beach for vacation. The main problem with that is ORF only has one runway. ORF doesn’t have as much current capacity, as well as room for capacity expansion as RIC does, so from the stance of future service, it does seem alittle baffling.
  21. In the 90s I believe, however that also includes both CLE and CAK. I’d look for allegiant or maybe even AA to start up that route within the next few years when staffing issues get figured out. I highly doubt the LAX route stays vacant for long as JetBlue seems to be trying to sort out equipment shortages staffing shortages and a mega merger with Spirit, so timing seems to be more of an issue than overall demand.
  22. https://thepointsguy.com/news/jetblue-route-cuts-nyc-florida/amp/ Sad News as JetBlue has decided to permanently cancel the RIC to LAX route for the time being. This likely comes as they try to rethink their route network for a post covid world, but it still sucks that we will have to wait even longer for direct LAX flights. This might be temporary though as the article mentions that “According to JetBlue, these cuts will be balanced by future growth that will be announced in the coming weeks and months.” On a brighter note, I did find the numbers showing RICs PDEW to Austin for Q4 of 2021. 66 PDEW is extremely high for unserved routes out of Austin. In fact, RIC has the second highest PDEW of any unserved route out of Austin, only behind Cleveland/Akron/Canton. Here are the Q4 2021 PDEW’s of AUS-RIC/ORF: AUS-RIC- 66 AUS-ORF/PHF - 53
  23. I will look for the Austin chart but if I remember correctly, RIC is top 5 in unserved markets from both Phoenix and Austin and consistently ranks in the top 10 for Salt Lake City. As far as service to Phoenix, I think it would be different if it was Newport News, but 90 miles is more than enough distance, especially if both markets have solid demand. There are numerous examples that prove this, such as Providence and Hartford, Cincinnati and Indianapolis and Pittsburgh and Cleveland. Richmond and Norfolk really don’t overlap as much since they are similar sizes and I don’t know anyone who would brave the HRBT for a direct flight to Phoenix, instead of having an hour layover in a place like Charlotte, Chicago or Atlanta. Breeze already operates numerous routes to both cities such as New Orleans, Las Vegas, Palm Beach, Hartford and Providence.
  24. I highly disagree that both RIC and ORF couldn’t both sustain direct service. Both have almost identical passenger numbers and those numbers come from connections. No one would drive to ORF to connect to Phoenix through another airport. Both have higher demand than Charleston so both could likely take 2x weekly flights without encroaching on the others demand. Look at Las Vegas, both got flights there, even though Norfolk is a focus city. That’s what is different about Breeze. They don’t care as much about focus cities and largely go based on route demand, meaning that if demand from both RIC and ORF is strong, both will get lots of flights. Plus one passenger per day each way is barely any difference in demand. Another possible contender for expansion would be Austin, which consistently averages over 60 PDEW and has better numbers than ORF, so if Breeze does expand into Austin, look for RIC to be an early contender.
  25. So this didn’t get posted here as it doesn’t directly apply to RIC but Breeze has added Phoenix to their route network with flights to Provo and Charleston. This is interesting as Charleston isn’t in the top 5 for unserved domestic destinations from Phoenix, coming in at #6. Pretty interesting is that RIC falls in 5th, with 65 PDEW in Q1 of 2022. This sounds like a great sign that RIC could get nonstops to Phoenix by the end of the year (fingers crossed). Haven’t been able to find the PDEW for other unserved destinations from RIC so if anyone knows how to find them, it could give insight into possible route expansions at RIC. Here’s the full list of unserved destinations from Phoenix:
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