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  1. Manchester bridge is incredibly wide and doesn’t seem to see the amount of traffic it was designed for. Really, all you need is two lanes of traffic in each direction and that seems like it would do more than enough to suffice traffic demand there. I’m regards to hull street, I wouldn’t be surprised if the city has that part of the route on shared lanes, similar to the current segment between 14th and Fulton. Even though this would mean worse service than if dedicated lanes were installed, maybe it could be used as a phasing mechanism by the city to slowly introduce service and prove to business owners that having 4 lanes on hull in this section isn’t necessary to ensure smooth traffic flow.

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  2. @I miss RVAalot of these so called “preservationists” are racist residents in the fan that only want “their” neighborhood preserved and could care less about lower income or minority communities like Fulton bottom, Jackson Ward, navy hill or as was mentioned in the linked article, Randolph. They know nothing of what they actually associate themselves with.

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  3. Figured I have time so might as well join y’all and make a wishlist for 2022.

    1. BRT expansion! I’d love to see BRT expanded east to the airport, west to shortpump, north to VCC and south to the route 10/1 intersection. Henrico has been doing some great work with their design charrettes and they seem to really want to start adding density at key sites throughout the county and it seems like to encourage this development, they will turn to BRT.


    2. Monroe Ward. Hopefully developers are encouraged by the 15 story tower going up on Grace and Monroe Ward and we see one or two 10+ story buildings in the neighborhood.

    3. RIC service expansion. Would love to see Breeze announce even more expansion at RIC, particularly to west coast or international destinations. RIC seems to be one of the larger cities Breeze serves so I wouldn’t be surprised if we get atleast one international destination when they inevitably announce, and it will likely be boosted if we have the renovated international area.


    4. Manchester. Would love to see more development along the Manchester canal, as well as more height (obviously) along hull and commerce. Hopefully we see more buildings over 5 stories start to fill up the area then expand down midlothian turnpike, hull street and route 1 towards chesterfield.


    6. Jackson Ward. Excited for the admiral, it seems like it could set a tone for the neighborhood. Hopefully we see a few more 8+ story buildings announced for the neighborhood and we see the beginning of a building boom.


    I’m sure I’m missing something but that’s what I could think of off the top of my head.

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  4. 2 hours ago, Downtowner said:

    I have said this since the day they mentioned demo for the Monroe tower.  There is no good way to demo this. You take it down piece by piece and the amount and cost of labor is going to be through the roof. You implode it being right next to 95 if a bunch of chunks of debris fall on to 95 even if it’s closed and damage 95 your looking at a lot of fines being handed out to whoever implodes it if 95 gets damaged. As a matter of fact I think that’s where 95 starts to get elevated to go over the James River right where the Monroe tower is. Your looking at a lot of issues either way trying to take this sucker down. There’s literally  no good way to take this down.

    I have a solution ;D. Let’s just bulldoze I-95, that way the Monroe tower could be torn down, the street grid could be restored and it could be appealing for residential development. While we’re at it, let’s tear out the downtown expressway from city stadium to its current terminus!!! If only.


    As far as Monroe, I’m a historic preservation major so I like to think I have alittle more knowledge than the layman when it comes to preserving such a building from a government perspective. However, don’t count me in with the idiot “preservationists” in the fan that get mad when a parking lot is bulldozed because it has “character”, not all of us are like that. Being built in the 1980s, Monroe isn’t legally old enough to qualify for any government preservation programs such as the NR or historic districts”(threshold is 50 years), so there is no legal standing that could be used to prevent the state from knocking it down.

    As much as I’d agree that I’d love to see the building redeveloped, I don’t think it would be financially feasible for a developer to do so, as it would take an absolutely massive amount of money to do. I-95 is such an eyesore and it makes any development between the state capital and MSS difficult because of navigating around the highways (hence me constantly wanting them torn down). As far as demolition, my bet is they’d do something like what was done with James river plaza and put a large debris screen up on the east side of the building, then close down I-95 for an hour or so but I could be very wrong, not a demolition expert.



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  5. Don’t want to be a negative Nancy, I’d love to see a developer repurpose this tower, replace the parking pedestal with street front apartments and retail, and apartments in a newly reclad tower with a 62 foot spire making it the tallest in the state we’ve dreamed of, however I don’t know how feasible that is from a financial, political and architectural standpoint. The only uses I could see for this tower would be ultra high end apartments or high end commercial office space, both of which would require extensive renovation of the building (which we know will have to happen if it’s saved). Anything else would be challenging from a financial perspective due to the small floor plates, which limit the amount of units per floor, leading to higher prices. I also wonder if the massive concrete parts of the façade are structural, or if they could be replaced with a glass curtain. This would definitely help with selling units as the building offers great views of the downtown, Libby hill, Manchester, Shockoe and rocketts (which has been mentioned before).  Politically, not sure if the new administration, which will take the lead on this, will be more inclined to tear the building down and sell the lot, replace it with parking, or sell the building without tearing it down. A similarish example of our conundrum is the Seneca one tower in Buffalo, which has recently been rehabilitated with shops being add to the plaza surrounding the building, however, it may have been more financially feasible due to having larger floor plates (more commercial and residential space to lease). Anyway that’s just my 2sense.

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  6. 1 hour ago, I miss RVA said:

    Here's a compromise - how about a hybrid of OtR and the Upper East Side. We can have the quaint street ambience AND the forest of high rises that will bring max density to downtown. Would that work? I could live with that. :tw_thumbsup:

    I think we are both thinking of the same thing. Might be easier to show in pics but I don’t want it to sound like I’m opposed to height, just don’t want “towers in the park” that have very little street presence. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think we all would love Monroe Ward to start to look something like this within the next 10 years. But not every building has to be a 15 story building (as much as it would make all of us happy), mixing building heights, ages and sizes is part of what makes dynamic neighborhoods and I think everyone would agree that we want Monroe Ward to become great ASAP. As for urgency, I’m only 21 so I may not share the same level of urgency (not that I don’t have any) as @I miss RVA but trust me, it’s there!


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  7. I think once you start seeing a lot of 5-15 story buildings pop up and more lots becoming filled up, developers will begin to push up to the 20 story plus range. You have to get the land values in the neighborhood high in order to get height. The upper east side didn’t start as these massive 20+ story apartment buildings on almost every block, it was 3-5 story buildings prior and slowly they were upgraded to the 20+ story behemoths we know today. Don’t lose faith though. Over the Rhine is a great neighborhood with great street presence and I think Monroe Ward will become a taller version of that. 

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  8. I don’t think we would be anywhere close to as disappointed if 425 was the only number that was reported. It will still be a quality project that will bring 2,000 jobs downtown and will hopefully kick off more development around the CBD and Monroe ward. I also agree with I miss RVA that the proposed tower is absolutely stunning, just not as tall as we would hope. Don’t be too discouraged by this, as other companies may see this and follow Costars lead, especially northern Virginia based companies. 
    Also, I wouldn’t be as concerned about the rivers edge site in Manchester as there aren’t a lot of sites left in the city that have those kinds of views. Worst comes to worse, we get a 6-8 story building, which to be honest, I don’t get why people are so disappointed about, they are solid density and have enough residents to fuel an active street scape. That being said, I don’t think we see anything less than 10 stories at this site, due to the location and how much this site will probably fetch on the market. Don’t be too discouraged y’all, Richmond is still growing and I doubt that no new 10+ story buildings get announced in Manchester before spring.

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  9. As much as I’d love a park connecting downtown to shockoe, there is 100 foot wide plus monstrosity that serves as a physical divider between this area and shockoe that can’t be fixed without hundreds of millions of dollars of investment from the government. Plus, even if the money was available to destroy it you would have every resident of chesterfield and henrico counties screaming bloody murder due to the countries obsession with the car. I could honestly care less if the Monroe tower stays or goes, it’s ugly and is a prime example of 1950-2000 urban planning, which I am pro getting rid, unless that means we get a parking lot. If it gets replaced by a 5 story apartment building, who cares, atleast that will actually contribute to downtown other than being a tall building, but just please don’t let them give us a parking lot or a parking garage.

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