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  1. Very disappointing. Not very often Proposals like this come around that offer to reinvent a part of the city that has been stagnant for a while and will probably not show any signs of activity for decades. Was this plan risky? Yes. Was it the best plan that could have been proposed? No. Did the mayor and NH Corp handle the public input process the best? Probably not. Will Richmond get an opportunity to redevelop this area and add the amount of residential units, as well as hotel rooms, commercial space and affordable housing units in the city center again? Not for at least another 50 years. Richmond city council showed that they are buffoons and have no desire to even work with the developers and will miss out on the largest economic development project proposed in the city in years. Sorry for ranting, it’s very disappointing that it seems city council won’t even consider revising the plan and are just flat out rejecting it.
  2. Last I checked the estimate was about $5 billion, so I’m guessing it would need federal funding of some sort. I’m also assuming that they would knock out the cheapest parts first, which would largely be between Ashland and Fredericksburg since it’s relatively flat and isn’t densely populated.
  3. No timeline from what I’ve seen. The project needs to secure funding first.
  4. Exactly, until a bypass is built, which I think with enough pressure, like the 20 NIMBYs will have to cave
  5. It won’t just be for the northern Virginia region. This will add a third track along the entire corridor except thru Ashland, where Hanover county NIMBYs had their way in preventing a bypass west of the town. It will also add 9 new round trips between DC and RVA and will increase service to Main Street station by routing all new trains and all existing trains thru downtown Richmond. It will also increase the maximum speed on the corridor up to 90 mph and improve reliability.
  6. Thank you for finding this. For those of us who don’t have the chance to go to Richmond very often, it’s great to get picture updates to know how the projects are going. So many of these projects look amazing! I love 2500 main is turning out and all the Manchester developments are incredible. Also, something that surprised me is how good the new locks tower is looking. I didn’t think that it would look great in the renderings but having seen the pics, I think it actually looks great.
  7. Found the presentation for the Fulton Yards project. In it shows the site plans for the entire development and having seen it, it will be better than what is currently there but I’d love to see it denser with less surface parking lots. https://www.fultonforum.com/home/proposed-fulton-yard-development-presentation-available-here
  8. Also, Amtrak is around $33 dollars for a one way trip from Richmond to dc, so as long as amtrak is reliable (in my experience, it has been), then it’s around the same cost and time currently to drive (assuming little to no traffic) or take Amtrak. As for reliability, the DC2RVA project will also decrease travel times and improve reliability by adding additional track capacity.
  9. There are currently has 20 round trips on Amtrak between here and dc. Under the proposed DC2RVA project, that number is expected to jump up to around 30 daily round trips, up from 20 currently. Hopefully they increase the speed to make it fat enough to dominate the market share between Richmond and dc.
  10. Zoning allows for up to 12 stories, however, because the number of units and height is unknown, it could hopefully be more!
  11. While it would be nice to see a Monroe II, I doubt it will happen any time soon. The state owning the building almost eliminates the chance of anything being done. Other than a few exceptions, the state hasn’t really shown it can produce a decent looking building, much less and architectural gem. Best bet for something to happen here would be if the state sold the building to a private developer. However, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.
  12. Putting up a sign like the one at the shock or valley bridge interchange would be great right before the 95 bridge.
  13. it should become more active at off peak hours with the increase in residential construction downtown. Adding transit, such as a downtown streetcar, BRT or LRT could help as well.
  14. I’d love to see a tower built on the other side on the lot facing Cary street. That part is ripe for redevelopment.
  15. Honestly, I was almost more excited about the surrounding development that would have followed thre arena more than the actual arena itself. This project would have added lots of new residents downtown and allowed for the city to kickstart development other than VCU or biotech in that part of the city. Hopefully Farrel peruses the other parts of the proposal if/when the arena falls through.
  16. Not a good day if eandslee isn’t positive on the Richmond forums. It’s a shame that Richmond’s politicians botched yet another opportunity to help revitalize the city and make it more desireable for people trying to move to the city or developers looking to build here. Who knows, maybe Stoney doesn’t want the city to grow so that the regions housing stock doesn’t need to be increased.
  17. They still have to fix most of the track from ACCA to the station itself, as currently, trains crawl at less than 25 mph from the yard to Main Street adding an extra 5-10 minutes on the trip from Main Street to staples mill. If they can fix that, it will be much more convenient to get from staples mill to Main Street, and could possibly open up expanded service at Main Street, but this is definently a start.
  18. Awesome to see this level of growth. And Wilmington doesn’t show any signs of slowing down!! Thanks for the progress updates KJH.
  19. Nice to see more mixed use development coming to Wilmington!
  20. Can’t blame the Paumunkey tribe for this location. Directly next to a future higher speed rail station and a light rail station as well as being a waterfront property and close proximity to a highway interchange. RVA doesn’t have a site that can give them that so it makes 100% sense why they would choose this location. Plus, I’d take the new arena development and the diamond project over this casino any day.
  21. Well, Norfolk beat richmond to the punch in west coast flights. Dissapointing that RIC missed out on this opportunity. https://www.richmond.com/business/local/norfolk-getting-nonstop-flight-to-the-west-coast-southwest-airlines/article_3ce7da86-409e-5852-800f-d25f2ab04479.html
  22. I’m pretty sure it’s orange plank, so I don’t think there is any brick issues to worry about. As far as overall appearance, I’ll agree, it isn’t the prettiest building in the neighborhood, but it’s buildings that aren’t always as pretty that really add character to neighborhoods. I think this is a great infill development and could lead to more height in Scott’s addition on broad. Glad to see these sort of developments popping up, really shows the demand for apartments in the city!
  23. Yet another all time monthly passenger record broken by RIC! https://www.richmond.com/business/local/richmond-airport-sets-another-record-for-passenger-traffic/article_52198752-95e1-5718-b557-35cb4f2abefe.html
  24. Residential demand is still pretty high downtown, so I’m guessing they could get away with developing a mixed use tower, including residential and the hotel, as well as possible office space. I could definently see them building up on some lot downtown(possibly the pencil lot), which could sprout a very tall building depending on the scope of the development. Maybe this loss will open up a new possibility for the developer to build something much more significant for RVA.
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