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  1. The forums have been pretty quiet lately so I thought I'd post something. A good model for the group to follow would be what Edmonton is doing. There are tons of similarities with these projects. First the metro population of both cities is close to 1.3 million, second the sizes of the arenas are similar as both will be around 17-18,000 seats. Also both developments are supposedly going to include a hotel above 350 rooms with Calgary having 356 and richmonds to have 400(Calgary's hotel is a 56 story tower). These developments have the potential to catalyze development in each of their cities and hopefully, we can do something similar to theirs and get a massive new entertainment district with multiple massive new highrises.
  2. I don't believe so. The Matoaca site is zoned for industry and is targeted for an auto or other high tech manufacturer.
  3. A 400 room hotel on that small of a lot could give us a very large tower! That plus a 17-18,000 seat arena that is all being privately developed would be a godsend gift for the city. Hope to see renderings soon.
  4. I think this would be good for the battleship. It could help draw potential tourists to that now desolate area.
  5. Incoming rant(sorry about this, just had to get it off my mind) Recently I've been researching bright line, the new high speed rail line from Miami to Orlando, that will operate at speeds of up to 125 mph(it could be more but state regulations prohibit higher speeds). It got me thinking that the eventual Miami to Orlando corridor, which is about 200 miles, is similar in length to Virginias 3 urban metro areas, which got me thinking, with a population density similar to that of Austria and Spain(both of which have high speed bullet trains) why can't Virginia get something going either publicly, privately or a partnership of public and private. The 2 routes running from HR to RVA to DC are constantly growing in passenger numbers and are 2 of the most heavily traveled routes outside of the higher speed system from DC to Boston. So my question is how haven't private companies(both foreign and domestic) not seen the potential of this possible route. It would link 3 of the most populous regions in the midatlantic and could help connect the emerging NC crescent corridor to the northeast corridor making a east coast high speed rail line from Miami to Boston feasible. Plus all 3 of the metros are growing by at least 2.5% each census. Plus with all 3 being only around 200 miles apart, with a combined population of around 7 million, a rail line that would operate at around 150 mph with sleek modern trains that run frequently without delays (similar to what bright line is doing) would seem like a guaranteed profit for any investors in high speed rail. It baffles me how many foreign companies who are investing in Brightline and the TCR(Texas central railway) have failed to realize the potential of Virginias urban crescent as a high speed rail corridor. Sorry for the rant but it angers me how neither the state or federal government are willing to prioritize this as a gateway project that would be guaranteed to succeed.
  6. I love the federal reserve in the background of the first pic!
  7. I could see them doing something with the I-95 bridge. That is a major entrance to the city and could be a great spot for a significant bridge.
  8. I'm glad you mentioned this building seeing how it was the exact height that we were hoping for. Would love to see the second tower add some height to reach 550 feet. It would make the project perfect.
  9. Huge plans for a massive data center in the eastern part of henrico. This could be huge as it could create hundreds of jobs and could help spark development in the east end which has been relatively small compared to the western suburbs. http://richmondbizsense.com/2017/08/17/code-named-project-eyes-1m-square-foot-data-center-in-henrico/
  10. With traffic at an all time high, I don't think it will be to long till the airport will need an expansion. I think we will get an expanded concourses A and B first, but only with more westward flights or if an airline decides to put a hub here, in which case, we could see a major concourse expansion.
  11. However, this would barely be able to handle minimum passenger capacity without possible commuter rail and expanded service which would have to be centered there anyways. A mss with double tracks on both sides could warrant commuter rail and could handle extra freight capacity, freeing up the A-line for higher speeds and less congestion. Also a boulevard station could accommodate future growth as mss will forever be limited to 4 platforms where as a boulevard station could build far more in anticipation of growth. What I'm saying is that mss could work fine for now and maybe for the next 5-10 years, but if and when commuter rails gets running in rva, it will get to congested with passenger trains, freight trains, and commuter trains trying to stop and pass on only 4 tracks.
  12. It appears that Dr Trani is still making his case for a boulevard high speed rail station and thinking about it, he does have a point. While the boulevard is multiple miles outside of downtown, the sheer amount of land available for development is huge. While it wouldn't have the same feel as downtown, a striking huge new high speed rail terminal surrounded by high density mixed use could greatly help the city and give developers a blank slate via acres of land that they could freely develop into large mixed use complexs such as those around European train stations. A boulevard station could serve in cohesion with MSS where the boulevard station could become a intercity hsr hub while mss could become a commuter rail/brt hub as well as possibly an entertainment venue similar to union marketplace in philly. They could have a metro style commuter train connect the two then run to the airport at high speeds. As Trani proposed, mss could house the slavery museum and could help incorporate the surrounding parking lots to become parks and gardens incorporated into the museum. this could help both areas thrive and could abolish the ugly staples mill shack that greats rail travelers today and could increase richmonds chances of getting high speed rail. As much as I love Main Street station, I think it could have a more beneficial effect on the boulevard and a region as a whole if mss was turned into a commuter rail hub and a intercity station was built on the boulevard. I'm ready for the flack that is about to come my way ;D. link to the article: http://wtvr.com/2017/07/22/dr-trani-on-high-speed-rail-in-richmond/
  13. I just got back from a trip to Denver and flew United out of RIC. Both ways, the plane was near capacity if not full. It was an A319/20 and the flight was amazing, hopefully United adds either a third flight or upgrades to a larger plane, both of which I don't think they would have a problem filling.
  14. Chesterfield has the potential to create 3 urban areas on midlothian. They've got chesterfield town center, westchester and the village on midlothian near winter field road. If they can capitalize on these areas, they have the potential to lobby LRT and commuter rail along midlothian turnpike. They have the apartments proposed in westchester commons and winter field crossing and the possible redevelopment of chesterfield town center, which could create mixed use communities that have offices, shops and apartments. I really hope they capitalize on these opportunities as it could help limit the endless sprawl out towards Powhatan and Amelia counties.
  15. I agree. Richmonds downtown is poised for major residential expansion. Vertically. Residential demand is through the roof. Hopefully building heights follow suit. I've recently visited Denver and they have recently completed or started construction on multiple large residential towers and projects in their downtown.
  16. I was so excited I already added this to the development map! I too would love to see a 17-18k seat arena. I think that it would create a mass development surge in and around the biotech district as well as Monroe Ward and the broad street corridor. This is overall great for Richmond and I really hope that we see concept drawings soon!
  17. http://www.richmond.com/business/local/nonprofit-developer-receives-million-for-conversion-of-hotel-in-scott/article_43c92456-0f83-548a-a37d-e33b6fcb703f.html new rendering of the planned conversion of the quality inn on west broad near Scott's addition.
  18. It would be amazing if RVA some how landed this. Could lead to a huge downtown tower if they went downtown. Would be great for the region to gain this so hopefully the region really lobbies for this. http://www.richmond.com/business/local/is-aetna-insurance-looking-to-virginia-to-relocate-its-corporate/article_026fe263-b480-5e6e-9988-417abc28bc58.html
  19. Passenger traffic is still climbing at RIC. Currently up 3.5% in March. http://www.richmond.com/business/local/passenger-traffic-climbed-percent-in-march-at-richmond-international-airport/article_cbe774e1-e5eb-560b-9081-f5ea47239f8c.html#tncms-source=article-nav-next
  20. Chesterfield might finally be tying the memo on higher density development. It says in the article below that chesterfield has plans to change chesterfield town center in the next few years due to its main tenants struggling. We might see a dense "urbanish" center in chesterfield. Hope this gets going and we a downtown chesterfield announced in the next few years. I really want to see something like the mall conversion in Columbia MD that would really get things going and bring a urban feeling to chesterfield. http://www.chesterfieldobserver.com/news/2017-04-12/Front_Page/As_retail_patterns_shift_whats_next_for_the_mall.html
  21. 30,000 more square feet taken in riverfront plaza! http://richmondbizsense.com/2017/04/13/software-company-plugs-in-downtown-basketball-hoop-included/
  22. Completion is now expected in late 2018. Which means in alittle over a year, we will see exactly how this looks in the skyline. The timeline seems to have been moved up so they must really be needing the extra space or they just can't wait to move in! Either is a good thing. http://www.pdrcorp.com/in-the-news/2016/12/15/the-richmond-changing-skyline-is-secondary
  23. Downtown I'm pretty sure. There were plans that were on the forum but I couldn't seem to find them.
  24. Should be a boost for improving transit in the west end. If this gets fully developed as a mixed us community, we should at east see BRT if not light rail or maybe even a metro line extended there.
  25. Over 80,000 square feet leased in BofA center. It's now 88% leased! This takes even more office space off the market and brings us that much closer to another office tower. I bet we will hear about a new tower proposal before August! http://www.richmond.com/business/local/state-deq-takes-four-floors-in-bank-of-america-center/article_cfd8eab8-fa5c-5168-bd01-64f5285006b8.html
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