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  1. And it's all Tony G's fault! Did he have it in for Mr. Dudley? :)
  2. I'm like Smeags in that I don't remember the details about the mishandling of the 2010 flood by the Corps of Engineers; however, I was in attendance at a Wednesday night presentation given in 2014 (I think) at our church to about 400 people by Representative Jim Cooper about his investigation into the Corps and how Congress forced the Corp to change. I do remember that the investigation found that the communication system used by the Corp to measure and send water level data and to open and close flood gates to the control center malfunctioned. Rep. Cooper pointed out that the Corp's Mis
  3. I am here because of an ancestor who fought in that war from New York for which he was granted land in White County Tennessee. I was told, that at that time, White County stretched from the Kentucky line to the Alabama line. I'm unsure of the eastern and western boundaries. When my ancestors arrived in Tennessee and learned their acreage was in the wilderness they settled on Market St. in Nashville.
  4. Haha, you're alright, you know that Smeags, you're alright.
  5. Yeah, that's the guy, Glazer. I didn't know about the plane crash and my time line was off. Thanks for letting me know, Smeags. Just one thing, did you find that in the 8 ball?
  6. When the CEO of the Indianapolis development company that built the Aertson, died unexpectedly, just as construction was beginning, I strongly doubted that the Buckingham Tower would ever be built. I'm still hopeful that it will, though.
  7. We are so fortunate that Oracle has chosen Nashville. This development will open thousands of doors of opportunity for Nashvillians for many years to come.
  8. Great question. You make a good point. No doubt the One Hotel / Embassy project is slow. I'd like to know why, too.
  9. If this project stagnates, for those who make maps, how deep does the water have to be and how long does it have to exist before it's depicted on a map as Lake 'O the Yards?
  10. I just received a message from my sister, who is very well connected in Metro politics, that the feeling now is "Cooper is toast." She attended a meeting of politicians and political influencers at 11:00 this morning and some heavy hitters are planning to fund another recall effort via another petition. They feel the most recent attempt was under capitalized. She said she will believe when the checks clear. Entertainer John Rich is now floating the idea of organizing a $2 billion class action lawsuit by downtown businesses and their employees against Metro Govt. She's been told that Gov.
  11. Is that an "I Dream of Jeannie" bottle?
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