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  1. I think about 97% of the buildings in nearly every major city are rather ho-hum and unremarkable. While drab, it's good infill. But as Mark Hollingsworth recently pointed out in another thread, in less than four years Nashville will have doubled the number of 200 foot-plus buildings that it took the last 62 years to accumulate. Now THAT IS REMARKABLE.
  2. This thread smells of condescension. I'm not in the airline business, but I would like to follow the developments in it as they pertain to our town. So would you please quit using the three-letter identifiers for the airports and the two-letter code for the airlines and just simply spell them so that I too can understand and enjoy this thread?
  3. I agree. I know both John and his family and George and his family. I admire both of them. As a developer, John's nature is to be cautious and conservative, George's nature is much the same, but he has always struck me as having more of a sense of flair or style (for lack of a better term) about him, and he seems to be a bit more aggressive with his developments. (Of course, I have long believed that the amount of "aggressiveness" a developer possesses is in direct proportion to the amount and flavor of the capital that is willing to back him.)
  4. I drive 440 frequently and am impressed with the contractor's progress, too. Also, traffic is flowing better than I thought it would.
  5. I'm not a fashionista, but I wonder if Reese Witherspoon would locate a Draper James store downtown.
  6. Great to see that Faith Family announced their plans. This has been in the works for quite some time. FFMC fills a gap in our health care system in Nashville treating people who work but don't have major medical and hospitalization insurance. HCA is a large in-kind contributor, as is Ascension (St. Thomas) and many others. Every patient pays what they can afford. There is a $10 minimum. Example: A single, middle-aged male had moved from St. Louis to Nashville to take a job here, but the employer did not provide health care coverage. The man had been off his medication for months because he could not afford them at $342 / month after losing his job in St. Louis. FFMC was able to obtain those meds at a much, much lower cost, a cost the patient could afford, and now he says he feels normal, again and he considers FFMC a "God send."
  7. It's hideous. Ironically, it projects a dystopian vibe, instead of a sense of hope and healing, and we are going to make you feel better.
  8. Yes, I agree! I appreciate their effort and contributions very much.
  9. So the car is going to fade out. Tell me, what is going to replace the car? What machine, or form of transportation, will provide us with the many benefits that cars currently provide?
  10. The hosts on FOX News (FOX & Friends?) were passionately positive about the AB move to Nashville this morning. They said many nice things about Nashville and one of the hosts excoriated NYC government and NY state government saying that high taxes, high cost of living, subways that are crappy, and potholes that aren't repaired are causing New Yorkers to move to states like Tenn and Texas.
  11. No, I don't know better. Since I fly business jets, I can identify them 95% of the time just from their silhouette. I'm not very good with the airliners; I don't pay attention to them. But, you are right! They were triple sevens! I have a clear mental image of two of them taxiing on Mike and, yes, there are triple sevens, or a 77 as my buddy who drives them for Delta calls it. It was a brain fart on my part (happens daily). I was told they plan to operate up to 100 of them, but the guy didn't give me a time frame. Thank you tuna!!! His claim about being the #1 cargo airport didn't ring true with me. Next time I see him I will slay him with the truth! When he said that, I thought MEM was wearing that crown, but I didn't want it to appear I was in a pi$$ing contest with him, so I let it go.
  12. I landed my jet at CVG (Cincinnati) today (I was the captain). For approximately the last 40 miles of the flight we were on an Approach Control frequency. After our initial call to Approach, we didn't here another radio transmission on that frequency for about four minutes, during which, at a speed of four miles per minute we have covered 16 of the 40 mile distance. We asked the controller if he was still there thinking that we may have lost a comm radio. He said, "Yes." "Are we the only flight you're working?" I asked. "Yep, you're the last one for awhile," he responded. This is highly unusual for an airport the size of CVG. After we landed, I learned from some Delta Private Jet employees that the airport has indeed downsized. The old Comair terminal was torn down last year to make room for aircraft overnight parking leaving CVG with only two airline terminals that have a total of 50 gates. Since Delta has reduced CVG from a Hub to a "Focus City" they the number of daily Delta flights has fallen from 600 to 100, and CVG served nearly 8 million passengers in calendar 2017 (Nashville served 13.5 million in its last fiscal year). I was surprised that Nashville's passenger traffic was so much greater than CVG's given that Cincinnati claims to have the largest number of Fortune 500 employees of any city on a per capita basis. Cincy also claims to have the most cargo traffic of any American airport. The large DHL ramp on the south side of the field has been expanded to accommodate Amazon's Prime Air. I counted at least 16 Prime Air Airbuses on the ramp. I think Prime Air will rival Fedex and UPS in size some day.
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