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  1. I've noticed that electronics does tend to be small and not very prominent in recently remodeled stores with the big pet department. It's quite a change from the giant E4 section in the corner that we've been used to for so long. But then, electronics doesn't bring in very much profit. There's a reason Kmart was phasing it out even before their bankruptcy.
  2. I noticed that, too. The car wash was built in fall 2013, so I can't see the building being replaced anytime soon.
  3. Can you give an example? I'm nerdy about signs and fonts and things and I'd like to see.
  4. Fully agreed about both the retail scene and South Division, and those are not unrelated to each other. The Keeler Building. The lack of activity at Fulton & Market. 12 story buildings in general.
  5. We've seen a rendering for the Chase site before in this very thread, but that was 2 years ago. Doesn't sound like it was ever a concrete plan.
  6. Today was the official grand opening, but the store was open as early as Monday or Tuesday. The stores in the expanded part of the mall have been opening one by one throughout the week. Here's a pretty comprehensive article about what Woodland has gained since Sears closed: New retailers opening up at Woodland Mall part of $100M makeover Right now the new wing is only about 50% full, but I noticed new "coming soon" signs for Sephora and White House Black Market that weren't there on Tuesday. Lots of new stores open today in the older parts of the mall, mostly mom-and-pop places selli
  7. I'm surprised by how strongly this group prefers the old design to the new one. The first looks like a generic college building, like a GVSU dorm or the GRCC preschool, except with the trend of the last couple years where black, white, and gray are the only colors that exist. The floor-to-ceiling windows are cool, though. The new design is somewhat attractive in the little corner wing closest to us, especially the big arched windows, but the rest of the building is squat and uninviting, and I don't like whatever that darkish textured material is (seen mostly to the left on the second floor).
  8. This problem westbound is because I-96 isn't 3 lanes, not because of the Beltline interchange. As soon as you pass Fulton and the third lane merges in, things immediately get better. This is bizarre because when they last rebuilt the bridge over the railroad track, they made it wide enough to accomodate an additional left lane.
  9. Motu still has issues, and it may take months to solve them: Issues with Motu giving drivers invalid tickets in GR
  10. Oh yes, that's what I saw before. Blame my faulty memory about it being a single building. But I was right about The Container Store! There's already a Tesla showroom at the Somerset Collection. But yes, it's a bit pointless when they can't sell them or discuss price.
  11. I've lost my PDF of the leaked Woodland plan, but I believe The Container Store (along with REI) was listed as a potential tenant that PREIT wanted to pursue for the Sears auto center area - they wanted to build a building with 2 or 3 tenants where REI is planned.
  12. While slightly outside of the area we're looking at, I've long thought that the north end of the block bordered by Ottawa/Fairbanks/Ionia/I-196 would be a good place for a 15-20 story residential building. Or does MSU own it?
  13. The Chili's on 28th near Patterson also closed, leaving 54th & Clyde Park as the only remaining location in the area. And in hotel news, something is being built behind the AMC/Star on Alpine - to be specific, it's on the lot surrounded by Holiday Inn Express, SpringHill Suites, and the former University of Phoenix. I didn't see any signage identifying the brand. We've talked before about how almost no new hotels are being built in the northern suburbs despite the explosion to the south (and downtown).
  14. Some of these remodels have already started - Chesterfield has. I'm not sure if Gaines Township will be just a refresh. The Rockford location is of similar vintage and received an Alpine-like remodel last year. (How did we all miss it?) Agreed on Ludington, though. Big Rapids is just as dated, so it will hopefully receive similar treatment.
  15. Wasn't Icon on Bond originally built as condos, which largely failed to sell?
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