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  1. I always wonder why they use lots with historic and interesting buildings when there are so many surface parking lots, empty lots, fast food, 60s and newer houses or 1 story businesses which are obviously under-utilizing the property, etc.
  2. Fantastic photos! That first one should replace the across-the-river skyline shot that we usually see on t.v. and whatnot.
  3. I live in Memphis and I don't know of a single square inch of this city that's worth visiting from Arkansas or Mississippi. International tourists who come here must surely want their money back. People I've met from Germany, Switzerland, Austria and also some South American countries, however, love country music and express a strong desire to visit Music City. I will admit that my Middle Eastern friends have never heard of it though.... Too busy listening to Fayruz I guess.
  4. I sure hope it's reassembled! I was upset about losing it. Although, I suppose it's in disrepair anyway.
  5. Jesus teaching the 5000 was a different type of situation. My thought was: maybe the churches/charities should give to programs aimed at getting the homeless into the workforce, not just giving them handouts, which might make the ones giving them feel good about themselves, but doesn't really do anything for the homeless. I have worked with people in Memphis who were homeless, but now have a job and live in a house and pay bills etc.. That should be the aim. I've also known folks who don't think they should have to work and will never amount to anything. I have no sympathy for them.
  6. So many people confuse the 2 though. I wonder if they've heard the proverb about giving a man a fish vs. teaching him to fish.
  7. I hope you're right! But I don't think there's any accountability for peoples' aesthetic tastes. I don't really know about the construction quality; I guess they'll stand until they're torn down during the next huge boom.
  8. That's because it breaks Aristotle's classic law of logic: non-contradiction. "Steak" cannot exit with "too much" predicatin' it. Same with dunkel beer.
  9. Some day someone will say that their tall-skinny was torn down for whatever thing comes in the future. Maybe log cabins will come back, you know, since fads and fashions are cyclical.
  10. Isn't this how it normally happens? It's announced, there's a flurry of excitement here, followed by a year or two of silence, then one day we see renderings and details but no start date.......Finally, someone on this board drives by and snaps a picture of workers on the site, followed by a fence and whatnot and it starts getting built.
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