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  1. This one is exciting.
  2. The Westin in the 3rd pic down looks like it got hit by grapeshot.
  3. What do you mean begun? It looks like it's almost done.
  4. Yeah these apartments being built might be in style now, but 30 years from now, what are they going to look like? I hear people talk a lot about the ugly brutalist 70s and 80s buildings that must come down; it'll be like that.
  5. Whoa! That thing is going to be twice as high as Westin?
  6. That's probably it. I like to think of myself as a proponent of separating simple nudity from porn or impropriety of some other type.
  7. After a certain amount of drinks, Broadway has moving sidewalks.
  8. I love the way 2nd Ave Partners looks, but I really hate to see those old brick buildings become even more rare. I wish they would demolish a warehouse or gas station or stand alone fast food in the area instead.
  9. That's what most people thought when they saw him, not knowing who he was.
  10. This probably wouldn't happen in Nashville either.
  11. Indeed, since Tokyo is the largest city on the planet. If Nashville followed a similar pattern it would way smaller and above ground.
  12. From what I understand transit in Japan is private, but different lines are run by different companies and they don't appear on the same charts which can make it really confusing to get around Tokyo if you don't know the different rail lines intimately. Maybe something like that could work if there could be some cooperation with charts and maps being able to change lines at stations.
  13. Ah, that's it. Downtown Nashville. Anything else that gets built is illigit and unpostcard-worthy.