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  1. Cool! I love these cheese-wedge shaped buildings.
  2. You never know someone's circumstances which lead to the way they view their surroundings. When I was in the military, some of my colleagues were militantly atheistic to the point where anything you said about faith would get you instantly in a heated argument, just because they resented any sort of belief in God. That caused me to feel for a while like I was some kind of weirdo just because of my beliefs, and paranoid that outward signs like that huge cross would get people all butt-hurt. Obviously people like that are the exception and not the rule, or so I've come to think in the past decade since then.
  3. Lot's of acute-angled buildings could potentially be put along Lafayette.
  4. Also, 222, Sobro and Bridgestone are the exact same height.
  5. Jim Creason puts up some of the best infill in the city. The more work he does the better.
  6. Finally! I was worried the Livery was going to be defeated by "nimby's"
  7. As I was reading the comments about Lee Beaman, I suddenly thought about the arguments for and against moving into NYC's subterranean housing market in the early 90s. It is his property, but I wish he would just give it up.
  8. Just don't share anything you're not supposed to. As popular as you would become on here, you don't want to compromise your chances with a good potential employer.
  9. They should just build their own city and name it "Amazon". It should be in West Virginia.
  10. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    I hope this leads to increased deep dish pizza.
  11. West End/Mid Town/Music Row/Vandy Projects

    What if the entrance/exit were on the back, facing 17th?
  12. The Gulch Projects

    It looks like someone could simply remove those panels with a ratchet.