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  1. This shot shows the satisfaction of Nashville's recently acquired density, AND the potential of much more at the same time. All that infill in Midtown, Sobro's new buildings, and still many surface parking/unused lots.
  2. I don't know why this is, but some Shoney's I've eaten at were awesome, but others were terrible. Is it the difference in management? I would have thought there would be some sort of company-wide food preparation procedure.
  3. I've always thought of it as frustration at zoning limits. Like in Rutledge, what real reason was City Lights knocked down, as an example? Other than "zoning is limited to just this many floors" is that actually a good reason to make a developer redo their plan into something smaller than they intended? That's just paper and ink as far as I'm concerned. How in the world do other cities build density, but we can't? I'm pretty sure the answer is something to do with "old Nashville" mentality.
  4. That's right it doesn't make much sense, but their vision is admirable. And, it might make more sense than it appears, what with Dickerson Pike and Main's projected growth. Also, (this is probably from my own anti-authority tendencies), who say's CBD has to be the only place with tall buildings? PS: Yeah yeah, infrastructure. Well, isn't the place kind of a blank slate?
  5. I second this.
  6. I wonder if their building blocks anyone's view of other buildings, or casts a shadow depriving people of essential sunlight for the ferns growing on their heads, or whatever that lady's deal was.
  7. There it is. I lean towards the conspiracy theory direction on all that. I understand that Beaman probably doesn't think that all this growth suits "little ol Nashville", but he's just going to find himself surrounded by dense city; one of the most out-of-place car lots ever. Also, as slow coming as it is, one day we'll have some sort of public transit that goes beyond buses, and that part of town will be more and more pedestrian friendly. Most of the people that live around Midtown might not be the best automobile customer base, and the people who drive past him live in the suburbs and buy their cars out there.
  8. Does Beaman completely oppose any change at all? Because that's a bit futile idn't it?
  9. Thrice divorced.
  10. Well, maybe this is looking for a silver lining, but if our skyline continues to grow outward and not just upward then a few really tall skyscrapers would look a lot better. So far, it seems only Tony Giarratana has shown an interest in real height, we just need to keep any future recessions from hindering him.
  11. I wonder what the real reason it was razed. Surely people didn't think "Oh, what a great grass lot this would be, if only that house wasn't there!"
  12. Are you sure we have a Vancouver skyline?
  13. Maybe the Westin has a good personality?
  14. Yep. I lived in Murfreesboro when I was a kid. This was what we called the only "skyscraper" in Murfreesboro.
  15. I didn't get it, but then I looked it up on By then, it was too late. I'm the worst milleniall in history.