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  1. Have you read the list of names of soldiers who fell in the Alamo on one of the walls inside the Alamo? Lots of Tennesseans.
  2. This building looks totally solid. Not a popsicle stick building at all!
  3. I've never seem BRT in person. I guess that means it operates separately from normal traffic.
  4. Would ROW be able to bypass traffic jams? Or would that lane get filled up too. Mass transit has to be able to move people regardless of the traffic situation.
  5. I'm thrilled to see people like Jim Creason build in the old style but to modern standards. I wish more people did that.
  6. Yep. That bit about the Ryman and "more parking". Different planet.
  7. I bet they would. But they're ours.
  8. All sorts of the "good ol' days" people are rightfully being ignored I think. Good things and positive changes are happening in spite of them.
  9. I didn't realize Megan Berry was the one building all those...and that she keeps all of Nashville's money stashed some-whurr! Also, are there reasons listed for their hatred of construction? I can understand the frustrations with traffic, but it seems like they might be just complaining about existence in general.
  10. Well, you know, it's really just a photo of the Batman building. By this point I also suspect that there are people who deny that Nashville has grown beyond that little snapshot. They want to keep it the old way. I think maybe Beaman might be a bit like that.
  11. Styles of architecture come and go, but they all need those 3 elements. Here in Memphis, there are still quite a bit of those kind of buildings, and despite their age, they're beautiful and impressive. Stuff like Artisan on Music Row, will never be either, whether new and sturdy or old and in need of renovation.
  12. I wish more builders would make new buildings in that Victorian style instead of the weird asymmetrical roof-fin buildings that will be decrepit and embarrassing in a decade or 2.
  13. It was awful nice of them to build those stairs.