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  1. Panda Express is nearing completion on the access road in front of Kroger. Also, Denny’s is taking the former spot of Ruby Tuesday in Bryant. Hideaway Pizza is building next to the Red Robin in town also.
  2. There is still Express, Gap, and Banana Republic stores at the outlet mall, so these stores will not be gone from the market fully. But I agree that there are too many competing large scale shopping centers in the metro area.
  3. A bath and body works is planning to open in the area across from J Crew
  4. A few new things going on in Benton/Bryant areas. A Newks is being built near the Tacos 4 Life off of Alcoa Road. Burlington is putting a store in the former Best Buy. 10 Fitness is near completion in Bryant, but across the street from it the Hardee’s has closed. Also, there are plans to open a Lost Pizza location on Hwy 5 in Benton, which would be new to Central Arkansas!
  5. I think this is the best thread to post this in. The company LimeBike has launched its electronic scooters in downtown. I’m not sure how many, but they started today!
  6. Has anything been said/done about the Aloft? Have they started construction yet?
  7. I found out today that the city of bryant has a moratorium on apartments. I just can’t seem to understand why a city that wants growth would do that. Does anyone know why?
  8. I don’t think this has been mentioned anywhere but a Twin Peaks restaurant has opened in the old Macaroni Grill off of Markham.
  9. Dairy queen has announced that they are going to build a restaurant at the corner of hwy 5 and alcoa rd. next to Slims.
  10. Benton is also getting an Urban Air in the old J.c. penney building. That’s a lot of trampoline parks..
  11. There are signs up saying that a new Harley Davidson is coming to gateway town center. It will be near the dave and busters
  12. On 1220 S Main St, part of the former Juanita’s party room, a new restaurant is being opened by the owners of the Root Cafe in the Heights. The new restaurant is going to be called Dos Rocas Beer and Tacos.
  13. I’m not sure on specific stores. But out of the 71 storefronts, 12 of them are vacant. Some of the vacant spaces are fairly large too. Adding in brands like Sperry, Adidas, Eddie Bauer, or Charlotte Russe would be beneficial to the center. Also, have any plans been announced for some of the cleared land around the movie tavern and dave and busters?
  14. Aleck

    NWA Growth

    Where did this information come from? I was wanting to see the Central Arkansas population specifics?
  15. The outlet itself seems to be losing steam. A lot more stores are closing than stores are opening. They need to draw in name brands that are unique to the market, like a Coach or Sperry outlet. Also, a Tropical Smoothie is being opened in the strip in front of Movie Tavern.
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