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  1. Totally different problem there it sounds like where knowing is great but still no help, plus about 7.5 million more people in the way. I do have to say, the visit I had to Chicago was excellent, everyone was nice, helpful, city was clean, really enjoyed it, didn’t drive though, brother in law did all that.
  2. Amen brother. I feel so lucky I grew up when I did and how I did, there were hard times, not much money and if we wanted anything we had to work, that started early in my life. We got spanked at home, corporal punishment was still allowed and paddling was still a thing, yes, the principal hit with a paddle, it hurt, lessons learned. No games, tv was an antenna that sucked, all I’m saying is, if we wanted something, we had to work to earn it and those lessons are still in me and I feel the same way about volunteering. We can all pick up litter, rid graffiti, take out trash, cut grass too tall at an intersection, if something bothers me, I complain but I also go do something about it too.
  3. I should add to the easy button theory, it really does help to know your way around though, which would be for anywhere, but having been here for so long really helps. Knowing where not to go and at what time, areas to avoid, secret cut throughs, what time to go, when to leave or maybe not go at all, etc. can really make a difference, but even if you hit all these wrong, it’s still decent.
  4. This is how many of the National parks in the west, Blue Ridge Parkway, Shenandoah National Park were constructed and maintained, I’d love to see the CCC back in use today, it’s like being enlisted, except for parks. https://www.nps.gov/articles/the-civilian-conservation-corps.htm#:~:text=Roosevelt established the Civilian Conservation,lands%2C forests%2C and parks.
  5. Yes, what he said. One of the main reasons I like living here, it's easy to move around, sure, there are bottlenecks, times of the day where areas get worse, but constant traffic like a Chicago, DC, Dallas, etc. RVA traffic is a picnic and will still be a picnic after I'm dead and gone. IMO, the traffic we experience adds to the character in RVA, gives us something to shake our fist to the sky about, but at the end of the day, it's easy here.
  6. I’d love to see more volunteers and perhaps the city, counties can even head that up. There are hoops to jump through, probably creating non-profits, training, some paperwork for insurance purposes and someone to over see it, but volunteering is a real potential. As a maintainer of the Appalachian trail, all 2,500 miles are maintained by volunteers thru non profit clubs. It’s very rewarding and if parks mean something to people, giving back is extremely rewarding. Parks are a major upkeep and need help. Using power tools is a problem due to potential hazards, and those tasks are very trained and need classes for safety but there is so much a volunteer can do if given the chance.
  7. Well, this corner is about to potentially change. Will be a nice addition with plenty of grocery, shopping, access to highways right out the door, very convenient, lived near this intersection for years and very walkable, bike ride to everything.
  8. Oh yeah, that’s right, it felt like 18 months, but it’s only been 10. Feel the same way, I’d be 73 when the Diamond district is completed and by then, phase 1 will need to be renovated, the hotel chain will have been a Hilton and a Marriott, the ballpark was converted to 8 pickle ball courts, the retail spaces are all combined now as a spirit Halloween.
  9. @eandslee However it goes down, it better build out much sooner than 10-15 years! My guess is the stadium and some surrounding stuff will happen right away, but the full build out will drag on. We think waiting 18 months to get Costar started is a long wait, not sure what 15 years will look like. Think we better be happy with a ballpark and some sprinkles and then just look at the rest of the development like we do all the other projects here, one at a time.
  10. Luckily, weed season is over. Not an excuse and only my opinion, the city has had their hands full with city center, Diamond district, school fires, Covid, social unrest etc. so not at all surprised parks fell down the list.
  11. Publix fried chicken is pretty good too along with their subs made to order at the deli, their grocery prices are super high. We tend to only get very specific items there and do small shops, some items can literally be dollars more.
  12. Not sure where to place this one, the project was approved by city council last night. It's near Addison & Cary Street, replacing the old firestation, nice looking building, include a picture of the existing, it needs to be replaced seeing how old that is. https://richmond.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/council-oks-unplanned-4-million-bond-issue-to-replace-richmond-fire-station/article_7f8c5efe-a238-5ba9-8b29-515cee2a5467.html
  13. If a fence is going up in 2-3 weeks, there should be a permit for something, I guess civil or demo of some sort, that permit may have something on it, isn’t there someone here on urban planet that can access them, works there, and can help out? Though demo and civil may just be the owner and engineer not a GC listed yet.
  14. The article I could read didn’t mention anything other than the common similarity using Pickard Chilton, that was from the RTD in a 2021 article, I believe.
  15. Out here in short pump, there’s a Home Goods next to Whole Foods, do they follow each other, some marketing strategy is following other vendors in the same shopping center.
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