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  1. Hike

    New Richmond Arena

    I just remembered that there was a bill in our state government that did this, clipped from nbc12 2016 article. "A new approach approved without fanfare by the General Assembly and the governor allows the Richmond Metropolitan Transportation Authority to construct, own and operate a new coliseum." It seems there's reason to believe this was set up to allow it to happen, why would they go to the trouble in the general assembly to set this up and then pass on the deal? It seems like all the pieces are in place.
  2. Hike

    New Richmond Arena

    Read that as well and thought the same thing. Is just a 5-4 vote required was my question? If so. It may have some chance.
  3. Hike

    Richmond Sports

    Was anyone else surprised to see this about the Redskins franchise "the presentation identified Richmond or Hampton Roads as the No. 2 market for a new NFL team, though NFL rules as written would allow the Redskins to block any such relocation or expansion." I didn't realize that markets could block other markets, not that we'd get NFL, but interesting how things are written and how deals like this protect teams.
  4. Hike

    VCU Developments

    Awesome find, will look every day now! This site, which is huge, is right next to the proposed arena development. Can you imagine what this area will look like in 3-4 years. When I see comments about how the arena development may be the next 6th street market place, I say, no way. With this hospital and the site next to it likely next, there's now way that with the changing area, plus the new demographics for Richmond that arena and the surrounding area will be anything like the 6th street market.
  5. It also says, which to me seems like an incredible deal, though I'm not a developer or finance guy, but on paper this seems pretty good. 1.1 billion is privately financed, $300 million bonds by the city. Does this sound like a good deal? 1.1 billion privately financed, it does to me, but again, I could be wrong, but good grief that's a lot of private $ to pass on isn't it? "NH District Corp's total investment for the proposal is $1.4 billion. Of that figure, $1.1 billion would be privately sourced debt and equity, the document states. The other $300 million would be financed by bonds underwritten by a special tax zone the group has proposed."
  6. Hike

    Richmond off-topic postings

    This was Outside from 2012 when Richmond was named best river city. Nice to see we continue to get some coverage with them. https://www.outsideonline.com/1929066/best-river-towns-america
  7. Hike

    Richmond off-topic postings

    Got the new Outside magazine, August 2018, a few days ago and didn't pick it up until just now. Was surprised to see that RVA is again recognized in the magazine. It describes and details what they call, Americas Smartest Towns. RVA is the lead image and discussion, albeit brief, but good to be there none the less.
  8. Hike

    New Richmond Arena

    Let's hope he remains as vigilant as some of the more controversial power options on the table.
  9. Hike

    New Richmond Arena

    Tom Ferrell, Dominion CEO, has to have pretty thick skin, I doubt if some negative reactions will ruffle much, if things did bother him, a push for the pipeline would have been over years ago.
  10. Hike

    New State Office Building at 8th and Broad St

    Thanks to all for doing these, it's not easy, time consuming and just for this board to peek at the future, thanks!
  11. Hike

    New Richmond Arena

    Another thought and maybe a testament to the presentation and the bigger picture for this project, there's only 1 generic interior rendering of the coliseum and this whole project is about the coliseum and I'm already fired up about this and haven't even seen the coliseum.
  12. Hike

    New Richmond Arena

    Please, pretty please, let this happen somehow. I really like the density, the reclaiming of the street grid. I shouldn't admit this but I had a tear in my eye thinking of the pride that we could feel if something like this were to become a reality for RVA. I've always wanted Richmond to be able to compete with other cities and I feel this could be the catalyst. The scoreboard shows the A10 championship, not VCU or UR on the scoreboard, and makes me wonder if they'd be involved somehow. I'm also ok with some financial help for Dominion's new tower if they can pull this off.
  13. from the webcam , it doesn't capture it all but it sure looks like a roller coaster up there, that's quite a turn up that goes out of the frame.
  14. Hike

    Richmond Region Transportation

    you know how it is in Richmond, it could have been done much sooner but we had to talk about how great the old one was which delayed the process.
  15. Hike

    Richmond Region Transportation

    saw this one as well from NBC12 - their drone view. looks way better than it did. https://www.facebook.com/NBC12News/videos/2027320660612358/