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  1. Another image I can't take credit for - Saw this on reddit yesterday, looks to be a view from the Federal Reserve.
  2. Hike

    The Locks at 321

    It will be interesting to see how they pull this off for sure.
  3. Hike

    The Locks at 321

    Matching up the rendering to what's installed already is the area in red. Looks like there will be glass below at street front.
  4. Hike

    The Locks at 321

    Yes, yes and yes! Cheers to all, it's Vienna Lager time!
  5. Hike

    The Locks at 321

    There are many reasons why buildings are the way they are, I can’t imagine Richmond’s unique – there’s a masters degree in this topic, probably already written. 2 cents. I wonder if there’s also a disconnect when it comes to the actual cost of architecture? It may be a reflection that buildings are over designed, don’t accurately reflect the clients budget or actual cost of the design? It’s my guess that buildings are sent out to bid and come in over budget and the reaction is to strip away pieces, remove floors, go to panelized systems, cheap windows, cheap roof, etc. etc. They could take time and money to redesign in order to lower the cost and maintain some architectural integrity, but in most cases, I don’t think that happens. There are schedules, architects want to get it resolved because they agreed to getting it done in budget, on time, etc. I’d even bet that developers will get a project cost back, which is under budget, but then still look for ways to reduce cost, which hurts the overall desired result. It really takes a unique client(s) and a talented architectural team to pull off good architecture and with that the need for deep pockets, less concern for the overall cost, mostly focused on the final result – good design.
  6. Hike

    The Locks at 321

    This is from the Locks Facebook page and is from August 27. I'm trying to be optimistic that this will turn out ok. Looking at the investment all around their development it's hard to imagine the developers would just allow something horrible to be placed right next to and become part of this nice row of historic development. https://www.facebook.com/thelocksrva/
  7. Hike

    New Richmond Arena

    A nice takeaway from this article in the Virginia Business, linked below, is what Stoney said - “We’ve made significant progress on several of the deal points that I’ve said are absolute must-haves for the city —especially on affordable housing and minority participation,” Stoney said in a statement. While there are “details to iron out before we take it to City Council,” the mayor said he remains “confident we will get this done.” Happy to hear this. http://www.virginiabusiness.com/news/article/a-killer-arena
  8. Hike

    Richmond Developments

    Things go on outside of Richmond? I've got to get out of here more often.
  9. Hike

    Richmond Developments

    just take the design, get a pair of scissors, cut out the building, paste it onto the new sites topo, civil, sprinkle it with infill where necessary, updated the border with the new address - done.
  10. Hike

    Richmond Developments

    I like this one too. Its right in the mix, easy access, a lot going on most of the year, big open field, museum, river, other hotel near by, music events.
  11. My what a big drill you have. Seriously though, these borings are going down...
  12. Hike

    Richmond Developments

    Good idea, but too late unless they'd be willing to stop the presses. Just bad timing because this seems like a great concept.
  13. I think this one will need a tower crane, here's why I think so, I'm not an expert but thinking out loud. Height - building will be too tall, but looking on line, there are mobile that seem to be able to get up the 16-17 story, VCU Gladding was 12 stories, was max'd out it looked like, the last floors the crane was basically vertical to lift up. Mass - Unlike the VCU Gladding residence building, which was all mobile, this building will have no court yard to drive the mobile crane around to all the positions required to get the material up. If it is a tower crane, I think there will be a pad for it. They dinked around this area for quite awhile, see red arrow below, this is in the lower left of the overall site. I think there was something underground, but perhaps this could also be a base, but may just be the underground utility, drain, etc. We'll keep our eyes open for pad(s), think this project could have 2 cranes?
  14. Hike

    Richmond off-topic postings

    I know, what gives. Let's hope it's the calm before another storm. I've noticed that there's often a lull this time of year, school is starting back, college is getting started, summer is winding down, last minute vacations, then comes September & October and it's back to business.
  15. Hike

    New Richmond Arena

    very helpful and thanks for adding this. Hopeful that there will be a compromise.