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  1. I saw this image on Reddit and it reminded me of the question I had about the design of the crown, which will have no lights behind it where the area below are the offices and are back lit when in use. How do imagine this will be addressed? A light creating a line on top, false squares to look like offices could be back there, maybe just as it's shown - nothing, other ideas? I added a NY city at night to see what some of their buildings look like at night, perhaps it's just up lit and highlights the shape. Guess we wait to see.
  2. Hike

    Richmond in Pictures III

    A few more from the VCU Monroe Park area. Quite an eclectic arrangement within 1/4 mile of each other. City looks great, just keeps getting better. To 2019, cheers.
  3. Hike

    Richmond in Pictures III

    From Monroe park.
  4. Hike

    Richmond Developments

    This is probably it, that's a tight lot, not much room to move a mobile. Merry Christmas Urban Planet.
  5. Hike

    Richmond Developments

    Are ships also bringing in tourists in this area as well?
  6. Hike

    Richmond Developments

    Announcement of 3 new Richmond schools breaking ground George Mason E.S. E.S.H. Green E.S. Elkhardt Middle School https://www.richmond.com/news/local/city-of-richmond/stoney-richmond-public-schools-leaders-celebrate-new-school-construction-supported/article_ae63f38b-4897-51dd-bab9-4fe5989ab7c9.html
  7. Hike

    The Locks at 321

    From the Locks 321 Facebook Dec. 12 post. Think this is the top minus the glass step back top and roof.
  8. Part of VCU's new outpatient hospital has a Zen garden as part of the healing process, the image below is a close up of it already in use.
  9. Hike

    New Richmond Arena

    This was mentioned recently in one of the Bizsense articles, I hadn't seen the hotel described specifically ,though it may have been and I missed it, but it describes it as a 23-story, 527-room Hyatt Regency hotel. That would be a nice tall feature on the hill. I think there's supposed to be another round of teaser renderings of the entire project as well.
  10. Was surprised it's coming down. The area noted on the image, from their construction cam, looks incomplete. Perhaps not seen other than from a webcam anyway so perhaps this is it or they'll get the material up another way if something is to be added. The tower crane in the westend for the Drury hotel at Shortpump I64 exit at Broad is down yesterday/today too. Dominions other tower was out to bid in the last few weeks, also have heard the the General Assembly will be out to bid in March, so new replacement tower cranes soon enough. I still think the VCU outpatient hospital will get another one, seems like it's too wide for just 1, just a guess though.
  11. Hike

    Manchester Development

    14 floors. Stuffs out there if you're in it. Drawings are generated by architects, sent out to review, passed around to GC's, subcontractors, engineers, builders, all the building trades.
  12. What building.....joking aside, I've noticed that the glass is very reflective, mentioned in the forum before, and saw first hand in visits downtown. At times I think it looks great depending on the sun, glare, time of day. Then I've seen it other times and I don't think it looks good. One trip to the southside, looking across the river, it was like each pane was reflecting individually and not reading as 1 monolithic structure, it was pretty unattractive. Though I have seen it other times and it looks great, all very sun dependent and angle I assume.
  13. Hike

    Manchester Development

    Amazing times, projects I thought were only for other places are here, finally.
  14. Hike

    Manchester Development

    A new neighbor for this growing section of Manchester.