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  1. Saw this on reddit as well and yes, nice perspective. That car tower is ridiculous, need to get out more, soon! Also, can't wait for the increase in passenger rail traffic, want this to be easy, affordable and used.
  2. Agree with you on this, a taller high rise built too far away from the core of the city will draw your eye away from the main group of buildings and reduces the emphasis on the center. Look at us, hey, look at us, talking about a tall building being built in Richmond. There's been several conversations over the last week or so, comparing with NC cities, tall building dreams, why we're this and not that. For me, it's good to compare and dream, keeps the board lively. Mostly though, I'm not too worried about how we compare to others or if we have this or that, Richmond is just who we
  3. Good news, get more living downtown, look forward to seeing the development when it comes out.
  4. I know, really. When I first saw this project, it's called GRTC transfer station, I thought, finally, it's here, opened the file, Greater Roanoke Transfer Center...
  5. I saw this too, wish there was a permanent solution that could get this taken care. Having hiked in out of state locations, the trails lead you to smaller towns quite often and I'm surprised how many small cites have transfer stations to get around, it keeps things organized and easier for linking, it's the hub. The one linked below is for Roanoke, this is being bid right now and unless it comes in way over budget, will be built starting soon. Hope this gets resolved here, it will be a compliment to the pulse and just makes sense to have this. https://www.roanokeva.gov/DocumentCenter
  6. We're working on a small portion of the VCU Children's Hospital with DPR, the same GC that will be on this one. It's my understanding this is fast tracked, we will likely get some preliminary drawings, details, etc. for estimating on some parts of this project and will pass along what I can when it's available. Also, noticed that RBS didn't run anything today, perhaps they'll do a deeper dive. This is the Philadelphia architect along with SMBW here locally https://kierantimberlake.com/ http://www.smbw.com/
  7. I had mentioned in another thread a case to take out some trees for visibility to the projects in Henrico VCC Sports and the Areana, now here's a case where trees could be a friend, line this side with trees and ta-da, it's behind the trees.
  8. I'm just writing this side of the Boulevard off, that Wawa and now these, guess there's always the need for this stuff just off the interstate and developers gonna develop. On a side note, I had never eaten at a Cane's or an In-n-out burger and was able to do so a few years back in Dallas. One after we landed at the airport and one on the way back, both right beside each other, Canes was pretty good and so was In-n-out. They're like a cult following I think, maybe we could get an In-n-out burger just to run the table.
  9. Items that bug me about the 2 projects in Henrico - The Sports Complex at VCC and then the arena at Parham. They're right there next to 95, seemingly visible from the interstate and both locations are where the density starts in earnest as you approach the city, the plots of land are just off to the side of the interstate. But, both locations have a decent tree buffer and will likely never be that visible and will probably be driven by and never seen or best case, oblique views in winter. I've settled with the fact, in particular the arena, that it's not downtown, but seeing
  10. a. me too. b. thank heavens c. agree and NC does a good job of advertising for themselves.
  11. I know, what gives, stop thinking small. You know what, with covid, and not just during that time, arenas use covers, banners for advertising over seats, it just doesn't look that bad, it's looks good and acceptable. If the arena can be 18 to 20K and only be used to that capacity a handful of engagements per year, why not do it just to get the bigger events. I'm bummed it's not downtown, but, this location has significant advantages. 295/64 for beach & Williamsburg, 95 closer to Fredericksburg and NOVA, Springfield, 64/295 from C'ville, the right concert, the right event and the d
  12. I like how on main the tall buildings create that quintessential city feel, tall buildings tight to the street, creating shadows, darker at times by blocking the sun, wind gaps, etc. Agree, looking forward to a new building here too.
  13. UrbanOne changed their terms to start after final state approval and are paying an additional 1 million up front to delay.
  14. It's like a Christmas present wrapped and under the tree. The state can't open it until Christmas (after referendum), then, once they get it, they get to play with it for a year. No peeking or preliminary looking, they have to wait. It does seem like they could do some of this now, why wait, to not waste time in case it's not approved?
  15. Yeah, really. If I understand correctly, the delay is due to UrbanOne not wanting to fully invest too much capital until after its approved by the state. The state has up to a year to review before approving, and that review process doesn't start until after the, if approved, referendum in November 2021. UrbanOne is concerned they could invest and then the state doesn't approve, so they're waiting to "start" until after approval, which will slow down the timeline.
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