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  1. Hike

    Manchester Development

    14 floors. Stuffs out there if you're in it. Drawings are generated by architects, sent out to review, passed around to GC's, subcontractors, engineers, builders, all the building trades.
  2. What building.....joking aside, I've noticed that the glass is very reflective, mentioned in the forum before, and saw first hand in visits downtown. At times I think it looks great depending on the sun, glare, time of day. Then I've seen it other times and I don't think it looks good. One trip to the southside, looking across the river, it was like each pane was reflecting individually and not reading as 1 monolithic structure, it was pretty unattractive. Though I have seen it other times and it looks great, all very sun dependent and angle I assume.
  3. Hike

    Manchester Development

    Amazing times, projects I thought were only for other places are here, finally.
  4. Hike

    Manchester Development

    A new neighbor for this growing section of Manchester.
  5. Hike

    Richmond Developments

    I love the guy in the video they interview, the pedestrian that uses the bridge, he's so genuine and proud of his city - I couldn't agree more with him. There seems to be a lot of concrete, it would be nice to have less of that, narrower with tree lined walks, I do love the idea in principal. The existing bridge is wayyyy to wide and was built like Manhattan was on the other side.
  6. Hike

    New Richmond Arena

  7. Hike

    New Richmond Arena

    Shoot for a huge TIF to end up with the TIF you wanted?
  8. Hike

    VCU Developments

    These are a few images from Style's review of the project and may help add to the debate. Here's the link to more. https://www.styleweekly.com/richmond/gladding-residence-center/Slideshow/11069383
  9. Hike

    New Richmond Arena

    Update, read this and it's not a lot of new information just a good summary and understandable descriptions of the project. Link from Style Weekly. https://www.styleweekly.com/richmond/tom-farrells-1-billion-idea/Content?oid=12096982
  10. Hike

    Museum Developments in Richmond

    The Civil War Museum - A lot of black glass, not sure what to think of this.
  11. Stopped by the Folk festival this weekend and snapped a few images, Dominion was present in most of these. The museum in the foreground is close to completion.
  12. Hike

    VCU Developments

    Drove by the area a couple of times this weekend. Monroe park looks great. Looking thru the park and seeing Gladding, the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart and the Altria Theatre (Mosque) look fantastic. This is a huge improvement.
  13. It did, here's an image found. Seems to me this one currently installed will get higher and that another should be required for the opposite side.
  14. Hike

    New State Office Building at 8th and Broad St

    This will be the parking deck next to the New General Assembly building - taking up the empty corner lot- RTD article linked here - there is some controversy over no public parking available in the deck so that may change by adding spaces for public, another deck built perhaps, to be continued. https://www.richmond.com/news/plus/general-assembly-leaders-promise-more-public-parking-around-capitol-square/article_c6aabbb5-160f-5cd2-856d-2f56a7df1bbf.html
  15. I think so, can the boom reach all the way to the opposite side effectively will be the question thaty I can't tell.