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  1. The parking garage "will remain for now." https://mibiz.com/item/25890-hinman-scales-back-plans-for-proposed-tower-in-downtown-gr
  2. Here’s all the details https://mibiz.com/item/25648-sources-amazon-in-talks-for-distribution-center-in-kent-county
  3. Full details will be in a report on MiBiz published later today
  4. Grand Rapids is officially in. https://mibiz.com/item/25085-west-michigan-economic-developers-will-pursue-secondary-amazon-headquarters
  5. Hotel brand: Canopy by Hilton https://mibiz.com/item/25009-documents-show-significant-changes-for-proposed-downtown-gr-theater-project
  6. It's Advantage Sales & Marketing. Planning to consolidate their downtown Grand Rapids and Cascade offices. https://mibiz.com/item/24780-advantage-solutions-plans-office-consolidation,-relocation-to-klingman’s-site-in-wyoming
  7. Pioneer Construction has been the general contractor for all of Founders' stuff
  8. It passed HPC https://mibiz.com/item/24179-proposed-hinman-co-40-story-tower-receives-city-approval
  9. https://mibiz.com/item/24000-moosejaw-opening-popup-store-near-downtown-grand-rapids
  10. Yeah, more work to do it appears. https://mibiz.com/item/23930-historic-preservation-commission-requests-more-details-on-hinman-co-’s-proposed-42-story-skyscraper-in-downtown-grand-rapids
  11. I frequently see the Government Center ramp counter showing hundreds of open spaces. And it's one of the most expensive.
  12. Yes the skywalk requires special land use from the planning commission. Because parking deck is outside the HPC boundaries that and the skywalk appear left to the PC
  13. Under contract. Not acquired yet. http://mibiz.com/item/23262-franklin-partners-under-contract-to-acquire-keeler-building-in-downtown-grand-rapids
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