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  1. Just wanted to let folks know that the South End Neighborhood Association is working on putting together a community meeting in the next couple of weeks to listen to concerns and develop constructive feedback for the developer/architect. I will post further details when we have them. This forum has been very helpful in pointing out ways to improve the current proposal and we hope to hear more good ideas!
  2. Hey folks... South End Neighborhood Association here... we are certainly on this and are always looking for additional South End residents to get involved. Preserving the character of the neighborhood is important to us and we will do what we can to influence the development of the site. What we could use help with is exactly what lewy2000 said - a list of specific enhancements to/"grievances" with the proposal. As you may know, we no longer have the citizen protest petition tool in our arsenal to oppose rezoning petitions, so we need to make sure our voices are heard in other ways. The more informed and specific our feedback is, the more chance we can make a difference. I'm going to start a list so by all means... please post away with specific suggestions that would be appropriate to share in, say, a meeting with the developer and architect, or during the allotted 10 minutes of opposition at a rezoning hearing. PS: Feel free to message me if you'd like to take an active role on this, and we can discuss offline. PPS: If you'd like to get more involved with the neighborhood association in general, sign up for our email list here.
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