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  1. The building rises about 300ft in one rendering and will have 20 floors 260000 sqft. and will have a rooftop terrace.
  2. Clark nexsen rendering in this link for rosemont includes a very unique highrise at the top of the rendering. http://www.timmons.com/news/blog/a-conversation-with-david-taylor-timmons-groups-newest-land-planner Another rendering of the development with the highrise i mentioned from clark nexsen. www.clarknexsen.com/project/virginia-beach-community-plan-sustainable-future/
  3. Huge development for taylor farm called The District. http://www.timmons.com/projects/the-district-taylor-farm
  4. Did anyone post this? Its about a new hotel for penninsula town center. news/local-news/hampton/12-5m-hotel-could-move-into-former-macys-at-peninsula-town-center/1060942957.
  5. Downtown hampton master plan includes a 16 story tower. I believe it has a pinnacle.
  6. Nice find with the harbor park rendering imo. What is an rfp?
  7. This another set of renderings for the area around harbor park. This is from another architect. http://crismanpetrus.us/projects-harbor-park.html
  8. Here is the skyscrapers rendering.
  9. I just found a rendering for VERY TALL SKYSCRAPERS around harbor park! New development called 1500 Monticello. http://www.concordeastridge.com/projects/1500-monticello-avenue
  10. New development for the bio park. Cobstruction starting this fall. www.google.com/amp/pilotonline.com/inside-business/news/economic-development/article_ee59969a-3823-11e8-84b0-9bd6b5337e8d.amp.html?source=images
  11. New large scale development for downtown includes 10 story highrise rendering. http://rhodeside-harwell.com/new-port-news/
  12. New 8 story building from Parrish Point LLC for ptown. http://parrish-point.com/projects It looks to be possibly 9 or 10 stories.
  13. New mid or highrise proposal! $35000000 development. I will provide a link or picture.
  14. This looks cool even though it would require light rail. http://www.carchbell.com/dencity/
  15. Looks like a couple new highrises for city center! http://www.saunderscrousearchitects.com/oyster-citycenter.html#
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