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  1. Next up - the colorful Braille inspired parking garage currently u/c adjacent to the hotel and the simcom building looks interesting nearby: UCF Lake Nona Medical Center opens next week and medically integrated Lake Nona Performance Club opens July 15.
  2. Hospital number 4 announcement: https://brooksrehab.org/news/brooks-rehabilitation-to-open-a-rehabilitation-hospital-in-lake-nona/ pretty amazing what lake Nona has turned into
  3. Ha, you can’t have open space in Florida? Wouldn’t most locals agree that the climate here in Orlando is nearly perfect six months of the year? I am talking about neighborhoods near Orlando’s core, which these are. Being a great outdoor city is a stated goal of Orlando and this green space not only contributes to that vision but offers an additional amenity that is lacking near the core of the city.
  4. The open green space at Baldwin park gets used all the time. Soccer, football, boot camps, frisbee, etc. with all those dorms and apartments, sure it will get plenty of use.
  5. agreed https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2J4GXjJGl34
  6. Why not a second location, Orlando Museum of Art, Fine Art Gallery at Lake Nona ?
  7. The foundations for amelia court apartment buildings also looks like they're being poured.
  8. To be fair, the original plan compared to proposed updated plan: An increase of 78,000 sq. ft. of office space for a total of 200,000 sq. ft. An increase of 89,000 sq. ft. of retail space for a total of 166,000 sq. ft. An increase of 40,000 sq. ft. of expo space for a total of 80,000 sq. ft. An increase of 200 dwelling units for a total of 450 dwelling units An increase of 1,183 parking spaces for a total of 2,500 spaces (on eight levels).
  9. Orlando is planning a Christmas market next year, akin to the ones in Germany Will be a nice addition
  10. agreement is the city and developer will not build on church donated land and that the other appeals are being dismissed due to lack of standing
  11. the old timers will recognize that proposal from pre-recession 2007, called Sky City http://skydevelopmentinc.wix.com/skydevelopment#!yizhaktoledanolinks/mainPage
  12. Both orange and plaza. Dunkin donuts is a good addition.
  13. While I dig the look of the buildings around City Hall plaza, I think CNL3 will look okay at street level. Most of the glass looks to be above floor5. As long as the parking garage is not garbage and the funky balconies are designed well.
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