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  1. Lake Nona’s, and by extension Orlando’s, biotech industry set to get a huge leap forward with Caritas Therapeutics opening a facility (spun off as a separate company from formerly announced Amicus). Moving forward and funded, great news.
  2. The design is growing on me when shown next to CSS 1 and I like how the blade/edge thing appears to give the building added height from that vantage point.
  3. So have to clarify, the blade feature doesn’t make sense on the upper floors of the south side in the rendering. Like, the the floors will be overlooking a metal wall? It’s cool on the bottom however I don’t understand the top. Wouldn’t it go through the building sand not the exterior? What am I missing?
  4. Gotcha. Pretty sure the founder of bungalower is involved with a major LN project also. I think the Orlando govt center at LN will also include a police substation. And it sounds like both library are pretty much a done deal which is great imo.
  5. Do you find it odd that a downtown publication like bungalower reports on lake Nona? Why wouldn’t the city open a government center in a portion of the city to serve city residents?
  6. Growth Spotter: 12 story office and 26 story apt and potential hotel 50E511CB-AA26-49E6-96EF-8F450FDAAD07.webp
  7. Two parcels in LN seeking approval for height increase up to 30 stories and several other seeking an increase from 10 stories to 20 stories . Lake Nona has energy. The density will come.
  8. Ah. Pretty sure it is privately funded
  9. Definitely an upfront deal with the land being the former police hq. And I believe some potential funding for desired conference space possibly more
  10. So the devos family purchased a smaller ownership share in the Orlando City would assume that’s a great thing for this proposed district, as it can now be programmed for both sports teams. And the new Orlando city owners are also in real estate devevelopemmt.
  11. good discussion. Wanted to add a couple things: lake nona has been around since the 80s (well before Baldwin park, Avalon park, universal studios, and a huge convention center were in Orlando). Yes, the growth in medical city is newer (but some is well over a decade old though) Institutions such as two university medical campuses and five different independent medical groups are permanent and not going anywhere. Some of these are federally and state funded, and the growth is happening around them. Places like horizon west or Windermere will simply never have the cluster t
  12. Yes Includes 12,000 sq ft retail/restaurant
  13. Six story medical office building, One Performance Plaza, anticipated ground breaking this year.
  14. How can one not get excited by projects like this: https://youtu.be/jMTAP1u2Y_Q
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