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  1. tm68

    Creative Village

    The foundations for amelia court apartment buildings also looks like they're being poured.
  2. To be fair, the original plan compared to proposed updated plan: An increase of 78,000 sq. ft. of office space for a total of 200,000 sq. ft. An increase of 89,000 sq. ft. of retail space for a total of 166,000 sq. ft. An increase of 40,000 sq. ft. of expo space for a total of 80,000 sq. ft. An increase of 200 dwelling units for a total of 450 dwelling units An increase of 1,183 parking spaces for a total of 2,500 spaces (on eight levels). The hotel would remain at 250 rooms
  3. Orlando is planning a Christmas market next year, akin to the ones in Germany Will be a nice addition
  4. agreement is the city and developer will not build on church donated land and that the other appeals are being dismissed due to lack of standing
  5. the old timers will recognize that proposal from pre-recession 2007, called Sky City http://skydevelopmentinc.wix.com/skydevelopment#!yizhaktoledanolinks/mainPage
  6. I've lived in the downtown core, Winter Park, and Baldwin Park (as well Dr Phillips) over the years, and also have experience working in college park --- here are some of my thoughts. Can't go wrong with any of them, really, as they are all great places to live. College Park -- a real neighborhood. Kinda an old-school, all american neighborhood that reminds me of mature areas that I grew up in the mid-west. Generally more affordable than WP/Baldwin, depending on the housing option of course, but also a generally older stock of houses, some of which might need work in terms of remodeling. Baldwin Park -- truly a great neighborhood and my current home. Excellent automobile access to downtown and Winter Park ,can be in either place in under 10 minutes. Newer housing options with plenty of rental and owner-options, some of which might be priced a bit higher but probably less than 55 West rents anyways. Know several people who relocated from College Park to Baldwin and also vice-versa. It's nice to stay within the neighborhood to frequent the grocery store and drug store and also convenient to Mills/50 and Audubon Park. Lots of park space and good schools. The cons might be more a 'cookie-cutter' feel, but I think this is more of a perception of the area. The neighborhood is now nearly 100% built out, now that the apartments on the lake and senior complex across the lake are under construction. The only remaining vacant lots are for a small office building in the village center and just a couple (really) custom-lots for homes priced $1million+. Love living there, don't like the HOA fees which you might not have to pay if living in CP or WP, but they are for the benefit of the neighborhood. Winter Park -- a city rather than a neighborhood. Really depends on where you will live and a larger geographic area. In general, the city is more self-contained than the other neighborhoods I found that when I lived in Winter Park, I stayed more in that area to shop & dine (not a bad thing at all) as there are so many options. There are parts of Winter Park that are literally adjacent to College Park and Baldwin Park, near a lake, or near the avenue, that's where I would want to live if I lived in WP again.
  7. tm68

    MLS Soccer Stadium

    For some reason, pretty sure that I heard that the church decided to sell? anyone else?
  8. In some encouraging news for the area around the Citrus Bowl, the Washington Shores neighborhood is on track for a 200-unit garden style mixed-income housing development. Will be called "The Villages at West Lakes" and is near the area of Gore/Tampa.
  9. Both orange and plaza. Dunkin donuts is a good addition.
  10. While I dig the look of the buildings around City Hall plaza, I think CNL3 will look okay at street level. Most of the glass looks to be above floor5. As long as the parking garage is not garbage and the funky balconies are designed well.
  11. A big factor in this project is the land. This development is being built on over six acres of land, while the other projects you mentioned are being built on less than two acres. Spec-wise, the projects are delivering comparable office/retail/residential space. Financials come into play.
  12. The www.bungalower.com website has a post showing the first look for this proposal. 26-stories
  13. Dr Phillips High School....Dr Phillips High School Downtown Performing Arts magnet. It is a natural collaboration with both magnet programs. And an Excellent way to involve and integrate not only the SW 'burbs into the downtown scene, but the whole county. Win -- Win
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