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  1. Binbin98

    Nashville food and beverage scene In this article about a new Nobu restaurant opening in Atlanta, it mentions Nashville as a desired location for a Nobu restaurant in the future in an interview with DeNiro himself. If this actually comes to fruition Nashville will be in another league in terms of dining options lmao. Geez in the past couple of weeks it seems like Nashville has really stepped up its luxury game XD. Four Seasons, W, Waldorf Astoria/Conrad, potential Nobu... what’s next caviar dispenseries lol.
  2. So this is a go then? Nashville grows again, this time by a lot lmao.
  3. Binbin98

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    yeah thats what I meant. I heard about it awhile back and then nothing. Regardless there is so much development going on in Nashville right now it is hard to keep up lmao
  4. I would like to tell you all that I called this project early on XD But in all seriousness this hotel being built will probably cause other luxury hotel brands to look in to building properties in Nashville. I can already say with great certainty that IHG hotels is looking to build an Intercontinental Hotel somewhere in Nashville, in fact they have been since 2006 but Alex Palmer screwed up their initial proposal lol. I have also heard that Ritz Carlton is in the process of scouting Nashville now but I cannot confirm or deny that right now , I am indirectly in the travel and hotel business so I hear these things a lot
  5. Binbin98

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    I wonder if one day with Fifth and Broadway, Nashville Yards, Endeavor, Broadwest and the still proposed Bridgestone additional development we won't be able to see the sunset from that angle at ACME. Don't know if that is a good or bad thing :/
  6. Binbin98

    Memphis and Mid-South News Some other good news for the Mid South Area. Memphis has added a lot of new jobs recently which is definitely a positive for the area. Although there is still much work to be done I think that this report shows that Memphis has some momentum in the right direction. The whole state of Tennessee benefits when Nashville and Memphis both grow.
  7. This is finally happening and i am so excited, this site has been stagnant since i was a small child and I am 20 now, so it is about time lmao! Now hopefully paramount gets off the ground, fingers crossed. Even if not two projects that I am really anticipating are breaking ground around the same time which is great for Nashville.
  8. I am overjoyed that this project is coming to fruition. Out of all the other tall proposed buildings, this is still my favorite one. It shows a lot of confidence in the Nashville hotel market that they are building a 500+ foot five star luxury hotel downtown. With this project under construction basically and the nashville yards skyscraper increasing in height, plus the paramount proposed, Nashville skyline is increasingly becoming taller and more urban, and in a way that fits the city well in my opinion. I would rather have several tall buildings in a city than one mega tall building that feels out of place, in my opinion it seems more impressive.
  9. Binbin98

    Nashville International Airport

    Some new southwest domestic adds today include service to buffalo and sacramento from what the schedule says.
  10. This is honestly astounding how fast Nashville’s tech scene is growing. I hope this comes to fruition, and I dont doubt that this will be followed by other tech related announcements.
  11. Binbin98

    More Accolades for Nashville Nashville was ranked as the strongest economy in the nation by this Business Facilities ranking. The number one spot! Lol
  12. Binbin98

    Nashville International Airport

    I actually believe that BNA will sustain greater than 10% growth in 2019 and experience a very high growth percentage in 2020 (when the new gates come to fruition). So far 8 new destinations have been announced for 2019 from BNA and the year has barely even started yet lol. Those routes together will most likely bring new traffic, along with any further routes added in the coming year. I think BNA's domestic network is becoming stronger and stronger and is very impressive for a market of its size, but the current terminal is getting to be too small to hold any further passenger increases or route expansions (which are indeed still happening). BNA also should potentially think about adding a new terminal like RDU near the hangers or somewhere else to handle the capacity growth, as I fully believe the passenger projections for this airport are too small and total passengers will be about 20 million by at the latest when the international gates open in 2023, not by 2035 as the projections say they will be. I have been in the airport both in December and January and both times it was extremely packed from people all over the country and the world.
  13. Binbin98

    Nashville International Airport

    At this point all Nashville needs in terms of nonstop domestic destinations that I can think of is nonstops to Sacramento and Hartford (which both respective airports are also pursuing I have heard), Buffalo, Indianapolis/Cincinnati again, and/or West Palm Beach. I also now think Albuquerque could even work as I never thought Nashville would have or even need directs to Oklahoma City, Providence, Omaha and Norfolk lmao. Nashville really has a lot of domestic nonstop destinations compared to peer airports: I had to fly from San Antonio to Raleigh recently and connected through BNA because there were no directs from the two airports lol. Obviously the airport looked packed in JANUARY!!! Also for what it is worth Nashville is apparently now a focus city for Sun Country as per the Wikipedia page. I have heard that Delta wants to put focus cities in both Nashville and Austin in the near future, and my pilot friend at AA told me that for 2019 there will be year round main line service to ORD and MIA from BNA as supposed to it being seasonal. This airport is really on fire and needs to be expanded ASAP!