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  1. I would check it out but I’m not allowed to go in there.
  2. Sean do you mind posting this stuff in the ‘Nashville International Airport’ topic instead of the Airlines and Destinations topic. It would make more sense there.
  3. And then 10 years later a pandemic, tornado and derecho all struck Nashville...10 years from now I expect a meteor strike
  4. Curious as to what people predict Nashville and its surrounding area will look like at the end of this decade. It definetely seems to be one of the most changed, if not THE most changed, metro area from 2010-2020. Stuff such as Nashville Yards/Amazon, Fifth and Broadway/AB, River North, Circle South, Airport Expansion etc... seem to either be underway or have good financing behind them, and if these were the only things to be built from now until 2030 I would be excited, although knowing Nashville I highly doubt that will be the case. I feel that Nashville needs to seriously, and I mean SERIOUSLY, focus its' attention into improving mass transit options and its' infrastructure. The rate things are growing both in terms of population wise, economy wise and tourism wise, if this is not seriously focused on I see this city going bust within the next decade honestly. I have heard in person people discuss wanting to move to Nashville due to having a very positive impression of it, however, the lack of a truly international airport and mass transit have made them hesitate. I would not be surprised if certain companies have this view as well. I also hope the current mayor is voted out of office, and Metro codes can finally allow tall skyscrapers to be built in downtown. Let me know what you guys' predictions and hopes for the city in the coming decade are!
  5. Well, Even amongst this world changing pandemic Nashville is making travel lists for 2020. Pretty much the only city I know that is still making these types of lists which really tells you something about Nashville's appeal as a tourist destination. https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestravelguide/2019/12/13/forbes-travel-guide-20-top-destinations-for-2020/#120619373df2 It is one of Forbes top 20 destinations in the world to travel to this year (if you even can) https://www.cntraveler.com/gallery/best-places-to-go-in-2020 Same with conde nast (which by the way includes whole countries in comparison to Nashville, a city of half a million!!) https://www.globaltravelerusa.com/leisure-lifestyle-awards-2019/ It was ranked the best leisure destination in the USA for 2019, beating New York, New Orleans and even Las Vegas which is unbelievable to be honest. I am hoping that these accolades will translate to more international tourism after the pandemic is over. I really think the African American Museum of Music will do wonders for Nashville's perception abroad, which still sometimes can be too 'honky tonk'. Everyone stay safe and healthy and Nashville strong!
  6. This is so sad. And I feel really sorry for his son, whom I knew personally because we went to the same high school together here.
  7. To be fair our eating habits don't usually cause worldwide pandemics to break out
  8. This is really strange but since the US Europe temporary travel ban went into effect, Peer cities with flights to Europe like Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Raleigh all will have no connection to Europe for the time being (since their connections are through Paris) and Nashville will still have a direct connection since this airport’s is through London. That is unless the ban later on goes to include the UK which it presently does not.
  9. 1. I never knew there was a Ritz proposal but it shows how much Nashville's hotel scene exploded in the last decade 2. A recession happened on Monday meaning these proposals are not dead per se but will be pushed back to happening during the next economic boom cycle, whenever that is. I don't doubt that Ritz-Carlton will give up a Nashville proposal entirely, especially when their newer brand EDITION is being built in the gulch now.
  10. Hello. So Vanderbilt just cancelled their classes in person until the end of March due to a student falling ill with the coronavirus there. This mirrors what my university did up here in New York in that all classes will be online until the end of March tentatively. This virus is a big deal for colleges and college students alike, but I do not have my last midterm anymore so I suppose that is a positive.
  11. Ok so in the tri-state area we are up to 45 but in New York City's five boroughs itsself there are only four cases. One is a single women that has been in quarantine since she got to the airport and the other is a family that was in contact with the Garbuz guy. I am very certain that the number of cases will rise, but where I live there are only 4 cases. Side note: I would feel terrible if I gave the virus to 37 different people and counting
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