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  1. I know this is a question and not a discussion, but is there any way to get rid of an account on urban planet. I have an extra account on here that I don’t use anymore and don’t want to get all of the notifications this site sends my email account whenever someone comments on something from it. Thanks
  2. I think BNA will/should land another flight to Europe before any of those other flights come into fruition. Also from experience flying into BNA from Heathrow, the customs area in Nashville is really still too small to even handle the British Airways flight in my opinion, and the police officers in there are really mean as well to everyone coming through. Also the BA plane was so big that it had to be pushed sideways or something to even fit at the gate, and even then it’s tail was sticking out into the other international gate spaces. I know this is temporary but I struggle to see how any more large body flights fit into that small space before BNA vision part 1 is done, the demand is there for more Europe flights (my flight was ~97% full in may) but the infrastructure currently is not by any means.
  3. One day, Nashville’s current crime issue and police understaffing will catch up with its reputation. I believe the growth and popularity of the city will start to slow at that point. Generally I have been silent on this forum recently because I feel that Nashville isn’t handling its growth correctly. There are like 100 hotels and residences under construction and tall buildings proposed which is great, but problems such as infrastructure, policing/crime reduction, education etc... seems to just be swept under the rug by local politicians on both political sides. I am an ardent supporter of Nashville’s growth and think that the city has a lot to offer to the world, but I have just been turned off recently by the one-dimensional aspect of the growth recently. Can’t wait for the downvotes
  4. I know this might seem a little unrelated but it also says in this article that the governor is traveling to Washington State....could this mean that Amazon might want to expand further here? It could make sense with Oracle potentially coming here.
  5. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2019/07/25/business/southwest-airlines-newark.amp.html Southwest will be exiting completely out of Newark airport in November due to MAX issues, including dropping their Nashville to Newark Route. I could see Spirit eventually adding this route though if they prove successful at BNA, or maybe Delta if they actually want to create a focus City in Nashville at some point.
  6. Great news! This brand is a lot better than I expected with this project. Edition Hotels around the world are all built to be five stars, so this will be yet another luxury hotel to be built here. Also of note, Edition Hotels are listed as Ritz Carlton properties on their website, and every city that has an Edition property also has a stand alone Ritz Carlton hotel as well. So in a way, this is basically Nashville getting its own Ritz!
  7. It is not even close to becoming a global city. If growth continues 10-15 years down the line then maybe, but it is not currently.
  8. Maybe they are including people in bars and clubs and stuff too?
  9. Hopefully this development will be similar. I hope they can also add the intercontinental that is in the wharf district as well. It seems odd that this project would have no hotel component considering its location and amenities
  10. What happened to Monroe investment partners stake in the project? Are they completely not involved anymore or what?
  11. I still believe that this is only the first phase of development here and that later on if a company moves in there may be some high rises built. But it’s still a good step for the east of the river and may lead to more things overall. I don’t think Nashville will ever get a building over 800 feet tall built, this is not a tall skyscraper city and there is nothing wrong with that. The height of a city’s building doesn’t determine its economic importance. And as long as tony giarrantana is still around we will get tall buildings proposed and maybe built (although he seems to be the only developer wanting to build tall here).
  12. This is good news but the renderings on the news story look a bit outdated. The website for river north’s renderings and the news story ones look completely different. Although i am also not entirely sure if “the landings at river north” and “river north” are the same thing or different development phases or something. I’m still a bit confused about this project. Lets hope a major company can move into this development to kick things off like the rumors I have heard on many forums suggest.
  13. This is a random question but does anyone know the opening date for the new crate and barrel in the green hills mall? I have a couple of friends in Memphis that are planning to drive up to go to it and they asked me about this. I can’t find a date online...
  14. Is this going to be a luxury brand hotel rather than yet another boutique hotel?
  15. A few amateur photos of nashville from today.
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