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  1. Nashville International Airport

    Still this is a good sign for BNA as I believe Southwest Airlines wants to bring it up to a base like St. Louis or Tampa in the future. I personally believe that Little Rock and Omaha will he added by southwest in the future as well as some Caribbean routes. And Delta Connection will add Hartford very soon (due to the numerous healthcare companies and links between the two). Portland will either be Alaska airlines or southwest, and I honestly can see Alaska once they get new boeings to do the Same expansion tactics they did with their Seattle routes with Portland (I.E. PDX-RDU, PDX-BNA, PDX-IND etc..)
  2. Nashville International Airport

    I personally think these flights are very good for Nashville and will ultimately work in the long run due to connections. For example, If i got on a flight to richmond, I could connect to Williamsburg, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach in about an hour or so. Likewise in terms of Myrtle Beach, you can drive an hour and a half to bald head island (where my family has a beach home lol)
  3. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Agreed. It annoys me as a liberal that people assumed I supported her automatically. She f'ed up big time and should be held responsible like everyone else
  4. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    we also can say bye to our chances of amazon as political scandals always chase away potential business operations in the short term. Oh well

    well so far the last prediction i had happened, I'm 95% sure the four seasons one will be announced this year, and I am obviously not too sure about Amazon, but if I were them I would find Nashville surprisingly enticing. Sure it is not a big city with a large transportation system or hub airport, but I feel like with as large as a company as amazon, Nashville ranks high in everything they are looking for in general and Bezos could literally integrate amazon into the fabric of the city and become what Nashville will be known for forever. Specifically, the transportation system, airport, river north, amongst other things could all be centered around/constructed for Amazon as a company and their employees' convenience and accessibility, while also allowing them to enjoy just living in Nashville with a seriously high quality of life compared to other cities on the list (honestly only Boston, Austin, Denver, and Raleigh really strike me as having a possibly better quality of living than Nashville currently). Anyways it is just my musings, but still this could be a huge oppurtunity for Amazon and the city as a whole. But lets see if my prediction comes right even though at first i bet against nashville lol
  6. More Accolades for Nashville Nashville is apparently the highest growing housing market in the nation for 2018. Almost 8%! (please amazon don't go to atlanta)
  7. Nashville International Airport

    I feel we need to get flights to portland, maybe another to the bay area (San Jose), and Hartford amongst other international flights before anything regarding Japan happens. I think it will eventually happen or so, but not until I'm in my late twenties lmao. Also philadelphia is a more attractive market for service to asia (specifically China) than Nashville, I'm sorry but I have to be honest.
  8. Nashville International Airport

    Personally I wish for international flights to Iceland, Frankfurt, maybe possibly Amsterdam if this unsubstatiated rumor with Delta is true (I doubt it is), Mexico City (or somewhere in Latin America) and maybe even Paris. I am hoping and as well believe that Nashville will get a flight to Japan in the next decade, but there are markets such as Philadelphia, Charlotte, and Miami that all don't have service to East Asia yet, which in my opinion should come first before Nashville.
  9. You can’t read this article unless you are a Wall Street journal subscriber, but it’s a good read about why sunbelt markets such as Austin, Raleigh and yes Nashville have the advantage when it comes to labor market growth and availability. This is good news I feel because many have been skeptics of nashville’s Ability to provide educated workers if amazon moved here.
  10. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Hooray a fellow Nashvillian that is moving to the UK
  11. More Accolades for Nashville

    You unfortunately have to buy the carbon copy of the book to see it I believe
  12. More Accolades for Nashville

    On that note I was reading Lonely Planet’s Best in travel 2018 and Nashville was featured in the “Best Value Destinations” Section and the “Best culture trips for families” section. So Nashville is being accoladed seeming everywhere, and after nearly 6 years of accolades they are still coming!
  13. Will Nashville ever get a super tall skyscraper?

    I have to somewhat disagree. I feel that a 700’ even 800’ is possible (no more than that though) without corporations relocating involved. There are numerous buildings and skyscrapers in Austin that are that height and fully hotels or condos or apartments, or even mixed use. I really really doubt Nashville won’t get something like that in the next three years with the way things are going. It’s really unlikely because the housing market is still very strong and the growth hasn’t died down. I also think a corporate relocation will happen in the next ten years or so, but not preferably Amazon in my opinion (though with trump’s taxing on east coast states recently I’m not too sure Nashville won’t get it)
  14. I’m starting to regret the bet I did against Nashville early on. But In all seriousness this is really good for Nashville in terms of smaller and larger business operations looking to relocate. Nashville will at least be on their mind after this list because it shows that BNA can compete with other cities for big HQ deals like this. Do I think we will get it? No, but I have a little more faith than before. Also without a doubt at this point Nashville is a STRONG dark horse candidate due to the universities and transportation initiatives, as well as possible sites such as river north being avaliable for building out (not to mention its quality of life and skyrocketing growth). in other words call me a happy camper