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  1. Miami was fine we did have some random tornadoes though which was scary, but none hit where I live specifically. The flooding in fort Myers was worse than Andrew or charley.
  2. To be fair it’s not directly hitting me but there have been tornadoes and tornado warnings since yesterday. At this point there have been at least 9 tornado warnings here ! fort Myers is doomed Edit: I was sadly right, fort Myers beach and where I lived in 2020 (Estero) is all underwater. The storm surge is worse than any other hurricane they have gotten including irma, Wilma, and charley…
  3. Well @smeagolsfreewhat you warned me about is finally happening
  4. https://www.thenextmiami.com/qantas-planning-ultra-long-haul-flights-from-australia-to-miami/ I know this isn’t Nashville’s airport but this would be major news if it happens, Miami would be the only city in the southeast with service to Oceania. Personally I believe Miami and Nashville both are underrated airports. I have heard Lufthansa is considering Nashville and I hope that is true, I feel like Nashville has a lot of pent up international demand these past few years.
  5. Very first urban development haha This is manitou springs native cliff dwellings. I think the hopi tribe made these but I’m not sure
  6. Austin has way more international flights and has opened an international wing, which BNA has yet to open and keeps delaying. There will be more overseas flights but only once the new international wing opens.
  7. Some photos I took while in downtown Charlotte on a rainy day. I have never seen the BOA building in the clouds before haha. Also I loved the lynx train. I will hopefully come back again soon
  8. https://www.meetup.com/charlotte-urbanists/events/286992628/?response=3&action=rsvp&utm_medium=email&utm_source=braze_canvas&utm_campaign=mmrk_alleng_event_announcement_prod_v4_en&utm_term=promo&utm_content=lp_meetup
  9. Haha very funny XD hey at least it’s not like Atlanta here
  10. I was there from out of town I had a great time. Charlotte is a very pleasant city.
  11. I went on a Charlotte walking tour today with urban planet members and I enjoyed it a lot. I am living in Miami currently and it was my first time in the city. I had a really good impression although the weather is super hot. I will be back in downtown tomorrow so far I love it here and will likely be back considering I have family in huntersville.
  12. Photos of Charlotte. I really like it here and I went on the tour that urban planet and other local organizations organized. The area we were at was essentially like east Nashville but with light rail. As a city Charlotte largely has its act together.
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