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  1. I’m starting to regret the bet I did against Nashville early on. But In all seriousness this is really good for Nashville in terms of smaller and larger business operations looking to relocate. Nashville will at least be on their mind after this list because it shows that BNA can compete with other cities for big HQ deals like this. Do I think we will get it? No, but I have a little more faith than before. Also without a doubt at this point Nashville is a STRONG dark horse candidate due to the universities and transportation initiatives, as well as possible sites such as river north being avaliable for building out (not to mention its quality of life and skyrocketing growth). in other words call me a happy camper
  2. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    This summer due to all the holiday promotions and articles written about Nashville over on this side of the pond, expect a ton of British and European tourists to add to the overall mania of summer tourism in Nashville. In other words expect this summer’s tourism crowds to be muad (a bit of London slang lol)
  3. Nashville Bits and Pieces Looks like we are getting another reality TV show here in Nashville (although I don't know if it will be filmed here or not). TLDR: Andy Cohen of the Real Housewives wants to bring the next spinoff of the show to Nashville, so in the near future there probably will be a Real Housewives of Nashville on TV. I don't like this show but hey if it makes the city more money than I say bring it on. Nashville these days is really starting to feel like a mini LA!
  4. Honestly I feel Nashville doesn't need Amazon to continue its growth, and I would much rather it go to Boston than Atlanta. Boston also feels like the Seattle of the Northeast, so it would make sense. It does make me wonder if River North will ever be built, or if another corporate relocation will be there in the future. I hope eventually that is built, but I wouldn't bet on it.
  5. 2018 Nashville Development Preview

    I have a good feeling both the W and Second avenue sites will break ground in 2018. Also four seasons I feel will be the flagship of the latter, usually they enjoy entering in emerging or new markets. fingers crossed river North happens through amazon or another corporate relocation. also I was in Indianapolis at the time of the super bowl and noticed how many hotels they had in comparison to Nashville in 2012 (jw Marriott, Westin, Conrad, Omni etc...). Well now Nashville will have an Omni, dream hotel, inbound hotel, loews, kimpton, Thompson, Hyatt regency, Westin, ac hotel, virgin hotel, w hotel, jw Marriott, hopefully a four seasons or other five star brand, and possible many more hotel brands to come. That a LOT of hotels compared to only 5 years ago lol

    My wishes are another major corporate relocation, google to build an office in Nashville (or another tech company), more international flights and interest by airlines both domestic and international, and a 750+ foot building announced downtown (and eventually come to fruition). my predictions are amazon chooses Nashville (I’m not kidding either), more hotels and infill is built, and four seasons adds on to the second avenue project. I also predict and hope that the trolley barns project fall through and someone else eventually develops it.
  7. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    Hello all, I wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Between the 21-24 I was in Nashville to visit some family-friends and friends and I snapped some pictures on a rainy day. They are not good but the best I could capture during a rainy day. The fifth and broadway, Nashville yards, and endeavor sites are very impressive looking and have large construction holes. I can imagine the skyline looking even more larger in the future due to these additions (and probably ones that we don’t know about yet). I also have a panorama picture of the central business district skyline, the entertainment district (my name for lower broadways and the music city center areas) and the new sobro district (with the glass office towers). I hope you all enjoy and can see the growth of Nashville in my pictures.
  8. Soccer in Nashville

    If Nashville gets the amazon HQ2 after this I'm going to pass out haha. I thought our bid for MLS was weak and never going to pick up traction at first, and now we have a team. Of course these two challenges are completely different, but they both seem like long shots for Nashville and one of them has come to fruition.
  9. Nashville International Airport

    I feel like once this is actually built there will be a flood of new flights and routes added. Nashville does not have an attractive airport for airlines right now, but it certainly will in the future!
  10. Soccer in Nashville

    I have a severe crush on gwen stefani and I'm a big No doubt fan, almost didn't notice will ferrell at all due to that XD
  11. Soccer in Nashville

    1. Nashville got an MLS Team as well as Sacramento 2. The only thing I would like Nashville to get now is a tallest building (over 700 ft), eventually a flight to Japan, and make part of Broadway pedestrian only, other than that Nashville is literally the hottest city in the country right now. (3. Don't mention this event to anyone from Cincinnati lmao)
  12. Soccer in Nashville

    Just a tweet so no one get too hoped up. But british airways responded in a similar manner before their announcement, so who knows.
  13. Nashville International Airport

    I was just talking about the problems with the CEO and corruption literally published in the Tennessean and documented in other sources. Like it or not that could make airlines nervous to enter BNA due to incentives possibly being literally stolen and used for profit by individuals. That is why the CEO was fired, and thankfully now there is a new one who hopefully will straighten things out. Anyways today I was traveling through Heathrow to pick someone up and I saw a gigantic sign hanging from the ceiling promoting the Nashville route. It was also next to other signs promoting other global destinations such as the Seychelles, Qatar etc... One thing that I also need to say is that of course I hope Nashville gets more international connections in the future (personally I hope for aeromexico to mexico city, Wow Air to Reykjavik, and Condor to Frankfurt), but as of right now Nashville is going to be really well connected due to the convenience and connectivity in Heathrow. All the British Airways flights are in the same terminal meaning that usually connections/layovers take around an hour or so at most, and you can literally go anywhere in Europe, Middle East, Africa and even Asia if you want from the airport. Even summer holiday flights and winter ski holiday flights are doable with one connection (my aunt is going to greece next summer through the British Airways flight and connecting to Athens from Nashville), so have no doubts or worries about lack of connections, Nashville has actually become an International airport.
  14. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    All of this change will be interesting to see when I come back for a week or so later this month! It will be weird staying in a hotel though >_<, the Omni to be precise
  15. Nashville International Airport

    They won't because they seem to not care about new routes or acquiring new routes for the airport. It literally basically said that in the report published on them.