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  1. Binbin98

    Nashville International Airport

    I will be on this flight soon and i cannot wait
  2. Chris brown is now a musician and developer?! but in all seriousness this looks like a great replacement, I’m hoping intercontinental sees this and adds to this in some way, having an intercontinental in Nashville would be really good for the city. That and the proposed W hotel and rumored four seasons in the 2nd avenue project would be really good luxury hotel additions to our city. I would also hope to see a fairmont or ritz Carlton in the future but I won’t hold my breath
  3. Binbin98

    Soccer in Nashville

    I dont know if this has been said but North America won the bid to host the 2026 World Cup. Nashville is one of 22 north american cities selected as finalists to host it (possibly). If Nashville ends up hosting a few matches I will be super excited. I am not the biggest soccer fan, but I will return to Nashville in that case and visit the games myself at 28 lol.
  4. Binbin98

    Nashville International Airport This is a good UK article about the recent BA flight, which is frequently heralded as the only European airline flying to Nashville (something tells me not for long though) Also rammed = packed/crowded
  5. Binbin98

    Nashville International Airport

    I think the most that Nashville is getting in terms of BA is a 787-9 until the new IAB is built. That being said I would actually bet on Nashville's London flight going daily next summer and staying at 5 times a week in winter. Dummy Bookings reveal that its almost impossible to book a flight the next day after you book to Nashville because it is so filled up, in economy class! This is not even the case for Indianapolis's new flight to Paris that started recently, so I would say Nashville won't be losing their European flight anytime soon. Sorry I'm an commercial aviation nerd lol
  6. When will they announce the specific five star hotel brand in this tower? Have they gotten one yet? I have some sources telling me a bit of info on what brand it probably will be but again it’s not for certain. Rumor has it in the travel industry at least that it will be four seasons, but again it is not for certain.
  7. Binbin98

    Nashville International Airport

    Maybe. It is because I am slowly gaining a virtual attitude towards the French as I continue to live here in London lol. But in all seriousness I have good news. I have mentioned before one of my dad’s best friends is a pilot for American Airlines and part of the oneworld alliance (which includes BA). Apparently my dad told me she mentioned that the initial loads for the flight to Nashville are “chockers” which in pilot slang means almost entirely full. She said this most likely is a great sign for the Nashville service’s success and she also estimated that next summer British airways will most likely go daily. However winter service loads may still be lower. Anyways thought I would share.
  8. Binbin98

    IKEA to Nashville

    I find this rivalry really funny since I now live abroad. more people know about and want to visit Nashville than Memphis where I currently live in London. Literally the other day there was a bbc reporter in Nashville doing a special on the city (I don’t know what it was called though so bear with me). Where I am traveling In Switzerland, I told people I used to live in Nashville and they all knew where that was. So from an international perspective Nashville is actually really known and really becoming more and more popular, somewhat in part due to British airways flight, but also just because of the rise of the city’s status globally as well. I have been to Memphis before and think that that city has potential to grow and both cities are wonderful in their own ways, but remember that Memphis arbitrarily is just currently not as known internationally as much as Nashville. I am not even that biased as neither me nor any of my family live in Nashville anymore, I am just stating the facts as I see them over here in Europe.
  9. Binbin98

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    This was spotted by me when connecting through heathrow on a flight to Zürich to see a friend. Note that all of the European, middle eastern , African and Asian destinations on here are now one easy connection through heathrow away from nashvillians.
  10. Binbin98

    IKEA to Nashville

    I can seriously see them having a smaller store in a development in downtown Nashville, as they said they would be switching to smaller, urban store models in the future. I worry more about my friends in Raleigh honestly because the whole area is more suburban there, effectively making it harder for ikea to build under their 'new model' or whatever. This says absolutely NOTHING about Nashville as a city and everything about IKEA as a company. I seriously question the decision to withdraw from all planned locations, as this is the loss of a lot of money from incentives the company would receive if they had just built these locations first and stopped afterwards. If you have stock in IKEA remove it as soon as possible lol. Also Nashville joins Raleigh, Cleveland, New Orleans, Milwaukee, Mexico City, Auckland, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Rio de Jaineiro, Johannesburg, Lagos, Addis Ababa, Luanda, Accra, Dakar, Mauritius, Lima, Bogota, Santiago de Chile (where half of my family lives), Manila and many other worldwide cities without an IKEA. For the life of me I have never heard anyone tell me they wouldn't move to any of those cities because they don't have an IKEA, that is just ridiculous thinking in my opinion. I would rather have one or more (definitely more in the future) transatlantic flights, a financial company's headquarters, and the state's largest population of people in Nashville than IKEA any day. P.S. if you live on this side of the pond you probably already know Carrefour is much better and practical/convenient than IKEA, but that is an aside lol
  11. Binbin98

    IKEA to Nashville

    There is no way that IKEA will not eventually build a store in Nashville. It is too fast of a growing city for them not to. However the ikea store may not be built on the spot in Antioch but in another place. If ikea continues to pull back planned or developed locations in the usa and abroad (because Nashville wouldn’t be the only pulled back location by far), it may be a sign ikea is heading towards bankruptcy. No I am not joking about that either, as popular as they are it defientely could happen.
  12. Binbin98

    Nashville International Airport

    How real is this supposed rumor though, as I am on flyertalk and and many other aviation forums, and have never heard anything about the prospect of Nashville having a flight to amsterdam or Paris in the future (and mind you before British Airways was announced there were whole rumor topics about the flight to London on each of those forums). This being said, I think between the two Amsterdam is more likely, as Philips has a major presence in Nashville now and Amsterdam is a financial hub and connector to the rest of mainland Europe. I don't see many french companies in Nashville except for maybe Schneider Electric and Alliance Bernstein (their parent company is French but they are slowly breaking away from AXA reportedly). This being said, I believe Iceland is pretty much a given now either on WOW air or Icelandair (hopefully the latter), as well as more flights to the carribean on Southwest. Condor to Frankfurt is extremely likely as well, due to the huge and growing leisure aspect of Nashville and the ability to ferry German tourists to both Nashville and other destinations in the Southeast. I also strongly hope service to a city in Mexico or latin america (like Copa airlines in MSY for example) can happen in the future, as it would be more convenient for the half of my family that is Chilean lol. Tokyo I think is inevitable actually, but just farther away in the future (sometime in the 2020s), and also after markets like Philadelphia and Miami get service to Asia first. Besides all of this I really hope the loads on British Airways are good and at least half full, from what I have been hearing they are pretty much full going to and from Nashville, which is a really good sign (I looked at the flights for tomorrow to Nashville and there are already only 5 seats left on the whole flight!). I suspect with BNA's passenger growth as well as the business and tourism growth in Nashville, British Airways will go daily next summer, if not upgauge service. Times are looking really good for Nashville International Airport, its hard to believe only 4 years ago we didn't have service to the Bay area or Seattle!
  13. Binbin98

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    I really wonder what nashville will look like when i return in july after me being overseas for 8 months, and im coming on the british airways flight lol. I cant wait to see 5th and broadway, nashville yards, jw marriott, endeavor site and more. I also will probably find quite a few fellow londoners as well
  14. Binbin98

    Nashville International Airport

    That seems like it will be really good news for British Airways as this happened shortly after their arrival Also I have seen many tweets and statements over here on this side of the pond about how cool and useful it is that there is now that there is a flight to Nashville direct from heathrow, For example there is a known travel magazine author over here (that will remain nameless for privacy) that stated in a tweet: 'Now I “get” #Nashville. This place is on fire An economic hothouse. @british_airways just launched a direct flight from London w good reason. This is @nashville ON A MONDAY NIGHT! Thank you #ExceptionalAdvisor @iw_inst & @tootsiesnet (THE place to go!)' This may seem completely random to post this but remember, the general population over here is seemingly really supportive of this flight, so I can't imagine British Airways isn't either. I see this flight going daily in the summer either this year or next year for sure, and maybe even year round daily next year or up-gauged to a 787-9. Also Condor or Wow air will probably follow shortly after. Exciting times indeed for BNA and Nashville
  15. Binbin98

    Nashville Bits and Pieces This is an interesting podcast regarding the move of alliancebernstein's headquarters to nashville from New york In the podcast one of the hosts details how the move could start a 'canary in a coal mine' effect both within Nashville and the rest of the sunbelt cities with financial relocations. I am hoping that this move along with the opening of a nonstop flight to London and basically the rest of Europe, along with our already low taxes will help entice more large scale relocations of businesses to move here. Nashville currently to me feels like Austin did around 2012-2014 in that now the growth is starting to yield results and create a image that Nashville is a reputable place to live, work and play. All that is left in my wishlist in terms of corporate relocations would be another large scale healthcare company such as Aetna or something else, and a Google office to open in Nashville, but in all honesty I have no idea what's next in terms of Nashville's growth and development which is the exciting part.