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  1. Buckingham Gulch Tower 38 Floors|450+ Feet |Proposed 2019

    This doesnt really surprise me actually, when developers try to do two projects at once it usually backfires. I actually kind of hope this project dies and another developer takes the spot with a tall office building or something, that's really what the Gulch needs right now, not residences. I just don't want to see this become another west end summit lol
  2. If amazon miraculously goes to Nashville, I will literally donate $5000 to urban planet. This is a bet hopefully everyone can get behind
  3. Is anyone else but me really excited for this development and impressed that AEG of all companies signed onto this development already. AEG are the same people who redeveloped LA LIVE from old warehouses, and now people that I know from LA tell me that is where locals and tourists go alike now. This is a bigger deal that I think any of us can expect, I hope that this Nashville yards development becomes Nashville's LA Live and is yet another draw for people to come to and enjoy Nashville. I know I really would love to see some tall 50 story buildings built in downtown soon (with time they will), but for now I believe that this is even more exciting to me than those future prospects, at least this proposal and Fifth + Broadway in my opinion
  4. Nashville won't get the headquarters, however, what I am hoping happens is that our proposal, growth, quality of life, and availability of sites to build large corporate headquarters on will give amazon a good impression at least and catch the eye of other big corporations who can move their headquarters here in the future. Nashville is a growing city that will land a corporate headquarters sometimes in he future, but not now as I believe it is too soon.
  5. I can't remember if in Amazon's requirements it mentions that the contending city has to have a light rail line/mass transit via rail already in place, or just plans to have some in the near future. If the latter is the case, then Nashville may have a better chance then I thought considering other cities including Austin don't really have plans that match up to the Let's Move Nashville plans
  6. Will Philips's "center of excellence" be going into this building. It would be nice to have this building have a Philips logo on the top of it
  7. I am just as skeptical as the next guy, but in all fairness the chances of us getting Amazon shouldn't be measured on articles alone, because quite frankly most of them don't know where bezos is going either. I have seen many articles that put Nashville in the top ten most likely choices for relocation, and a few that haven't. In the end I really feel if Amazon is wanting to set up in and transform a city's economy using their presence, Nashville would be a good choice for doing so, however if they don't want to risk a potential economic loss by moving to a city, I expect them to move to a big city in america that already has other companies headquartered there.
  8. The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    I agree that nashville needs transit 100% especially light rail, but I find it really funny whenever I hear how bad nashville traffic is. In all honesty it's fine compared to where I live now or places I've been before. I mean I literally had to get out of my taxi today and walk to school because traffic is that bad over on this side of the pond. That being said I think nashville traffic issue could get much worse with all the projected growth and transit is a must

    I think the fact that this is being proposed is a good sign for Nashville, even if it doesn't come to fruition. That being said I like the River North proposition more and see that as having a bigger chance than this project
  10. I have revised my prediction regarding Amazon now If I was Bezos I would SERIOUSLY be considering Nashville now, mainly because there are now two major developments planned near Nashville, which seem to be ripe for a new amazon or other corporate headquarters. They also seem to be able to be linked by mass transit to downtown Nashville and back, and can be also pedestrian linked to other areas of Nashville. Point being, these new developments being avaliable for amazon to choose seems like a huge advantage for us when it comes to potentially landing amazon, however who knows what the company will do in the end.
  11. I agree I just was making a little bit of a bad joke it might not even happen where i get the job, but if it does I will only report rumours/side comments and not actual facts
  12. i have good news everyone. i am applying for and potentially getting a amazon internship during summer 2018 in amazon London. This isn't a joke I seriously am applying for it, however I don't know if i will get in but if I do I can potentially be a whistleblower about any info regarding there new second headquarters in America. Just a heads up for everyone. I also am not sure when the announcement will be made but if it's in summer 2018 then never mind.