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  1. Unlikely this is happening in Nashville at the moment as Nashville has yet to establish itself as a tech hub like Austin has done. Austin literally has rents higher than cities like Chicago, Atlanta and Miami currently, so this probably plays a major factor into these types of jobs leaving.
  2. San Antonio is the most underrated city in the world. I have been there many times and loved it.
  3. There are cities larger than Nashville that I have been to that have less cuisine options which is crazy. Like I was in Phoenix in June and it was 90% Mexican food (which is fantastic there but like I’m saying Nashville has a lot for it’s size). Also finding southeast Asian food anywhere on the east coast, even in New York can be tricky. We JUST had our first Indonesian restaurant open here in Miami.
  4. I have literally told some friends of mine who visited Nashville over the summer that whatever they want to eat they likely have it there unless it’s In-N-Out of course. Nashville’s food scene has literally exploded from nothing, back when I was a kid (which was like the mid to late 2000s) there wasn’t much variety at all so it has really grown fast.
  5. I didn’t even know Jacksonville is getting a four seasons congrats to them
  6. Maybe if/when more large tech companies come to Nashville there could be bus lines connecting all the tech hubs to different neighborhoods (ex: the Amazon line or oracle line). I know that’s silly but it would be cool if it happened, this is assuming Nashville city government gives a crap about public transportation haha
  7. I would recommend Hillwood out of all of them as the golf course is really nice and they keep upgrading their facilities. Also they have really fun halloween and thanksgiving events and their food is fantastic. But honestly most of the options are good. I will be honest, if you are not a white, Christian, straight man (like myself) don’t bother going to belle meade country club even to visit. My dad and I could only go to that club as guests and couldn’t get memberships at all due to our race/ethnicity and this was in 2007.
  8. and Austin will be whining about our new Waldorf Astoria under construction here in Miami lmao: 100-Story Waldorf Astoria Residences Announces Q1 2022 Groundbreaking – The Next Miami It is going to be 1,049 ft tall making it the new tallest here.
  9. Yeah although Brickell has been becoming an office and financial center recently. Also I will be gone from the forum all of next week for personal reasons, I hope to return to more exciting news about Nashville development haha
  10. Yeah same. Miami to be fair is the anchor of a metro area that is nearing 7 million vs Nashville’s 2 million, so naturally I believe this is why many more skyscraper projects have easier times getting off the ground here. Miami area does have many issues such as climate change, infrastructure/airport issues and crime, but the one thing it does well are skyscrapers.
  11. https://www.thenextmiami.com/brightline-parent-proposes-two-83-story-supertowers-with-2007-residential-units-next-to-miamicentral/ I love this city! And new developments like this are very common in Miami. Also this project is next to the Brightline commuter rail that will connect Miami to Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Orlando and one day Tampa. Add to this that Miami Airport today announced that it will be expanding all of its terminals for more international and domestic flights, and you get a growing region that is helped by its infrastructure rather than harmed by it
  12. Given the news today about the swerdling project how likely is this to get off of the ground? It would look really good for Nashville to have a four seasons and ritz Carlton at the same time.
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