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  1. They wouldn’t let me or my family in because we are Hispanic and this was circa 2006.
  2. Looks like a nice new building, wish I COULD SEE IT FROM THE INSIDE (I'm making a joke because I was never allowed in here due to my ethnicity)
  3. British Airways doesn’t add their winter schedule for the new year until June or July so this still possibly could change.
  4. Also an article about this in USA Today said that nonstop service to Peoria, Illinois will be added? Don’t know if that is an error or not. In any case at this point there are only a few glaring holes in BNA’s Domestic Network, namely being in my opinion Sacramento, Santa Ana/Orange County, Hartford Connecticut, West Palm Beach, Cincinnati and Indianapolis along with others. However with Allegiant and Southwest (despite max issues) clearly wanting to expand at BNA I am fairly certain almost all of these destinations will be added in the near future. It’s actually phenomenal how far BNA has come in terms of the nonstop destinations in only the past 4-5 years! That being said I am hoping that this growth domestically will also be paired with growth Internationally once the expanded International Arrivals facility is built in 2023. If amazon, like the rumors say on this forum, is actually wanting to expand to HQ3 type numbers of 10,000-15,000 employees then I can’t imagine that kind of large business move won’t come with at least some increased demand for international flights especially with the salaries they will be offering. In any case sorry for rambling and here’s hoping for continued growth and expansion for BNA in the future!
  5. Predictions: Oracle announces a campus in Nashville, AMAZON announces 5,000-10,000 more jobs and Nashville in essence becomes their HQ3 specifically for healthcare and logistics, and another huge corporate relocation (probably financial) announced for the circle south project. Wishlist: Nashville International Airport lands another flight to Europe, A new tallest is either announced or Paramount goes through, and the local government starts to invest in the local infrastructure for a change.
  6. The more that I think about it, the more I feel that Nashville has definitely been the most changed city in all of America during the past decade. I thought about whether or not that title should have gone to Denver or Austin, but both of those cities were already growing fast in 2010, while Nashville was struggling to grow at all after a devastating flood during that year. I was 11 when it happened and remember the economic slump the city was in from 2008-2010, Now Nashville is growing too fast for its own good. I hope for Nashville to grow more responsibly during the 2020s, although the growth was great this decade, it definitely could have been handled better by both the metro government and the mayors (especially recently and excluding Karl Dean). Things that I hope to see in the 2020s in Nashville include a desire by the metro government and the mayor to balance their fiscal budget in ways that don’t negatively affect the city’s growth, less focus on hotels (as we have more than enough both under construction and on the drawing board) and more focus on apartments and retail/grocery stores downtown, and most importantly better infrastructure and mass transit. I cannot stress the last point enough, especially with Amazon basically building their HQ3 here things are going to get real uncomfortable for Nashvillians really fast if nothing is done to improve the road infrastructure, build more bus routes and hopefully rail service, and expand the airport/add more direct flights especially internationally. Anyways, I look forward to the future and seasons greetings from across the pond!
  7. https://www.routesonline.com/news/38/airlineroute/288160/british-airways-s20-london-heathrow-long-haul-changes-as-of-13dec19/ British Airways will begin using a 787-10 on the London Heathrow route from Nashville beginning in September 2020 (which has more capacity then their 777-200). It seems like this flight at least during the spring, summer and fall months is doing phenomenally well, especially since it is not even 2 years in and being upgraded like this. This is also British Airways’s airplane with the most premium capacity (business and first class seats). Again BNA started expanding too late haha.
  8. thank you for being the speech police on this website. we all really need it.
  9. Thank god. I know someone personally who really needed this nonstop route lol
  10. https://www.cntraveler.com/gallery/best-places-to-go-in-2020 For like the 7th year in a row Nashville has made an international travel list, this time being in Conde Nast's Best Places to go to in 2020 due to the National African American Museum of Music opening up next year (which will probably and hopefully begin to change Nashville's image from Country Music city to Music City). Also some good news for Tennessee, Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg both made the 2020 list for the Travel + Leisure magainze. I am happy about this as both of these places are highly underrated from a tourism perspective.
  11. This is similar to my experience coming back from London, although demand is important for landing (no pun intended) more intl flights, adequate gates and customs facilities are also important, none of which BNA has right now although it seems it will in the future. I dont know how packed your flight was but when I arrived during the summer there wasnt more than 3 seats empty on the plane, which led to a chaotic and crowded customs facility on arrival.
  12. Something I found in a magazine article about British Airways. The load factor this July was in the high 80s and from experience was completely full with tourists when I flew in in May 2019. I think the business demand from London to Nashville will also grow in the coming years with EY and AllianceBernstein and Amazon coming online in the area soon, all of which have major operations in London (EY Literally is headquartered 10 mins from where I live). All in all great news for this flight and I expect it to be upgauged again at some point in the near future.
  13. I personally hope it is a large international corporation based in America somewhere that is relocating to Nashville. I know that is a vague fantasy that probably won't happen, but with all the office space coming online recently in Nashville it makes you wonder what is causing all of that to be built. Also if amazon decides to double-down on Nashville and add excess of 10,000 workers, how will that impact the infrastructure here? It just is odd to me as a present outsider to the city that although the city is raved about and a fun place to live and work with many things to do, the infrastructure is SO lacking, and the airport is small with limited international flight options. I feel like these things would be forced to change in an event that a large company like amazon plants it's roots in Nashville, although I could be wrong.
  14. I missed it too and it was directed at me
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