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  1. This looks like Nashville metro barely even grew at all. This really doesn’t look right to me at all.
  2. Probably not but again if metro council continues with their ‘no growth for Nashville’ mantra then there will be a day where a company backs out
  3. Miami has a lot of challenges with climate change although that seemingly has not stopped companies from moving here. I love hurricanes and severe weather so I will be alright. Attached is more Miami development news. Waldorf Astoria is building a 1,000 foot tall skyscraper here that looks a lot like one of the buildings Tony G is building next to the Amazon development. Only in Miami they build it tall instead of small, if only something similar happened in Nashville!
  4. Hey everyone The next miami is a great place to see all the development going on here in South Florida. As a person who moved here at the beginning of this year I have already seen so much growth and announcements regarding towers and company relocations in Miami, and it’s likely that many New York City hedge funds and large financial firms are soon to be moving in here as well. It’s exciting to see the development in Nashville, but in Miami it is at a whole different level no offense. Anyways check it out!
  5. This looks similar to how Atlanta did around late 70s/early 80s
  6. What airlines will use this concourse
  7. I think oracle will come to Nashville if the metro council approves it I don’t understand this cautious tiptoeing. Just like Amazon it’s all down to the council
  8. I think the ball right now is in metro council’s court. A big tech company like oracle wouldn’t have renderings of a campus in a city unless they were very committed to going through with the plans. I have no doubt oracle wants to be in Nashville but again metro council has to approve it. I’m pretty sure that is what is meant by ‘Nashville holds its breath’ or whatever. The same thing happened with Amazon and as we now know Amazon is opening a large corporate office and campus in downtown. Oracle is extremely likely to follow.
  9. What about the most racist city in America thread? Enjoy your coming decades of economic decline!! Cities like Austin, Nashville, Raleigh and Miami will least racist corrupt cities like Minneapolis and St. Paul in the dust.
  10. Nashville needs a chiropractor for carrying the whole state for 8 years or so now lol. My question is now that Amazon has been trumped by oracle with the jobs announcement, do you think Amazon will respond by expanding even more to Nashville? I think Amazon is trying to get into healthcare so maybe it would be a good idea to do so. Regardless it seems like a snowball effect if happening with tech companies here, hoping the same happens with financial companies after the arrival of AllianceBernstein.
  11. I’m hoping next LG can either have an office in downtown Nashville or relocate there. Unlikely but is always a possibility post pandemic with remote work becoming more common.
  12. I suppose this is Oracle’s version of HQ2. Regardless of how it look in the renderings I do think this will be a good get for Nashville, however if I were living in East Nashville right now I would be considerably concerned about rents skyrocketing. The addition of a major tech campus like this on the east bank is surely going to increase growth in that section of the city tremendously, and unfortunately it’s extremely likely that residents in the projects on the east bank will be forced out sooner than later. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if those buildings were replaced by shiny
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