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  1. Well, here’s the Apple Music announcement. Heading to the May Hosiery redevelopment.
  2. I’ve seen him in the news more than every other council member combined. He truly loves the attention.
  3. Shocked Glover sponsored this! I guess he has some free time after the MLS stadium passed.
  4. DMilner

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Dropped a friend off at the airport last night and noticed they turned the lights on for the new garage. Edit: meant to post in the photo topic!
  5. DMilner

    Soccer in Nashville I can’t believe this is allowed to continue. I wonder what this does to the timeline.
  6. DMilner

    Soccer in Nashville

    I don’t have Twitter up currently. They were talking about how the affordable housing would be expensive still because it’s based on the neighborhood. I just corrected them on how affordable housing works.
  7. DMilner

    Soccer in Nashville

    Ha, I heard. Just trying to dispel the continued misinformation. CM Pulley was raked over the coals last night, but he was right. Citizens can’t dig through all the misinformation from the opposition.
  8. DMilner

    Soccer in Nashville

    The anti folks rallying cry is they’ll get the yes’s voted out.
  9. DMilner

    Soccer in Nashville

  10. DMilner

    Soccer in Nashville

    His waxing poetic speeches drive me insane.
  11. DMilner

    Soccer in Nashville

    Swope hasn’t made his mind up. Actually sounded like a yes towards the end of his speech.
  12. DMilner

    Soccer in Nashville

    Sounding like it.
  13. DMilner

    Soccer in Nashville

    Watching the Budget & Finance committee, Colby/Vercher's bill on the ticket tax is changing a bit. After year 7, the ticket tax will gradually increase to a max of $3. This will be to set aside for maintenance.
  14. DMilner

    Soccer in Nashville

    Joey Garrison‏ @joeygarrison FollowingFollowing @joeygarrison More NEW: Save our Fairgrounds is holding a news conference at 4 p.m. to discuss a new lawsuit it's filing against Metro over the city's MLS stadium plans. The group lost a lawsuit earlier this year, but the new one will be focused on Metro surpassing 10 acres for private development. 3:23 PM - 4 Sep 2018 They must be nervous.