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  1. Thanks for posting guys! I was just heading here to post those screenshots as well.
  2. They had at the very bottom of the registration confirmation email that they will email instructions day of. I missed it the first time I looked through.
  3. Received this in the mail today. Interested to see what new construction news there in.
  4. This is the site plan I saw for the future of The Woods
  5. Kings of Leon are selling the Merritt Mansion in WeHo. Speculation is AJ Capital or Hines is the buyer. https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2020/05/11/kings-of-leon-pick-buyer-for-theirhistoric.html?ana=twt
  6. Unfortunately, I heard the water tower is not happening. It had lead paint and would’ve cost a fortune to refinish.
  7. Demo started this morning.
  8. I wonder if they got approval. I saw them on the Row, West End, Hillsboro Village, Korean Vets Roundabout, and a couple other spots. They also had signs up spaced between the flags; can't remember what they said.
  9. The team has been busy with marketing today. They planted flags in the grass median strips all over town.
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