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  1. What I heard, from someone associated with the project, was the old scoreboard was too far gone for it to be restored. It basically became too cost prohibitive for them to try to re-use it.
  2. I agree with this. Currently there might be the more workers on site than I’ve seen since they started.
  3. Modeling it after Hard Rock would be a home run. I grew up in south Florida and my dad went to Miami, so we typically go down once or twice a year for a game. You wouldn’t believe it was the same stadium if you had been before the renovations.
  4. That site has been an absolute disaster. They shut down one or two lanes of Martin St at least once or twice a week, with no flagger. Their subs park on the sidewalks, they’ve done a terrible job with trash and erosion, and it’s just generally a cluster. I’ve been in the neighborhood for over five years and we’ve never had this big of an issue with a construction project.
  5. The owner hasn’t been in a big rush. He has said that he is being very specific on who buys it. He wants it to be mixed-use with places that benefit the neighborhood.
  6. I believe they also have the Merritt Mansion under contract on Humphreys St.
  7. @PaulChinetti nailed the rundown on the neighborhood. Hamilton Ave between Martin St and 65 is about to explode with new development. I know property owners on Rains that eventually have big plans for their large swath of land. We're really waiting to see what Hines is going to do with all the land they've accumulated over the last year. Them finishing out The Finery project is really going to help finish out the new core of the neighborhood. I also have heard that AJ Capital has approached quite a few businesses along 4th Ave between 40 and their Warehouse Project. If someone is able to turn most of those businesses into some great mixed-use projects, it will really help bridge downtown to the neighborhood on that side.
  8. This home has basically been on the market the last six years; no takers yet.
  9. Thanks for posting guys! I was just heading here to post those screenshots as well.
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