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  1. Demo Plus is onsite at the old Queen's Tree Surgery. This will be the site of a mixed use project going in at 625 Hamilton Ave.
  2. AJ reached a tentative community agreement; trying to get details from Colby.
  3. You can view the pool area from the 500 block of Houston St.
  4. I'll check with the guys that will be developing that project. They were planning on doing an alley and a denser development when they acquired the rest of the property a couple years ago, but I'm not sure if they've changed their plans or if the UDO affected things. I want to say they wanted to do a run of row homes on the street and some stacked flats in the back. I know they tried to get the land below what you have labeled alley access, but the church was not wanting to sell. As far as curbside parking, I pushed heavily for it to get included in the UDO as a requirement.
  5. I don't really think it's Colby's place to speak on sound mitigation. As far as I know, he's not an expert on that sort of thing. The expert that SMI brought in last night went over really none of the things you posted here; it seems he should have. He did speak about physical structures, mounds of earth, trees, etc. helping mitigate sound, but gave no hard numbers from the supposed tests they have run. I believe that's the number one issue neighbors have and again, haven't really been told what the net effects of the mitigation will be. The company SMI hired to create the sound mitigation sho
  6. I was unable to attend the meeting last night, but I have replayed the entire meeting. I was not surprised to find that most of the pro side were from outside Davidson County. There is a lot of casting residents into the bucket of anti racing and NIMBYs, which I find pretty funny. Are there neighbors that want the track gone? Absolutely. However, many of the neighbors I've spoken with aren't against the speedway getting updated. We would like answers to questions that Bristol either doesn't have at the moment or is skirting questions. For reference, there is a muffler requirement at the
  7. Colby is termed, but I would bet he'll be running for an At-Large spot.
  8. I had work and missed the SNAP meeting about this project, but I do believe this is because SNAP/residents and AJ had disagreements during said meeting. What I’ve heard so far is affordable housing was a main sticking point. Poking around for some answers.
  9. That is definitely true. I wonder if they would open just a stand-alone brewery/packaging location. It would allow them to open even more of the current building up for tables.
  10. Diskin may eventually open a second location, but I doubt they will leave the neighborhood. The place is always packed; they're having no issues bringing in tourists and locals alike. They've already made a few million selling the property they owned across Gray St, so I don't think money is an issue for them.
  11. From Colby Sledge this morning: "Speaking of the Fairgrounds, a lot of you have written to me regarding the future of the Speedway. I've been waiting to respond until I had an update regarding public engagement, and now, I do: The Board of Fair Commissioners has scheduled a public hearing on a proposed partnership with Bristol Motor Speedway for Tuesday, May 11 at 5 p.m. at Music City Center, Karl F Dean Grand Ballroom C. Complimentary parking will be available in the MCC parking structure, and you'll enter at P2 at 6th Ave S. Appropriate COVID-19 protocols will be in place and
  12. Speaking with my neighbors in Wedgewood-Houston, I think most people are put off with how this has gone down so far. The MLS stadium project had a year-year and a half process of community engagement; there has been nothing so far from the Bristol group. I think if they would meet with the community and go over 1. how many extra races/practice days will there be? 2. What will the noise difference be? Since there is no sound mitigation right now, I think this would be a big plus for the improvements to the track. They're not going to please everyone, evidenced by the lady who didn't know
  13. Nicer amenities mean nothing to us that live and own property in the neighborhood. Nicer amenities do nothing to mitigate sound when you have to turn a white noise machine up to have a conversation in your own home. The races are a nuisance, but we signed on for that when we bought. We didn’t sign on for multiple NASCAR races with louder engines. Again, it’s all going to boil down to noise mitigation. I do know many, many neighbors are going to fight this tooth and nail. I honestly have no problem with it if they do it correctly. I will add that even though the racetrack has been her
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