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  1. The Impeccable Pig/Fido building has partially collapsed. Not sure if they’ve started construction on the old Jackson’s space and that led to this.
  2. Found the Denver Skyhouse this morning while walking to breakfast.
  3. I know they’re making it right turn only for a majority of the day, which should help the exiting vehicles. The people turning left into the restaurant are what’s going to back everything up.
  4. Hard Rock is a fantastic facility now. We go down for a Hurricanes game, or two, a year. The Dolphins owner financed the renovations on his own; I hope the Titans are in the same boat.
  5. https://www.tennessean.com/story/news/2019/04/09/fairgrounds-racetrack-operator-breached-contract/3405543002/ Appears the racetrack operators should’ve kept quiet.
  6. As someone who lives in the neighborhood, Colby is probably frustrated from getting bombarded with calls/emails from angry neighbors when the racetrack does go past curfew. There's been quite a few nights they've run practice well past 10 pm. I don't have kids, but I would be pissed if I did and they were kept up by an unnecessarily late practice. I have no issue with the track (we've been to races) and knew about the noise before we bought our home; but to Colby's point, the racetrack hasn't really been a great neighbor.
  7. I’ve wondered if they pushed back the opening to accommodate changes with Vandy.
  8. They lost the Fairgrounds fight, so they had to do something else with their time.
  9. Correct. The newest development will be in this barren land between Hagan and Martin.
  10. Yes, it’s called The Kirby. http://kirbyliving.com/ They’ve been taking the old building down this past week. I live/work in the neighborhood, so I’ll try to snap some pictures since it’s right next to my office.
  11. We stayed in the Atlanta Marriott Marquis a couple years ago. It's a pretty awesome interior; especially while enjoying a drink at the bar. We stayed on one of the higher floors, so the walkway from the elevator shaft to the walkway with the rooms would be a bit terrifying for someone afraid of heights.
  12. We really need more of a casual restaurant. I was hoping for more of a 12 South Taps concept. We have Corsair, Nashville Craft, Diskin, Hemingway’s, and Bastion to grab cocktails. There’s nowhere to grab a cheap burger. I think this place may miss the mark. I’m sad about Sassafras, but I’m not surprised. It took them over 8-9 months to open past their announced launch date. Their deli side was quite good (if a bit overpriced), but the market side was pretty useless. They tried too hard to carry non-essentials. A neighborhood market should keep me from running to Kroger when I need a few items and they were not that. I knew there was trouble when eggs there jumped to $5.50 and bacon to over $9. I’ve heard a couple rumblings on another shop taking over the space.
  13. That’s the shipping container development on Byrum and Wingrove.
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