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    Only $19 fiddy?
  2. I thought Rockford owned the old bank and Duthler's property? They have similar LLCs to other Rockford properties. I really don't think it will be long before we see those parcels developed. I also think development will continue to head further west down Bridge. It looks like the old laundry mat and 1034 Bridge are being remodeled as well. I could also see a couple blocks of relatively cheap housing stock demolished for condos/apartments north and south of Bridge. There seems to be a lot less NIMBY-ism in the area than there used to be.
  3. Spectrum's gonna try to cram 1200 people in that dinky ass building??? Or is this separate from their "new DT building"?
  4. I would think (hope) they would start soon. I heard this week that apartments are still at or near full occupancy around GR, especially downtown. The person also stated that the new Spectrum building is expected to increase demand.
  5. She obviously hasn't driven a vehicle around here.......
  6. The Doug Meijer Center for Medical Kids Who Can't Innovate Good - And Who Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too
  7. I used to go to the restaurant/bar at the Crowne Plaza on Friday nights for trivia. The service was horrendous. I'm not one to rag on places, but there were times we would be seated and never be greeted by a server, or wait 20-30 minutes to be greeted plus a 10 minute wait for drinks. Nope, wasn't busy in there, actually dead by Friday night standards. you can tell the restaurant area was neglected with some piss-poor management. We usually just had to go up to the bar... fruit flies everywhere, dead fruit flies in my beer, smelled like rotting who knows what, sinks not draining properly, bartenders eating, drinking, not washing hands, on their phone or just disappearing to go deliver a room service order. There was duct tape holding the carpet together and just generally dirty. We had a gift certificate from one of the rare occasions we won trivia and they said we could only buy food with it (?) drinks not included. If I can see what your bar looks like there's no way in hell I'm ordering food. The hotel guests were mostly travelling soccer families. I think management figured 'meh, they're not coming back anyways'. The hotel has a lot of potential, but needs to be gutted - staff and property. OK rant over
  8. you forgot the best part.... "MDOT officials say the project will widen the stretch of highway from two to three lanes to ease traffic congestion and also include a reconstruction of the Lake Michigan Drive interchange to improve safety " Just kidding!
  9. Ahhh ok, makes sense. Thanks for the responses
  10. ehh you're probably right, I was just looking at the google maps, which I'm sure is at least a few years old. I guess I was referring more to the area North of 4 Mile and West of Cordes..... It's always just kind of interesting to me that one can be on the insanity of Alpine one moment and then driving through orchards the next
  11. Speaking of Alpine. Anyone have any idea why there is almost no development West of Alpine and North of 96? I would that would be some pretty prime real estate, but it's mostly farms. Is it still considered contaminated from pesticides used or maybe due to the fact that Walker has an income tax? I've always been curious.
  12. I kinda agree with GRDad on this one. There's not really a whole lot that draws me to W. Leonard. It's kind of a mish mash of pawn shops, head shops, thrift shops, deer processing shops(?). Don't get me wrong, 10 years ago I used to go to shakedown all the time, but I still feel like the west side is a whole different city compared to the rest of GR. It's just kind of a foreign concept to me I guess, growing up in SE GR we never really crossed the river except on the rare occasion a Union friend was having a party. I'm not trying to bash or hate on the west side it's just different, kinda like Michigan street 15+ years ago was.
  13. This should go over well, Johnny Brann has a great relationship with the city.....
  14. I wonder if the whole Anna's House political contribution thing actually hurt their bottom line. I wouldn't really think it would have made much of a difference, sure some people will stop eating there, but some people will start patronizing more often. If Anna's House shared proprietary information, that's kind of on them isn't it? I don't think recipes are protected by law. "Stealing" menu items is frowned upon in the culinary world, but it happens all the time. I went to Anna's a couple times, it was 'meh' at best. Morning Belle has a liquor license which will appeal to some. Either way Wolfgang's is still king!
  15. I'm almost certain projects are charged for blocking lanes of traffic. This is based on the length of time the project takes..
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