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  1. I saw surveyors for a few days right outside DeVos Place where the hotel was proposed..... could've been for something else though
  2. With people moving further and further out of GR and commuting, I can see Muskegon continuing to grow. Looking at some of the houses and properties over there it reminds me of GR prices (and condition) from about 10 years ago....
  3. So are they looking to sell the property and then lease it from whoever buys it? I'm confused.
  4. New owners, plans for vacant Geek Group site in Grand Rapids - 120 apartments Bazzani Building Company redeveloping warehouse for apartments - 10 studios + retail
  5. I'm guessing you meant 3 lanes in each direction for 6 total?
  6. I was thinking the exact same thing today. So to be clear, the first seven floors aren't just an extension of the parking ramp are they? I know it looks different from the top three floors. It would be kind of silly to go in and cut all that precast they just put in. EDIT: Nevermind looks like it is in fact parking judging by the flyover video.
  7. I could not agree with you more. The whole government center ramp/complex and city hall and the county building are pretty outdated. It seems like it would be easy enough to sell that SE corner to a developer. I don't think city hall or the county building will be going anywhere soon, they keep dumping money into them. City offices are spread all over, it would be nice to have one central location. That whole stretch of Ottawa b/w Michigan and Lyon is gross. I am pretty excited for this project though, I think it will help spur future development north of the highway. Doesn't MSU own that old quality auto parcel? This and the future Spectrum offices will help eliminate some "dead zones"
  8. Yep, I was thinking of Maggies. I could have sworn Mayan sold tacos too, maybe that was just a lunch special or something. And no there's no such thing as too much tacos lol. Conando will probably do pretty well serving alcohol. Maggies and El Sombrero have a fairly loyal following I think.
  9. so..... three taco/mexican places within 500 feet of each other.....?
  10. Ok, ok, I'll change the subject..... Let's talk about the homeless problem in Heartside.... **jk, sorry - off topic
  11. All very good points. The U.S. as a whole is very auto-centric for many reasons. I think one of the main factors is we have the area to spread out, which ties into your point of building denser, which I totally agree with. It would be costly to widen, but how much more costly would it be to build an efficeint transportation network in GR? And then it comes back to density, would our low density support it? I'm thinking for example, someone who works downtown but lives out in Rockford or Ada or Lowell or Ottawa County.... what alternatives does someone have besides drive or carpool? Again it's a chicken and egg kinda situation. I know Europe is different for a multitude of reasons... it's older, denser, and people are more likely to use mass transit, but if GR were in Europe we would probably have a fantastic subway system. Apples and Oranges, I know. Cities with similar populations to GR would be Zagreb, Krakow, Prague, Porto, etc. Prague and Porto both have vast subway networks. Krakow and Zagreb have some very efficient tram lines. Portos subway network kind of blew my mind for how clean, cheap, and efficient it was, even through all the crazy topography. Will it ever happen here? Probably not. If we can't even maintain or existing infastructure, this would be a pipe dream.
  12. Have you driven on E Beltline during rush hour? It's a crapshow.
  13. They technically aren't supposed to be ridded on the sidewalk. Apparently there is a way to report "bad users" on the app.
  14. I think Plainfield Twp and the neighbors poopooed the idea of having an entrance off from 4 milr and Dykema was just going to split that little section and leave it as is. There would be an antrance off the E. Beltline though and IIRC a few offices. When/If E. Beltline ever gets widened it reallu should be at least 3 lanes from at least 44th to Rockford. It's not even on MDOT's 5 year plan, which I find a little ridiculous.
  15. I wonder how many will end up in the river.....
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