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  1. I drove by there the other day and was thinking the same. Isn't that Alpine township though? They seem to be very anti-development.
  3. Speaking of Spectrum. It looks like they are going to demolish ramp 6 (south of the one they added on to, Lyon/Ransom/Barclay.) In it's place they will be building.............. A taller ramp.
  4. Anyone know whats going on at the NW corner of Cherry/Lafayette? If I had to guess i would say some kind of medical office....
  5. Looks like there is another project planned for Leonard. Nothing too exciting, but more great infill. Leonard is starting to gain a lot of momentum. I'm looking forward to the YMCA and Genesis projexts starting.
  6. Public meeting to discuss building a new on ramp at the I-96/M-21 interchange Interesting that they are adding an eastbound on ramp, but not westbound offramp. I feel like this whole interchange could use a redesign.
  7. I heard this was originally planned to be 12-13 stories, but with WFH it was scaled back. Bummer.
  8. Rennovation of the existing building, two additional buildings and a parking ramp. I think it's awesome that they are proposing a parking ramp when they could have just as easily made a sea of parking and rennovated the existing building.
  9. I see the building right next to Kales is now for sale, I can't seem to find a listing though
  10. It would be nice if GR township would update their PC agendas and minutes on their site to see what is planned for some of these.....
  11. I think the PC is a little weary of denying any housing projexts given the current demand and pressures,
  12. On the PC agenda..... G. 706 Bond Avenue NW - Ground Floor Residential/Parking Lot Address: 706 Bond Ave NW Applicant: Spectrum Health (Alan Kranzo) Requesting: Approval to construct a parking structure and stand-alone parking lot to support future office use. Zoning: TN-TBA (Traditional Neighborhood– Traditional Business A
  13. It will be interesting to see how covid impacts this the Acrisure development. I would think insurance would be pretty easy to do from home. Any word on a start date for the building? The residential is just conceptual correct? I would love to see them go big on both.
  14. Has anyone been to a Wahlburgers? Is it that great or just kind of a gimicky restaurant?
  15. Already pending........ https://www.woodtv.com/news/grand-rapids/sale-pending-on-iconic-kales-korner-bar-in-grand-rapids/
  16. I noticed a lot of tree clearing on 196 heading out toward Grandville on the north side. Is this just routine maintainence or are they going to be doing something there? I would guess if they had something planned we would probably know about it?
  17. Yup. they are also building one on the corner of Fuller and Cedar NE (empty lot just south of the blood bank I believe) https://newsroom.spectrumhealth.org/spectrum-health-to-build-new-rehab-long-term-care-facilities/
  18. Looks like Walker is holding a special meeting to redevelop English Hills Golf course (again) into 552 mixed residential units and also extend Northridge. I'm guessing this will likely pass unanimously. https://ciwalkermi.civicweb.net/filepro/documents?expanded=1009,4588,68184&preview=70515 I wonder if Alpine township will start to change their views on development?
  19. I've heard it's a mess during rush hour, people are moving further and further out. I did see a story about how MDOT implemented a road diet in Greenville on M57 and some of the village officials are not happy about it.
  20. Is it Rockford that owns Duthlers and the old bank on Bridge? The LLC's for them seem similar to other Rockford properties. I'm a little surprised they haven't done anything with those. Again, something higher than five stories would be nice. I think the planning commision is reviewing their master plan this year, maybe they'll increase the height limits to be more reflective pof a real city. They seem kinda restrictive.
  21. I was wondering when this would happen. I wish the planning commision would do away with height restrictions with all of the lack of housing. Something larger than 5 stories would be nice. $100 says Rockford buys it. I wonder how much longer El Sombrero will last.
  22. Oh yeah I totally get it. I was more so saying it would be a much better use of space as parking with linear buildings or parking with a building on top. I'm sure this never even crossed their minds in the 70s when DT was completely different. Hopefully we won't see anymore stand alone parking structures in the city.
  23. Was it built in the 70s when the tower was built? I thought the usable life of a parking structure was only around 50 years. It'definitely ugly and a waste of some prime real estate.
  24. I think they did interior repairs to the parking deck, not sure if there are any plans for the exterior?
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