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  1. out of towers who don't know any better it's ok for what it is..... and close
  2. Pay more, It's really that simple. No one wants to work for slave wages in a high stress environment. It's basic economics. You're the one who's embarrassing.. Go serve those tables for $3.67/hr mr. gm.
  3. Ope, yup. Might be kind of a pretty view to the east with that and Yankee Springs. They had a few additional renderings on the news. The inside of the aquadom looked pretty cool, very Vegas/Tropical-esque.
  4. Yeah they declined to offer more details until the groundbreaking. I'm not much of a gambler, but that would be a fun staycation, especially in the dead of winter. I would think you'd be able to see Gull Lake from the top floors of the tower and then corn in every direction. They should take a page from Ada and make the gaming floors more family friendly, get the kids involved!
  5. https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2022/05/gun-lake-casinos-300m-expansion-to-feature-15-story-hotel-large-scale-aquadome.html Gun Lake Casino is adding a 15 story hotel and Aquadome. I was in the area recently and the casino and new interchange are massive. I'd be interested to know how many people who visit here are actually outside of the region and state. Given the location and how 131 isn't really a full highway south of Kalamazoo, I can't see many driving through the area.
  6. I thought it was more of an issue of cars backing up like most Chick-Fil-as. Starbucks backs up too though. The city of GR does not like drive-thrus.
  7. They were staging steel today. I'd expect we'll see this go vertical very soon.
  8. Turned away 900 people? Wow! That's one of those good problems to have.
  9. Looks like the celebration hotel has come back to GRPC. Also they are looking to demolish the Chilis and put an urgent care and Starbucks. I would assume the current Starbucks would move so they could have drive-thru service, but It also wouldn't surprise me if there were two Starbucks within 100 feet of each other.
  10. Lol, is Ada somehow hostile to families? Isn't that pretty much a majority of the people down there? It's cool that they;'re expanding their trail system. (although bikers will still bike in the road )
  11. Lincoln Golf Course redevelopment was approved by Walker. Looks like the old driving range on Alpine is getting clear cut. There's a structure going up at 3392 E. Beltline (old Sunshine).anyone know what it is? Looks like an office. The other parcel to the south is owned by "Healthcommon LLC". Is that Metro? Also the remaining parcel is owned by "Sunshine Ridge apartments". I wonder if we'll see more apartments coming soon.
  12. Noticed they finished and opened the sidewalk too, just needs a layer of asphalt in the road.
  13. I'm guessing the rest is going to be stick build like the rest of the projects this size?
  14. Wow! I'm kinda surprised with Amway being right there aren't any other hotels nearby. Do they usually just stay at the Amway Grand and get shuttled back and forth?
  15. As I've said before, if you don't own the land or it's not in some sort of conservancy, expect it to get to developed. The developer could have added way more than the 50 units proposed and still been within the zoning. And yeah properties on the lake are going up and past $1m. I have friends that live on the lake and they said people are buying multiple lots, tearing the houses/cottages down and building new. Kinda similar with Dean Lake, except more renovations than raze/rebuild . It's crazy, but it's a natural inland lake within 20 mins of GR.
  16. That place is awesome! It's like Toys-R-Us for adults!
  17. lol,, they should be happy there's only a quarter of it being developed. Some old NIMB?Y arguments, decreed property values and "increased traffic on Belding road". Traffic probably increases on that road daily daily. What do you expect? It will probably be five lanes soon.
  18. Doesn't that area have unlimited height restrictions too? It would basically be a completely unobstructed view of downtown with 131 being right there. I really wouldn't wanna see a gas station there. Once it's in it will never go away. Interesting about GRPD. Did they voice any opposition to DGX wanting to sell alcohol? I think Bridge Street Market intentional doesn't sell certain high alcohol, cheap beers. Student housing would be great. I'm a little surprised GVSU hasn't built more housing downtown. When I went there, there was a waitlist.
  19. Ugh they already did one extension. I was really hoping we'd have this with the studio park tower and the two spectrum projects. It would have added a lot to the skyline. Apparently GRPL doesn't want a development that will "dwarf" their building, so I don't think we'll see anything with any substantial height. It would be cool if St. Cecilia or Park church agreed to develop their surface lots in exchange for use of parking.
  20. Super underrated spot! Best authentic Mexican on the NE side.
  21. Yes it is. Why not have a lane in each direction open? I'm definitely glad I don't commute for the western burbs or Holland. If people follow the planned detour that would add another ~25,000 cars to 131. I'm assuming this will make it capable of handling 3 lanes in each direction when completed? I hope MDOT makes it wide enough to eventually handle four lanes in each direction. With all the development in Ottawa County it will be needed in the next 60 years. IS two years average for each bridge? Seems like a long time, but I guess they are building brand new bridges..
  22. I thought Wheller Dev Co split off from Orion, which split off from Rockford? No idea how accurate that is. They are scheduling a public hearing for the zoning change, but I hope it goes through. Nice and close to M6 and Metro's campus.. I'm kind of surprised the parcels on either side of M6 west of Byron Center haven't been developed. Looks like they're all owned by the same company. That would be another nice spot for HDR, but maybe they'd rather have industrial? Wheeler does some pretty decent HDR and we all know it very much needed.
  23. I saw Wheeler is looking is looking to rezone the four parcels on the SW corner of Byron Center and 64th to High Density Residential. Seems like the best use for the area.
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