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  1. I think this is very much needed and will be crucial in the future. As of right now it's a two lane highway. Did MDOT purchase enough ROW to expand this into a proper freeway in the future? Right now it seems like it's not set up to act as a proper bypass to 31, connecting it to I-196 makes a lot of sense. I wonder if the connection would be between Holland and Zeeland or east of Zeeland. Maybe someone who knows someone who works for MDOT can enlighten us?
  2. Funny you should mention Wilson. I was reading through some of Walker's master plans and it mentioned that Wilson was intended to be a "West Beltline" Anyone think we'll see it turned into a divided highway similar to the East Beltline? Traffic over there is pretty crazy. With those new apartments and the new Farm and Fleet and Aldi it's only going to increase. A lot of the land to the south is owned by developers and I would think it's getting close to being developed.
  3. Speaking of the bond money.... I looked at the list of projects and it seems like everything is mainly resurfacing with some reconstruction. I didn't really see any widening projects (except for I-196) Are W. MI roads really not going to see any lanes added?
  4. Do they really HAVE to be downtown? Why not build on massive complex on Fuller? 82 Ionia is basically just probation, drug testing and FOC and not exactly convenient unless you're already downtown. Maybe they want to be close to the courthouse? Why not sell off their tiny, crappy buildings and consolidate? I know the building at 82 has a lot of history, would this prevent it from being torn down? The surface lot to the south is probably one of the best undeveloped spots in central DT.
  5. Fox17 had a few more details with some renderings.... "The plan shows developers proposing a group of single-family homes in the northern region of the land, 200 single-story apartment units towards the middle and a mixed-use facility, which could end up being an assisted living facility, in the area along Lake Michigan Drive." Gotta say, not really a big fan of the single story apartments. Density would be better. I suppose if the apartments are meant for older folks it kinda makes sense https://www.fox17online.com/news/local-news/kent/preliminary-proposal-going-around-for-development-at-lincoln-country-club
  6. A lot of the newer street signs will be/are sans the logo. Not sure why, but I'll see if I can find out why. It probably comes down to time/money. The traffic department is always swamped. I don't think people realize how many signs are in the city.
  7. I think it will be quite a while until the county property becomes a desirable residential area. The area west of North Monroe only has one residential development and a possible hotel. It's kinda like the are north of NoMo, not much activity now, but once NoMo gets built out development will spread.
  8. Would be a great spot for some dense(r) development, especially on the Laker Line It's always kinda humorous to me that people buy a house in a development and then get all upset when a similar development is proposed right near them. If I bought a house on or near a golf course I would almost expect that at some point it would be developed or re-purposed. The neighbors around Highlands got pretty lucky that Blanford bought the property.
  9. New outdoor skating rink/parking lot for movies/place for colorful prisms?
  10. Awww yeah, just imagine this and a 24 story hotel at DeVos. Will 24 be the new 12? In the core DT I think it only makes sense from this point on. Surface lots are disappearing, but there are still some huge ones. I think Ellis would be willing to sell for the enough money. Sure a cash cow is nice, but a lump sum and not having to deal with headaches may be better. His triangle lot north of The Woods is a prime example. He wouldn't even have to sell the whole thing. The land is even still a few different parcels. Aside from surface lots, there are still many under-utilized, dinky buildings in the core. Also, that last picture with the full Hinman tower is just cruel.
  11. It means..... lol (repost from Plant Parenthood)
  12. The parcel takes up the whole block except the CWD building. It will probably be split if this actually happens. Lots of trees will be coming with the Arena project. There will also be trees in the right of way for this and the Hinman project. The only area you could really put a median would be east of Ottawa on Fulton. This area of Fulton has a lot of traffic and the center turn lanes are needed. It gets way worse if there is any event or construction. I saw a few people complain about the loss of "green space" and I don't really see it. It's not like this is a park. It's a parking lot with trees and a grassy hill for dogs to crap on. It's a valuable piece of property and probably the best piece of undeveloped property downtown. GR is far from a "concrete jungle", it's much greener than a lot of cities like Detroit for example. As for the ramp entry/exit it looks like the Ionia side will stay.
  13. I kinda like the design too. It will probably get scaled back due to blah blah blah. I'd be interested to see how they integrate the parking structure into this. This will pretty much be an extension of the Ottawa/Fulton ramp correct? I would hope they would keep an entry/exit on Ionia or I guess they could add one to Fulton. What happens when the Ottawa/Fulton ramp meets the end of it's life? Will they design this so that it still work independently w/o O/F ramp?
  14. If you give a UP'er a building here it will want one across the street south of the arena.......
  15. Repost from reddit, thought you all might enjoy.....
  16. I think the building looks pretty alright. I wonder if there will be parking or if they'll just used the city lot behind it. Any news on the former Breakroom and adjacent parcel site? Wasn't that a 616 deal too? Noticed someone finally got around to covering up the... uh.. graffiti...
  17. Damn. Those top two floors would have made a sweet penthouse!
  18. I agree that I really like this project, that area could really use a shot in the arm. That Walgreens needs to be redone if not leveled. The NIMBYism from a few is kind of crazy to me. One argument against it is that it will raise property values. Who wouldn't want their property values to increase? Maybe because of the higher taxes? It really only effects renters. An owner occupied property is much more likely to be more well kept than a rental. Perhaps an unpopular opinion, but it's true. I understand the suspicion of "rich white guy comes to the neighborhood to build stuff", but who wouldn't want an improvement to their neighborhood?
  19. Anyone here if this passed? I would hope it would be unanimous! Here are some additional renderings. It looks great and would be such a boost for the neighborhood. Looks like Modern would to the other side of Kzoo.
  20. I would think we'd be getting pretty close to this and other parcels being developed. GVSU owns the block west of Finkelstein and pretty much everything east to College. I heard awhile ago they were looking at putting a hotel on College just north of the highway, but never heard what happened with that. Also haven't heard much about the gravel lot just north of F-stein that was supposed to be low income housing. I wish Rockford would make some moves in the area, their projects have been some of my favorites as of late....
  21. One small prediction.... Whole Foods will announce a GR location. I've been seeing a lot of commercials for them lately, which has kind of piqued my interest
  22. I agree, but looking at the rendering, it's not in the plans (yet). It looks like Evergreen will be extended though. The could cut a little of the property on the SW corner of Adams/Fuller and make a little jig to connect them. So far, I think it's a great project for the area. I imagine the apartments would be similar to those further north on Eastern that are finishing up, which look pretty nice. I would hope the planning commission would approve, especially with all of the complaints of lack of development in this ward.. It also probably helps that Amplify GR is a DeVos thing....
  23. Looking at the first photo and I'm curious if anyone thinks the consumers steam plant will ever be relocated? I would guess it would be pretty costly and maybe a longer distance for the steam to travel would decrease efficiency?
  24. Yeah I would take 20 stories there. I guess I'm a little surprised the useful life of a parking structure is only around 40 years. It's all reinforced concrete and I would think they should be good for longer. I guess the average car has changed quite a bit and a lot of the older ramps have a much lower clearance with smaller spaces. There's probably a point where it becomes a pretty big liability. It would make sense to go big there and design something that will fill the needs for the next few decades, not just now. Hell, you could even make it large enough to sell off some of the other parking monstrosities for development. I can dream I guess, lol. A tall double-helix might work there. Similar to Greektown in Detroit. pretty quick in and out with space availability indicated as you go up each floor. I know a couple people over in that department, if I happen to run into them I'll try to get a little more info....
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