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  1. Anyone have any word on former Sunshine Church property? There's a new for sale sign up. Did the old plan fall through? Whoever owns it probably could have made some cash renting it out for graduations like they used to do. At this point it looks like mother nature is slowly reclaiming her.
  2. Getting out of DT has really sucked lately. I park at Ottawa/Fulton ramp. With Ionia closed everyone is dumped onto Fulton WB. The ramp usually backs up 3 or 4 levels. With Division and Ionia closed getting out of DT heading north, the only through road is Monroe, which is now closed to fix the hydrant system that was damaged at Embassy Suites.... good times!
  3. It looks like they've been working on the ground floor the past few days? Is that all prefab too?
  4. I used to see people (I'm assuming not from this country) at the electronic music festival in Detroit filling their water bottles from the fountain in Hart Plaza. Eeek.
  5. The renderings look nice. The lots to the south and east are still listed as "future development". It looks like there will be a "cafe" on the Fulton side. I've always wondered why no one has thought to put a full service restaurant on the Fulton side with all that space. They could offer early entry into the arena or food discounts with presentation of a ticket for that evening's event. Also, it looks like the dumpsters are going to be put in "service enclosures"? I don't think that will do much for the stink on a hot summer. If they could get all of the business' on board, a large compactor completely enclosed would be much more ideal, plus that would give the business room for outdoor seating.
  6. I had no idea this was going to be precast. I was really doubting the "coming in 2020" banner, but this should rise pretty quick. Letting the precast cure at Kerkstra instead of onsite has to save a ton of time (and money?)
  7. Oh come on, if they want to be on par with Detroit they could take $200 million, promise a ton of spin off development and then demolish Midtown and Belknap for gravel lots!
  8. Well all of this really..... I get it, they're not going to develop it for administrative operations. Parking in a ramp costs what? $25,000 a space vs how much for a surface lot? While they probably won't, they COULD. I'm guessing they'll hang onto it for hospital expansion.
  9. Oh come on everybody! Where does everyone in W. Michigan go for vacation? yay.... Florida....
  10. Spectrum has plenty of land to build on Medical Mile if they wanted to. They would probably have to go vertical, which I'm assuming would be more expensive than building a 2-3 story building in the suburbs
  11. Wow I thought Red Hot underwent a pretty large renovation recently. Too bad they're coming down for parking. I wonder how long it will be before some of those older office parks come down for more dense development.
  12. I've been hearing commercials of them trying to push their three bedrooms. They're trying to appeal to families. I heard if you sign a lease you get a kayak! They also made it sound like the "private lake" is good for swimming? They didn't truck in sand did they? I'm thinking along the lines of Millennium park. If they were smart they would take a page from some of the apartments in kzoo for students.... nine month leases with rent prorated and separate leases per bedroom
  13. Exactly. Same here. Pedestrians have the right of way and should cross right away.
  14. Grandville/Cherry is probably the worse, especially since buses always think they have the right of way.... Four way stops are really only as good as the drivers using them. Before I make a complete stop I make a note of who has stopped before me and wait until they have all gone. Of course you always tend to get the "Midwest nice in-decisive one waves to the other to go and the other waves back at them to go" that's when I say screw it go through. The pedestrians who just stand on the corner at an intersection don't help either.
  15. I can see development going crazy in this area in the near future. There's a ton of surface lots and old dilapidated houses and buildings, plus it's an awesome location right across the river from DT.
  16. Does anyone remember how difficult it was for MDOT to secure the land for M6? I'm sure it wasn't like it is today, mostly due to M6, but there had to be some things in the way.
  17. I always thought that little four story building was a hotel, but I guess not... four-story high rise lol
  18. This is why I have suggested extending M-6 b/w Hudsonville and Gerogetown, through Allendale and then eventually Poopersvile. Will it ever happen? Probably not. imagine being able to come from the East side of the state to GVSU and being able to completely avoid downtown. Here's my crude drawing. If you look on google maps closer, there wouldn't really be a whole lot of structures in the way. The areas will only continue to grow, maybe MDOT could plan ahead
  19. Maybe they're going to be antiquated articulating buses....?
  20. Yeah it will kinda suck. I've been using Division to get out of DT because Monroe was turning into a mess
  21. Ummm.... $4500 a month for consulting? I must be in the wrong line of work... GR can definitely support an amphitheater the size of DTE. The arena consistently sells out for the larger acts. It's not just metro GR people that are attending, it's people from Kzoo, Muskegon, Holland, N. Michigan, etc.. When Metallica played here, there were a lot of people from Detroit and Chicago up here, because they chose not to play in either. Same with the hotel. I think a hotel directly at a convention center would be a first choice for many.
  22. Must've been the same person that did the Spinnaker in EGR....
  23. There was a whole crew at the restaurant the other day. Looked like they were filming and doing renovations. Didn't spot the big beef cake host though lol. As for the exterior, it's definitely unique. It looks like something someone would design during an acid trip, but not really sure about the history. I have heard out of towners comment on how they like it and do see a lot of people taking pictures of it. Keep Eastown weird.
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