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  1. Looks like the bottom floor of 240 Ionia is being finished. Anyone have the scoop?
  2. It will be perfect for Cascade then!
  3. I was looking for the same thing. Anyone have any updates?
  4. I'm not really surprised about this. I don't think it has as much to do with politics as people think. NYC is already one of the most expensive cities to live in and if Amazon would have built a headquarters in Long Island it would have made it much, much worse. I think it would be akin to Amazon plopping a HQ in the SF bay area. From what I heard Amazon is not going to seek out a secondary location, but focus on their campus in Virginia (Metro DC) which already has a lot of income inequality problems.. I'm not sure GR was even on their radar, but think if they would have came here. Housing stock is already low and this would have shot housing prices into the astronomical level. Maybe after 10 years of building we could have absorbed it, GR, Detroit and MI in general would not be able to keep up with road infrastructure alone, we can't even keep up with it now.
  5. I would imagine MSU's PR department has their hands pretty full at the moment.....
  6. So it looks like they dug down pretty deep and then filled most of the hole with sand. Hopefully foundation work will start soon.
  7. That';s a pretty significant amount of parking
  8. I'm assuming all the GVSU students will just have to flash their ID?
  9. A gas tax just makes the most sense to me. We're two peninsulas so tolls wouldn't really work/ Maybe we could just charge all the Chicagolanders who invade our beaches in the summer?
  10. Has anyone actually seen the bus lane only restrictions enforced during the set time periods? I know I sure haven't. Is that the GRPD's responsibility? I would think that would be a very low priority for them.
  11. https://www.bridgemi.com/public-sector/bipartisan-ex-legislators-propose-gas-tax-hike-fix-michigan-roads "Under the Consensus Policy Project proposal, close to $2.5 billion would be raised in total over nine years by increasing the state’s regular and diesel gas taxes by 5 cents per year. The group estimates its proposal would raise $275 million the first year, $550 million in year two and $825 million by the third year, eventually nearing $2.5 billion by year nine." I am all for this, let the people that drive the most pay to fix the damn roads. I would think $2.5 Billion per year would lead to some significant projects. The only question is... Would west MI see much of that money or would it go to Lansing and Metro Detroit like it does now?
  12. Yay! Bring on the density! (I'm sure the neighbors will love it)
  13. I think something like a Revel & Roll (Bowling/Arcade/Bar) would be great at this location. There probably isn't enough space for that though.
  14. Division still has a pretty negative perception by most in the Metro GR area. That corridor needs more than the Silver Line to spur development. They really need to start downtown, ie, mobing the homeless shelters. Division is mostly industrial, abandoned, or low income housing/retail up until Burton. Burton Heights has a lot of potential, but would probably be very low on a list of desirable neighborhoods. A $1,000,000 study is a waste of time and money. Just invest that in the Laker Line. I think there will be a lot more development down LMD once the Laker Line is up and running.
  15. Sounds like a good problem to have. I see the riders in front of the hospital usually form a nice line. It reminds me of Hong Kong. It would be nice if Spectrum had lots N/W/S of DT
  16. The church is coming down as we speak! I'm kind of excited for this one, it will be some nice infill.
  17. I hope this is the color rendering and its just random shades of gray.
  18. Am I the only one that's a little surprised there's only a chain link fence around this giant hole? I would have thought for sure they would put up concrete barriers.
  19. Here's a couple of my predictions (and dreams too, I guess( -The Embassy Suites and 601 Bond will open and add a lot more people to the area, one of the factories in the area will vacate, be torn down and a tower will be built -The momentum on Bridge street continues. The DTE project begins. Another four or five story mixed used development will be proposed, perhaps the empty bank site across from Bridge street Market. -The gap between Bridge and LMD will see some houses razed and housing will be built -The vacant land west of the GVSU parking ramp will be developed into apartments -There will be another development along Michigan where houses are razed and mixed use built. Either East of College or East of Eastern on the South side. -A 12 story project will be proposed for Arena parking lots 2 or 3 -USPS will begin negotiations with DeVos Place regarding the purchase of their site -There will be some larger suburban housing projects... perhaps near Post/131, along Wilson south of LMD, or south of M6 -Amphitheater will break ground -The downtown movie theater will be a huge success -Spectrum will announce plans for more development, a building to consolidate all of their many sites east of the hospital -Plans will move forward with the convention hotel -Redevelopment of the Baxter neighborhood will gain more momentum and begin to pick up South of Franklin and East of Eastern, long time renters and residents will be forced to move further south and even into Kentwood. -A couple more large scale apartment complexes will be built outside of GR The church on Eastern b/w Dunham and Thomas will be made into housing -More people will relocate to Grand Rapids and housing stock will remain low, with prices high 'Cheap housing stock on the westside and Michigan corridor will be razed and replaced with apartments -With attendance continuing to fall a few more churches will close and perhaps be redeveloped -Nothing will be done in regards to the homeless on Division. -The city market site will continue to stall, and the proposal will be 'meh' -Either Duthlers, or the dollar store on Bridge will close due to competition from Bridge street market, hopefully to be redeveloped.
  20. For some reason I thought our current MSA was 1.3 million? I know they made some change, did this effect our MSA pop?
  21. Half of the site is dug up pretty well so far. I felt bad watching those poor trees being crushed by the backhoe. Can't they at least TRY to relocate them?
  22. Anyone think we'll ever get a Europe or Asia flight? Something like London, Paris, Tokyo? Can GRR handle that large of a plane? The only reason I mention Asia is I know Amway has a lot of operations over there, especially Vietnam.
  23. Would the city really want to annex any surrounding areas? IT seems like resources are already spread pretty thin.
  24. Well at least this one looks a lot better than Gallery and whatever the other one up the street is called. They were talking about the road closure on FBHW this morning and how it was supposed to be a lot taller. I wish, but infill is good.
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