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  1. Not sure if this has been mentioned anywhere, but the Harrison Park apartments on Alpine topped out on their stairwells and it looks like its going to be a pretty good sized building. Sorry no pics.
  2. I think the name change is a little too over-PC of a move. I always thought the crack fries were a little overrated. I also think a lot of the appeal was the name itself. I have had quite a few experiences when I mention hopcat the and person will just interrupt me with, "CRACK FRIES" or if they haven't been, they want to go to there just to try them. I mean yeah, they're good, but hardly as good as crack.
  3. I got food from here today pretty 'meh' experience. Ordered online, got there and apparently they couldn't read my order, so I had to place another one. Not a huge deal to me. I got the sashimi bento box. Miso soup was ok, there were maybe six pea size pieces of tofu in it. The box only had the sashimi and sushi, but none of the other things that the menu said came with it. Both were average. They still have kinks to work out and are still in soft open mode, but I'd probably rather go to a Chinese buffet.
  4. Please don't get scaled back, please don't get scaled back, please don't get scaled back....
  5. I never really did care for Arcadia. It's gotta be hard to compete with the best brewery in the world just down the stree.
  6. Saw this on reddit and thought some might find it interesting. There are some pretty interesting comments on how the highway split the neighborhoods in the thread:
  7. That whole block is just trash. I guess I don't mind city hall. It's not going anywhere with all the time and money they've put into their new HVAC system. I wonder if the Federal building will ever be replaced like the county courthouse was. Every time I drive by I just wonder, "why?"
  8. I am also excited for the infill and the height of the hotel. It looks the building pictured above (on the corner of Ionia/Oakes) hasn't been worked on in awhile. Will they start that after the building to the west? Will it be the same material?
  9. ok those do look pretty bad, minus the appliances. Everything looks very 90's and dated... that being said these look a little nicer than any apartment I was living in in my 20's, but most of those were probably built in the 70's. If I went to GVSU I would maybe consider living here if it were super cheap. Any guess on the reasoning behind the interior designs? I was expecting at least a little bit better. I know it usually comes down to cost but is hardwood faux panelling really that more expensive than carpet? Especially if you are deep cleaning it after every tenant. I just hate carpet.
  10. So will this be on the West side of Eastern b/w Baxter and Logan?
  11. I was walking around Burton Heights the other day and man there's a ton of trash strewn about the businesses on Division. The area has a lot of potential, but needs a lot of work. I have seen business owners out there trying to clean up. The parking lot behind agave always has smashed beer and liquor bottles all over the place. That's something the police should be patrolling and the city cleaning up. I can only imagine what that lot is like on the weekends.
  12. A tunnel would be cool, but I can't really see it happening in the next 20-30 years. I think GRR would have a foot a majority of the bill. Which I would think would be hundreds of millions. Yeah hindsight is 20/20, but they should have considered highway access when relocating the airport. It's close to the highway, but in an awkward, kind of too close, unaccessible kind of way If the airport and entrance we rotated 180 degrees it would make for much easier access to the highway. I wasn't around during the time it was built, but I would imagine there wasn't much out there and they just figured 28th street would work fine.
  13. I give cyclists respect and five feet in the city. Something that really irritates me is when there is a bike path not attached to the road and the cyclist still choses to ride on the almost non existent shoulder. This mostly in the eastern suburbs like Cascade and Ada. It's dangerous for everyone with the sharp curves and hills for traffic going both ways. Also saw a guy do this on Monroe at Riverside with that brand new huge bicycle highway. It really just kind of baffles me.
  14. Not sure if anyone has seen them, but there are some new signs that say something to the effect of... "percentage of people passing with five or more feet" and then shows a record and current percentage. They seem a little odd to me. Anyone know these percentages are calculated? There's some on Monroe where it is almost impossible to pass with five feet due to the islands.
  15. I really like the look of 601, I just wish they had put glass in the parking structure. I'm assuming that the very top section is mechanical, but is the floor below it going to be a penthouse? The hotel is coming along nicely too. Fences are down, sidewalk and curb are being poured, 6th streets almost done too. It will be nice to have more people in this area, hopefully these spur more development.
  16. So is this the 'Building A' that's being put on hold? Isn't that area already under construction or is that just for the parking ramp? That glass building in the renderings looked really great. I'm good with waiting as long as it doesn't up some stubby little building. With the size of the spot it would make sense to go higher
  17. Such an iconic looking building. I can't wait to see this rise over Detroit. If only GR could get something taller than 13 stories.
  18. Well I wish they could have added some residential on top and made it at least 24 stories, but this will be some nice infill for the area. I like the design.
  19. Thanks for posting these. Are most of the screens under 80 people capacity?
  20. Thanks Raildudes, I know you do have a little more insight than the average person on here. So in all curiosity... what is the difference b/w the two sections that makes one crumble and one stay intact? From what I understand it was crap material, but approved by MDOT? Was it somewhat of a test to try a more economical alternative that didn't work out? I understand no road lasts forever, but a brand new highway should last more than 14 years
  21. Yeah I think you're probably right. I think if MDOT had it their way, they would be going crazy with projects, but with such limited revenue they have to pick and chose. Obviously their priorities are Lansing and Metro Detroit, the rest of the state gets the scraps. I really have no idea, it's just what I've noticed. Projects are too little too late. Contractors use crap materials and aren't held accountable (M6) Being a peninsula, would tolls work? I still think a gas tax is the best solution.
  22. I like to blame MDOT just like everyone else, but I think it really comes down to funding. Lansing continues to cut taxes thinking it will appease the masses and then surprise, surprise they have no money for anything.
  23. I think you're right. I know the city is at least in charge of enforcement and there are city pay stations on the lot. I think it's a nice little area and has a ton of potential. I would rather live down there than by heartside park. I wonder if any of those industrial companies will sell and move. Acme, O'leary, Maaco , but the one I always wonder about is VanEerden, it's a pretty huge parcel.
  24. Yeah. it's a majority of the parcel split into two levels right?
  25. Does the Spectrum still own the southern parcel and they are having the city enforce parking?
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