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  1. I'm curious, anyone know where the actual theaters are going? I'm guess right by the mud truck in the 3rd picture as everywhere else has support beams. How many screens will this be again?
  2. I was taught in drivers ed to get your car out there and turn on yellow or red if you had to so you're not impeding traffic
  3. Yup I've done this at Knapp and Grand River even well past rush hour. Oncoming traffic will usually run the red and if you have someone who isn't ballsy enough they'll try it on the next round. I was behind a lady like this on Madison turning left onto 28th this week. She waited FIVE light cycles to actually make a left turn, just oblivious to the chorus of horns around her.
  4. That first image just screams "Bland Crapids"
  5. I agree with a lot of your suggestions. I come from Plainfield and 5 Mile area and work DT. I don't even bother with 96 to 131 S (if it's even open yet). Plainfield is a mess especially around Creston. Coit to Monroe is a mess as Monroe gets backed way up into Riverside. Coit to Plainfield has been my best solution. As for removing bike lanes in GR, it's not going to happen anytime soon, look at all the time and money spent by the city of GR. I do agree about a highway from Coopersville to Hudsonville, I have also suggested that a few times. Now would be the prime time to start planning before it becomes developed. I also think tougher testing for drivers would be helpful, not only for congestion, but my sanity. Almost every traffic signal I see someone run a red light or just block the entire intersection. People enter roundabouts and then yield to others. And I'm sure everyone's favorite.... slow left lane drivers. It's dangerous, clogs up traffic, and infuriating. Wasn't MSP supposed to start cracking down on this? Anyways not to get all political, but this is a pretty big issue. One candidate wants to raise taxes and put them towards the roads, the other wants to cut taxes and figure it out later. Vote for whatever you think makes sense.
  6. Looks like I'm in the minority here, but I actually like one ways as a quick way to get in and out of downtown. On the other hand I see people going the wrong way on the streets almost daily. Wouldn't they have to reconfigure the I-196 ramps? Pedestrian safety really starts with pedestrians being able to comprehend a crosswalk and crosswalk signal, they don't have the right of way if they dart out behind a truck in the middle of the street.
  7. I've never actually been to FMG, but was curious about the amphitheater capacity. Looks like it's around 1900. I'm guessing there isn't enough space to make it on par with Pine Knob or Tinley Park. I feel like GR is really on the cusp of being able to support a large amphitheater. I know there was once talk of building one in millennium park. If lived in Kzoo, Muskegon, Lansing, or N. Michigan I'd much rather drive to GR. I'm sure it's harder to collect data, but I'd be interested to see where most people are from for shows at VAA.
  8. wow I had no idea how high it ranked in the world. I figured only people for W. Michigan went there. I did notice there were shuttle buses going from downtown to FMG for art prize.
  9. Awesome! Lets go for over 1k! Thanks for the update.
  10. 1000 new jobs at a minimum of $15/hr is definitely going to definitely put pressure on other warehouses. If you drive around almost every warehouse has a 'Now Hiring at..." sign. There's already a crunch. I could see this bringing people into the area.
  11. What exactly is the plan for Knapp? Make it four lanes? Grand River and Spaulding seem to get busier and busier as people discover it's a much better alternative to the EBL With all that housing going up near Spaulding and Cascade, it seems like it will only get more congested. I wonder if or when they will look at expanding the road to four lanes.
  12. I always wonder the same thing. I always assumed it was a plant expansion, but it's been fenced off for a long time. I think most production has moved to Vietnam.
  13. Any updates? Can't wait to see this and the other projects rise in Detroit!
  14. Aww I thought this was an actual rendering. My rough count was 21 stories? That would look really nice in that area. Don't worry though, it will be 12 or less
  15. Noooooooo. Their sweet potato and quinoa burger is the best!
  16. I was hoping Hinman's desire to have the tallest building in the city would win out, but I think the 12 story version will look pretty nice. I'm all about height, but this looks nice and it's not a weird, mediocre metal and glass cube. Now if only we could another one on the triangle site north of the former lady gadivas
  17. People will try to just park in the residential areas where the new pay stations are going in. The cost is to pay for the permit process. The city has no obligation to provide parking to residents and they don't meter in front of residential areas. This is only Phase 3, there will be more coming. Some business owners understand that metered spots increase customer turnover and some are overly dramatic. I had one woman say she might as well just close her business.
  18. I think this is a very exciting development. Finally some much needed housing in Metro GR. I hope we see more of these large scale developments in the area. EDIT: Is there a timeline for this?
  19. Pay by plate pay stations will be activated soon all around Bridge/GVSU, Wealthy, Cherry, and Lake Dr. Maybe this is in response to this?
  20. I was wondering when that would finally be open. Traffic on Plainfield and the Beltline has been horrific. I drove by Wealthy b/w Division and 131, looks like they did all the striping, any idea if that will be open soon?
  21. Ahhh that makes sense. I was thinking this was FH schools.
  22. Interesting. I know there is a need for assisted living and nursing homes, but I can't help but wonder if there will be that high of a need in 10 years when most of the baby boomers have died. Also seems like they could fit waaay more than 300 apartments in there, the one down the road that they built had 248. It would be nice to see low, mid, and high end on the same spot with some condos and houses.
  23. It really is a nice spot. It would be a great place for a tall tower, but I'm beginning to doubt that we'll see significant height south of Fulton.
  24. Wow, who has more surface lots?. St. Mary's or GVSU? At least GVSU is more likely to expand. Both entities need to consolidate and build more ramps, but that will never happen. The area by St. Marys could have some great development, but looks like some crap suburban sprawl hospital with acres of parking.
  25. Might as well make it four while they're at it. It should have been three lanes 10 years ago. Would it really cost that much more? I guess it would kind of bottleneck. I wonder if they will make the new bridges long enough so they will be able to accommodate a future lane like they have been doing with most projects. Wouldn't they have to redo the Maryland bridge too?
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