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  1. Colorado's taxes are also higher than MI, by about 10% compared to MI when I lived out there. I didn't care, because almost everything was nicer. People in MI still complain about high taxes and how they need to be lower. Colorado also allows counties and municipalities to add to the sales tax, so in one town the sales tax could be totally different from the other. It works out great for the resort towns and they invest it all back in the communities. We used to have free public transits and most roads would be upgraded every year.
  2. For me, I just like tall buildings. Of course something like the 800 foot Hudson block would look crazy in GR, but I feel like all of these 12 story developments and just kind of due to a small town mentality. Warner Tower for example, why not stack the two buildings and have an empty lot of future development? Would it really have cost any more? As for our highways, I feel like we get stiffed and infrastructure money goes to the east side. A lot of highways haven't been widened since they were built and traffic is a mess on a lot of roads, East Beltline being a prime example. With the amount the Metro GR is growing it seems like most projects are too little too late.
  3. Interesting concept, but is this really necessary? It will probably cost over $1B. The current option of taking the L really isn't too bad. I've done it a few times to O'hare and Midway. I wish he would invest in high speed city to city mass transit like the Detroit to Chicago line everyone talks about that will never happen.
  4. Saw this. Absolute trash person. I feel bad for the guy, but that left hook made me laugh.
  5. This exactly. I also interviewed for a mortgage banker position. I did a ton of research and the mortgage bankers make well over $100k. It's pretty much all commission. Many of them are fresh out of college or military. But yes, they work 12+ hrs a day, 6 days a week, so many burn out quickly.
  6. Detroit is way better off than it was 10 or even five years ago. Granted most of the development is from Downtown to New Center and East Jefferson, but I can only see this spreading to the surrounding areas. It reminds me somewhat of DT GR, which used to be pretty much desolate weekends and weeknights. Development spawned more development. I can't really see Gilbert being deep in the hole. He has billions to play around with. All of his recent projects have increased density from the original proposals. He's building a 800 foot tower right now on the Hudson's site and a proposed 35 story tower for Monroe block. The thing he has to his advantage is that Quicken and all of his other companies are located downtown. Many of the employees are young and making six figures. They want to live in DT and Midtown and they are given cash to do so. As for the rest of Detroit, yes most of it is crumbling. There are a few exceptions with pockets like Boston-Edison, Mexicantown, etc. There are also a number of projects by groups to renovate and build infill in entire neighborhoods. Will ever be like it was? Probably not, but I think people will be really surprised to see Detroit in 30 years.
  7. I like the design, but still wish it was 42 stories. GR sure is going to look weird in the future with all the 12 story buildings in the core the (hopefully) high-rises outside of it. Downtown is running out of empty lots. We need some Dan Gilbert type of projects.
  8. It will probably be vented. I'm glad they are putting glass over it and at least somewhat conceal it, unlike most of the projects around here.
  9. I like the winters/falls/springs here (when we have them. I can't stand the insane heat and humidity of our ever-growing summers. Summers in the mountains in CO are some of the nicest in the world.
  10. Looks like a nice bike ride. It's great to see that you used the bike path instead of Grand River Dr. One of my biggest pet peeves is someone biking along a skinny 2 lane road when there is a bike path 10 feet away from them. Even if I wanted to give them half a car length I wouldn't be able to due to oncoming traffic, it's dangerous for everyone. Also, the strip mall in front of Goodwill has a Sherwin Williams sign up, so now you don't have to go all the way to Plainfield and 5 Mile for your paint needs.
  11. I know there are a ton of factors that go into population growth and decline. They can be mostly economical, but one thing a lot of the metros that are growing have in common are the fact that they are home to major Universities. At Western, a lot of my friends were from places like Flint, Jackson, Niles, Benton Harbor, Northern Michigan, etc. A lot of them came to Kalamazoo and after graduating stayed in the area. Same goes for GVSU, a lot of east siders who decide to stay in GR rather than return to metro Detroit. Cities growing are Grand Rapids, Detroit, Kalamazoo, South Bend, Ann Arbor, and Lansing. Cities declining are Battle Creek, Flint, Saginaw, Jackson, Midland, Bay City, Monroe, Benton Harbor. Just a thought.
  12. Anyone have any predictions/speculations of when the inflating of home prices will slow? I know there is a huge lack of housing driving it, but how much does people moving here effect the prices? It seems like there are a ton of people moving here and the economy is doing very well. It kind of sucks for us millennials that are looking to buy their first home. I read in an article that GR's home prices are still undervalued. Maybe it's just the market catching up?
  13. Thanks for the updates, I appreciate them! I can't wait to see this thing rise, it's such an awesome project. Us Grand Rapidians are jealous, all we get are 12 story projects.
  14. Does anyone know what they're actually doing with the section of 96 E of 131? It's ripped up down to the dirt. I'm assuming they aren't widening it, cause you know... MDOT.
  15. I'm assuming most of these jobs will be warehouse/picking/packing, but I wonder how many corporate/office jobs? From what I've heard the warehouse jobs are grueling.
  16. So the elevator shaft is as tall as the building's going to be? Lame
  17. The city is actually seriously considering this as a mass transit option. It seems kind of hokey to me. To me it only makes sense going up/downhill, like medical mile or Belknap to NoMo.
  18. I think they would have much better ridership if they targeted actual commuters. Make it go down Michigan to a park and ride structure or something like that.
  19. It's crazy how many out of state license plates I see around town. New housing really seems to be picking up as well, Even driving along M6 you can see a ton of new developments. It will be interesting to see how many people Metro GR has added in the 2020 census. I have friends moving from the east side for jobs as well.
  20. Very nice! Can't wait to see this thing rise!
  21. I always wonder if Robinettes will ever give in and sell. It's some pretty prime real estate, but I think they still make a killing in the fall.
  22. Dense housing and apartments would make a lot of sense for the property. The NIMBY's lost the fight for the apartments at 3 mile and Beltline so maybe there's a chance.
  23. I went to Sunshine as a kid. As I remember, it was built in the 80s. I'm not sure how well it's aged or if it's been kept up well, especially with a dwindling congregation. I think about the possibilities when I drive by. It would make a decent concert venue. Not sure a venue would make it with other options available though. This parcel is absolutely massive! It's much more than the church and parking lot. I think it would be better suited for mixed use, but mainly residential due to our current housing stock. Just imagine the Beltline if/when something get developed!
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