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  1. Yeah that was my first thought, kind of seems like a no brainer. I guess this way there will be a solid presence on Front. It will be interesting to see when this area will see more development, some mid-rises would be great. A pedestrian bridge between Leonard and 6th street would be great too, there's a pretty large gap of river with no crossing.
  2. Yeah looks like they designed it to expand as needed in the future. This is supposed to break ground in April.
  3. Looks awesome. Can't wait to see this and Monroe block rise.
  4. I thought the whole point of building this was so it would be the tallest building in GR. I'd rather see them wait than scale this back.
  5. Isn't it in the National Registry for historic buildings? I never really liked the Keeler building, wouldn't mind seeing it torn down for something nice and tall, no 12 story metal/plastic BS. Is parking the big problem with the building? Why not double the size of the Library parking structure?
  6. I've often wondered the same about South Walker. From the river to LMD there is almost no development. It's just a stark contrast to the other side of the river. It seems like it would be a prime spot with highway access, it would be great for GVSU students who don't want to live in Allendale. There is a huge parcel across from Johnson Park that would be perfect for apartments. I always figured it was due to the mines, but do they actually go that far? Is there any way to make the land above the mines developable? Implode them or something? I know quite a few are used by Founders for barrel aging.
  7. So they're not doing anything to expand the beltline at all? All of this needed to be done years ago. I really hope they are planning that this will be effective 20 or 30 years down the road. It seems like a bandaid for one of the busiest stretches of highway in W. MI. They really need to add a ramp from the beltline to W I-196 that enters on the left, the leapfrogging is dangerous. Also SB to WB, there are many people that get off on the beltline only to turn around and get back on the highway.
  8. The thing about Expedia is they don't include all airlines and award travel. You can get a direct flight from GRR to DEN for $125 each way on Southwest. It's all about being savvy. I got a flight from GRR->CHICAGO->TOKYO->SINGAPORE for $18 and using points from opening a credit card.
  9. I kind of like the size of GRR. It has always gone smoothly for me. One time, after mixing up my departure time, I arrived at security about 15 mins before take off and made it through on time no problem. Do people really want a busier airport? DEN, ORD, and ATL can be nightmares, especially at customs. I'd rather pay extra for the convenience of flying out of GR. Driving 2.5 hours (if there's no traffic), paying for parking, going through security at a larger airport just isn't worth it for me. I usually use United points and there's usually no difference between flying out of GR or Chicago.
  10. That would be awesome. A celebration location would be perfect. I just checked their website and didn't realize they have already expanded far out of Michigan.
  11. I never honestly thought they would come to Michigan. Can't say I really blame them. Michigan is such a mess compared to a lot of these other locations and I think Lansing needs to take some of the blame. Terrible infrastructure, very minimal mass transit, neglect of public school funding, resistance to development. Grand Rapids is just too small and Downtown Detroit and Midtown are still islands surrounded by a half century of decay. There's a reason we are experiencing so much brain drain. As a millennial it's frustrating to find a decent company to start a career with and I am considering leaving MI again. I think it will probably be Denver, Nashville, or Metro DC.
  12. I still don't see why everyone hates on this. Is it just because of the castle theme? I don't it's worse than any other suburban apartment complexes. What are you surrounded by there? Parking lots. As a millennial I wouldn't really care what it looked like if I lived there. I would care more about the apartment and amenities. You're a five minute drive from downtown and I'm sure the top floors have a nice view of downtown. If a town where almost every new downtown project is less than 12 stories and there are very few mid rises outside of downtown, I admire the scale of this project and I don't think it will fail.
  13. A ny renderings of how it will stand in the skyline?
  14. Wow! This is actually happening?! Very very cool. I sense a boom coming to Detroit. A tower like this would be amazing in GR.
  15. I like it. Phase I and II could be a little higher, but it will be great infill for the area especially with the development across the street.. I hope this spurs more development in the area (the auto/crossfit shop, wolverine, parking lot by the woods, etc) and across the river. Also hoping the don't fizzle out the two towers of Phase III
  16. I hope all this wonderful development on the West side keeps up. These infill projects are great. I wonder how long some of these blocks of houses will last. It seems like developers will be eating them up soon, if they aren't already.
  17. There is absolutely nothing between Fulton and Eastern selling for $125,000 or less. Check Zillow.
  18. ehh.. I'm a little disappointed. I always thought that would be a great location for a nice five or six story commercial/residential building, similar to the stuff going up on Michigan. Like others have said it's better than what is there. Traffic pulling out will be a nightmare, just like everything else around there.
  19. They're starting to build in front of the Goodwill by celebration, anyone know what it is?
  20. Yup you're right. (I was trying to keep the summers there a secret) I lived up in the mountains near Vail for about five years. Moved for the winter, stayed for the summer is the saying out there. A typical summer day in the mountains consisted of it being about 40 in the morning, then gradually warming to the high seventies, then when it just started getting a little too warm, there would be a short storm and it would cool off again. And the best part, zero humidity. Sorry, a little off topic, but CO has a special place in my heart EDIT: The only bad part of living there is when all the Denverites and Front Rangers invade the slopes and trails on the weekends. I-70 on Friday W and E on Sunday Evening was always a nightmare. A 2 hour drive would usually take 6-9 hours for those folks, not to mention if it's dumping the passes will close. Also, there is some real talk about a hyperloop from Denver to the mountains, which would be insane
  21. Denver also just completed their mass transit trains, one of which (finally) goes to the airport. I've never had to deal with any congestion in or out, they built the highway to just go right to the airport. Denver is a major hub and one of the top 20 busiest in the world. That being said, it is designed very well and I have never had a problem flying in or out of there. As mentioned before, traffic congestion will probably not be a major factor in their decision. Being right in the foothills of the Rockies may help too, half of Denver and the front range flock to all the ski mountains in the winter.
  22. I just really don't see this coming to GR or Detroit. When I first heard about it I thought about Detroit, then GR. GR is just too small and when amazon says they want mass transit they mean they want a train/metro hub at their headquarters. I don't think a rapid or even BRT would cut it. Also, as mentioned before, the Ford is not an international airport. Amazon operates over the entire globe, if every flight would have to connect in Detroit or Chicago, why not just locate there to begin with? I don't think Detroit will get it, because of their lack of mass transit. The majority citizens of metro Detroit recently voted down a regional mass transit bill. The only way I could see it coming to the D is if Gilbert can somehow convince them. That being said, I think Detroit is far more likely to get it than GR, but I think neither will be chosen. The NY times narrowed it down by criteria and chose Denver, which I think would be a perfect choice, I'm just not sure how far east they wanted it or if that even matters.
  23. Anyone know what's going on behind Cascade Meijer? I didn't get a great look as I was on the highway, but it looked like two buildings going up, maybe apartments?
  24. I really like the design. Detroit continues to pick up steam. It would be nice to see someone other then Gilbert, but they will come along.
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