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  1. Yup you're right. (I was trying to keep the summers there a secret) I lived up in the mountains near Vail for about five years. Moved for the winter, stayed for the summer is the saying out there. A typical summer day in the mountains consisted of it being about 40 in the morning, then gradually warming to the high seventies, then when it just started getting a little too warm, there would be a short storm and it would cool off again. And the best part, zero humidity. Sorry, a little off topic, but CO has a special place in my heart EDIT: The only bad part of living there is when all the Denverites and Front Rangers invade the slopes and trails on the weekends. I-70 on Friday W and E on Sunday Evening was always a nightmare. A 2 hour drive would usually take 6-9 hours for those folks, not to mention if it's dumping the passes will close. Also, there is some real talk about a hyperloop from Denver to the mountains, which would be insane
  2. Denver also just completed their mass transit trains, one of which (finally) goes to the airport. I've never had to deal with any congestion in or out, they built the highway to just go right to the airport. Denver is a major hub and one of the top 20 busiest in the world. That being said, it is designed very well and I have never had a problem flying in or out of there. As mentioned before, traffic congestion will probably not be a major factor in their decision. Being right in the foothills of the Rockies may help too, half of Denver and the front range flock to all the ski mountains in the winter.
  3. I just really don't see this coming to GR or Detroit. When I first heard about it I thought about Detroit, then GR. GR is just too small and when amazon says they want mass transit they mean they want a train/metro hub at their headquarters. I don't think a rapid or even BRT would cut it. Also, as mentioned before, the Ford is not an international airport. Amazon operates over the entire globe, if every flight would have to connect in Detroit or Chicago, why not just locate there to begin with? I don't think Detroit will get it, because of their lack of mass transit. The majority citizens of metro Detroit recently voted down a regional mass transit bill. The only way I could see it coming to the D is if Gilbert can somehow convince them. That being said, I think Detroit is far more likely to get it than GR, but I think neither will be chosen. The NY times narrowed it down by criteria and chose Denver, which I think would be a perfect choice, I'm just not sure how far east they wanted it or if that even matters.
  4. Anyone know what's going on behind Cascade Meijer? I didn't get a great look as I was on the highway, but it looked like two buildings going up, maybe apartments?
  5. I really like the design. Detroit continues to pick up steam. It would be nice to see someone other then Gilbert, but they will come along.
  6. Spectrum and GVSU are also going to put a MASSIVE parking structure to the east of this newest building. I don't remember the exact number of spaces, but I think it's around 2,000-2,500. This will replace the one on the other side of the highway that the neighbors were not fond of. Supposedly it will be set back from Michigan so that any future development will hide the structure.
  7. It would look a lot better if they would use the same green glass on the additional rather than the black.
  8. Another surface lot gone! I wish this was twice as tall, but I like the look of it so far, good infill.
  9. I agree. I don't see why people hate it so much. It's taller than most of the latest projects downtown, a little corny/tacky yes, but still. Either way, it will fill a need for housing in the region and people will live there, especially located right near an interchange. I actually wish we had more of these big projects outside of GR.
  10. I think an IKEA would do really well here. It's surprising how few locations they have in the U.S. Even in Chicagoland and NYC Metro there are only two each. I know plenty of people that drive to their Canton store regularly. It looks like Columbus is getting one, but they're quite a bit larger than Metro GR.
  11. It would be cool if they would put a pool or park in the middle instead of just parking.
  12. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned yet as there are about four threads discussing Grand Valley, but GVSU is looking to build a very large 600+ parking ramp on one of their parcels. Sounds like the neighbours are not pleased
  13. From the few interactions I've had with Ellis, I don't think he really cares about solving the parking problem. He's already sitting on a gold mine (which is probably why he wears so much gold jewelry). It's a cash cow, he doesn't need to do any expansion. Yes, he would make more money in the long run, but it would require a lot more investment. The city should try to expand what they have before building new, or if it's cost effective tear down an older structure to build a bigger one.
  14. As I mentioned in another thread, if the city is going to build another ramp, they should focus on going vertical. We have so many tiny four, five six story garages around the city. Why not go for 20? I understand surface lots are usually created with the anticipation of future development, but there are a ton around town Everyone knows GVSU is part of the problem, they have one tiny ramp and how many surface lots? Take the DeVos and/or Mt. Vernon Lot and make a huge parking structure. I assume they don't do this so they can justify buying up more land and hoarding it. Why not add to the existing structures we have? They are all reinforced concrete, I think they would be able to handle at least a few more floors. Or they just build a decent subway system. Oh wait wrong side of the pond
  15. Can't they name it whatever they want? Cascade Hills? Ada Hills? Rochester Hills? What difference does it make?
  16. Meh nothing really blows my mind on their upcoming concerts. Seems like a lot of butt rock and older bands. Flaming Lips would be cool to see though. Seems like this place will give The Intersection a run for it's money.
  17. I thought the same thing. We need more of this in the city.
  18. I like it, but why not stack the apartments on top of the office?! Thirty stories there would be perfect. The tenants will have an actual view AND you can slap a Warner Norcorss and Judd sign on top of it, It would be a higher sign than the Varnum at BWP. When I'm looking for the right law office, I base it solely on height of signage.
  19. "20 Monroe Live"? Ugh, what a really lame name. I am so over Venues and Restaurants using their address as their name (or any numbers at all). It's uncreative and trendy "Where's the show?" "Oh, it's at 20 Monroe Live" Blah I am also not a fan of LiveNation and loathe STicketMaster. If it brings more artists to GR though, I guess I'm for it.
  20. Pics anyone? I don't make it out to Grandville that often.
  21. Heard today that Sunshine is being bought by...... another church. I don't recall the name, something out of Rockford/Belding.
  22. Wow. That's a huge chunk of land, how much are they asking? Kind of ironic that a few miles down the road Calvary is expanding, but maybe this is a move to draw more members? The US is following trends in Europe where people are attending church less and finding alternatives to organized religion. Just look at how many churches are being repurposed or redeveloped here in our little bible belt. Can't say I've heard of any new churches being built.
  23. It's not just Michigan. I lived in Colorado and pretty much daily people would get on the on ramp, slowly accelerate to 35-40 mph and then try to merge when they entered the highway. I'm fairly certain these are the same people that would slow down to about 45 mph on the highway BEFORE leaving the highway via an offramp. There are bad drivers everywhere, but I do agree W. Michigan is particularly bad. There are a lot of Sunday drivers. I prefer the Metro Detroit way of driving; fast, aggressive, and with a purpose.
  24. From what I heard from a pretty reliable source MDOT won't widen the E. Beltline until after the E. Beltline/96/196 interchange is redone. I think that probably won't get started until 2017 or 2018. By the time they actually get to it, it may need 4 lanes each way, especially with continued growth and development along the E. Beltline, not to mention 1,000+ new commuters from switch, I would guess at least half would use a portion of the beltline. Meanwhile, MDOT is beginning their 14 year project on 75. The east side always seems to get priory over the rest of Michigan
  25. I'm liking the design, looks 'big city' to me. This will also look great heading north on 131 toward downtown.
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