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  1. I would think you would be able to see DT GR from the top, but I'm not really sure how to calculate that.
  2. Perhaps another glitch, but I was looking at google maps to see the area by the Michigan/Benson project and saw a google landmark for Western Michigan University on Grand north of Michigan AVe. I feel like google maps would be the last to know if anything was planned, but does anyone know if WMU owns any land in the area? Probably a long shot, but I was curious since they just opened their med school a few years ago in Kalamazoo and have a few campuses in GR. Maybe we'll see them along the medical mile soon?
  3. Agreed. I don't think there are even renderings yet. I was just told it's going to be taller. If you look at the PDF it says the programs grown from 138 students to 2,011 since the completion of Cook-Devos. Hopefully it's huge, not sure if anyone knows the SF on the lot and could do an estimate of height. I think for now GVSU is focusing on the other project, once that gets started we'll probably see more info on this.
  4. Although not confirmed, I head the new building on Michigan is going to be taller than Cook-DeVos. There's so much great stuff happening on Michigan Ave!
  5. Regarding the restaurant, I've worked in the hospitality industry for quite some time. Whether or not you have onsite food and beverage plays a big role in diamond and other ratings. A hotel without a full service restaurant, lounge, and bar will most likely not receive more than 2 diamonds from AAA. For four diamond, you usually have to have an upscale restaurant with room service for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For five diamond, you must have multiple F&B outlets with 24 hr room service.. As you can guess, if you have 24 hr room service, from 9PM-5am, you will maybe have one order depending on your clientele and groups in house. Even though it was a revenue loser, both of the hotels I have worked at kept it in place just for those ratings.
  6. Does anyone know how long that mural has been here? I remember as a kid always thinking how Louis Campau and his wife kind of looked like skeletons. I understand the history with Campau and Belknap, the whole thing just seems a little dated.
  7. Wow very nice. I can see this spurring on much more development on the west side. There are so many vacant properties, surface lots, and under-utilized properties. Who knows, maybe in 10 years the area west of 131 will be considered part of "downtown". It would be nice if we could get some height in the area.
  8. Looks great! I am really excited about this. Finally some height away from the riverfront. I really hope this doesn't get scaled down or rejected. It seems kind of silly that this parking lot is in the historic district. Maybe this will encourage other developers to go taller, especially now that central downtown is starting to fill in. I would think with the small footprint this would rise pretty quickly if approved, can anyone confirm? Is it too early to call this GR's second building boom of the past 10 years?
  9. I hope if this is successful, Meijer will start adding other urban grocery stores. One near/in downtown Detroit or Midtown would be awesome and probably very successful. They now have two locations in the city proper, which have been very successful. Here's an interesting article on how it helped out the neighborhoods: http://www.mlive.com/business/index.ssf/2016/03/how_one_meijer_store_is_changi.html
  10. I saw some very tall mobile cranes there the other day too. I like this project. I wish we had more height outside of downtown like almost every other large metro area.
  11. Totally agree with GR_Urbanist on this one. If the candidates were 64.6% white. 20.9% black, 15.6% Hispanic, .7% Native American, etc and were ALL equally qualified, then I would be a little more concerned. The fact is that white males are more likely to have a more extensive education and work experience than others. Also, many of those working downtown are working in industries such as business, banking, accounting, law, engineering, etc. These are all predominately white male fields. Did they include Spectrum or St. Mary's employees in this study? Just curious.
  12. 10,000 by 2025 seems like a very obtainable goal. One thing that kind of concerned me was the push for "Equality-driven hiring plans" for downtown. I'm not a fan of affirmative action.
  13. It looks pretty good, but I would prefer a couple floors of screened parking on the bottom.
  14. This will definitely be successful and have very high ridership. Even when I went to GVSU almost 10 years ago the buses b/w downtown and Allendale were absolutely packed, even when they were running at 4-6 minute intervals. GVSU has grown quite a bit since then. LMD has so much potential, every time I drive through the Standale section I always think how much nicer it would be if the buildings were at street level and not set so far back.
  15. This is one of the most exciting downtown developments over the past few years. The area between Fulton and the highway is filling in quite nicely. Hopefully this will bring more retail to the area, it's a great location. I feel the tower is about the right height, 15 stories will stick out quite a bit. Who knows, maybe by the time ground is broken the tower will be taller?
  16. That wouldn't be so bad, at least they use a little bit of foresight. I think a highway basically continuing M6 between Georgetown and Hudsonville north through Allendale and connecting to 96 would be a good idea. GR will continue to spread out that way and it would give an alternative route from say Lansing to Grand Haven.
  17. E. Beltline has got to be one of the most congested stretches in W. Michigan. I can see it now, by the time MDOT finally gets around to adding a third lane, they're going to need a fourth. What would be some alternatives? Maybe a highway/beltline that cuts around Cascade/Forrest Hills/Ada? Something tells me the people in those suburbs wouldn't let that fly.
  18. ....or just stack the residential on top of the office and have a nice 28 floor, 330 ft tower...
  19. Very nice! The westside is booming! I'm going to need a map to keep all of the projects straight.
  20. It looks like from where they're starting there won't be anything below grade, is that correct?
  21. I think it would be really cool if this were more of a cinema/urban mall concept. It's something that I've seen a lot of, mainly in Asia and Europe. A lot of them have more upscale restaurants than your typical food court. It makes it more of a destination; go shopping, get a nice dinner, see a movie, etc. Almost all of them are set up with parking on bottom, then mall, then restaurants, then cinema, usually about 5-20 levels total. I would think typical national mall retailers would be interested. Either way I think this project will be great.
  22. Something tells me this may start coming into fruition. We will see though...
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