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  1. OK, maybe not a tunnel from 96, but how about a tunnel from GRR to downtown, except it's a hyperloop. It would only take a minute and a half!
  2. Yay! A new parking ramp! I wonder if this means Spectrum, will look to sell their lots further down Michigan and the massive one on Plymouth? Do they even still do shuttles to those lots? I feel like I don't see the lines of people waiting for them anymore.
  3. I'm curious if anyone knows how much further the airport can be expanded runway wise? The private runway on the north could certainly be upgraded and they could probably add another north-south runway to the east. Is there some kind of formula for needed runways based on flights per day? I'm just wondering if there is a date that the space will be obsolete. Is there a projected obsoletion date? Maybe there isn't? I suppose if it ever came down to it they could use eminent domain. It seems like 96 and M6 would limit expansion. When they were building it in the 60's did they anticipate GR metro would grow at the rate it has?
  4. I know this has been discussed a lot, but it would be nice. I think that was one of the reasons for the study.. It seems like the Airport Authority has enough cash. Maybe they could get MDOT to pay for a portion or use some of those magical infrastructure funds. Tunnels are expensive. Even Holland's airport has direct highway access.
  5. It will definitely be needed in the coming years as growth continues to spread south. I wonder if that would include connecting 92nd over the highway.
  6. Vegas is looking to build another arena? T-Mobile Arena was designed to host basketball games. Detroit also had the Detroit Vipers and they played at the Palace. Both of Minnesota's arenas are older than the VanAndel. IIRC Little Caesars arena was initially only going to be for the Wings, but the Pistons decided to move there as well. It just seems a little wasteful to have two separate arenas when scheduling for both is more than doable. I think the question is more is it worth it for VAA to put the time and effort in switching over between games if the Gold have much lower attendance than the Griffins.
  7. They did do it before with the Hoops, but yeah probably not feasible with their attendance. How many people show up to each game? A couple hundred? They'd probably be better off with just a high school or college gym. As for the Delta Plex, it would be a good spot for some high density residential. I think the Vissers (and Walker) would probably rather have it industrial though.
  8. I was wondering the same. They never seemed like "big money" events either. I've also heard the acoustics in there for concerts are absolutely horrible. Was this place ever actually nice on the inside? EDIT: Someone on mentioned Visser bought it and it will become a warehouse. I would assume that means tearing it down and not retrofitting it.
  9. Exactly my thinking. That area is due for some additional development. But yeah it will do well, especially selling alcohol, something DGX is looking to do as well. That will be nice, the few stores that sell alcohol are overpriced. I did notice there will be a nice little seating/cafe spot and it looks like a restaurant? Possibly a Subway since the one on Monroe closed? I saw they a planning a location in Grandville, they must be trying to establish themselves in the area. They are popular out west, kind a step up from your typical gas station/convenience store. But yeah, stupid name, but so is Loaf'n'Jug lol
  10. Also, the trees have been being cleared and it looks like earth moving on the parcels W. of Meijer
  11. It was tabled because the developer took out 25% of the garages to save money. Something I found exciting at the end of the meeting is that one of the planners said they are recieving plans almost daily for new, mostly multi-family development. If I had to guess I would say that the four lots west of Wilson/LMD Meijer will get developed. It looks like it recently changed hands to Westview Capital, who I think did the complex on the SE corner. As for other parcels maybe Versus is finally thinking about selling? Or Visser will develop the NE corner of Wilson/Leonard or maybe that massive 275 parcel b/w Richmond and 3 mile? Or maybe just some small projects. Either way, glad we're getting more housing!
  12. Then how does it work? Not sure what private corporations have to do with this? Airlines are profitable... to the tune of $2.7B in Q3 of 2021, they aren't charities flying people around the world out of the goodness of their hearts. GM is a totally different animal, as GRdad said, they and their suppliers employ millions, it was a "too big to fail" situation, but again, totally irrelevant to Amtrak
  13. Has anyone rode the CHI <-> GRR train lately? Was it full? I would think if the demand were there they would add another, but isn't Amtrak basically operating at a loss? While we're on the subject it sure would be nice to have a direct route to the D .
  14. https://www.fox17online.com/news/local-news/20-million-in-federal-funding-announced-for-west-michigan-public-transportation I found this interesting..... "Grand Rapids will receive more than $15 million in funding. Kalamazoo will receive more than $4 million. The funding will allow the two cities to purchase new buses and railcars, address repair backlogs, and transition to more sustainable, climate-friendly technologies." Railcars?!? Anyone have any more info? Monroe Streetcar Version.... wait what version are we up to? It would be great with the amphitheater, Have it go from Wealthy to Riverside!
  15. I'm kind of surprised Dan Gilbert hasn't considered looking at GR for development. Bedrock does some great, successful projects. The Hudson tower experienced some pretty lengthy delays, but those were kind of out of their hands. I think it helps that a lot of Quicken employees make close to if not more than six figures and Gilbert's companies offer incentives to live in the city of Detroit.
  16. I heard of another project "spring"-ing up near the Century warehouse project. Looks like almost 500 units in the "wire". Very similar to Century, but It looks like Reno-ing the existing buildings with no additional buildings. I think that's pretty much all of the large warehouses in GR. I'm excited for all of these to get under way! Is the Godfrey/Market on near completion?
  17. The city is getting ready to sell that property, since the additional parking is no longer needed. I think it was for low income housing. Last I heard the city property between Wealthy and the RR tracks is NOT for sale. I wonder if Amtrak will ever sell their property
  18. A lot of artists now will do two+ consecutive shows at Red Rocks with usually both selling out. Red Rocks is kind of a destination in an of itself, people visit during the day when there's nothing going on. Denver is also the largest city within a 500+ mile radius, not to mention there are cheap flights there. Exactly, I could see people doing Pine Knob > GR > Tinley Park for bands, especially those that don't do cookie cutter setlist
  19. I don't think 12,00 is too much at all. Shows at the VanAndel sell out all the time. I would much rather see a show outside than in an arena. It will also draw people from outside of Kent County who would normally make the trip to Chicago or Detroit. I feel like some people will see a band or artist at multiple cities too, I'm not sure if this is still a thing anymore? (think Dead Heads)
  20. Also where did the idea that it would be just an amphitheater and parking come from?
  21. Well, it will most likely be built in phases. It would make sense to build the amphitheater and create a surface lot with the remainder of the land, then slowly split it out to developers. I don't think a surface lot would be permanent. It would be cool to have hotels and residential looking toward the stage, it will probably be covered and you wouldn't be able to see the artists, but you sit out and listen to some music. If there is a surface lot, I wonder if they will allow tailgating. At Tinley Park (outside Chicago) they actually passed an ordinance that tailgating was not allowed and when I was there a few years ago they were strictly enforcing it.
  22. Oh, right, I'm thinking of the one that crosses Burton near Kalamazoo. So this is the one that is North of Michigan to the Beltline, then south of Fuller, then North of Grand Rive Dr? If so, that would make a really nice trail!
  23. I noticed this on Live: To the east: A rails-to-trails project that links downtown riverfront, the Belknap neighborhood, Highland Park, Midtown, Ada and Lowell on the eastern edge of Kent County Is this the railroad that runs from Belknap out to the Airport? Are they abandoning that route for train traffic? https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2022/03/with-historic-55m-investment-grand-rapids-officials-set-sights-on-transformative-park-trail-projects.html
  24. Yes. I was mistaken. They just split it up into two sections for two different construction seasons. The entire intersection is blocked off and Market is blocked off down to almost 131, right where they finished up last year.
  25. Isn't the massive sanitary sewer still under the Fulton/Market project? I thought the project to relocate the entire stretch came in way over the engineer's estimate so they scrapped that portion?
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