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  1. its the old coldbrook water station
  2. It might be a little small for aquarium, but I have no idea. I always thought this building would make a great even space.
  3. I believe Wealthy interchange redesign is slated to be one of the next projects for City of GR/MDOT. One of the big ideas being floated is to put it back at grade with 131 passing over it. I would think 131 would have to be rebuilt to accomplish this though?
  4. Yes reno exisisting warehouse, demolish 1950's era addition, add two buildings (6-7 stories) with parking. - one on the corner of Wealthy/Grandville and the other on Grandville. I think a majority of the units will be "micro" units, hence the high number,
  5. Word on the streets is there's a large project being kicked around on Wealthy that would add over 700 units. I would think more details would emerge shortly...
  6. I would think so, but who knows what occuoancy rates will be post-covid. It would be cool if it was overlooking the amplitheater. They could definitely jack up their rates whenever there's a show. I know I'd be willing to pay $500/night+ to be able to see a band from the balcony of a hotel and not have to pay for tickets, fees, overpriced drinks, etc.
  7. I think you're right. I think MDOT is looking to sell that piece of property thet iown on market as welkl.
  8. I predict a large old factory will be rennovated and there will also be a few new buildings built. Mainly residential.
  9. On that note, a hotel would be great too.
  10. Also, with the stage facing east, atendees would be looking into the sun in the west in the evening.
  11. As someone who walks in the skywalks during crappy weather, I wish they would complete the loop, hit the ottawa/fulton ramp, the one to the north, and then all the way up to city hall. Will it ever happen probably not. If I were attending a convention in GR in the winter, especially if I had things to transport, I would definitely go with one of the three hotels connected to the skywalk.
  12. I was thinking the other day how this seems like a missed oppurtunity to add some awesome housing to the area. The views from the top of this are probably going to be amazing.
  13. IIRC the zoning in this area has no height restrctions. GO BIG GR!
  14. This project has been speeding along. More great infill that will hopefully spurr more redevelopment in the area. "The mixed-use building will include 29 one-bedroom units, 33 two-bedroom units, an office staffed during business hours, fitness room, community room, and commercial space. The townhouses will have four bedrooms. All units and townhouses will be affordable. A 111-space parking lot, community garden, play area, and bicycle parking for residents will be located between the building and the townhouses" https://www.grandrapidsmi.gov/Government/Programs-and-Initiatives/Development-with-Us/Projects/613-Eastern-Ave-SE
  15. It really is an awesome project. Any word on when they'll begin the project to the west? After they finish this?
  16. There was a lot of pushback from the neighbors on this one. I'm glad the planning commision approved it. We need more housing yesterday. This kind of reminds me of the Griggs project near Breton/Burton. Neighbors feel entitled to a parcel of undeveloped land that they don't own. If I lived next to an undeveloped large parcel in the city, I would assume it would eventually get developed. No, your property values are not going to tank by "hundreds of thousands of dollars". Some of the neighbors on the Grggs project were concerned about an increase in crime..... from a $300-500k condos for those 55+.
  17. Aww that's too bad, I love The Clique! I think covid just killed them. If I were to guess I'd say Rockford bought it since they own a ton of real estate in that area. That area west of Stocking is pretty ripe for redevlopment. On a side note, the building across the street from The Clique (Joe Vs) is being renovated. IIRC maybe a country bar?
  18. I saw surveyors for a few days right outside DeVos Place where the hotel was proposed..... could've been for something else though
  19. With people moving further and further out of GR and commuting, I can see Muskegon continuing to grow. Looking at some of the houses and properties over there it reminds me of GR prices (and condition) from about 10 years ago....
  20. So are they looking to sell the property and then lease it from whoever buys it? I'm confused.
  21. New owners, plans for vacant Geek Group site in Grand Rapids - 120 apartments Bazzani Building Company redeveloping warehouse for apartments - 10 studios + retail
  22. I'm guessing you meant 3 lanes in each direction for 6 total?
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