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  1. I saw surveyors for a few days right outside DeVos Place where the hotel was proposed..... could've been for something else though
  2. With people moving further and further out of GR and commuting, I can see Muskegon continuing to grow. Looking at some of the houses and properties over there it reminds me of GR prices (and condition) from about 10 years ago....
  3. So are they looking to sell the property and then lease it from whoever buys it? I'm confused.
  4. New owners, plans for vacant Geek Group site in Grand Rapids - 120 apartments Bazzani Building Company redeveloping warehouse for apartments - 10 studios + retail
  5. I'm guessing you meant 3 lanes in each direction for 6 total?
  6. Yep, I was thinking of Maggies. I could have sworn Mayan sold tacos too, maybe that was just a lunch special or something. And no there's no such thing as too much tacos lol. Conando will probably do pretty well serving alcohol. Maggies and El Sombrero have a fairly loyal following I think.
  7. so..... three taco/mexican places within 500 feet of each other.....?
  8. Ok, ok, I'll change the subject..... Let's talk about the homeless problem in Heartside.... **jk, sorry - off topic
  9. All very good points. The U.S. as a whole is very auto-centric for many reasons. I think one of the main factors is we have the area to spread out, which ties into your point of building denser, which I totally agree with. It would be costly to widen, but how much more costly would it be to build an efficeint transportation network in GR? And then it comes back to density, would our low density support it? I'm thinking for example, someone who works downtown but lives out in Rockford or Ada or Lowell or Ottawa County.... what alternatives does someone have besides drive or carpool? Again it's a chicken and egg kinda situation. I know Europe is different for a multitude of reasons... it's older, denser, and people are more likely to use mass transit, but if GR were in Europe we would probably have a fantastic subway system. Apples and Oranges, I know. Cities with similar populations to GR would be Zagreb, Krakow, Prague, Porto, etc. Prague and Porto both have vast subway networks. Krakow and Zagreb have some very efficient tram lines. Portos subway network kind of blew my mind for how clean, cheap, and efficient it was, even through all the crazy topography. Will it ever happen here? Probably not. If we can't even maintain or existing infastructure, this would be a pipe dream.
  10. Have you driven on E Beltline during rush hour? It's a crapshow.
  11. They technically aren't supposed to be ridded on the sidewalk. Apparently there is a way to report "bad users" on the app.
  12. I think Plainfield Twp and the neighbors poopooed the idea of having an entrance off from 4 milr and Dykema was just going to split that little section and leave it as is. There would be an antrance off the E. Beltline though and IIRC a few offices. When/If E. Beltline ever gets widened it reallu should be at least 3 lanes from at least 44th to Rockford. It's not even on MDOT's 5 year plan, which I find a little ridiculous.
  13. I wonder how many will end up in the river.....
  14. Developer Proposes six story apartment building on Division: https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2020/09/developer-proposes-6-story-apartment-building-in-downtown-grand-rapids.html Well..... it's uh.... something....?
  15. Yup. This property. Now owned by Dykema. Last I heard about it was 2018. Dykema decided not to make an entrance off from that strip that goes to 4 Mile ater concerns from neighbors. There was a conceptual drawing as well. Not sure what the hold up is, but I feel like Dykema is never too rushed to sell/develop property.
  16. My thoughts exactly. There are a ton of run down properties in the are.
  17. Funny, I was just driving by these parcels the other day and thought how great they would be for some development. Looks like four stories. Would be some more great infill especially with the new apartments just north on Stocking. (These are the two funeral home parking lots right near Stocking & 3rd)
  18. Apparently the city may vacate some of Bond to Spectrum, which would be interesting. Haven't heard any more details about the building though.
  19. Sorry for the late response. The parcel is on W. River Drive, west of Northland. There's more higher res images and details in the Plainfield Planning agenda packet (https://plainfieldchartertwp.civicweb.net/document/56391) I believe Thousand Oakes was originally planning to put a club on Grand River Ave, but this will work much better for them. Gd River Ave from 5 Mile to Northland/E. Beltline is almost built out. I wonder how far along Dykema is with planning their development on their massive piece of land near the SE corner of E. Beltline & 5 Mile. Seems like now would be the time to pull the trigger!
  20. Canopy officially opened today along with a ground floor restaurant and a rooftop restaurant and bar. Here's a look inside. Looks great, very boutique-y https://www.woodtv.com/news/grand-rapids/now-open-in-grand-rapids-inside-michigans-first-canopy-hotel/
  21. I was wondering what happened with this project. IIRC they needed to do some cleanup on the northern part of the site? The southern part has some activity going on, I hope it's something with more density. We need more housing yesterday. There's quite a bit being built in Rockford/Plainfield/Cannon area. New development off from Kutshill, very large development off from Belding Rd east of Northland, one proposed on the north side of Belding Rd across the street, two different developments off from 10 mile west of Rockford, and a recently proposed Thousand Oaks clubhouse/housing/retail off from W. River Drive. I would imagine some of those large swaths of land in Cannon, Algoma, and Courtland township would start to get gobbled up and developed. I'm kind of surprised "Ada Holdings" (DeVos) hasn't tried to develop their hundreds of acres off from Pettis south of Knapp yet
  22. Fulton/Market. I think Wheeler is looking to extend their year long deal with the city for the wedge development. I really hope it doesn't get cancelled, we need some height!
  23. I think August 28th, maybe the 31st? The stop under 131 looks really great too. They tore up all the intersections with stops on Fulton and put down pavers.
  24. Anyone know whats being built near the SW corner of Fulton and Straight? Looks like some type of foundation work? Also, while we're on the subject.... what ever happened to those smaller projects a block or two east on the north side of Fulton?
  25. So there is a mssive sanitary line running underneath this property (109" I think?) I heard the city is looking to possibly move it under/near Market. I would assume this would be for a development on the property......
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