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  1. 40+ would be great. I'll believe it when it's topped out though It might look weird at first, but that area south of downtown will start getting developed even more. There's a lot of junky buildings on very valuable real estate over there. I would assume it would be hotel, residential and some office. Not sure we'd see it in the next 5-10 years, but they are more than welcome to prove me wrong. ....or maybe...... A CASINO?????
  2. I hope we get a 12 story tower! Oh heck, let's dream big, TWO 12 story towers!!!!!
  3. Can't get a ticket when GRPD doesn't enforce traffic laws. They did that one time when Leonard and Fuller were closed though...
  4. Saw them putting up the GVSU singage on the east facing portion, although that will be pointless once McDonalds builds a 12 story mega restaurant.
  5. I heard GRCC's ramp is nearing the end of it's usable life and they were looking to partner with Spectrum for a fairly large project. Not sure where that stands or if this is their solution?
  6. Huh? This is a private project. The city of GR doesn't really determine which projects are essential and which aren't. It's kind of the opposite in that the contractor makes that determination for themselves.
  7. I think the Governor or AG gave a little clarification and was allowing for things like home construction to continue, but only to do things to protect the investment (finish a roof, put windows in, etc) After that it would need to stop. I did see the Sheriffs were out in Rockford telling them to stop work on a home. The HBA called BS. I would think any tickets issued would probably get thrown out. MDOT said all of their projects are "essential infastructure". The city of GR followed suit (Ridiculous IMO). Last I heard a lot of contractors are starting to pull out and close up for the time being, some would rather put money over the health and safety of their employees, but that's a whole 'nother topic I guess lol. (Correct me if I'm wrong on any of this BTW)
  8. Welp, I'm guessing most of you don't make it DT quite as often these days, but fencing has gone up around the NW portion of the arena Good time to start a project I suppose. Anyone know if they'll be updating the super rad sign out front? lol. Has this been updated since 1996?
  9. Wow! Very impressive! People in the U.S. (mostly young-erish folks) aren't choosing the huge cities like before and instead opting for "medium" size cities like GR. I think GR has done a great job diversifying it's major industries and attracting a lot of people from out of state or even the east side of the state. The thumb area continues to take a hit. 19,000+ loss for Flint. Crazy how Flint proper used to be the second largest city in the state with almost 200k people and now is barely 7th. I'm sure the water crisis excellerated that quite a bit. I would be interested to know where those 19,000 people went. Detroit? GR? Lansing? AA? Out of State? I would think we're maybe a year or two out from Detroit proper seeing and increase in population. We'll see though, if there's a recession the east side could see another hit.
  10. lol. I love the scale of this building. It's going to be pretty awesome once they start the building to the west
  11. it's going to be a great transformation with some nice ground level retail... with an ugly-ass pig behind it...
  12. Man, I took a walk in NoMo yesterday and Bond sucks. The cars parked and dumpsters on the west side of the street force you to walk in the street. It really needs to be redone with curb and gutter, sidewalks and proper metered parking.
  13. This video might help to clarify a few things.... App will be working in collaboration with commercial real estate brokers, not in sprite of them. DGRI is mainly funded by businesses in the central business district, not city of GR property or income taxes, so unless you have a business downtown, your tax dollars have nothing to do with it. It's kind of a "high tide raises all ships" thing, which for dowtown makes sense.
  14. FIVE STORIES?!?! It will ruin the aesthetic of our beautiful lakeside community!!! Next thing you know there will be POT SHOPS all over!!!! (right next to liquor stores and restaurants serving booze)
  15. I was wondering if Spectrum is maybe looking to add more to their hospitality. I think a lot more people from the west side of the state and UP come to GR for long term care than people realize. Maybe that or long term/short term employee housing? Maybe it's a stretch on both?
  16. You pay taxes to DGRI? Which GR employee failed at doing what "them self"? Which zoning is too restrictive?
  17. Anyone know where GR ranks currently (2020) in the US for passenger traffic? Are we now in the top 50? I'm having difficulty finding up to date stats. 304k x 12 would put us at around 3.65M annually, but I know the numbers can fluctuate seasonally..
  18. https://mibiz.com/sections/real-estate-development/spectrum-health-continues-land-acquisition-in-gr-s-monroe-north-district Looks like Spectrum is buying more than just the two Gill properties. Anyone have any additional information they can share? I just hope they don't pull a St. Mary's and just put surface lots there..... not exactly cheap properties....
  19. Wow yeah, only 24 rooms? I would think they would be able to supper 3x that. It does look nice though.
  20. So are they just going to start a new building every single year? Why can't they use a little foresight and build denser to anticipate future needs? Also, (yeah I know it's mlive) wouldn't it be "vacating" not "vacationing?" or am I crazy?
  21. Noticed a few weeks ago the Gill properties changed from HZ Properties to Spectrum Health System
  22. Not sure how much info I can give out. It looked pretty big and nice with some cool outdoor seating. I would think full details will be available shortly. I think it's just a reno with a pretty quick timeline from what I hear. Hopefully it will be a nice catalyst for development to continue south. Those DASH lots are just waiting to get gobbled up! It would be nice if the area was a little more connected to the west. Extending Douglas and Sibley would be a start. Every time I'm in that area it seems like there's only one way in and one way out.
  23. Would it even be up to the Ford family to decide? I thought the feds owned the property and can't really see them selling anytime soon if ever.
  24. New restaurant being proposed at 337 Summer from the Butcher's Union guys. The plans look pretty sweet!
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