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  1. Norf native

    Casino in Norfolk

    Wow. Take a look at this proposal.
  2. Norf native

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Norfolk Southern may relocate headquarters to Atlanta.
  3. Norf native

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    There should be a Cheesecake Factory downtown.
  4. Norf native

    Norfolk Development 2

    Found this in the Architechural review agenda coming up.
  5. Norf native

    Norfolk Development 2 Is this a new development for Fort Norfolk?
  6. Norf native

    St. Paul's Quadrant

    When I passed by there last week, it looked like construction had already begun.
  7. Norf native

    Main Library downtown Norfolk

    Nice article about the Slover library today.
  8. Norf native

    Norfolk Stores and Retail and Resturants

    Norfolk needs a Cheesecake factory restaurant downtown. I wouldn't mind seing it in the Max and Erma's location.
  9. Norf native

    River Tower

    This was is Tuesday's paper.