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  1. Good news for Norfolk International... Norfolk International Airport sees increase in passenger activity in August | WAVY.com
  2. I found this article on the 500 Nations Casino website... Norfolk considers new plan for temporary HeadWaters casino September 11, 2022 "The Pamunkey Tribe wants approval to build a temporary casino within six months to operate while construction is underway at the HeadWaters Resort & Casino. The HeadWaters Casino is expected to open by November 2024. The Norfolk temporary casino would replace more than 300 parking spaces with a 35-foot tall, single-story building. The total size would be 45,000 square feet and include a casino, a restaurant and a bar. The type and number of gaming machines has not been disclosed. Final approval for the plan must come from the City Council after the building permits are approved".
  3. Continuing from the St Paul's thread... From City Council 23 Aug agenda... "As part of the agreement, the Developer shall commence construction within 60 days after the Closing Date and follow the construction schedule terms. The Developer has secured financing with Virginia Housing and is working to close within the next sixty days. Virginia Housing does not accept rights or reverter on their loans, but VH has financing requirements and timelines that will arguably give the city adequate assurances that the project we have negotiated for will be completed". So, this project will likely break ground before the end of the year.
  4. I remember the building before it was torn down. The city tried to get a developer to take it over but no one stepped up to the plate. It had deteriorated to the point where it was unsafe so it was demolished. Sad
  5. This is an interesting (and surprising) article: www.wfae.org/charlotte-area/2022-07-18/getting-off-the-bus-how-charlotte-lost-75-of-its-passengers-in-less-than-a-decade
  6. If we had decent urban planners in this area then buildings would not be pushed back from the street like we see most of the time and parking would be located inside or to the rear. Also, there wouldn't be acres of grassy lots and wasted space in front of buildings. smh...
  7. Norfolk in negotiation with Pharrell's team. Norfolk in ‘early negotiations’ with Pharrell’s development team to revitalize Military Circle mall, officials say – The Virginian-Pilot (pilotonline.com) While a winning bidder has not yet been announced, Norfolk city officials say they have narrowed their focus to the Military Circle redevelopment proposal put forth by musician Pharrell Williams' development group. That proposal includes a 16,000-seat arena.
  8. Here is a much better rendering of the apartments proposed for Va Beach Blvd at Newtown Road. This is on Tuesday's council agenda.
  9. Good to know things are moving along - slowly but moving nonetheless.
  10. There is a new 418 unit apartment development proposed for 6659 E. Virginia Beach Blvd (where the mobile home park is located at Newtown Rd). This is listed on the 23 June planning commission agenda.
  11. Here it is…disappointing https://www.breedenconstruction.com/our-work/lake-taylor-pointe/
  12. Ok, now I remember. The city rejected the first proposal because they didn’t think it was suitable correct? I never saw what is being proposed for the site now.
  13. Is this the development next to IKEA on North Hampton next to USAA? They also proposed this development but it’s not off Kempsville https://norfolkdevelopment.com/updated-design-for-the-proposed-poplar-hall-apartments/
  14. I would have thought the other casino licenses would have come pretty quickly since Danville recently got theirs. Oh well...
  15. Regarding Texas de Brazil, I think they are just using the recent shootings downtown as a reason to break their lease at the mall. Crime is up nationwide (not just in Norfolk) and everyone knows that malls are dying, even Greenbriar is predicted to close in the coming years. They were looking for a way out. My $0.2...They'll head to the suburbs somewhere.
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