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  1. What's the timeline for the terminal expansion? Anyone know?
  2. This project is definitely under construction now. It was too dark tonight to get pictures.
  3. Anyone know anything about this? This is on the ARB agenda for discussion 6 Dec.
  4. So, what businesses will they rob from other localities to fill that office tower?
  5. Agreed. Another example is Freemason Street between Boush and Monticello. That street is way to narrow for two way traffic with parking on one side.
  6. Considering I've been working in New York for the past three weeks, I think the one way streets give you a big city feel (practically every street in New York is one way). I think Granby street is too narrow for two way traffic now especially when you're facing a delivery truck or even passing by all of the outdoor seating areas taking up parking spaces. My $.02.
  7. A great old shot of Granby street. How many think it should be one way again?
  8. Progress shot. Corner of Tidewater and Brambleton.
  9. Here is a rendering of the new development replacing the 645 Church Street building (on the ARB agenda for 11 Oct). Lots more renderings here: Microsoft Word - 11 October 2021 ARB Agenda.doc (iqm2.com)
  10. Actually, I think the Lincoln Street right of way is part of the 645 development and not a separate development.
  11. Block 9 is 80 units and 4 floors, so should be comparable in size.
  12. This is on the planning commission's October agenda (still no renderings): TRG COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT, for a Rezoning from C-C (Community – Commercial) to D-BC (Downtown – Business Center) at 645 Church Street. The purpose of this request is to allow the construction of a multi-family apartment community development with 85 dwelling units. TRG COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT, for a Development Certificate at 645 Church Street. The purpose of this request is to allow the construction of a multi-family apartment community development with 85 dwelling units. And another development on Lincoln Street: NORFOLK ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY to vacate the right-of-way of a portion of Lincoln Street. The purpose of this request is to support the development of a multi-family apartment community development on an adjacent parcel.
  13. Looks like Greyhound is now located at the Amtrak station downtown (much better location than the Tinee Giant on Brambleton). Seems like a transportation hub is developing there.
  14. There are a lot of renderings at this link for those blocks. Microsoft Word - 20 September 2021 ARB Agenda.doc (iqm2.com)
  15. This was an early rendering. Don’t know why I can’t get the image to show… 65BD07B0-933C-43C2-BD8E-BB4EB93A6A64.webp
  16. I prefer the Wellness concept also, however I think the arena should seat 18,000. We don’t need another too small arena. People warned decades ago that Scope did not have enough seating but it was built anyway.
  17. From the Pilot today (regarding the Portsmouth Casino but will affect Norfolk's too): At a Lottery Board meeting April 21, Kevin Hall, executive director of the lottery, said he expected to open the operator license application process “in a matter of weeks.” Vetting the applications involves “in-depth financial and criminal background investigations” and could take up to a year, Hall said. Along with the license application process, the lottery board is working on regulations. Meanwhile, casino projects are in the works in Portsmouth, Norfolk, Richmond, Danville and Bristol. Speaking to the Lottery Board, Hall compared the situation to building an airplane as it’s in the air.
  18. You would think the Amtrak station would have been incorporated into the garage.
  19. I wonder how the Amtrak station is incorporated in this design. We don’t get to see that side of the development.
  20. Casino renderings hopefully
  21. There is a new apartment complex planned for Northampton Blvd next to Ikea (Not the best picture). This is on the April Planning Commission agenda. Norfolk (and VB) are getting a lot of these and they all look the same.
  22. More casino news... https://richmond.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/updated-casino-sweepstakes-in-richmond-with-at-least-four-new-resort-proposals-on-the-table/article_860fcd58-81d3-59e8-b742-8043f8f7897d.html?fbclid=IwAR1rAKQ-bp9tNv2BeUazeaGqgZAHMfl6zfFDfNslVTl3RoqiY_WVlRQxT8A#tracking-source=home-breaking
  23. An interesting article... https://richmond.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/urban-one-teams-with-colonial-downs-owner-on-517-million-casino-resort-in-richmond/article_12f696b0-685c-5b7d-b8d4-d714aa7d1ba4.html?utm_campaign=snd-autopilot&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_Richmond_Times-Dispatch&fbclid=IwAR01SE-v7k49dLsZnHFNs_xgZgwHhzS6QWIwyzlV8ASJikfN03Lvxuhigcs
  24. I understand the disappointment with the change in design for this project and reduction in height but in my opinion, it should be built. If it’s not built there then it will end up in Town Center (remember Clark Nexsen).
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