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  1. Not sure if it has been mentioned, but the Swimmer building at the corner of Providence and Altondale is set for redevelopment…rezoning imminent by Roy Goode. Seems it will be mixed use with high end condos, office, and a couple retail tenants. Seems the Taipei Express may survive as the Thirsty Beaver of Eastover.
  2. China more likely for a V-shaped recovery? https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2020-03-31/coronavirus-could-end-dollar-s-reign-in-favor-of-china
  3. So if I’m not in a position to securely store gold bars in my house and (cash) savers are apparently toast, what is my best safe investment? Paper gold/silver?
  4. Is this the Meineke or the vacant land next to it?
  5. Thanks. Yes - lots of activity. Windows being removed from the church, dumpsters on site. Appears to be full steam ahead.
  6. Anyone know what is happening at the old church at Parkwood and Allen St? Looks like a renovation and preservation which would be great.
  7. I can’t see the full article, but news on the Sushi Guru building... https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2019/11/20/whats-next-for-this-shuttered-plaza-midwood.html
  8. Looks like the lane and sidewalk could be open soon. If that tweet from RDF initiated this, I owe him a beer.
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