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  1. Looks like the lane and sidewalk could be open soon. If that tweet from RDF initiated this, I owe him a beer.
  2. Can we compromise on world’s tallest bus center?
  3. Option to buy...so it may not be a lease at all. I suspect when the merger clears later this year, they exercise this option in 4Q.
  4. I told y’all this months ago!
  5. Was this once rumored as a potential Publix site? Any chance...
  6. There is a second 2 story structure proposed they are calling the “Carriage House” (not the existing one, but a new build) which will front Belvedere and “may” have retail on bottom like a bakery or cafe and office up top. Or it could also be all office. Sounds like they would like the retail component, but wanted to gauge neighbor interest. There seemed to be interest in the room at the neighborhood meeting, but I could see immediate neighbors making a stink over it.
  7. Pretty sure Davidson is ranked higher compared to its peers than anything ATL has. Just sayin.
  8. Awkward way to announce my promotion to C-suite, but I’ll take it!
  9. I’m hearing BBT/SunTrust to Hearst Tower. Not sure how that will work or if it is temporary, but that is the internal buzz.
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