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  1. Was this once rumored as a potential Publix site? Any chance...
  2. There is a second 2 story structure proposed they are calling the “Carriage House” (not the existing one, but a new build) which will front Belvedere and “may” have retail on bottom like a bakery or cafe and office up top. Or it could also be all office. Sounds like they would like the retail component, but wanted to gauge neighbor interest. There seemed to be interest in the room at the neighborhood meeting, but I could see immediate neighbors making a stink over it.
  3. Pretty sure Davidson is ranked higher compared to its peers than anything ATL has. Just sayin.
  4. Awkward way to announce my promotion to C-suite, but I’ll take it!
  5. I’m hearing BBT/SunTrust to Hearst Tower. Not sure how that will work or if it is temporary, but that is the internal buzz.
  6. Ally must be a client of Delloit. They could have really blocked their logo with a different design.
  7. Worries me when an investor compiles a large contiguous plot... Business Journal Article from today: “Asana Partners recently closed on several properties in Plaza Midwood, including 1401 Central Ave., 1311 Pecan Ave., 1321 Pecan Ave. and 1419 Central Ave., which encompass nearly contiguous, boutique commercial properties along the neighborhood's main thoroughfare.”
  8. Random question that I ponder daily as my view is of 2 Wells Fargo...help from any architect/construction gurus would be appreciated...what are this random set of vented windows with what appears to be a larger ceiling height midway up the building for? Is the mechanical and A/C in the middle of the building and not on the roof? Thanks and and sorry this is an off topic non- development post.
  9. ^Thank you for posting the original link KJ. And your regular pics of the progress around town is reward enough - no 3 pack delivery needed. I will do my best to make your next anniversary breakfast though!
  10. Truly a great watch worthy of an hour of any Charlottean much less UPer’s time.
  11. So they are officially claiming an 800 room hotel?
  12. I never thought I would say this, but the apartments fronting 277 wouldn’t be the worst alternative in these buildings. A balcony fronting one of those ridiculously small courtyards would be a miserable outlook on life. I suppose the stonewall side would be the prime spots. Thanks for the pics Gman. Great perspective.
  13. BBT and Kelly King are not flashy and I wouldn’t get your hopes up for some huge tower. They are crazy tight on expenses (employees have to stay in $36/night hotel rooms when the travel to Wilson NC!), but that kind of fiscal responsibility has served them well. I’d find it far more likely they quietly absorb floors in the current class B tower they already anchor than they come out with an announcement for a flashy new building uptown. And we need companies filling this space. Such great news for Charlotte!
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