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  1. Also 9k sq ft of office is planned as part of the development. Three 5 story buildings and 2-3 three story buildings. It's a huge lot (15.6 acres) so it's a shame this isn't more urban/mixed use. They should have had a parking deck instead of surface parking.
  2. Nick2

    1000 Room Convention Center Hotel

    Interesting read. Perhaps the money for these major expansions and improvements would be better used elsewhere. Adding another node on the lot beside the HOF with a large additional ballroom(s) and other spaces could be worth it. But building an entirely new CC doesn't seem like a sound investment especially considering how great the current location is (albeit on extremely valuable land). Adding a ton of more intimate meeting space in the CC hotel could help draw smaller regional conventions. Having a dozen 100 person conventions is just as good as having one 1000 person convention.
  3. I mean, Americans are still on the actual witch hunt for those horrible, evil socialists/communists. To the far right, the left in general is the exact same as communists and socialists which is why politicians often paint a picture of their enemies as such in order to rile the base into a frenzy. But they've also creatively added illegals into the mix. I hold mostly moderate views that come from both sides of the isle but regardless of my opinion on this matter I can't stand for people to use ad hominem attacks without any justification other than to demean them especially on a particularly partisan issue.
  4. It would make sense because according to This observer article, the governor released a statement that the expansion over the next few years here in CLT would make CLT the largest location in the US. They're currently based in NYC. Their expansion is pretty evident from their 69 current job openings listed on LinkedIn alone. However, didn't the just recently moved their operations from ballyntine to university city? It'd be off for them to move again so soon wouldn't it?
  5. Nick2

    Who is going to buy all the Condos, (Part II)

    If they don't make a scene about it then I doubt most people would even notice.
  6. Nick2

    SouthPark neighborhood Projects

    Nothing says high class like a two story McDonald's.
  7. Nick2

    1000 Room Convention Center Hotel

    Would it be feasible for Duke to lease space in the bottom levels (or sell it) on their recently bought lot beside the Gantt museum? The lot is approximately 80k square feet so they could do a 50k sq foot contiguous area and on additional floors going up they could do additional ballrooms and plenty of opportunities to add breakout space (like what they're already adding) since they don't need a dramatically different floor design than a standard office building for that. It's right next door and they could add an additional pedestrian bridge across college.
  8. Nick2

    Amazon HQ2

  9. Did they invite you to the topping out ceremony like they should have?
  10. Nick2

    The Good News Report

    I don't want to take away from this being objectively good news but that's dangerously low. It means that if someone leaves a position, it will be very difficult to fill quickly causing serious headaches for local businesses who can't just shift someone into that position from another within the company. Hopefully it doesn't continue falling because these numbers haven't been sustained like this in decades so there is no way to know how exactly it will affect our current economic situation. It could be absolutely irrelevant but for a long time, economists have thought having a natural rate of unemployment of 4-5% was indicative of or even necessary for a healthy economy.
  11. Quick question about a discrepancy I noticed. JLL lists 810k square feet total property size. The fact sheet PDF on the Ally Charlotte center website lists 742k of office, 30k ground level retail, and 20k public plaza. Wikipedia also lists it at 742k sq ft of floor space (guessing they're counting just office there). Is JLL off on it's numbers or did this grow by a floor or two (floor plate size is 29,680 sq ft)? Or maybe they just included square footage that the other sources don't?
  12. Nick2

    Charlotte Off Topic

    I'm incredibly bored right now so I calculated an interesting number. Exactly 40% of the tallest 45 buildings in Charlotte were built in the last ten years including 4/10 of the top 10. @KJHburg It's a promising carrer with great benefits and possible promotions! (At least according to them)
  13. Levineland would be an excellent spot.
  14. Nick2

    Charlotte Off Topic

    That'd be great! Some kind of central attraction in uptown would really help define uptown as a destination.