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  1. Nick2

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    I'd like to see the methodology that puts CLT lower than Jacksonville.
  2. Nick2

    Charlotte area population statistics

    They split the CSA into four areas. Mt airy, Winston, greensboro, burlington. I personally still see them as one MSA since they're so interconnected. Tons of Davidson county people commute into Guildford and Randolph too but more to Winston. Montgomery is sometimes included in gboro since so many commute up i73/74 to Asheboro for mill/factory jobs. I personally also consider it to be a part of the MSA. Everyone from Montgomery goes to Asheboro for everything. Shopping, entertainment, and work.
  3. At least it seems like Duke is tackling the issue head on and not trying to down play the significance of this. They were very clear about the potential danger and even went so far as to list the harmful materials that are in it like lead and arsenic. Hopefully they can contain the spill and will work to further clean up the coal ash dumps. This spill actually happened at a natural gas plant. The coal ash was still just sitting around from when it was a coal plant. Considering this isn't the first time their coal ash dumps are hitting national headlines, I'd expect Duke to make a big effort to rectify the issue.
  4. Nick2

    Charlotte area population statistics

    Yep. They directly do. Iridell, rowan, and Stanley counties touch yadkin, Davie, Davidson, and Montgomery counties.
  5. Nick2

    Charlotte area population statistics

    I've always wondered about that. Do they count counties that commute mainly into other counties that are part of a metro? Like if a lot of Anson people commute to Union but not meck? I can't imagine that anyone commutes all the way into CLT from Anson.
  6. Nick2

    Charlotte Off Topic

    I was also ecstatic when I found out about UP I've loved all things skyscrapers and skylines since I was little and developed a strong interest of urban planning and economic development in high school. Someone on skyscrapercity told me about this forum around 2011 or so. This forum is more active than Charlotte's Reddit page for one thing. BTW, the CLT Reddit page is also abnormally civil. I think the users that are here self moderate to an extent and don't put up with the nonsense found elsewhere on the interwebs. Thanks Neo!
  7. Nick2

    Charlotte area population statistics

    It seems kind of odd considering how disconnected from Charlotte that Anson county is. I suppose enough people commute to justify it but it really doesn't seem like it's part of the Charlotte area to me. Just from my experience of the area.
  8. @KJHburg What I've gathered from reading up on them is they don't have an interest in opening branches in this area at this time. But they want to invest in innovation, technology, new talent, and further increasing their presence in markets that they already operate in. But having more additional major bank towers other than BOA would be nice since it shows the diversity of our banking industry and that CLT has more banks present than just the super prominent BOA.
  9. US Bank anyone? Info on them and my reasoning behind this guess: They have almost 800 employees as of May which is continuing to rapidly increase. They have said they have three hubs, Minneapolis (their HQ), Charlotte (mentioned before NYC), and then New York. They lease about 90k sq ft in hearst and have said they will outgrow that space there soon. They also lease 25k in South tryon sq. These numbers are probably higher now than the info I could find on them. Their earnings also hit a record for the second quarter of this year. South tryon lease source Record profits source - observer article from three weeks ago that I can't get the link to work for. Additional edit: I used the Google search that returns the article as the top result.
  10. Nick2

    210 Trade | EpiCentre

    I actually really like the epicenter. I know it's not amazing quality and not all that unique but it is a major asset to uptown and I can only see it improving over time.
  11. Nick2

    Interstate quality spur to I-73/74

    Holy crap. Ten years?! That seems almost unreasonable.
  12. Nick2

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    This is an awesome timelapse of the Florence moving in today.
  13. Nick2

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    Not gonna lie, reading that pissed me off. So much nonsense and misrepresentation. FAKE NEWS!