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  1. Charlotte area "ring cities"

    Driving through northern SC near the Sandhills region is the same. Huge fields of puffy balls of cotton. It's magical to stand there during a decent wind gust.
  2. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    I suppose there are a lot of things that are done that I don't take into account. It's just absolutely nuts to me to have a park cost 60/sf. I'd bet if UPers were to start out from the base land price and built it out the best way we could, we'd end up with an amazing park for a fraction of the price. Have to keep in mind that the people in charge of the whole process don't necessarily care about how good the park turns out or the cost. Although it obviously has to be reasonable in case there's public displeasure with it.
  3. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    I've done landscaping, concrete pouring, and stonework before. I don't understand how a park can cost that much. I'd like to see where the dollars go to specifically. I have a feeling it goes multiple places that don't have to do with the park.
  4. The River District

    I can understand people's concerns with it but a master planned, cooperative project of this scale is likely going to be great. It's big enough to gather a lot of attention meaning scrutiny and changes for the better. The only potential defeat would be a budget problem or a recession half way through building it. I also think this NEEDS rail transit as it begins to mature to prevent a part of the CLT city limits from becoming a disconnected community that would essentially be sprawl. Overall though, I'm genuinely optimistic until more concrete details come out.
  5. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    But it's like we have our own little river-like feature.
  6. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Man that pic makes CLT look like it has way less green than it does.
  7. Definitely paying for that view.
  8. We should get UPers to crowdsource an upscale 1k room on the duke data center lot beside the convention center lol. (But in all seriousness, that's probably be worth investing in and should definitely happen)
  9. Crescent Stonewall Station

    I mean...yes. literally.
  10. Amazon HQ2

    I'd be willing to bet it's going somewhere in the southeast (including Texas). But specifically somewhere considered the "new south." So that'd eliminate places like Greensboro in my opinion. Gotta have the right "climate" and vibe for West coast folks. They don't want too much of a culture shock when interacting with locals. Lol
  11. Totally agree. The silver line is already in the works and needs to be done badly (along with a hopeful spur to the airport soon after). I could see the red line being a boondoggle considering how suburban it is. Butif congestion gets bad enough those residents outside Mecklenburg will be in favor of it to relieve some of the traffic. And also some people will like it as a true amenity and as a legitimate transit option. I can see 77 being on par with the worst roads in the country for congestion in two decades if CLT isn't proactive about it.
  12. Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    Not super recent but here's a video of a couple walking around uptown speaking their minds. It's extremely positive but it was driving me nuts that they didn't have a local to help them see the best parts of CLT. And literally every last person I ever show around uptown says the exact same stuff they do. Super clean, safe, new, pretty, etc.
  13. Jonas Federal Courthouse Renovation

    It's nice to add something different but they could easily make it look much nicer.
  14. Charlotte Photo of the Day

  15. Is it economical to build a new tallest right now? We've seen announcements and starts on many tall projects but nothing close to BOA in height.