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  1. I still actually think that the Ellis is an interesting design. Maybe not the most elegant but certainly not ugly. And adding some different styles to the skyline is a plus. The massive positive effect that it will continue to have for the neighborhood development can't be forgotten either.
  2. Those cloud reflections are stunning. Nice catch @Mid South NC
  3. A+ tower. A+ location. Only wish it was taller than the DEC.
  4. It would be a fantastic spot for it. Gut the insides and throw on a few balconies and you've got the next hot spot.
  5. Does anyone know if an Atlanta version of Charlotte's UP? Atl doesn't seem active and I just moved here
  6. Again back to presenting the information in a way that is agreeable to the average intelligence (or better yet below average) person. All you need to do is have public support and things would go beautifully.
  7. I think urban planning/development intellectuals have to do a better job of marketing their ideas and concepts to people not in the field. There are great reasons why it's better to have a road diet in some cases but the avg person only sees it as the city taking lanes from the roads they drive on. Explain it. And explain it in a way that makes sense and can change preconceived notions.
  8. I'm kind of impressed that this community just kind of randomly agreed that blue font was the way we wanted to convey sarcasm or incincerity and everyone rolled with it.
  9. Unfortunately this is an issue in every city. No one would think less of Charlotte because of this experience in my opinion since it could happen anywhere. For the most part Charlotte's vagrants aren't as aggressive as other peer cities though. Also, sincerely thanks for making me google vituperating. I haven't straight up googled a word in a long time. Lol
  10. Man the Queen sure is pretty. Nice pics @KJHburg @gman430
  11. I couldn't care less if they want to keep the eyesore shell that's currently beside the convention center as long as they fix the street level, add retail, and build a 1000 room hotel that looks in place beside the DEC and new Duke energy plaza.
  12. I mean I know you probably know how to perfectly time pics for the best lighting but wow those are some gorgeous golden hours pics. Thanks for the continued sharing
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