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  1. People simply want the amenities of a city. It sucks to drive over an hour to the nearest mall, movie theater, nice restaurant, etc.
  2. @KJHburg that makes sense to not name it after living people, I didn't think about that
  3. Charlotte is moving forward with renaming nine streets that are named after confederate sources. Jefferson Davis st is now officially Druid Hill Way and the other eight will be changed soon. Stonewall is one of the ones getting the axe. Excellent idea but it is a shame that it took until 2021 to do it. https://www.wbtv.com/2021/02/09/charlotte-city-council-moving-forward-with-plan-rename-streets-named-confederate-figures-2/ I think they should go with Gantt st for the replacement. Or maybe Jordan Ave.
  4. Thanks! I already follow the page on Twitter but the pics aren't as nice
  5. Nice find! It definitely wasn't known by me
  6. That's pretty funny looking. But I'd prefer this to what truist did with theirs.
  7. What length of the street are you looking at doing the closures?
  8. As off topic as it gets. How many people still like or dislike the new BOA building at legacy union? I personally don't love it but I think it's unique enough and adds a nice diversity to the southern skyline by the DEC.
  9. I love how rapidly the skyline of south end is growing. Rising from the trees just like its big brother to the north. Source
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