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  1. Ugh so this topic was "hot" because of arguing. I thought there was new info on the project. We have a coffee house for these kind of discussions, y'all.
  2. @KJHburg the daily flash floods warnings are definitely interesting. We should start calling it the Carolina monsoon season
  3. Yeah the yield curve going inverted is ringing the loudest alarm bells we've had since '07. It's looking pretty scary for the market right now. Hopefully things adjust (luckily it's no longer inverted as of today).
  4. I'm guessing since you feel it deserves its own topic that we could see some new information on this soon?
  5. @A2. I don't think interstate caps usually have heavy development on them. (Please correct me if I'm wrong). But I could see a low-rise entertainment/shopping district with maybe some high-end townhomes (like Camden grandeview) and a large park.
  6. I really like how they included this message. It's a great gesture and if it saves even one life, it's infinitely worth it.
  7. I don't think most of Charlotte's interstates could justify capping right now but 277 on the south side of Uptown would make sense to better join uptown and southend. Perhaps between church st and south Blvd.
  8. Unfortunately as Charlotte continues to grow into one of the big boys nationally, it's going to start having some of the big problems like rise in violent crime and traffic. But CLT has the opportunity of being able to spearhead these problems before they get worse.
  9. That space definitely won't be vacant for long
  10. We could make fun of ATL and DC and go with Carolina Divided.
  11. I guess I'll be cautiously optimistic once I see it start.
  12. One of my all time favorite museums/exhibits!
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