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  1. Nick2

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    Trying to look at the two is almost like comparing apples to oranges because their markets are so different right now. When I mention a bubble it isn't a reference to pre-recession. We aren't anywhere near that bad and the circumstances are pretty dramatically different. I think a better way to put it would be a correction to the overly healthy real estate market not unlike what occurs to the stock market as opposed to a bubble popping.
  2. I'm excited for it. I wasn't able to go to the DNC but I would have liked to and want to go to the RNC. It would be cool to brush shoulders with such prominent figures and be around such a different group of people. But then again, sometimes I just really like living for the experiences rather than living for an ideology.
  3. Obviously they all have their benefits which is why they're included but I think the east west tunnel would be best because of its connectivity possibility with the redline and it passing directly through gateway. Unfortunately it wouldn't pass through the center of uptown but still being within 27u means that it can still spur higher density development in northern uptown. The blue line connection is next best because of the significantly cheaper construction costs and it wouldn't have significant delays sharing the route with blue line and I like the positioning of the route heading west immediately off of trying passing the stadium. Sharing with gold line would be a huge mistake.
  4. Nick2

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    Interesting perspective. I was mostly looking at it as artificially inflated prices. Sf and seattle should absolutely have high prices in general but they're rising a rate much higher than it should naturally be. Charlotte is more along the lines of building massive complexes with the expectation of filling them. And the prices are creeping upward in Charlotte too but they're not unreasonable. I dont know a ton about real estate pricing so this is just my basic understanding and observations.
  5. @704Dimitri welcome to UP! Glad you decided to make a post!
  6. Silver line really needs to happen. It should go from the airport (or maybe the river district if it comes to fruition) through uptown underground beneath stonewall and then out to Mathews. Those millions of people at the airport could be venturing into the city for their 4 hr layover and spending their money at Charlotte businesses. And of course having the blue line connected to the airport through rail is something I think is very important. The red line would be awesome but ridership likelihood is much much lower.
  7. Nick2

    Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    I74 is actually ending in Wilmington. Originally 74 was to go to myrtle and 73 to Charleston but now i74 ends in Wilmington and eventually i73 will go to myrtle with the split being a few miles east of rockingham.
  8. Nick2

    Charlotte area population statistics

    I think 24/27 is a viable route. They're already planning or constructing bypasses around a few cities. It might not be interstate level but it could be a super highway with 4 lanes and somewhat limited access.
  9. Nick2

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    The best part is Charlotte's bubble is a whole lot more natural than places like sf or Seattle. Stuff isn't insane here like it is there.
  10. Nick2

    Charlotte MLB Team Speculation

    What about the Carolina Pirates because of the history of black beard and others which would mean Pittsburgh loses their team? Pittsburgh has the third lowest attendance. Also, fun fact: the knights average just a hair under 9k attendance per game and the Marlins (who are dead last in attendance) only average 9.4k.
  11. Nick2

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    There is absolutely a housing bubble right now, sadly. However, with Charlotte's growth rate it would be easier to justify the bubble here and CLT would recover much more quickly from a collapse. Luckily the bubble isnt anywhere close to what it was pre-recession. It's interesting that they mention those three and then Charlotte for sure. I think it's great to compare these two peer cities but let's try to keep it from being a city vs city conversation. Nashville's growth was much different than Charlotte's. In 1900 Nashville was approaching 90k population which Charlotte hadn't broken 20k yet. Yes they're both boomtowns right now but Nashville's growth has been going on for longer so naturally where that growth would be is going to be very different in where people and businesses are located and how the neighborhoods formed.
  12. Perhaps UPers who attend should have somewhat of a unified message for the best option(s)?
  13. Nick2

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Always love pink skies at sunset.
  14. Nick2

    MLS in Charlotte?

    Charlotte was selected as a host city for the 2019 concacaf gold cup.
  15. Rural areas are seeing a massive upsurge in manufacturing jobs. They're all expanding and hiring more. So in state migration has probably slowed a lot for the lower wage, blue collar workers. You can make 12-15 an hour and live in considerably cheaper places instead of living in the comparatively expensive Charlotte on 15-20 per hour. If they want to lure more people then they'll have to up the wages or find other ways to automate.