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  1. My family lives near star in the countryside. The town library has a plaque on the side of it declaring that location as the exact geographic center of NC. Star is an old mill town that is a shell of itself during its heyday since the mills left but the people and town remain. The cool thing is that many of those borded up abandoned buildings are having their second floors converted apartments. There's also an Aberdeen and western train museum in town. As well as Starworks which is a glass blowing/pottery/art guild with a neat cafe/tavern.
  2. @Urban Cowboy I shared it a few times on a reddit post about this.
  3. We're allowed to dream though right?
  4. Ok I'm pretty pissed that georgia will go blue and not NC. Anyone else?
  5. At least it looks ok at night with the lights behind the cheap looking curtain.
  6. All of my siblings were bullied into voting for trump by my parents. They're in their early 20s and weren't going to vote but we're hounded and basically ambushed to a voting location while already trapped in the car with them.
  7. Yeah it's well done. Don't want things to start looking gaudy which would be easy to overdue with lighting schemes.
  8. I love how pretty much every new high rise going up in uptown has a lighting scheme.
  9. This isn't a photo but it is a brilliantly edited drone video of uptown at night. I highly recommend watching with sound on.
  10. I get that this forum is literally meant to "save UP" from political bs but I think we can be a little nicer to each other in this community even on such a divisive topic.
  11. Heck it might have gotten some of the more traditionalist, somewhat more conservative men to like him. The kind of guy who would dismiss grabbing women by the kitty as just locker room talk.
  12. At the very least they need to do something special for the stonewall tryon corner.
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