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  1. Here you go. The place with the red dot below it on the first one is CLT. You can also see the brightness of the triad/triangle. NC's city pollution becomes undetectable in the second map which an overlay of the exact same place. You can see ATL in the bottom left of both maps and Washington DC in the top right. Source
  2. Causing a large number of people to panic-leave NY state heading mostly south. Thus spreading the so-called epicenter out even more.
  3. That's actually a cool idea for an updateable tat.
  4. A crown fit for a Queen? More like a bandana. At least hers has a pattern on it.
  5. There's a reason that even agent orange and his sycophants on Fox have completely 180'd from their original "hoax" and "new democratic impeachment" BS that they were pushing two weeks ago. Someone finally got through to them about the severity of this. This virus isn't going to end the world but if we do nothing about it or not enough, it WILL kill millions. Preventable deaths in today's 21st century information and technology. Covid-19 is significantly more deadly and contagious than the standard flu although it does have similar symptoms. We have a decent vaccine for the flu set up for yearly administration and even with that we still have 50k killed yearly from the standard influenza. The number of cases are going to absolutely skyrocket this upcoming week. Don't panic because it won't be much worse than it is, it will just be actual administered tests when there weren't any available before.
  6. Yeah that'd be a million dead in the USA alone lol. But the scariest thing is that those high numbers aren't all that unrealistic if this thing continues unabated.
  7. If you're healthy and in between the ages of 5-70, your chances of having problems getting over this are slim. It's basically just a really bad flu that we don't have a vaccine for yet. Chances are good that once temps rise, we will see the virus decline in activity just like with other viruses like the standard cold/influenza. It's not something to panic over but it's also not something that should be ignored.
  8. Great joke there rdf. Obviously a professional such as yourself would never entertain such a crazy idea. *Wink wink (do it pls)
  9. Gotcha. I pulled it from the Charlotte fnb tower website. What's the current height now?
  10. Isn't it crazy how sometimes the opposite of common sense happens when dealing with traffic? Less lanes for a road diet? Better commute times in the area. Remove a whole road? No change in traffic on parallel roads. Make the literal widest interstate in the country and it's a parking lot most of the time (downtown ATL). Maybe turning the belk into a pedestrian/bike trail, silver line, and a well planned boulevard would actually improve traffic flow in the area for vehicles even though removing a highway seems like it'd hinder volume.
  11. I was thinking about that maybe sounding silly when I posted because of this lol. But still, that lot seemed like it would hold a more narrow tower than this has so far ended up looking in reality. Because it doesn't show the narrowing for the residential, from this angle it actually does look kind of thicc tho
  12. This is so much more girthy than I thought it'd be.
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