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  1. Isn't critiquing every single project kind of the basis of this forum?
  2. It would be best with white highlights around the purple to accentuate it. Maybe a mixture of Hearst's old lights and the new Truist purple.
  3. There's a huge atrium there with some killer views
  4. Southpark is going to become Charlotte's version of Buckhead, traffic and all, unless something is figured out for some kind of mass transit.
  5. I want some gold like Mercury City Tower in Moscow.
  6. I need a laugh/cry react button for this.
  7. Brookhill village 2 is 36 acres. That's a LOT of land. Even just setting aside a tenth of it for affordable housing would mean more units than currently exist if they use standard Southend density. For reference, Spectrum Southend down the street is less than than that including the large parking deck.
  8. A medium sized mid-rise stick built would be able to equal the same amount of affordable housing that currently exists there with a ton of space leftover.
  9. That is a good question. But she's been complaining about it since she found out about it.
  10. Welcome to the forum and the city!
  11. A friend moving into the area is not happy with Hawthorne's closure (along with anyone else having to deal with the continuing closure).
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