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  1. Maybe we could persuade Cesar Pelli to add another Charlotte beauty to his legacy. It'd be awesome to have another postmodern "nouveau art deco" (so to speak) to complete a triplete effect with BAC and Hearst.
  2. The RailYard SouthEnd

    This picture has a really cool, grungy look to it. Kind of post-apocalyptic. (I like the look of power lines sometimes. Don't hate me)
  3. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    @QCxpat It's amazing what the government used to get away with doing back then. I will say though that there is some justification to part of it. The brooklyn village area was supposedly rife with crime and was closer to what we'd consider a genuine slum today rather than a poor neighborhood. So in theory, it was a good thing. The reasoning they gave for it could have actually helped the community if they had went back and built some low-income housing to replace these slums instead of simply pushing them out of the area completely in favor of these monolith government facilities, a "park," and surface lots. It's a true shame that something so bland and short is ag such a prime location. This lot could have been perfect for a thousand room hotel.
  4. FNB Tower 401 S Graham St

    This project will be hugely transformative for the area. Between this and gateway, graham st should become a liveable area. This location is actually superb. Right by two stadiums and romere bearden. The only thing is hope for is something other than just a bank branch on the ground floor, unless they fit the giant garage for first floor retail.
  5. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Can you imagine how awesome uptown would be if they had the original neighborhoods integrated with the modern towers instead of razing 75% of the inner loop?
  6. Charlotte Photo of the Day

  7. Even more good publicity for Duke... And they'll probably try to include cleanup for these waste ponds in additional rate hikes. This definitely warrants some significant follow-up by regulatory bodies.
  8. Charlotte Photo of the Day

  9. Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    How awesome would it be to get a 1000+ foot close to the current BOA center that's also designed by Cesar Pelli?
  10. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Source: David G. Kopti
  11. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Nah it's still in the top 10 apps in usage.
  12. 3rd Ward Midrise Projects

    Wow, @KJHburg went full-on detective mode on this one.
  13. History of Charlotte

    In this picture, Charlotte actually has a nice skyline symmetry starting to develop even back then. I haven't seen that in other pics from around that time period.
  14. Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    That building looks fake. Like it was taken from a poor rendering and brought to life. Guess they couldn't decide between glass, brick, and stucco so they went with all three.
  15. Charlotte area "ring cities"

    Those photos make me want to go for a stroll there because it looks so idyllic. I don't think I've ever actually just walked around downtown Concord.