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  1. Right... I think the UNCC building is one of the most architecturally interesting buildings in uptown.
  2. sclark

    Charlotte Tech News

    I'd be very surprised if Apple chose Charlotte over the Triangle. It's so much better of a cultural fit. Also, as someone who makes their living supporting Apple tech, I'm thrilled to welcome them to our state.
  3. sclark

    Charlotte Tech News

    Great news!
  4. sclark

    Montford Drive

    Alamo Drafthouse is too cool for that part of Charlotte anyways :-/ It belongs in Plaza-Midwood IMHO.
  5. I think RDF is saying that we can refer to the design of the Intercontinental when imagining the JW on this site.
  6. sclark

    Good New Restaurants Shoutout to Hello, Sailor from GQ. edit: Can't wait for the Kindreds to do something in Charlotte. #wishfulthinking
  7. New website for this project:
  8. sclark

    Carolina Panthers

    Goodbye Mr. Sabates.
  9. sclark

    SouthPark Mall

    I was going to say that this space seems a little underwhelming.
  10. sclark

    Charlotte wishlist - scorecard

    park terrace??
  11. sclark

    SouthPark Mall

    since I win, I'd like to also guess that lululemon will be opening at either atherton or the design center.
  12. sclark

    SouthPark Mall

    I could see Design Within Reach moving from their South Park spot below the Residence.
  13. sclark

    Area 15

    area 15. the birth place of not just coffee. fond memories of that spot!
  14. sclark

    Metropolitan, Midtown Redevelopment

    any thoughts about the aforementioned full-service hotel?
  15. sclark

    The Good News Report Ernst & Young expanding. 375 jobs over five years.