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  1. agreed. the color of the brick is really nice.
  2. yeah, the only thing good about southbound is the cluck-designed building,
  3. I think it's awesome. It's a beautiful building and I'm very excited that we scored those tech jobs. Now to brush up my resume!
  4. All or Nothing: The Carolina Panthers - Official Trailer This drops on July 19th on Prime Video. Can't wait!
  5. US Bank? edit... guess it's a Lowes HQ relocation. There's no way a tech center would command a high-rise... right?
  6. https://www.cntraveler.com/destinations/charlotte-nc Not sure if this guide was just released, but it’s a pretty comprehensive and current guide to the QC. It includes statements like “world-class food scene” and “world-class art institutions.” While those statements are probably a bit of a stretch, it’s very positive coverage.
  7. exclamation point windows/entry? woof!
  8. that fight involved hometown up-and-coming rapper, da baby... from his instagram: also recently acquitted for killing someone in self defense at a walmart in north charlotte. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/article228642214.html
  9. Isn't that DeeDee's HQ? Maybe we'll see the hole filled soon?
  10. Last week, I attended a tech event that Lowe's co-hosted w/ Google called Cloud Developer Day. The CIO of Lowe's presented, along with others from Lowe's and Google. In one of the presentations, Lowe's affirmed their commitment to the Charlotte-area and said they'd be hosting these types of outreach events quarterly. During a Q+A session, an audience member actually asked the Lowe's tech executives why they should consider ever working with Lowe's, especially after the recent layoffs of 200 tech employees. Their answer was diplomatic, but stressed that their new leadership viewed technology as an asset and a priority. The message seemed to be "it's a new day" at Lowe's. I'm hopeful they'll put down their roots in Charlotte, at least for their tech team.
  11. I think that place will be forever cursed by the ghost of the OG penguin.
  12. Never had Blacow, but definitely not a fan of their name or logo
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