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  1. still laughing at this. bravo @atlrvr
  2. sclark

    The Bad News Report Should probably post this in Good News as well.
  3. should we maybe rename this thread? isn’t the tryon place name dead?
  4. sclark

    The Bad News Report

    Looks like Apple has chosen Austin for their big expansion. FWIW, I never thought we could land this, but I thought the Triangle had a chance.
  5. sclark

    The Good News Report

    Small, but still good news. McClatchy, publisher of Charlotte Observer, Sacramento Bee, Kansas City Star, etc. is centralizing design and copy editing jobs here in Charlotte. Moving 30 jobs here.
  6. "Parking: Seven-level above-ground parking"
  7. sclark

    The Good News Report

    Charlotte mentioned as one of the cities with a significant drop in its murder rate from 2017. Down 41% from last year. (Source data:
  8. sclark

    Charlotte Tech News

    Charlotte listed as the top city for tech talent growth.
  9. sclark

    Honeywell HQ to Charlotte!

    Interesting excerpt from the most recent CO Honeywell article. ( "Honeywell also plans to establish a hangar at Charlotte Douglas International Airport to house four company airplanes, according to the agreement with the state."
  10. sclark

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    This thread
  11. JW Marriott :
  12. sclark

    Sports in Charlotte

    Yep. Doing the half with my wife and some friends. A wonderful race and great tour of our beautiful city. Good luck to ya. Miles 18+ were a real doozy for me last time I ran the full.
  13. sclark

    SouthPark neighborhood Projects

    Love this design. Hope it ends up looking something like this. I generally despise the faux column / arch / whateverthehell that type of design is that’s all over South Park.
  14. Definitely my favorite uptown project.
  15. sclark

    Montford Drive

    charlotte is hopeless...