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  1. The headline and photo says it all: https://plancharlotte.org/story/daniel-levine-interview-first-ward-plan-charlotte
  2. I sure hope you’re right. I think it would be smart to concentrate all the energy of Panthers/FC in one spot.
  3. As CBJ reported this week, management of Phillips Place will be taken over by HP Village, a retail group from Dallas that owns and operates the Highland Park Village shopping center. HP Village is a top-tier shopping center that has a premium mix of retail tenants. If you want to imagine what the future of Phillips Place looks like, look at their website. Fun fact, my uncle used to be the president of AG Hill, who owns HP Village.
  4. Is there a way to combine all the Panthers facilities / offices w/ a new stadium at the Pipe + Foundry site? Seems like that could make lots of sense, but maybe I'm missing something?
  5. Is this our greatest achievement here at UP?? I think yes.
  6. This is just a placeholder render, right?
  7. I believe they merged congregations with the Methodist church down the road on Woodlawn and sold that property.
  8. And is the general consensus that the office tower is not a spec project?
  9. Can't think of a more exciting tenant for this iconic space tbh... I'm stoked!
  10. A bit of a stretch to include this here, but this is pretty fascinating... An officer in the Colombo family has been living in Waxhaw with family. The FBI just arrested him this week: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/article254259798.html
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