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  1. Biggest reason the HQ probably won't be moving anytime soon.... Ally's Auto and Auto Insurance business are all largely located in Detroit and drive 86% of the revenue of Ally Financial. Leadership is smart and not looking to alienate the employees that drive the vast majority of the firm's earnings. Charlotte has been a nice hub to grab talent for the deposits bank to lower the cost of funding, but Ally is still largely an auto lender and those teams are in Detroit.
  2. Forever 21 may declare bankruptcy soon and close 100 of their 800 stores. - Northlake, Carolina Place, and Concord Mills each have a Forever 21 location in the metro area. Northlake and Carolina Place especially have a good amount of square footage leased to Forever 21. GameStop is also closing around 200 stores. Keep an eye out for mall location as potential stores to chop.
  3. The R&D portion of the new headquarters campus would be the most likely reason they go somewhat suburban. The needs of an R&D campus that needs to handle chemical and resin deliveries, solvents, freight elevators, ventilation, et. would require a custom built building in Uptown. They could separate the R&D campus from the administrative functions of the company, but there are certainly synergies from having R&D leadership / teams co-located with the business units. I could see them in an area like near Camp North End where they could build a 4-5 story R&D building next to a 12 story tower for admin.
  4. The county cut the property tax rate due to the increase in property values. If your house gained value at a lower percentage than the county average you get a lower tax bill, if your house gained value at a percent greater than the county average you largely got a higher tax bill. Your condo only appreciated 34% from 2011 to 2019 and the county average was around 43% I believe, hence being on the winning side of the tax change. Many people were right around ~40 - 45%, hence negligible change, and then there were several neighborhood (largely near Uptown) where people had 60% - 90% increases in property value and their bills are way up.
  5. The problem for the train is it is a 40 minute ride from Dilworth to UNCC, no mater the traffic. Universities have commuters doing less traditional schedules and don't need to all be on campus at 8AM and leave at 5PM, so many commuters avoid the worst traffic times. Hence the train is often competing for riders who have the choice to drive in free flowing traffic on interstates going 70 mph. If somebody had a 9:30AM class, it is a 20 minute drive right now from Dilworth to UNCC versus 40 minute on the train (+ waiting time on the platform) Even at the worst of rush hour at 5:30PM from UNCC back to Dilworth, Google estimates 25 minute to 40 minutes driving.... so the train at best breaks even with a "long" driving day at the worst time to commute in the metro. Add in that commuters to a university might linger on campus late for events, study groups, school clubs, evening class, etc... and the train moves to 20 minute frequencies at off-peak hours, and it becomes an unreliable means to get from A to B after a 7PM school club lets out, without worrying that you get to the platform on time (or risk sitting for 20 minutes + 40 minute train ride).
  6. They must have gotten wrist slapped by CLT or Delta.
  7. The renderings of the new concourse include a Delta Sky Club complete with Logo / Trademarked branding. The architects could have decided to just use their name without asking, but typically they would just use something like "Airline Club" in a rendering, rather than specific brands whose names are trademarked and not participating in the design.
  8. Not that different than people jogging in the bike lane in dark clothing or riding a bike in the bike lane in dark clothing. ' People don't follow best safety practices all the time. About 9% of drivers in North Carolina self report they don't wear seat belts and are just waiting to get thrown through the windshield, break their neck, and bleed out in the road. Drive around at night and it appears about 5% of people don't know their car has head lights or tail lights and they just cruise around in a black car with no lighting.
  9. Opportunity cost: Flying packed A330's down to the Caribbean at $600 a person for just 2.5 hours of flight time generates more revenue for the netwrok than giving away airfare at $450 - $700 in the off season to European tourist destinations and tying up an aircraft for 8 hours each way. For example in January 2019: Greenville / Spartanburg - Punta Cana via CLT on the A330: $564 Greenville / Spartanburg - Madrid via ORD: $578 St Louis, MO - Punta Cana via CLT on the A330: $615 St Louis, MO - Paris via PHL on the A330: $700
  10. It could be worse.... they could have to exit the sterile area, take a shuttle, and re-clear security at the other terminal for some inter- airlines transfers at airports like JFK, LAX, Chicago O'Hare, Detroit, Minneapolis St. Paul, Raleigh-Durham, Phoenix, Las Vegas, etc... The walking time is likely better than having to re-clear security for the limited amount of passengers connecting between American Eagle and the other airlines.
  11. Delta SkyClub!!! Will all 10 gates be Delta?
  12. Uptown demographics = 55% male residents and maybe an even bigger skew towards a majority male workforce South End demographics = 52% female residents Unsurprisingly Uptown has Jos A Bank, Ole Mason Jar, et. and South End has Free People, Anthropologie, West Elm, et. If Zara and H&M were to pick a location in the Center City area not at a mall, I'd expect them to land in South End due to a more favorable mix of male and female shoppers. The women's section is the largest department at both Zara and H&M and South End has better foot traffic after work / weekends. Parking is also an issue for mid-day shopping Uptown. Most people are working during the day Uptown and the streets are pretty dead from 10AM - 11:30AM and 1:30PM - 4PM. If somebody was to drive in from Dilworth and shop at Zara at 2PM, there is currently no free parking. Meanwhile, if you go to South Park mid day it is shockingly packed with people shopping.
  13. The Executive Vice President that leads Corning Optical is actually over in Dilworth rather than near the lake. His mansion in Foxcroft is currently for sale and they have downsized to a luxury townhome in Dilworth.
  14. 5 years from now, I feel like Corning will regret the location they selected.
  15. My guess is AA is targeting heartland tourists that are evangelicals and going to see Christian holy sites. AA is trying to carve out a niche by providing one stop service for cities like Houston, Austin, Albuquerque, San Antonio, Denver, Phoenix, San Diego, Las Vegas, etc... that have an OK sized Jewish population, but also large evangelical population that could more easily connect in DFW than New York or Washington DC. In 2018 61% of tourists to Israel were Christian, but air service has largely been focused on the Jewish diaspora. https://www.timesofisrael.com/israel-saw-record-breaking-4-million-tourists-in-2018-says-tourism-ministry/
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