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  1. CLT2014

    Bridges at Mint Hill

    Exactly, healthy malls have more than just department stores to pull in foot traffic to support the rest of the stores. REI isn't a traditional anchor, but it can drive more foot traffic than a Macy's these days.
  2. CLT2014

    Bridges at Mint Hill

    Carolina Place is pretty healthy too. It is a middle class rather than upscale / luxury mall, and Sears is a risk as an anchor, but it is about 95% occupied. The closed Macy's is being replaced by Dick's bring the anchor stores to Belk, JCPenny, Sears, Dillards, Dave and Busters, Barnes and Noble, REI, and Dicks. I think the entire first level has two open spots and the second level has 3.
  3. CLT2014

    Crescent Stonewall Station

    Looks like the vine is morning glory. Will be interesting to see if it dies in winter frost.
  4. CLT2014

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Ridership is measured by sensors at the entry door so it counts all riders, not just paid riders.
  5. CLT2014

    Sports in Charlotte

    I'd be surprised if Belk remains the sponsor with pe ownership. Also, with the game after Chrismtas and bank accounts exhausted after the holiday, I doubt they get much of a shopping boost due to sponsoring a bowl game on Dec 29. If the game was during the shopping season it might make more sense. Belk, Dollar General, and Camping World are currently the only title sponsors in the retail sector.
  6. CLT2014

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    Volaris is priced at $300 round trip on a nonstop to Guadalajara this winter. AA is priced at $603 for their nonstops. So unless AA changes their pricing, Volaris will likely go out full with local Charlotte residents traveling to see family in Mexico, while the American flight will have less than 5% local travelers and just be 95% connections from cities without a direct flight to Guadalajara like Raleigh, Greenville, Richmond, Columbia, etc... Now if AA lowered their price to $300, I'd say they are actually trying to drive Volaris off. In the meantime, it looks like Volaris is trying to win Charlotte fliers while AA is just leveraging our airport to connect people going to other cities and could care less about winning CLT based travelers.
  7. CLT2014

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    Bank of America doesn't even want you taking photos in the lobby of buildings they occupy. Snap a photo in the 1BAC lobby without permission and you'll have six security guards descending on you. BofA is not the primary tenant in any building with an observation tower nationwide and they've actually had landlords close them, such as in Dallas, in order to sign a big lease. A tall hotel or apartment is probably our best chance at an observation facility as many office tenants don't want their lobbies full of teenagers in shorts and tank tops looking to make out on the roof. Some of the buildings that have done it, have constructed their lobbies with dedicated entrances and elevators for the observation deck.
  8. CLT2014


    Blakeney is crawling is displaced New Yorkers who will be delighted.
  9. CLT2014

    New Hotels in/around Uptown

    Love this new roof top view. I'm sure a million other people will as well. Great hotel project. Finishes look good.
  10. CLT2014

    The River District

    Yeah I wouldn't be disappointed in vinyl, especially if done right. The houses at Riverwalk in Rock Hill for example look good and I like the front porches, architecture variance, garage in back, etc... those start in the $300's. You can pull off a decent looking $300,000 SFH, especially if you do reasonable square footage and not huge mcmansions.
  11. CLT2014

    The River District

    Only about half a mile of land will actually be on the water and Crescent has said it will all be public space for the Charlotte community to use. The River District is nice for branding, but the vast majority of their land holdings won't touch the river nor have a view of it due to geography. Riverwalk down in Rock Hill actually has more waterfront to use.
  12. CLT2014

    The River District

    Totally agree with you that it would be awesome to see upper middle class and affluent families chose the River District and public schools. My concern is the developer isn't going to see that as a feasible risk. Expensive and high quality housing in that area like the Palisades has struggled, with school assignments a major reason families end up leaving the Palisades for Fort Mill, Ballantyne, etc... Crescent either has to go all in with the most high quality incredible and unique housing to draw people out there at prices points over $350k. Otherwise it will be Berewick (which is fine, just nothing special).
  13. CLT2014

    The River District

    To be fair, most new build SFH's are pretty mediocre in most areas of the country (hence the rising popularity of renovating older homes with character in town nationwide). I just don't see families paying $600,000 for a home over in the River District with school assignments to West Meck High, hence the construction quality with match the price point for the location (like Berewick's entry level price point) and likely include vinyl, etc... Meanwhile Simonini will do a really high quality infill project in South Park or Myers Park, but a 2,500 square foot house will go for $1 million, so the quality will be a lot better.
  14. CLT2014

    The River District

    I feel like the SFH portion of the River District is going to end up a lot like Berrewick. Cookie cutter $300k homes with a faux brick or rock facade and then sides and back are vinyl. I'm sure they will sell out and it's good to have housing that is reasonably priced... I just dont think it's going to be pretty to look at.
  15. CLT2014

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    Stockholm doesn't have that much nonstop service to the USA, which isn't surprising as it is a metro of 2.3 million people and the entire country of Sweden has a population and GDP similar to Georgia. The only service currently is: LAX, Chicago, Newark, New York JFK, Oakland (seasonal), and Fort Lauderdale (all metros of over 6 million people and 3 are big hubs for United (to provide feed to Scandanavian Airlines). American doesn't serve Stockholm currently from any hub (would route you through Heathrow on British Airways). Electrolux would be a drop in the bucket for seats. A daily Scandanavian Airlines A330 seats 262 passengers. A daily flight would be 5,400 passengers a month one way. Let's say Electrolux and Husqvarna send 100 people from Charlotte to Sweden a month. That fills 1.9% of the available seats per month.....