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  1. Does the article mention where within the mall these are going?
  2. I think New York City is more likely than Charlotte. Of the 17 people on the operating committee, 10 (59%) are based in New York City, 2 are in Charlotte, and then there is 1 each in San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, Portland, and DC. The power of the company is very tilted to NYC now and it will seem odd to make an HQ announcement shift to a city like Charlotte that only has 2 senior leaders. They really have two options. Keep the SF hq in "name only" for history reasons / legacy or make an announcement that NYC is the HQ to align with reality. What would be weird is: "Press Release: We're moving the HQ in name to Charlotte, but everybody running the company is staying in New York because we don't want to live there." The media will start asking questions again about why the CEO doesn't live in the HQ city, especially if they make an announcement about it. He clearly wants to live in New York and wants the operating team there around him. Several of the former-SF based execs like Amanda Norton made the move to NYC (probably to keep their job / relevance).
  3. Plan was approved. Rezoning plans allow up to 330 units in a building 285 feet tall / 20+ stories. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/development/article250791819.html
  4. The Aloft is a mixed bag as the older one from a guest perspective. There are definitely better hotels Uptown now. On Marriott's own website it has some pretty awful reviews and only a 3.3 / 5.0 from ~550+ people on Marriott's website, with the main complaints recently being cleanliness, water pressure, the parking deck / bad valet / parking cost, and noise. Several reviews point out all the closed spots in Epicentre, but typically assume the blame is fully on COVID ("shame to see businesses closed around it due to COVID"). In addition to Marriott's own website it has a 4.0 from Google Reviews, 3.5 from TripAdvisor, a 4.0 from Expedia, and a 3.0 from Yelp.
  5. Northlake's location was supposed to strategically be the gateway mall to the affluent northern suburbs of Huntersville, Davidson, Cornelius, et. It only takes a few security incidents and the nightmare of the I-77 toll lane project dragging on for years to change shopping behaviors. The stores that wanted to tap into $100,000+ income households (like Pottery Barn) are closing up because the folks in Davidson, Cornelius et. just aren't going anymore. With Birkdale Village, online shopping, and boutiques in the lake suburbs it is a tough sell to convince a Cornelius country club mom with $20,000 to spend at Pottery Barn to go to Northlake when she's freaked out about a shooting on Facebook. The North Meck towns in general don't have a great relationship with the city from the Red Line to a general sense they are always outnumbered.
  6. The airport has released the draft environmental assessment that covered noise of the new fourth parallel 10,000 foot runway (that would replace the airport overlook). The plans also covered the expansion of Concourse B and C by 180,000 square feet each, adding 10-12 gates to each concourse. Construction on the runway to be complete by 2027 and the terminal expansion by 2028: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/article250721749.html https://www.airportprojects.net/clt-capacity-ea/documents-reports
  7. Growing the general population is a lot different than a city like Charlotte rapidly growing to be home to 7% of the nation's billionaires. We'd need to be adding 2 - 3 billionaires per year to catch SF or NY in 20 years. So far, Charlotte has 0 billionaires that list us as their primary residence.
  8. We are so so far from making this list that this doesn't make sense. Currently North Carolina as a whole only ranks #27 in this country for number of billionaires (just 3). Missouri, Oklahoma, Montana, Indiana, Arkansas, Wyoming, Arizona, et. all have more. We are probably more likely to get hit by an asteroid in the next 20 years than have 50 - 100 billionaires move to North Carolina.
  9. Where is gate A34? The north gates are A21 - A29 Seems like a glitch where the gate from DFW got populated as the gate at CLT as well.
  10. It is a former warehouse district without a master plan / master developer. The developers have been throwing up buildings faster than the city can keep pace with transforming the infrastructure in the neighborhood from warehouse / light industry -> residential / retail / office. The other challenge is how much public investment do you pump into making South End a "perfect paradise" for urban working professionals, when you have to share resources / tax dollars with a large sprawling city. Every neighborhood in Charlotte is clamoring for additional investments from new stoplights, sidewalks, greenways, parks, light rail stations, bus stops, trees, buried power lines, landscaping, libraries, et... Optically, when SouthEnd has public transit, the rail trail, art installations, restaurants, a new pocket park being built, et. it can be tough to argue the biggest problem pressing a city trying to address inequality is above ground powerlines in a neighborhood of singles / couples making $100,000+ per year roaming around going to breweries, dining out 4 nights per week, and taking the 4Runner TRD to the whitewater center. Hence things will trail on the public front because the private investment in SouthEnd is happening much much faster than public investments.
  11. Should be a nice relatively self-contained campus. There will be plenty of apartments on and off campus for the students and lower level employees within walking distance, a hotel for visitors, and luxury homes nearby in Myers Park, Dilworth, Eastover, et. for the academic staff to buy with their $250K+ salaries. An additional bridge would be welcome over Kenilworth and Little Sugar Creek connecting Pearl Street Park to Midtown. That way students / faculty could walk to Trader Joe's and restaurants in Midtown safely and have a more direct walk to the stores.
  12. The market share data is more an art than a science. I'd say the Lidl data is off for the Charlotte metro though and is too high. All those stores down in the 2 - 4% range could easily swap places based off margins of error.
  13. ^That store already opened and operated for about 1.5 years before failing and getting shut down.
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