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  1. I don't think our city fits the demographic profile Bloomingdale's looks for, especially given existing competition from Neiman and Nordstrom (only so many mass affluent to target in Charlotte). Currently, the tourist meccas of Orlando and Honolulu are the only locations in metro areas with less than 3 million people. The vast majority of their stores are concentrated in the mega metros. Bloomingdales isn't in multiple top 20 metro areas with more people than us including Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Seattle, Denver, Detroit, Minneapolis, et.
  2. Charlotte will host the 2022 ACC Baseball Championship at Truist Field again: https://theacc.com/news/2021/9/22/2022-acc-baseball-championship-returns-to-charlotte.aspx
  3. Well.... the pretty view of the Uptown skyline while walking on the southern portion of the rail trail was nice while it lasted.....
  4. The Department of Homeland Security had issued an advisory about the "risks" of people taking pictures of buildings. Many real estate firms and their sub-contracted nationwide security companies incorporate this into their policies nationwide. You can search complaints about this same issue and it happens in every single city across the country. You can take a photo from a public space, but the second you cross the line on to the private property... security guards can come up to you. Is it likely anything is going to happen.... No. But if it does, you can bet lawsuits will point back to that
  5. Macy's position in much of the Southeast has always struggled. They came to Charlotte by acquiring Hecht's, which was a level below the average Macy's and was a competitor to stores like Khol's. They slapped the Macy's name on former Hecht's stores.... but didn't do much else to try to introduce consumers to the brand. In markets like Charlotte, Macy's just never caught on for being premium to Belk or Dillards that understood Southern shoppers better. Macy's has struggled with this all over the country... acquiring different brands and never really figuring out how to merge them in other
  6. Some CATS updates: Average ridership per day was 1,283 on the Gold Line for first two days of ops CEO John Lewis is forecasting at least two years to reach the forecasted 4,100 passengers each weekday due to current work from home situation CATS ridership is still way off: Aug 2021 ridership was off 60% from August 2019, pre-pandemic. Ridership improved 10% from Aug 2020 though. https://www.wfae.org/business/2021-09-20/early-charltotte-streetcar-ridership-is-low-showing-challenges-of-covid-pandemic
  7. The "largest banking center" in the USA rankings is based on assets of banks headquartered in a city..... The top 4 banks in the country have the same amount of combined assets as the top 5 - 100 banks combined. Essentially any city that has Chase, BofA, Wells, or Citi as a headquarters is automatically a Top 4 banking city.... so really the ranking for Charlotte is just based on how big Bank of America is at the moment.... right now they are #2.... so Charlotte is #2. We sink or swim based on BofA on that ranking. Truist is a nice little bonus to have.... but they are only 18% the size
  8. I think the thing that makes everything confusing is there is lots of overlap between MUFG Americas and MUFG Union Bank. Most of the corporate support roles in IT, Risk, Audit, et... don't work for MUFG Union, but for MUFG Americas.... however their day job is doing an audit of MUFG Union Bank. Essentially the way the company is structured is Revenue producing employees of MUFG Union like Sales, Bankers, Customer Service, et. work for the MUFG Union Bank division whereas all overhead roles are centralized under MUFG Americas, despite their day job supporting Union Bank. You can't get a job as
  9. MUFG recruiting is going to be rough in this interim phase. 124 job openings in Charlotte.... but who knows how many will be eliminated when the merger closes. MUFG jobs in Charlotte have tended to be in technology, but I expect much of the US Bank infrastructure will win out as the larger bank and we may see a down-sizing for a bit in Charlotte. US Bank's press release went even so far to say that US Bank will be able to bring their superior technology to Union Bank customers. Given US Bank is fully merging Union Bank into the US Bank brand, corporate layoffs will likely come a bit faster tha
  10. Charlotte is a nice corporate hub for Ally to recruit for IT, corporate support positions, and deposits, but the two most important revenue generating divisions of Ally are still largely based in Detroit. Auto and Insurance generate 87% of pre-tax income. The executives for those two divisions are based in Detroit and their teams are based there (as well as job openings in those groups). The leadership team isn't going to hurt morale for the people responsible for 87% of the company's income by moving the HQ to the corporate support site for overhead roles.
  11. I believe most of the Allstate positions at the RailYard were in the IT department, which Allstate is largely moving to permanent remote work nationwide. Of their 149 job openings nationwide in IT, 120 are permanent remote positions.
  12. Atlanta Police Department only has jurisdiction in the city limits of Atlanta, which has a population of only 488,800 (only about ~54% the population size of CMPD patrol territory in Charlotte). The other poster was saying 157 is very incorrect to apply to the metro area. There are way more than 157 murders in the Atlanta metro area when you include all the suburban cities that surround it. CMPD is a county police by statute, so does have jurisdiction in Pineville, Huntersville, Mint Hill, Matthews, et... despite those cities having their own city-level police force. CMPD does not patrol
  13. Government salaries are all public down to the individual: https://data.charlottenc.gov/datasets/2eaeb9bbc40c4bc6816170ba08e71021/explore?filters=eyJKb2JfVGl0bGUiOlsiUmFpbCBPcGVyYXRvciJdfQ%3D%3D The range for the rail operators looks to be $49,500 - $62,000 annually. Hourly rages for this job are more than double private sector jobs like being a shuttle driver for an airport hotel. Rail operators minimum requirements are a high school diploma, experience with the public, and experience operating a vehicle. Extra points go to candidates with experience specifically in public transit
  14. Why bother running it at all? Do we need to in order to keep the Federal funding? Drive time right now from Charlotte to Statesville: 41 miles, 40 minutes Max time right now to ride a train a maximum of 4 miles: 40 minute wait + 25 minute ride time = 65 minutes Hopefully this is just temporary. If they have constraints for operators.... why are there no job postings for that role on the city website? There are a couple of other CATS roles posted, but none for a rail operator.
  15. Heard that Allspring Global Investments (the successor to Wells Fargo Asset Management post sale) is going into Vantage for Charlotte-based employees. Not sure though. Source could be wrong.
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