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  1. CLT2014

    Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    Plenty of other cities have a rather narrow gap between the posts and the lanes. My guess is driver's inability to stay in their lane will reverse once the construction distraction is done. Southern California: Washington DC: Miami:
  2. The loop at the airport is 2.2 miles so it would likely add more like 7 - 8 minutes to the commute to Gaston County, especially given the sharp turns into the airport would likely reduce operating speed in that segment to an average of 15 - 20 mph (might be even slower, the turns are pretty sharp). That 7 - 8 minutes could be enough to push people into their cars for commuting. Here is BART in the SF Bay Area as a statistical comparison: -San Francisco Airport Station: 6,302 daily boardings San Francisco Airport station ranks 29th in boardings out of the 48 stations served by BART. At SFO, BART is capturing 11% of people that arrive/depart from the airport (based on 2014 stats) after private vehicles and rental cars. It is worth noting that SFO Airport has roughly 3.5 times the amount of passengers that begin/end their trip there compared to Charlotte (where most of our passengers our connecting).
  3. CLT2014

    Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    Very popular vantage for pics of the city. Great advertising for them, but I hate to see how big and prominate it will at that angle.
  4. The price point of Moxy Hotel rooms makes it acceptable to have a "B" location. They will be a closer walk to the center of the city than the other hotels competing in their market segment (Hampton Inn, Hyatt Place, Hyatt House, Hilton Garden Inn) so they probably found the trade off worth it. Especially since they expect their guests to spend most of their time out of their room exploring (hence the small square footage). Brands like JW Marriott, Hyatt Regency, Westin, etc... would probably not be interested in a "B" location like this, hence hotels in the full service segment are concentrated on Church St, Tryon St, or College St. The Sheraton and Le Meridien are complete outliers, and the reviews for those hotels reflect guest's disappointment of the location for the price point. Not really sure why anybody would pick those hotels...
  5. CLT2014

    The State of Higher Education in Charlotte

    He makes a great point that attracting physicians to a metro area is more likely to happen after residency programs. Making more slots available at Charlotte hospitals for residency programs will go further to attracting talent and keep that talent in the community. Most students disperse from medical school, never to return to campus, and settle down where they land their residency. The money for a med school could do so much more for improving the undergrad / grad STEM degrees and making UNCC a more competitive school for admissions, thus lifting the prestige of the degree.
  6. They just need $8 billion, then it will all work.
  7. They might have decided to increase the percentage of tiny dorm style rooms in the room mix and eliminated some standard sized guest rooms.
  8. Updated renderings of the Moxy Hotel at 15 stories and no pink. 206 rooms and a 2021 opening.
  9. CLT2014

    The Good News Report

    Very nice addition to that side of town. I'm sure it will do extremely well, especially at lunch. Any idea which spot is vacant that they will be occupying? Probably in that alley way between the Mint Museum?
  10. Deloitte is indeed Ally's auditor.
  11. I wonder if the crown's default will be Ally's purple or pink color scheme. Could be a nice interesting add to the skyline rather than just white light.
  12. CLT2014

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    Any timeline for when the signaled intersection will be created and the lanes re-striped at the parking garage entrance? Still too early for that work to begin?
  13. CLT2014

    Charlotte Off Topic

    Yelp nationwide is largely full of egotistical crazy people. "I paid a lot of money for a cheeseburger and we got cocktails at this like overrated hamburger bar and like I felt like the service was like SO RUDE, like the waitress forgot to ask if we wanted a third round of drinks and like we didn't tell her we did, we expect her to like know to ask us. I'm like totally giving this 2 stars. Also I'm like a VIP on Yelp so my thoughts really matter."
  14. If the lot was free without validation, office workers would quickly identify this as free parking and fill all of the spots. People visiting restaurants and doing errands in Uptown would use the lot as well. Hence validation is a very typical set up at urban grocery stores with parking. You just bring the ticket inside for validation. The Whole Foods employees typically ask if you need validation, but they must have forgot during your sale.
  15. CLT2014

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    Completely agree. Being off busy South Blvd also acts as a wall from the apartments on the other side of the street. I have friends that live in Colonial Reserve literally right across the street from Harris Teeter that fire up the Jeep to drive 110 feet to get their groceries. Often it is a further walk to the car from the front door of the store, but they feel safer doing it that way......