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  1. We gained a Fortune 500 headquarters out of one merger (the new Truist). Other than that, I don't believe too many major players in Charlotte have been impacted thus far. Credit Karma has a relatively small niche office in Charlotte and will be gobbled up by Intuit. The broker mergers have been among companies without a big CLT employment base.
  2. Is the city allowed to restrict retail down to the individual store? So if a building has ground floor retail, can they tell a property owner they can't lease to certain retail uses? I.E. "No you can't lease to the FedEx store, but if you find a clothing store that's fine." What if the FedEx store can pay more in rent than the clothing store? Does the city have to subsidize it?
  3. ^ Grab a bag a popcorn and watch people scratch their Audi on the temp diving wall with the narrow lanes they've created. It is good fun.
  4. Rea Farms Village Harris Teeter is looking to add a fuel center. Permit submitted.
  5. This announcement might explain Ally's lease increase. I'd guess many of these jobs end up in Charlotte. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/ally-financial-announces-agreement-to-acquire-cardworks-301007099.html
  6. This site plan doesn't look like the renderings released by the architects. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2020/01/31/renderings-take-a-look-at-phase-one-of-the-colony.html
  7. All their Charlotte area stores are already shut down. They had ~11 stores in the Charlotte market, including at Northlake Mall and Carolina Place, prior to closing.
  8. With amenities this exciting, I might just venture into Uptown tonight. It now has a US Bank AND a Chase Bank Branch. Gotta make some ATM withdrawls.
  9. Anybody check it out last night? There must be a good amount of installations to stretch it over a mile long.
  10. How do right turns for cars work with these bus lanes?
  11. SEA - Bangalore is likely a corporate contract move for Alaska and AA to secure relationships with Amazon, etc... Amazon has a massive facility in Bangalore and was directly cited by AA as a company that wanted nonstop service. There's 1,363 job openings for Amazon in Bangalore right now (the second most job openings in the company outside Seattle).
  12. Got it. Good insight! Thank you! If Alaska comes, hopefully they can get some common use gate space on D or something so passengers don't have to run from A-North to the E-Concourse if connecting to AA.
  13. All of these plants are going to get toasted by a hard freeze.
  14. This might make it less likely IMO. The benefits of code sharing is you can extend your reach / destinations without having to fly to a destination with your own plane. Alaska passengers based in Seattle and Portland will now have full access to Charlotte as a destination and the ability to connect through Charlotte, with Alaska not having to take the cost on of hiring gate agents, ramp crew, a gate lease, check in counter space, et... to get their frequent fliers here. They also won't have to tie up their own plane on a 5.5 hour flight. Instead American can take on that burden for them, while Alaska takes on the burden of covering destinations in the West that American doesn't serve. I could see American increasing frequency though from 3 flights per day to SEA to 5 flights per day and bumping Portland up to 2 times per day from 1. American already has employees in both Seattle and Charlotte, so a few more flights per day would just increase utilization of those assets (gates, check in counters, ramp crew, et.) in Seattle.
  15. Nashville had a show named after it that ran for 4 years on ABC. That kind of exposure greatly increased its reputation as the country music capital and is invaluable in branding / recognition and very few mid-size cities are the main setting for a TV show. TV made Orange County (with the show "The OC") more well known than many mid-size cities and Pawnee, Indiana isn't even a real place but would be more recognized than real cities. The momentum of "Nashville" could continue if the Broadway musical being developed takes off. https://www.forbes.com/sites/brittanyhodak/2015/10/28/the-real-life-impact-of-abcs-nashville/#85f16ff1e2d1 "A tourism study last year found nearly 1 in 5 Nashville visitors who were viewers of the show cited the show as a motivating factor in their decision to vacation in Music City. Viewers also reportedly stayed longer and spent 23% more money while in town. With several Nashville-themed tours and activity guides - including a four-day, three-night tour package dreamed up by ABC’s parent company Disney - it’s not difficult for TV fans to immerse themselves in the world of Rayna Jaymes, Deacon Claybourne and Juliette Barnes."
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