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  1. It is likely due to the city bus system not connecting people efficiently between where they work and live. In many of the neighborhoods where people are most likely to use transit, they are scrapping money together to buy a car because the bus system is unreliable and doesn't get to where they work on-time. In addition, people that were dependent on transit have been pushed out of neighborhoods closer to the city center due to rising housing costs and forced to buy a car to live at their suburban apartment building with cheaper rent. They are then replaced in the city center area that has more bus routes by a person making $100,000 a year, owns a car, and only use the light rail for getting home on a Friday night after drinking, but still drive their BMW 3 series to work to look cool.
  2. Would a modest fare increase be enough to make up the gap or would that just drive people into cars?
  3. CLT2014

    Amazon HQ2

    IMO, when you are looking at building a campus with 50,000 people at peak build out, you need a large metro area, not a mid-size one. Amazon has outgrown the Seattle metro, which has 3.7 million people. I'll be surprised if they pick a metro much smaller than Seattle because they will run into the same issues with having to largely recruit outside of the metro area to fill vacant positions. And while Raleigh has a highly educated population, it is still tiny and raw numbers matter just as much as percentages. There are only ~563,000 people in the ENTIRE Triangle area with a Bachelor degree or higher. Compare that to the Dallas-Fort Worth area has 520,000 people just with a Graduate degree or higher and over 1 million more people than the Triangle with a Bachelor degree or higher. The Seattle area, where Amazon still has to search from numerous other states (especially California) to source talent, has 1.18 million people with a bachelor degree or higher, which is about twice the amount as the Triangle. This is a company that BURNS through people and they have high turnover. All 563,000 bachelor degree or higher degree holders in the Triangle aren't going to be qualified for Amazon and many work in industries outside tech. IMO, there just won't be enough bodies to keep the machine going until the area reaches more than 3 million people. To put size in perspective, today's population of the Triangle is right around the same population as the Seattle metro in 1980, 38 years ago.
  4. CLT2014

    Metropolitan, Midtown Redevelopment

    Now that Belk is owned by a private equity firm, I think the chances of an Uptown store are less likely than the past. I think it will hapoen eventually, but Belk is probably going to be a follower and not a leader into Uptown. Their new owners seem more focused on e-commerce investments and preparing Belk for a sale / IPO down the road. Belk management will have to weigh the opportunity cost of a store in Uptown versus other investments and justify the ROI. That's the only way their bosses at the firm will view things and the sentiment of doing something for the community won't be a strong selling point to out of town private equity.
  5. CLT2014

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    Picked a relative up at the airport late last night and the new walkway to A North looks great at night. Totally transforms the evening approach. The terminal walkway was red, white, and blue for the holiday with the exterior lighting in vertical bars going in the wave pattern shown in the daytime pic. Will try to get a pic next tme. I wasn't expecting it to be lit.
  6. CLT2014

    Metropolitan, Midtown Redevelopment

    It would be nice to get a more interesting tenant in there. Staples is a dying breed and with Target across the street and Best Buy downstairs, many of the electronic or paper goods people are looking for can easily be found elsewhere.
  7. CLT2014

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    Looking forward to renderings. Good to hear it won't be a solid block and will have a plaza.
  8. CLT2014

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    From the airport Facebook page. Looks like moving companies are starting to bring in equipment and food service vendors are arriving.
  9. CLT2014

    Charlotte Off Topic

    You are in the center of the city. Traffic is at its worst on the major commuting routes out to the DC suburbs. I-66 out to Centreville is a bad route. I-395 from the Thomas Jefferson Memorial out to the suburbs is a bad route. Most of the I-495 loop is a nightmare. George Washington Memorial Parkway is usually a parking lot in the evening rush hour, especially around Arlington. On the Maryland side, the Baltimore Washington Parkway is a rough route 29 is rough and I-270 to Gaithersburg is stop and go. DC Metro has been posting big ridership declines. Their operating problems have lost loyalty and people have found other ways to get to work on time.
  10. CLT2014

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    I believe Exile meant the Check-In/Baggage Claim terminal is much bigger in Orlando. CLT is a big airport in the actual concourses / gate area, but we have a relatively small check in area and baggage claim as Orlando has more travelers beginning / ending their trip at MCO. MCO actually ranks #4 among airports nationwide for Origin/Departing traffic (non-connecting), just behind Chicago-O'Hare and just ahead of New York-La Guardia, requiring a much larger check in area and more TSA checkpoints, more baggage claim, more roads for drop off, etc.... than CLT where 80% of passengers are connecting between planes and never even see baggage claim / TSA checkpoints, airline check-in, etc.... This makes sense though as CLT is a big connecting hub and MCO is a destination for leisure travel to the amusement parks and resorts. Las Vegas ranks #2 for Origin/Depart travel and is also a big leisure destination.
  11. CLT2014

    Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    There is a portion where you can see the train in the Upper Grand Hall. See minute 23:44 of the YouTube link where the train looks into the convention center: This link shows the other side of the train's view also into the Grand Hall while a convention is going on at minute mark 33:30: The rest of the corridor is enclosed though because the view would just be of service corridors that wouldn't be attractive to look at (see page 3): CCC Floorplan_0.pdf
  12. CLT2014

    Charlotte Photo of the Day
  13. CLT2014

    509 South Tryon | Possible Duke Energy Tower

    Any impact to this potential project due to the state rejecting Duke's rate hike request or would this not be impacted and they need space regardless: "A state regulator on Friday rejected Duke Energy’s request to raise customers rates in Charlotte, ordering it instead to cut those rates."
  14. CLT2014

    Crescent Stonewall Station

    I'm SO excited the artwork is going around the other corner as well
  15. CLT2014

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    Vice versa, we would probably have just one or two flights daily to Europe without a hub, even in summer.