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  1. It will be Lidl only. A site plan was shared a while back and from standing on South Blvd, you can expect the building on the right side of the lot and the parking lot / driveway to the left going the depth of the property back to Weston Street where there is an alternate driveway.
  2. Portal 123 will basically be another Museum of Illusions. So Charlotte will have two actual art museums Uptown and TWO museums to post pictures on social media! #Culture Example of previous Portal 123 Museum exhibit:
  3. Absolutely terrible tragedy caused by selfish and irresponsible behavior. Re: Speed Cameras ; I don't think a person driving under the influence is going to slow down for a speed camera. Responsibility and logic goes out the window. Drunk drivers can't even follow basic actions like staying in their lane, stopping at stop signs, following light signals, et... The problem is so bad in this country given the amount of people with drinking problems that having breathalyzers required to start a vehicle should be a requirement. Drunk driving impacts all of us, including sober people... so the inconvenience of needing to use a breathalyzer to start a car would be possibly offset by less drunks behind the wheel of a car.
  4. RIP to the predecessor on the lot at 9th and Pecan. A sign of the times... the friendly front porch replaced by the private 3rd level balcony.
  5. Seeing the Blue Line on Google Maps like that shows the sobering reality of how little of Charlotte is walking distance to a station.... and how many nodes will indefinitely be car dependent even if the Silver Line is built.
  6. +61% myself. Relatively close to the average so should not be an insane tax hike. I feel bad for some of the crescent neighborhoods though that are low-to-moderate income and are set to get some big property tax increases.
  7. Other wildcard how Zara will fit.... Macy's could finally be leaving SouthPark Mall (they've largely given up on competing here) and one level of their building becomes Zara and the other becomes available to another tenant or expansion space.
  8. A mall expansion for a 20,000+ square foot Zara in one of these two locations could make sense:
  9. What are we going to complain about now. Exciting news! I wonder where the Zara is going to go in the mall? Perhaps the old Microsoft store location (doesn't seem big enough though). I don't see any large vacancies on the mall map.
  10. What are the steps needed to make CATS a regional authority? Is a vote needed at the county level to form it or can government form it without a vote?
  11. This explains why the Admirals Club fire upgrades didn't improve anything else in the lounge during the closure. Great news to see this much needed upgrade for loyal AA flyers.
  12. There is a small SVB Securities office in Charlotte already (~12,000 sq. feet), but the big job expansion announced in January was for SVB Bank. The 96 job postings in the Charlotte market are largely for SVB Bank as well. SVB Securities will end up a stand alone company or absorbed into another company that purchases it. Taking a look at LinkedIn, 90 people tag their employment to Silicon Valley Bank in Charlotte while 42 tag their employment to SVB Securities.
  13. Looking awesome! I love the canopy. Will be a huge improvement on rainy days to not start your flight drying off and feeling wet.
  14. That was fast. So much for those jobs coming here.
  15. Agree... did they hire a 12 year old playing Minecraft to design this?
  16. Will be interesting to see what comes of this office and SVB in the coming days or weeks given the news. Definitely one to watch.
  17. The Phoenix market ranked #1 in growth and has the strongest value prop for recruiting Southern California tech workers. The weather is hotter in the summer, but is still dry like inland SoCal residents are accustomed to versus our humidity. Unlike our winters, it doesn't get cold or very wet in Phoenix (something else SoCal residents are not accustomed to). Phoenix has stronger cultural ties to So Cal and for transplants that are leaving family and friends, it is just a short 1 hour flight or 5 hour drive to visit versus a 5 hour flight / 3 time zone change. I've definitely seen more ex-SoCal residents like myself make it out here, but we are definitely a minority on the transplant side versus inner-South transplants, Northeast, and Midwest. If you grew up out west, the distance alone can just be hard if you still have ties out there. The value prop is real though on the expense side here. SoCal tech salaries aren't high enough to make up for starter homes starting around $1 million. Everything seemed more manageable until throwing kids in the mix and then life in SoCal gets hard if you don't inherit property or make $300,000+.
  18. Dublin Frankurt London (x3) Madrid Munich Paris Rome
  19. Proposed greenway expenditures may be rolled back as the County weighs how much debt and tax hikes residents can handle per this article. Would be unfortunate. CMS wants $3 billion to renovate schools The County wants $2.6 billion for greenways, parks, libraries, and Latta Place Total = $5.6 billion Doesn't include potential tax hikes needed for transit expansion. The county's CFO has said the recommended top end is $2.5 billion for CMS and $750 million for the county projects. The only school bond amount that doesn't require about 10 years of tax increases would be a $1 billion CMS bond. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/politics-government/article272840810.html#storylink=mainstage_lead
  20. ^Just being honest, but I think people are tired of hearing about Washington DC a lot on a Charlotte board. Tons of threads are now having comparisons to DC or comments on what DC is doing...
  21. I wouldn't hate if this turned into a second residential tower due to a soft office market. We don't need a gazillion spots any more for people to sit at a desk from 8am to 5pm just 3 days per week.
  22. ^edit based on above edit
  23. Hopefully the homes get high quality hardiboard and not vinyl. The housing styles and architecture looks very similar to the River Walk in Rock Hill.
  24. Did Publix purchase the old Bank of America branch at the corner of Carmel and 51 as well? That building is currently being demo'd inside.
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