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  1. bluebright1

    Premier Apartments (Completed)

    Stopped by today, core forms are up to 8 and it's going to gain presence as the floors catch up,hopefully the Hampton inn will look good right across the street too.
  2. i want a 600-700 ft building here so bad
  3. bluebright1

    Hilton Norfolk at The Main

    Norfolk needs a new icon in downtown, this architecturally speaking screams that, the height however doesn't .last time i was down there it was the wine fest and they didn't have a bit of cladding up but i'm liking it so far.
  4. bluebright1

    Premier Apartments (Completed)

    i wish man...that sounds very cheap though,if only the budget was even 80 million.i'd like to see a glass curtain personally, doubt it though.where is the meeting tomorrow?
  5. bluebright1

    Premier Apartments (Completed)

    well having a bit of experience myself with projects like this,lets think.we have a small plot to work with and portions of the block will be used to house the other portions of the project, leaving a small footprint for the tower. we have 100 units and say they start 5 floors up and they squeeze four units per floor we could see could see a 30 floor building here. but watch it be like 25. even with that and some design elements i think we'll be in the 300-350ft range