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  1. They would have to be offered some kind of pile of cash to pushed out of there. They have one of the best locations in the city and longterm they could probably make more money selling beer than what the property is worth. Just depends on how committed to longterm they are. Money always talks.
  2. Atlanta uses the shoulder in some areas of 85. It's only open during peak rush hour and does not go far. Hard to know how well it works since Atlanta traffic is a nightmare no matter how you look at it.
  3. NC State continues to push the envelope for modern state funded buildings... That's a good and bad thing. The new buildings look amazing and the old ones look like Soviet monuments. UNC Charlotte has some similar building such as Burson and Colvard which are just kinda weird. Burson is hell hole but won awards when it was constructed.
  4. A Krispy Kreme beside UNC Charlotte would be amazing especially if it had a 24 hour window like the one on stradford in Winston. Kids would be there at all hours of the night.
  5. Agreed, its the perfect location for MLS in Charlotte. Uptown views, area for local businesses, and the extended Gold Line. That being said if Tepper has been to a Atlanta United game I'm sure he wants 75k crazy soccer fans jammed into a renovated BOA because that screams more money. A lot of the time that's what these owners are after.
  6. As far as I know several stations have already been extended. When Cats can find the money they will go ahead and extend the rest of them. Shouldn't be that difficult for them to get it done. They just have bigger fish to fry right now.
  7. One of the few items I would have like to see kept.. Oh well the new building should be fairly nice. Still not the most impressive thing ever for the price being payed. It is one of the worst areas of campus though so I'm glad they're cleaning it up. Also for the record screw PATS the Nazis of UNC Charlotte.
  8. Did they whip that map up on Microsoft paint? I mean this could potentially be a several billion dollar project and this is what some guy came up with ....
  9. That is what I'm referring to. I've seen trains up in Mooresville and just south of that at one of the plants. guessing they just aren't sending anything in between?
  10. Anyone know why the tracks going North past Cornelius are closed and at least in one area destroyed? I thought Norfolk Southern still operated in Mooresville?
  11. Yeah the 704 shop will be fine, they don't have a ton of people in there during the day but they make a ton of online sales. I've been told they frequently sell out online before a product ever hits the floor in the store.
  12. Haven't been over here in a bit... Looks like RDF is about to drop some fire in as always! It will be awesome to have the Levine side of town finally get some more stuff moving.
  13. I think it has a fair amount of character! I'm excited to see how it turns out even if its not the prettiest building in Charlotte it will be different.
  14. Hate that Krispy Kreme is here now.. Winston company to the core.
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