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  1. My first thought driving by today is that it looked like rebar, which doesn't make any sense for a sidewalk. I think you are right that they will be heated.
  2. https://t.co/QThmcsqNUU a current tenant posted pics of his studio and some of the common areas. He (I think it’s a he) says all of the studios are on the 8th floor and are all rented (more than 100 units), and that all of the 1-bedrooms are rented too. They are still finishing the upper floors. Looks like a really cheap apartment, but the amenities sure seem nice. I can see why folks are renting there in spite of the novelty. What will be telling is how well they keep up these amenities. Do they let the common room couches wear down/out? Do they repair their arcade games? Do they replace the giant jenga when pieces get thrown off the roof?
  3. It makes sense to me. First of all, as a standalone, I love the design. Not that I know much about architecture, but its big, bold, and I like it. But as it relates to the location, having the main entrance being primarily accessible from the parking ramp makes perfect sense. Almost all of the users and visitors of that building will be driving and parking in that ramp (correct me if i'm wrong). Why make them trek all the way around a huge building to get inside? Or, if using a back entrance or skywalk, why have a huge bold statement entrance that nobody is going to use? I highly doubt there will be convention goers /postal workers/Rowe residents who will just happen to decide to wander into the Innovation Hub. Now I can understand the argument about folks there leaving on foot for lunch, but that is just not a pedestrian driven or entertainment/leisure destination. As has been discussed for a while, this part of Michigan is meant to move cars more than anything, and that won't change with the 196 on/off ramps right at the corner. Unless/until Monroe/Calder Plaza turn into such a spot, I don't see any reason not to cater to your "audience" or "customers" with the design here, which of course will be folks parking in the garage and walking in across the "plaza" to enter this building. And its not like the Michigan side will be a bunker-wall like the Press building was.
  4. I thought I saw a new sign up at this space today. Anybody know what (if anything) is happening there?
  5. Its also been found to hinder, rather than enhance both efficiency and interpersonal communication throughout the work day. People in "open concept" work spaces are more likely to use email than seek somebody out for face-to-face or telephone communication. "Overall, face-to-face time decreased by around 70 percent across the participating employees, on average, with email use increasing by between 22 percent and 50 percent (depending on the estimation method used)," says the British Psychological Society Research Digest blog, summing up the results." https://www.inc.com/jessica-stillman/new-harvard-study-you-open-plan-office-is-making-your-team-less-collaborative.html Google "open office workspace" The entire first page is articles commenting on their failure. (I occurs to me that google algorithms manipulate the results, but I think the jury has come in on the issue).
  6. Did not know this would involve a “tower” crane. (Unless I’m completely missing something here)
  7. A question I had when reading the mlive piece, was the study about the impact of publicly funded hotels, they mentioned the "off season." Is there really an off season for convention traffic? Sure seems like we have events all year (and looking at the De Vos Place calendar, that appears to be the case)
  8. That was a well-written piece. It sounds like the people involved are taking great care to project how conservative and analytical their approach and analysis is. So many people, especially in a conservative region like ours have a knee-jerk reaction to public enterprise = bad/boondoggle/destined to fail. Personally, I think the track record of the CAA has earned it the benefit of the doubt.
  9. Is there anything to that area in the bottom left of the 131 under construction photo? It looks like a horseshoe bowl of a football stadium, but the "field" area is a parking lot. Can't get enough of these "then and now" comparisons
  10. My first reaction to reading the proposal was "woof, that is going to make gas really expensive." But then I swallowed hard and admitted that, yeah, if we want to have nice things, we'll have to pay for them somehow, and its going to cost a lot no matter where the revenue comes from. Then I also realized, that virtually nothing in Whitmer's proposed budget will be adopted by the legislature. She is putting pressure on them to set for their own alternative ideas for funding our roads. Will be interesting to see what (if anything) they come up with.
  11. It does have the impact of increasing the MSA by about 5K though, right? What is more important for the City's purposes, the MSA or CSA?
  12. So there is actually incentive to leave empty and blank store-fronts on new developments? Seems like a policy that should be re-examined, like maybe a sunset on the tax benefits as applied to the retail space after so many months or years.
  13. Crinzema, did that study account for existing occupancy rates in those markets? I am not being snarky, I just don't have the time or interest to read that study in detail, but I think that is an important question and might distinguish GR from the other markets that were scrutinized. I would also be interested in seeing whether the convention situations were similar in that an additional hotel was needed to secure more and larger conventions. Again, having not read that study, it just feels like it is not apples to apples. On the other hand, if there are not factors that make Grand Rapids unique and more likely to succeed in "raising all boats", then those findings should give everybody pause.
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