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  1. For some reason it looks much taller to me from that vantage point that the view from Monroe.
  2. Thanks for the response. I figured it might be a labor issue. I guess I hadn't heard much about continuing supply chain issues for a while now, other than the semiconductors.
  3. Anybody have a clue what is going on here? I swear there hasn't been any activity on it since June when they tore up the "rings". Such a shame to have that space and Relax at Rosa go unused all summer, and likely for Art Prize, when its just sitting there untouched....for months...
  4. Looks like it is still owned and operated by Live Nation. GLC just bought the naming rights.
  5. Plus, it comes with free parking and its super convenient to get to both downtown and the Grandville shopping. Doesn't surprise me either.
  6. So this is just another iteration of Wyoming's "28 West", right?
  7. That looks fantastic. For as small as it is, it would make the airport feel much more state of the art. Looking forward to the day when we can return to a busy airport with no masks!
  8. I was thinking exactly along these lines. I like the ring of "Old Kent" best, but can't fault the org for selling naming rights. I mostly just call it "the Ballpark" anyway.
  9. I get 5G on verizon frequently around town, although I admit, I'm not actively looking whether I'm getting the signal or not. I see the cell stations on telephone poles here and there too around town, of course not knowing which carrier they broadcast.
  10. Cooley-GR has only 100 students enrolled right now, compared to 700 a decade ago. Lots of economic reasons for the surge in enrollment during the great recession, and lots of reasons law school enrollment has trended down since. But, especially at a school like Cooley, there is a lot more information/education for prospective students on job prospects and bar passage rates. At $45K/year tuition, that is a disastrous (and non-dischargeable) investment for the overwhelming majority of students.
  11. I think the worry is if property values go up, landlords may cash in on the new equity, and a new landlord may raise rents and displace long-time residents. I know that would worry me if I was renting and living on a modest income without the ability to pay higher rent. For the record, I have NO idea what the ownership rate is in that neighborhood, but it is a legitimate concern. On balance, however, if this comes to fruition, it would be great for that neighborhood. Maybe it could even be a catalyst for some development at Hall & Giddings, and make the Hall St Bakery not seem as
  12. It was open Saturday afternoon when I drove by. I wonder why they closed it again?
  13. I was just in the 5/3 building today. The bank branch is still open and operating. I love retail getting added there, and the stairs to the plaza level halfway up the block. Nice to see another bunker-wall bite the dust.
  14. This is exactly my read on it as well. It would not be hard for anybody to emulate the decor and menu at Anna's House--they just have to eat there one time to understand the concept. The allegations go deeper than that. Whether they are true or not, or more importantly, whether they can be proven or not, remains to be seen. I would add, that Silver & Van Essen is a very highly regarded boutique commercial litigation shop. I do not believe they would be inclined to take and pursue this case without some documentary evidence to support the claim. Judge Yates is also a very good judg
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