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  1. discgrab21

    Population Growth

    It does have the impact of increasing the MSA by about 5K though, right? What is more important for the City's purposes, the MSA or CSA?
  2. Zellar's would be the next-closest I think
  3. discgrab21

    The State of Downtown Grand Rapids Retail

    Gotcha, thanks for clarifying
  4. discgrab21

    The State of Downtown Grand Rapids Retail

    So there is actually incentive to leave empty and blank store-fronts on new developments? Seems like a policy that should be re-examined, like maybe a sunset on the tax benefits as applied to the retail space after so many months or years.
  5. discgrab21

    Proposed 400 room Hotel at Devos Place

    Crinzema, did that study account for existing occupancy rates in those markets? I am not being snarky, I just don't have the time or interest to read that study in detail, but I think that is an important question and might distinguish GR from the other markets that were scrutinized. I would also be interested in seeing whether the convention situations were similar in that an additional hotel was needed to secure more and larger conventions. Again, having not read that study, it just feels like it is not apples to apples. On the other hand, if there are not factors that make Grand Rapids unique and more likely to succeed in "raising all boats", then those findings should give everybody pause.
  6. This article gives a good rundown of the options under consideration. There is an online survey through December 21, and a public hearing on Thursday at 8am, for those who wish to share their opinions. https://www.grbj.com/articles/92176-city-parking-survey-raises-some-questions
  7. The city could also ban overnight parking in those locations
  8. discgrab21

    Grandville Castle Apartments

    Those actually are granite counters, and they also have in-unit W/D which is a pretty big amenity. And onsite parking. The plumbing finishes and door hardware are contemporary. Really, if the only change they made was white MDF trim (a cheap building material), I am guessing most would be singing a different tune about the aesthetic (the drawer handles on the upper cabinets is a curious choice though). The views from the upper floors are going to be incredible judging by how visible it is from any SW facing window in a downtown mid-rise. The amenities seem attractive (though the "lake access" is a bit of a stretch). We will see how these rent, but I think so much of the hate is from bias against the overall concept.
  9. discgrab21

    New projects in Monroe North

    I know the GRSSC does broomball at RPC. Maybe they will move over to the Monroe North lot?
  10. discgrab21

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    And I would think it would be a small fraction to implement on 196. Such a short stretch, and would not need to employ the flex speed limits either.
  11. discgrab21

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    Seems like if they don't want to make it a dedicated exit lane, they could flex it like on US-23 north of Ann Arbor. I have driven that stretch several times, both when the flex lane is open and closed, it makes a huge difference for traffic. It couldn't be very expensive to do that for the approximate 1 mile between the lane ave exit and the 131 interchange.
  12. discgrab21

    Grand Rapids Then and Now

    That' a pretty good guess. Looks like they are doing site prep work for plaza towers which started construction in September 1988. Its amazing how tall 12-stories looks in this photo (99 Monroe). Also cool to see the RR tracks on the not-so-blue bridge.
  13. discgrab21

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    Milwaukee utilizes metering for its exrpessway on ramps. Is that something that would help with rush-hour congestion, or are we still just dealing with too much volume with too few lanes? Anybody know how expensive it is to install and operate meter systems?
  14. discgrab21

    Amazon looking to build in GR metro

    Amazon announced today that it's new minimum wage for US Workers will be $15/hr. According to Indeed, the average warehouse worker in GR earns $12.18 /hr. Gotta think with such short labor supply, this will put pressure on other employers to compete and drive up wages.
  15. discgrab21


    Hideout Brewery is for sale. Always seemed to be in a challenging location to me, and competition is obviously fierce, especially with Hopcat and Creston being close by. I liked their beers okay. I really liked the beer garden https://www.woodtv.com/news/grand-rapids/the-hideout-brewing-company-for-sale-in-gr/1474962574