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  1. discgrab21

    New projects in Monroe North

    I know the GRSSC does broomball at RPC. Maybe they will move over to the Monroe North lot?
  2. discgrab21

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    And I would think it would be a small fraction to implement on 196. Such a short stretch, and would not need to employ the flex speed limits either.
  3. discgrab21

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    Seems like if they don't want to make it a dedicated exit lane, they could flex it like on US-23 north of Ann Arbor. I have driven that stretch several times, both when the flex lane is open and closed, it makes a huge difference for traffic. It couldn't be very expensive to do that for the approximate 1 mile between the lane ave exit and the 131 interchange.
  4. discgrab21

    Grand Rapids Then and Now

    That' a pretty good guess. Looks like they are doing site prep work for plaza towers which started construction in September 1988. Its amazing how tall 12-stories looks in this photo (99 Monroe). Also cool to see the RR tracks on the not-so-blue bridge.
  5. discgrab21

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    Milwaukee utilizes metering for its exrpessway on ramps. Is that something that would help with rush-hour congestion, or are we still just dealing with too much volume with too few lanes? Anybody know how expensive it is to install and operate meter systems?
  6. discgrab21

    Amazon looking to build in GR metro

    Amazon announced today that it's new minimum wage for US Workers will be $15/hr. According to Indeed, the average warehouse worker in GR earns $12.18 /hr. Gotta think with such short labor supply, this will put pressure on other employers to compete and drive up wages.
  7. discgrab21


    Hideout Brewery is for sale. Always seemed to be in a challenging location to me, and competition is obviously fierce, especially with Hopcat and Creston being close by. I liked their beers okay. I really liked the beer garden https://www.woodtv.com/news/grand-rapids/the-hideout-brewing-company-for-sale-in-gr/1474962574
  8. discgrab21

    Wealthy Street Mega Thread

    The end of an era
  9. discgrab21

    East Beltline Developments

    That's it! I remember that place too. Used to ride up the beltline from the SE Side north of the river nearly every day all summer every summer as a kid growing up. It held on for a bit after Meijer went in. I remember they kept horses right there too. Anyway, I am nearly certain, but could be mistaken, that the Flower's of the Fields was one of the first spots to get developed post the "new" meijer, and that carwash is what went in. Reflecting back, that area sure has developed in fits and starts. I guess that's what a lost decade does to a city EDIT: Went and checked the records-- Meijer was built in '99; celebration and the car wash in '01
  10. discgrab21

    Suburban Projects

    That's interesting, and I would not have thought that. From the AE homes I have been in that were lived in, I know they don't hold up well, and I personally don't think their designs are very attractive. I liked the looks of the mayberry homes in Rivertown Valley much better, and having gone through the models the floor plans seemed well conceived and it seemed like quality construction. But I admit, these are my own limited and lay observations--I am far from any sort of industry insider or expert. (GRDad's quote edited out of respect and courtesy)
  11. discgrab21

    Suburban Projects

    2-2.5 years. They have been done for a while now. I just assumed that it was a matter of a labor shortage that kept them from putting up more at once. At least that something I keep hearing/reading about in the skilled trades. Granger has not done a lot of residential in general, and this may be the only SFH development that they have done. In fact, on their website, the only other residential project listed in their portfolio is a condo development in Lansing. They only built a couple of the houses on spec , so maybe the issue was marketing by Granger? When people think of building new in Grand Rapids, most probably haven't even heard of Granger or considered Mayberry outside of mid-michigan. I could see that being a sour note for Mayberry. But I hope it wasn't so that they stay on for the rest of the project, because they did a really nice job.
  12. discgrab21

    Suburban Projects

    Mayberry was just brought on for the 37-log Phase 3. It is my understanding as well that it was their first foothold in the area, but I think it must have gone well for them. Last I went through that part of the neighborhood, there was only one unsold home, and that was being used as a model. They were building at least three houses at any given time, and they sold like crazy. I can't speak to what their arrangement was with Granger, who owns the land and is responsible for the development, so I don't know what kind of money they made to assess whether it went well, but I have to assume with how fast those houses were built and occupied, that it did go very well. It is likely they will be on board for the additional single family homes on tap for the new development.
  13. discgrab21

    Suburban Projects

    Official groundbreaking ceremony September 27th. They have been very anxious to develop this land for a long time. I don't what their plan is for the build out as far where they are starting.
  14. discgrab21

    Suburban Projects

    Single story flat is the label they settled on for their condo-style units. Most will be built on a slab, with some taking advantage of natural terrain to put in a walk-out basement. They are not called condos because they are not for sale and there will not be any condominium established/recorded. As for the existing neighborhood, when that development slowed way down a little more than 10-years ago, Allen Edwin did indeed build out many of the lots, though not "mainly built" by. Granger would not allow Allen Edwin to build there at all post-recession, and the Phase 3 was built out over the last 2 or so years using Mayberry exclusively. I believe those houses were more in the $300-$375k range, and of much nicer design and quality than the Allen Edwin homes (not that high of a hurdle to clear admittedly), but those 37 new houses really changed expectations of the quality of housing that should be in the neighborhood. Most of the opposition came from the Del Mar neighborhood on the west side of Wilson actually. Also, i just got word, the groundbreaking ceremony will be September 27.
  15. discgrab21

    Suburban Projects

    New development approved in the Wyoming Panhandle. Extending the existing Rivertown Valley PUD all the way to Wislon & 56th. As the Mlive Article notes, it will add 175 SF homes, 138 Single Story Flats (intended to be marketed to empty nesters), 110 townhomes and 190 luxury apartments. They are maxing out he available density at 3.97 units per acre. There is about 3.75 acres zoned for commercial along Wilson just south of 56th. The NIMBY's fought hard and long against anything but all SF for the undeveloped land there, and they were winning that fight until the tides tarted to turn at the beginning of this year. But, the City Council misapplied a protest petition which gave Granger enough room for a non-frivolous lawsuit. Granger and the city worked together to arrive at the final ODP and settle the suit. The Plats have been approved, and work is likely to begin shortly from what I understand. I got roped into the dispute a little more than a year ago at the suggestion of my wife. The goalpost moving from the NIMBY's was quite a sight to behold. From Apartments will lower my property values (one homeowner had a notarized letter that 370 apartment units would drop her property value by up to 25%, even with 185 new single family units directly adjacent to hers); to the schools can't handle it (Grandville schools assured the city they could handle any added capacity); to too much density; and that we don't want "these people", (i.e. renters, not POC) in our neighborhood, on top of the usual trite NIMBY concerns. It became clear after a few years of trying to work with neighbors that nothing but exclusively single family homes would appease the NIMBYs, and Granger got sick of it and decided it was time to play hardball. Anyway, not the most exciting development, but an interesting personal experience for me. https://www.mlive.com/byron-center/index.ssf/2018/09/wyoming_granger_group_settle_l.html