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  1. I think the worry is if property values go up, landlords may cash in on the new equity, and a new landlord may raise rents and displace long-time residents. I know that would worry me if I was renting and living on a modest income without the ability to pay higher rent. For the record, I have NO idea what the ownership rate is in that neighborhood, but it is a legitimate concern. On balance, however, if this comes to fruition, it would be great for that neighborhood. Maybe it could even be a catalyst for some development at Hall & Giddings, and make the Hall St Bakery not seem as much like it is on an island.
  2. It was open Saturday afternoon when I drove by. I wonder why they closed it again?
  3. I was just in the 5/3 building today. The bank branch is still open and operating. I love retail getting added there, and the stairs to the plaza level halfway up the block. Nice to see another bunker-wall bite the dust.
  4. This is exactly my read on it as well. It would not be hard for anybody to emulate the decor and menu at Anna's House--they just have to eat there one time to understand the concept. The allegations go deeper than that. Whether they are true or not, or more importantly, whether they can be proven or not, remains to be seen. I would add, that Silver & Van Essen is a very highly regarded boutique commercial litigation shop. I do not believe they would be inclined to take and pursue this case without some documentary evidence to support the claim. Judge Yates is also a very good judge and handles the Kent County business docket exclusively. He can be trusted to make sound rulings throughout.
  5. Considering when that was built, I'd be shocked if it wasn't full of asbestos. And with them completely gutting it, I'm sure that was for abatement. (I noticed the same when I walk down to DeVos Place along the skywalk from time to time.)
  6. This morning there were two through lanes from WB 96 to WB 196. Traffic in the far left lane was still backed up because I don't think anybody knew they opened the second lane. Does anybody know when the second lane from EB 196 to 96 will open up? EB 96 at Leonard?
  7. I saw a third tower crane being erected this morning at the new interprofessional health building on medical. Surprised that building needs two on its own
  8. I didn't know about Arvon. Exciting move into a good looking building. Is there anywhere else in town that focuses primarily on hazy IPAs? That has been the big move out west (at least in SF). Moving away from the overly hopped west-coast style IPAs into the more juicy and balanced NE-style IPAs (they just call them Hazy instead of New England-style). If their beer is as in demand as the mlive article makes it sound, they should be able to succeed anywhere that can accommodate their capacity needs. Most of the sales will be for local taps and if they can get shelf space for retail. If they can successfully bring people and food trucks in on the weekend (in the face of the challenges of S Division), could it be a catalyst for that block? Does anybody know who occupied that building before?
  9. I think there is more to gain for Mahou keeping Founders healthy in GR than shifting production. First, there is already the infrastructure in place to produce about 40% more beer right here in grand rapids, and I think that is without accounting for the purchase of Avery for west coast production and distribution. Sure, some of the grown might come from acquisitions like Avery, but I would not expect a build out of a new production brewery in random city. Michigan has embraced the craft beer industry, in large part because of Bells' and Founders' successes. I also think it helps with branding. Grand Rapids as Beer City USA is pretty well accepted by now. Anybody who drinks craft beer knows that GR has a great beer scene, and they know that it is led by founders. If Mahou (and Mike and Dave) are earnest about strengthening Founders' brand, it would be foolish to relinquish their throne as the flagship beer/brewer in Beer City USA. When I meet out of towners for a beer, I kind of always say, "There are a ton of great places we can go, but Founders is the mecca" and there are so many great taproom exclusives and events (cellar raid anybody?), not to mention rotations of highly sought after beers like C/KBS that are available in "off season" times. The other thing that GR has going for Founders is the fresh water supply. In reading about other brewery expansions, particularly west, the most important ingredient in Beer is consistent and quality water supply. Nothing better, more consistent, nor a more durable supply than water piped directly from Lake Michigan. I would also add, that I am somewhat saddened that the ownership is no longer local. I am glad that it isn't InBev or Miller-Coors. But I do not really think this will have an adverse impact on the company.
  10. https://mibiz.com/sections/food-agribusiness/spanish-brewer-mahou-to-acquire-founders-brewing Mahou-San Miguel Group increasing its ownership stake in Founders from 30% to 90%
  11. My first thought driving by today is that it looked like rebar, which doesn't make any sense for a sidewalk. I think you are right that they will be heated.
  12. https://t.co/QThmcsqNUU a current tenant posted pics of his studio and some of the common areas. He (I think it’s a he) says all of the studios are on the 8th floor and are all rented (more than 100 units), and that all of the 1-bedrooms are rented too. They are still finishing the upper floors. Looks like a really cheap apartment, but the amenities sure seem nice. I can see why folks are renting there in spite of the novelty. What will be telling is how well they keep up these amenities. Do they let the common room couches wear down/out? Do they repair their arcade games? Do they replace the giant jenga when pieces get thrown off the roof?
  13. It makes sense to me. First of all, as a standalone, I love the design. Not that I know much about architecture, but its big, bold, and I like it. But as it relates to the location, having the main entrance being primarily accessible from the parking ramp makes perfect sense. Almost all of the users and visitors of that building will be driving and parking in that ramp (correct me if i'm wrong). Why make them trek all the way around a huge building to get inside? Or, if using a back entrance or skywalk, why have a huge bold statement entrance that nobody is going to use? I highly doubt there will be convention goers /postal workers/Rowe residents who will just happen to decide to wander into the Innovation Hub. Now I can understand the argument about folks there leaving on foot for lunch, but that is just not a pedestrian driven or entertainment/leisure destination. As has been discussed for a while, this part of Michigan is meant to move cars more than anything, and that won't change with the 196 on/off ramps right at the corner. Unless/until Monroe/Calder Plaza turn into such a spot, I don't see any reason not to cater to your "audience" or "customers" with the design here, which of course will be folks parking in the garage and walking in across the "plaza" to enter this building. And its not like the Michigan side will be a bunker-wall like the Press building was.
  14. I thought I saw a new sign up at this space today. Anybody know what (if anything) is happening there?
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