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  1. 100% agree. I've been watching this for the last few years. Great, recent article from 'High Country News' about Phoenix and it's seemingly unsupportable growth, based on diminishing water sources. We'll absolutely start seeing migration from drought cities/states to wetter ones (like Tennessee). https://www.hcn.org/issues/53.6/south-water-rapid-growth-in-arizonas-suburbs-bets-against-an-uncertain-water-supply
  2. It's all on the Nashville Yards thread. Check it out.
  3. @downtownresident : great line-up showing SWVP's project metamorphosis. To that point - the 4th pic (2nd from bottom) - doesn't even look like Nashville! Not only that, it doesn't even include full massing in SoBro, the Gulch nor Midtown. Quite remarkable, really. And exciting...
  4. Yes, that's who it is. 15 - 17,000 of them. Bars and honky tonks not happy, but restaurants will be pleased. Great to see MCC life returning!
  5. The more I look at this building, the more I like it - especially from certain angles. It's got a mid-century vibe that gels with my aesthetic. Looks a little stubby, though, and sure wish it was taller...
  6. ....and cue a plethora of new projects and firm start dates in EN, particularly along the Dickerson corridor (I reckon), with Oracle's closing on its land purchase. Buckle up folks; Nashville has got the hammer down.
  7. If accurate, this article seems to indicate the Ray's ownership is using Nashville's interest (& other cities) purely as leverage; in a negotiation ploy with the mayors of TB and St. Pete. The mayor of St. Pete isn't biting, but the mayor of TB is apparently still on the hook. I guess we'll see. https://larrybrownsports.com/baseball/rays-relocate-nashville-stadium-situation/579570
  8. Check it out. Tampa Bay eyeballing Nashville... https://www.tampabay.com/news/tampa/2021/05/28/are-the-rays-listening-to-music-city-siren-songs/
  9. From the Upcoming Events Calendar section of Music City Center, there appears to be a LOT of significantly sized conventions booked and on their way here starting in June. Very exciting to see this: https://www.nashvillemusiccitycenter.com/events
  10. It's not your town I believe that's what's called good ol' fashioned satire - from a beloved member of Urban Planet.
  11. Yep. There are 7 units at City Lights currently for resale. That's a lot of units, given the fact that it's a relatively small development and the units were sold new just a couple of years ago. I think owners are figuring out their views are far from guaranteed.
  12. Probably yes. Of course, it depends on what the retail is for. Population of EN is around 60k, and growing. But Gallatin Ave/Pike is a major road connecting many folks to the area from Madison. Traffic counts are around 26-27k cars/day along that stretch. That's a lot of potential customers....
  13. Dayum. I'd live there. Just need to find a few mil lyin' around somewhere.....
  14. Yes, I'd forgotten that. And until MNPS can find a way to improve, I reckon that particular trend will continue. It makes me sad.
  15. Really, really wanted to like this one. And I drive by it multiple times a day....but just can't get there. Another lost opportunity...sigh....
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