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  1. Big tech is trying to pivot in the midst of unprecedented global and domestic macro headwinds. With the strong dollar, the cost of borrowing increasing dramatically, and likely to stay that way for awhile - they're resizing to accomodate revisions of their future top line, cash-flow, profit, and growth. The Oracle CEO, Larry Ellison, is widely seen as one of the hardest, most ruthless and dispassionate leaders in big business today. I don't know him personally, so I cannot attest to that being true. However, I would expect Oracle to do whatever it takes to protect their current cash, future profits, and shareholder value. Ditto for most big tech.
  2. Just in case this hasn't been posted on UP yet. I like it. https://www.newschannel5.com/news/images-released-of-proposal-to-transform-fort-negley-into-open-air-museum
  3. I was NOWHERE NEAR the upper floor of your parking garage at 2pm that day ...
  4. I've heard (anecdotally) that it's several hundred in Nashville, most of whom have relocated from out of state this year (mainly Cali). This will absolutely have an impact on Nashville, IMO. In related news - Amazon reports Q3 earnings after the bell today. It'll be interesting to see how they're faring, and potentially how that might affect us. As @WebberThomas4 mentioned - big tech is a bellwether and harbinger of the broader economy.
  5. Sorry - I just can't help it. If you want some really good laughs on your autumn weekend - read through Tripadvisor Reviews for the Stadium Inn. Yes, that page is still live (for now) on Tripadvisor and it gives a prime purview into what guests experienced. Ranging from hilarious to sad to awful. From the link, go to 'Reviews' tab near top of the page. It's a trip (pun). https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g55229-d122629-Reviews-Stadium_Inn-Nashville_Davidson_County_Tennessee.html
  6. I love this. Just gave my 84 y.o. mom (lives in Franklin) and my sister a tour of Nashville and surrounding urban neighborhoods...with a running commentary regarding new buildings and stuff UC. They were thrilled. And asked me to do it for some of their friends...uh oh. Had lunch at Elliston Place Soda (great). It was a wonderful day.
  7. Looks like Bombay Palace is going to make it...and for that, I'm grateful. Regarding Parthenon Towers - I don't think there's a correlation w/ homeless around the pavilion....which there are fewer of these days at Centennial Park. I believe Metro took a stand (there, at least).
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