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  1. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Agreed. Gimme some live Sturgill Simpson, Chris Stapleton, Margo Price or Jason Isbell - and I'm a dang happy camper! Goodness abounds in every genre.... .
  2. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Production: there's been a mini-exodus from West Coast and NYC to Nashville for music production, management and labels ....over the past 10 -12 years. Numerous genres represented, namely; indie rock, alternative rock, some pop, lots of americana, etc.. Country already here so I didn't list that. Along with production, a number of non-country well-known and emerging artists have relocated to Nashville from West coast, East coast, and from all over the country...to Nashville. This influx includes singers, musicians, writers...artists of all kinds. The Nashville music scene: there's now a powerful, LOCAL generator for a vibrant multi genre music scene. Arguably, that has been here for quite a while, but it's definitely stepped up a few notches. I can think of 15 local venues (none downtown) we regularly hit - that serve up alt rock, indie rock, post punk, folk rock, Americana, bluegrass, electronica/EDM & blues. It's all out there. Our current live (non-lower Broadway) music scene stacks up favorably when compared to Austin, our closest peer. Nashville way out-punches it's weight against much bigger cities in terms of the number of creatives living here and the amount of music/music-related benefits we accrue as a result. Our music scene is vibrant and diverse....and may we never take it for granted.
  3. The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    Same stuff with people I'm interfacing with daily. Normally reasonable, well-informed folks taking anti-transit info at face value while questioning/doubting every. single. thing. about pro-transit. Healthy skepticism is good, but please reserve it for all sides. The simple truth is that anti-transit forces jumped ahead and grabbed momentum, and have continued to run with it. Better organized, better messaging (fear based), maybe better funded - and they have the appearance of being more highly motivated. Whereas mass transit activism and evangelism has failed miserably at every level. With a looming election, power brokers and would-be power brokers are running for the transit exits. No one wants to catch a falling knife or be guilty through association....as the pulse of the community comes clearer. I wish it were otherwise. And hope I'm wrong... but I'm not. Damn.
  4. Well, they ain't too pretty, but it's a significant improvement over the previous lumberyard/industrial hell-hole.
  5. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    LET'S GO PRED-A-TORS!!!! Pregaming pic from Famous rooftop. Great win - and fans were rockin the house tonight.
  6. The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    Anyone can (and does) respond.
  7. Soccer in Nashville

    Yep. I debated posting, but figured we still need to rally MLS supporters to email Metro councilpersons and ask them not to blow this. It's pretty much unbelievable how utterly incompetent, people can be.
  8. Soccer in Nashville

    Please go away. http://www.wkrn.com/top-news/some-council-members-arent-sure-fairgrounds-is-place-for-soccer-stadium/1108286656
  9. Commercial or residential, Nashvylle? I can give some first hand anecdotal stuff from the past 18 months, but the best way to research is via Redfin. Set filters for land sold past 2 or 3 years. Do your thing. For a deeper dive, find streets/neighborhoods you like the most then research individual parcels and their ownership history via the Nashville GIS Parcel Viewer: https://maps.nashville.gov/ParcelViewer/
  10. Yes. That was the whole point of the consideration by both parties. It would give a municipality access to the CSX rail lines. There are options as to which rail lines are used for freight trains to traverse/go around the city from North/South/East/West, assuming the central yards are not at Radnor, but in Rutherford or Wilson County.
  11. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Nice Monty Python reference!
  12. The upside was them getting a cool +/- $767mm for a very landlocked site in exchange for a more expandable site in Rutherford or Wilson County at a much lower cost. I believe one such site in Rutherford County had been identified. Note the discussed purchase price for a +500 acre site close to downtown was considerably less than the cost of the proposed underground station. 500 acres!!! You could do soooo much with that in a public private partnership. I'll be quiet now.
  13. So, when the Metro Transportation and Sustainability Manager (Mary Beth Ikard) presented the transit plan to UP at a Saturday meet-up a couple of months ago, I asked her that very question. She said Radnor/CSX discussions are off the table for now and no plan to reconsider/resurrect talks. She also stated clearly that the (then) mayor Barry would not try another transit proposal in her current term - if this one doesn't pass. Here's what I think: if this plan doesn't pass, Radnor Yards (as a regional transit hub) comes back into play, folded into another mass transit proposal with another mayor, within the next year or two. The discussion becomes more regional rather than local Davidson County. Just my 2 cents. Ms. Ikard's contact info: Email: [email protected] Tell: 615.862.6036 Her boss, Erin Hafkenschiel, director of Transportation and Sustainability is at: Tel: 615.862.6000 No email is shown. Admins, feel free to move this to transit thread if appropriate!
  14. This is the project: https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/article/20855322/residential-project-eyed-for-south-nashville "Snyder wants to develop 34 townhomes and 18 condos, with the latter to be housed in a three-story building. He has enlisted Nashville-based Centric Architecture to handle design. A rendering is not yet available. The project would be located at the address from which the LLC derives its name (see here courtesy of Google Maps) and sit on 3.02 acres. Snyder bought the property in March 2016 for $475,000, according to Metro records. “The goal of the project is to provide more obtainable housing, in terms of price, located within a certain reasonable distance from downtown,” Snyder said. On this note, he said he hopes to keep most of the residences priced in the high $200,000s. A few residences will sell in the high $300,000, he added."
  15. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    Thanks!! Yeah, weird game. After the 1st period, the whole feel shifted. I've never seen 3 points during a 5 minute penalty before. Even that was overshadowed by the injury to Antipin.