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  1. I think because the project you're referencing was (as you correctly stated) - just a proposal. Never a viable project. It bit the dust in early, early stage, without any real permissions/entitlements given by city planning. If I remember, one of the principals passed away and everything stopped. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. Heck yeah. And I might even take that guitar shaped hotel proposal from years ago to block this thing. Photo courtesy of Business Insider:
  3. LOL. Well, at least it's not readily visible to many people driving through Nashville.
  4. I'm guessing one of those numbers is a typo. Maybe 70,000 sq. ft.? 150 peeps is a big deal. I expect a plethora of Nashville tech company announcements to follow in the coming months/years....exciting times.
  5. There are urban driving ranges in the middle of cities, adjacent to high rises all over the world. London and Tokyo come to mind. I lived in Japan for several years, and there were quite a few near me, in major, built-up urban environments. It was cool. I don't see the problem..... As @smeagolsfree stated - a diversity of amenities is what truly makes a unique neighborhood/city. Not conformity.
  6. Beautiful shots! Really looking forward to seeing the exterior when glass is fully installed. Hoping for some sharp exterior accent lighting, as well. Does anyone know if LED is planned? Super cool building.
  7. Enough developers cancel projects nationwide (and worldwide), those commodity prices might drop a lot more. Unfortunately, other, non-material costs may continue to inflate, however - such as labor, logistics, design/engineering, etc.. Logistics are horrendous right now with little good news in sight....or at least that I've seen. It's a weird world right now.
  8. With the mayor throwing down last year over some reasonable neon signage, my mind boggles at how this sh*tty design made it through planning. How on earth did all the layers of bureaucracy sign off on this thing? And yet, they quibble over seemingly obscure pieces of a project. I really don't understand.... Not looking for answers, just venting.
  9. A HUGE data center in Gallatin. About 1mm sq. ft. on several hundred acres of land, I believe. Doesn't employ a ton of people, scheduled to come online in 2023. FB's 13th data center in the U.S..
  10. Will do. So many good memories over the years at The 5 Spot. One of the few small, independent places carrying the torch for authentic live music and community. Haven't been since Covid. Will rectify that shortly.
  11. From the Stones concert last night. Picture quality blows, but you get the idea. Towards the end of the concert, Jagger says "I first came to Nashville in 1964...it was such a small town then. God, what a big city Nashville has become! It's so good to be back." They played 'Dead Flowers' as an homage to country music, and killed. Jagger said "I had a good time last night, I went to Printers Alley and sang ‘Honky Tonk Women’ in a karaoke bar. I crashed a bachelorette party on a pedal tavern. They loved my Goo Goo Clusters. We all ended up at the Wild Beaver riding a mechanical bull." Go
  12. Ok @nashvylle, you capitalized 'Be' and 'Track'. Unfortunately, my brain has already shifted into pre-weekend snooze mode. It cannot deduce the answer (dang it ). Help.
  13. OMG. Cannot even process this loss of space (for the existing music venues), and the magic it holds. I have countless memories tied to the music I've heard, the friends I've been with, all while surrounded by the old bricks and wood floors of those wonderful places. Damn.
  14. This is one of those times I wish there was a 'WOW!' emoji available on the like button, LOL.
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