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  1. Edgar

    Stone Avenue/North End

    According to this post from Half-Moon Outfitters, work on their new location at 603 E. Stone will start next week. A barber shop will be joining them, along with the previously-announced brewery. https://www.instagram.com/p/BkczdOQj_S9/
  2. Edgar

    The Dunean Area

    Base 360’s most recent post says they’ve started interior demolition: https://instagram.com/p/BjKOWQ2gU6I/
  3. Do we know what the capacity of the parking structure will be? That thing looks massive.
  4. Edgar

    West Greenville Village

    Noticed the other day that some work is being done to the sidewalk in front of 1279 Pendleton, and that curb extension are getting placed on the north side of Pendleton between the new plaza and Irvine. It sure made the street feel really narrow but I guess that was the point.
  5. Edgar


    Camperdown Academy’s new location.
  6. Already some visible progress
  7. Edgar

    Greenville County Square redevelopment

    Besides government offices, County Square also houses Greenville County EMS, who use their space as administrative offices (management, billing, HR, etc.) as well as a headquarters for their field operations, central deployment base, and dispatch center. Whichever way the project goes, it would have to take into account the space needed for the ambulances, which may eventually translate to them keeping some surface parking. Currently, ambulances can be seen parked near the bay doors at the northwest corner of the building, off Howe St. Still, 10 acres does seems like way too much for the county to keep, so it will be interesting to see how this all plays out.
  8. Edgar

    West Greenville Village

    Work on the intersection of Pendleton St and Perry Ave has begun. Looks like the pedestrian plaza might be happening as there is now a single curb running straight through to Lois Ave. http://upstatebusinessjournal.com/news/village-west-greenville-kicks-master-plan/
  9. Edgar

    Greenville Lofts

    UBJ confirms project is indeed back on track with a possible name change and expected June 2017 completion. http://upstatebusinessjournal.com/news/lofts-of-greenville-construction-underway-but-may-soon-have-new-name/
  10. Edgar

    Alta Vista Place condos

    Work on this development is coming along nicely.