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  1. I'm not proposing a cut and dry solution. I'm speaking to the fact that many formerly suburban satellite cities are now landlocked by Nashville, not Davidson County. It's not only the geographic discontinuity from a headcount standpoint. The reasons many of these communities sought autonomy has increasingly becoming irrelevant as Nashville has evolved. Not to mention the fact that their funding has been significantly cut by the phasing out of the Hall tax. The City of Oak Hill, for example, has struggled immensity from these cuts. Hell, they have to renegotiate their trash pick up contract about every other year because they can't cover the cost of their contract and that's the most significant public service the city provides. It's less and less feasible and it will require additional property taxes which residents won't be open to, to maintain.
  2. Thank you for your service.
  3. SInce we're discussing the 2016 population estimates, here's a breakdown. Nashville Area Census Estimates - July 1, 2016 Combined Statistical Area: 1,987,778 Metropolitan Statistical Area: 1,865,298 Nashville-Davidson County: 684,410 Nashville-Davidson (Balance): 660,388
  4. You can get super-modern, fully renovated condos on Front St. for 200K. It's insane. Thing is... there is plenty of developable land in Davidson County for addition housing but the commute into the core is too time prohibitive. That said, the growing corporate presence on the edge of Davidson Co makes me happy.
  5. It's always bothered me when people quote the balance as our actual population. There is no reason why we should include Joelton and Pasquo and exclude Berry Hill or Belle Meade from the tally. If it weren't for city limit signs and patrol cars you couldn't even distinguish the boundaries. Davidson County satellite cities are unmistakably part of Nashville's identity and as time progresses you will probably see more of them absorbed into metro. You can't say Memphis doesn't have one either. They continually annexed eastern Shelby Co in order to fight falling populations.
  6. Federal Courthouse to be named after former Sen. Fred Thompson.
  7. We drove down to Memphis shortly after their's opened. Best way to describe it is a one-way retail maze. You wind through showrooms, each unique (kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc) and it you finally come out at checkout. It's brilliant from a retail standpoint. Imagine if you had to walk down every single aisle of Target without spending money and everything was dirt cheap. Don't go unless you have at least an hour to kill. They literally have everything.
  8. If I lived on a residential through street like 10th Ave, I would be concerned about this. I'm just not convinced traffic will funnel onto I-65.
  10. I found this on IG. This pic is 3 days old as they were pouring the 45th floor. Credit: @treyackerman
  11. I bet there are some nice views from the Viridian pool; I'm sure the skyline looks nice too.
  12. Especially since a sleet pellet at 40F is enough to get TDOT treating the roads (not complaining) The freeze-thaw nature of Nashville winters is the issue. God knows how many pot holes were formed that weekend we went from 80F to snow in 3 days. I hope they switch 440 to asphalt.
  13. What's everyone's thought's on concrete vs. asphalt given the current debacle?
  14. Well then we know they won't waste anytime building it.
  15. 110 million tourists visited TN in 2016, representing a 4.4% increase over 2015. Of those visitors, 88 million visited on leisure, a 5.1% increase over 2015. Additionally, TN remains a top-10 state for domestic tourism for a third straight year.