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  1. This. The city "overhauled" traffic signals in 2016 and still I can't go more than 2 blocks without hitting a red traveling at the posted speed limit on OHB/Bell Rd.
  2. claya91

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    Utility aside. really looking forward to improvements in the overall visual aesthetics of 440. Currently lots of overgrown brush on the sound barriers, rusty light poles, graffiti, center median landscaping is almost nill. Really notice these things when you're only going 10 mph.
  3. claya91

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    I know people have criticized the recent Bonnaroo lineups for not being exclusive or unique anymore, especially after Live Nation took the reins. Obviously the more saturated festival-sphere, the tougher that task becomes. I think its identity crisis (if you want to call it that) is rooted in the desire to appeal to longtime "Bonnaroovians" with the realization that its target demographics are broadening with the younger generations in play. Hate to say it but attendance numbers are important. They're a large gauge of relevance in the industry and its why mainstream adoption is here to stay. Attendance and line-ups aside, the most important thing to note here is the experience hasn't changed. The positivity and embrace of random strangers from every background creates a vibe and its what separates Roo from every. single. festival. It is truly a 700 acre utopia and is equally a catalyst for its long term success. See y'all on the farm! 80,000 strong this year.
  4. claya91

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    Thought I'd look up some good transit alternatives on NoTaxForTracks' website today. To my dismay, they had already taken down their website.
  5. It really is a blessing, you know. Having so much scenic, undevelopable land surrounding the city. I can be downtown and in 15 minutes be at Radnor Lake in the middle of mother nature. It's an appeal Nashville has over other metros IMO.
  6. claya91

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    Makes me itch for a hike at Warner!
  7. Random note.. Broadstone Gulch looks enormous going down 8th. Hadn't been through there during the day in a few months. Massive footprint.
  8. claya91

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Heard many of tales about that winter from elders growing up. Back then, the water levels weren't regulated. If the river was low and you got sustained bitter cold, the Cumberland would indeed freeze over (this happened more than once). Army Corp of Engineers dammed it up in the 50s to regulate the flow making a complete freeze just about impossible.
  9. claya91

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Well they left out BNA which is, judging by # of baseball hats I've seen, the hippest place in town.
  10. claya91

    Margaritaville Hotel,12 stories, 145 ft., 215 rooms

    At the rate it's going, might as well plop down a Ripleys next door. Hell, a Surf Style might work across from Lake Palmer.
  11. claya91

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    A little surprised LR doesn't extend further down Charlotte.
  12. claya91

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    Anyone else just see that lovely pan of the skyline from the south on MNF?
  13. claya91

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    It's going to take a behemoth of a tower in the CBD for people to pay attention to details like that.