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  1. You don't wanna know what they actually named it.
  2. Pulled up the street view. I imagined that lot being deeper. Definately potential. That parcel behind it is part of Broadstone too isn't it. Unfortunate they couldn't acquire Batson to make it a corner lot with Inverness right there.
  3. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Batson Motors is the next lot to get developed. Scrap it clean in a day, much needed hotel right next to Broadstone 8th in the heart of Berry Hil.
  4. Can't say I disagree. What I love about Haslam (from a progressive standpoint), is how he balances his Republican principles with compromise instead of representing the party of "no". It's how you get things done.
  5. I don't like getting political on here but I don't understand (but am not surprised) the Republican opposition at all. David Hawk in the House, offered an amendment to get the revenue from new and used vehicle sales. How is it fair to ask TN residents to foot a bill in a manner than disproportionately places the weight on them rather than distributing it evenly among all commuters on TN roadways. Tourists, passerbyers, and residents all buy gas (keep it quiet EV drivers) indiscriminately.
  6. Love the median. Wish it could extend further down Broadway.
  7. 3-0!!!! Go PREDZ!
  8. Link?
  9. Oh the potential of Royal Arms. What a gold mine of a lot in GH.
  10. At the same time it ain't no Chuckie Cheese.
  11. Playing around on Photoshop...
  12. As we've seen with most (if not all) of these reasonably priced hotels, exterior design really cuts into their bottom line. At the very least, they are mixing up the color scheme.
  13. Not complaining about the infill, but these boxy 10-15 story hotels with the signature cupola are all starting to look the same.
  14. Welp, I stand corrected. The core was raised yet again this morning.