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  1. Ahh.. that's the missing link. ~50ft difference.
  2. That would put it at nearly 100 ft shorter than AT&T? I don't see how that's possible with renderings placing the roof half way up the twin spire antennae.
  3. This might be the best shot of Nashville development I've ever seen. Kudos.
  4. All I wanted was a guitar shaped crown.
  5. Wow. Thanks for sharing. I didn't even know that. I'll be honest, if they were considering a Nashville relocation, they probably would not have moved Nashville offices to the Highwoods development. One can dream though.
  6. This isn't Tony's crown jewel. We know and he knows it. It's what he had to settle for. I have faith he will get a new tallest off the ground and it will be one majestic structure. This has been more of a stair step process than he originally envisioned.
  7. Glad this has finally been cleared up. At one point we had 2 renderings, only one showing the cap. Not that I would pay $1500 for a 1 Bed/1 Bath, but that's relatively reasonable. Certainly reflects a taming apartment market w/in the core.
  8. Thanks for sharing. I would expect Houston to be atop their list of potential locations as their largest subsidiary American General Life is HQ'd there but I'm sure Nashville would be considered as well.
  9. A quick story I've been wanting to share with you all. I work for AIG here in Brentwood. Our main headquarters is out of NYC and we've had senior execs down here just to catch up, review best practices, etc. I cannot stress how positive their opinion of the area was; mentioning how unsurprising it was that there were so many corporate relocations occurring, given the business climate, weather (they left sleet and freezing rain), entertainment, and hospitality. They even suggested they wouldn't be too disappointed if they were to relocate here from Manhattan. Just more evidence of the exposure Nashville is gaining outside of the entertainment industry. Our crowned 750 footer is coming folks. Patience.
  10. Don't even get me started about 440. Many people wonder why 440 is concrete. The big selling point behind concrete is durability. Basically, you pay more up front but spend less in maintenance/resurfacing. I believe 440 had a projected lifespan of 20 years and here we are 30 years later patching up holes with asphalt. It's an incredibly half-assed approach to roadway maintenance that causes unnecessary wear on vehicles and creates headaches. I liken it to treating a gunshot wound with a bandaid. Hopefully the gas tax increase will help address this issue. TN used to be known for the quality of its roads and highways. It's time to pony up.
  11. I love Aertson Midtown, agree to disagree on that one.
  12. They won't need a replacement property if they go belly up.
  13. Every time this thread lights back up, I assume its bad news rolling in, only to be relieved. We need this as well as the JW Marriott. Anything that will raise the bar in terms of high rise/skyscraper architecture. Fingers and toes crossed this project gets rolling again.
  14. As always, phenomenal job, Chris! I'd like to put the above shot on canvas for personal use, if that's not a problem.
  15. At Least the whole building isn't shaped like a guitar.