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  1. IMO the cosmetic touches just aren't enough to detract from the cladding. You can't polish s***.
  2. Division's about to get RED hot.
  3. interesting thoughts here..
  5. Dillard's demolition progress
  6. Those low grade telephone poles are already weathering. They look like an old deck that hasn't been stained in 10 years. At this point, the project is indefensibly lackluster.
  7. I'm happy Nashville chose to embrace ride-sharing from the beginning. The biggest advantage Uber and Lyft have always had over public transit is real-time location services (as opposed to following a beaten path) and this addresses the biggest gripe I have with ride sharing as a method of reliable transportation; Unpredictable demand makes the cost too elastic (leading to "surge pricing"). If I don't have a car, but need to get to my night shift and there's a Pred's playoff game. I'm screwed. With pooling, I can afford to share a few seats if it cuts my cost in half. It's refreshing when companies economizing brings a cheaper product to the consumer without altering its intrinsic value.
  8. I'm not arguing what should and should not go there rather that Ft Negley and the Greer site are one of the same. Besides the fact that both lots are essentially landlocked by train tracks and 65/40, I think what you're suggesting is that city owned that land for the sole purpose of Minor League Baseball and now it's reached its useful life, so it's owed back to the market. The lot has been a park in some form dating back to the Reconstruction period. Even prior to Greer Stadium, the land was a municipal softball complex and the site Greer was built on was leased by the developer from the city. The interests of the land have never been solely private.
  9. I, personally, would not be happy to see this parcel become a commodity. Indirectly, it has a significant stake in the value of Fort Negley, a historic public landmark.
  10. Fortunately, the proper planning was in place so that all that was impacted were a few seats in an empty stadium, not a car, a house, or people. I'd say we mitigated the risks well.
  11. Wow. Moving faster than I imagined..
  12. Not to mention the reporter kept saying "Lower Broad Street".
  13. Good plan! Visibility should be excellent. Unfortunately, for us, with humidity comes the chance of rain, clouds, and haze. Hopefully, it's just your typical miserably hot, sunny August day!
  14. View from the Pinnacle break room. Not too shabby.