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  1. Excuse the quality but the live cam shot from WSMV in West Nashville looks great! Wish I could find a link for it.
  2. My one and only experience with them, I walked in there on a Saturday afternoon to get a bloody mary with a buddy. We sat there for at least 15 minutes and not one bar tender bothered to serve us. And it wasn't just us. When we left, not one person sitting over there was attended to. I bet the landlord wanted more money to renew their lease.
  3. With a gun pointed in his face, Tony looked Terry in the eye... "All this talk about Nashville being the 'it city'... it's all lies... isn't it? A slow down's coming.. isn't it, Terry?" "Never!" Terry retorted. *Tony wrestles Terry to the ground* "You tell me the truth about the building boom, or you're done!" yelled Tony. Battered and beaten, Terry looked up at Tony and mumbled "I.... I think we've seen the peak. There, I said it!" And it was at that moment, we all knew Nashville's fate.
  4. Where do we stand with the Summit Office Park (SE corner of I-65 and OHB)? Any updates?
  5. Random aside, I wish they would rename that entire amalgamation of roads. I understand Crestmoor, Cleghorn, and HB Pike Cir had their own separate identity at one point, but with all the development going on on the back side of GH, would create less confusion.
  6. Bridgestone's like your 6 foot tall friend who is really 5'11" rounding up.
  7. Just expressing disappointment with this project. That parcel could have so much more potential.
  8. We lost an antebellum mansion for an empty overgrown lot which, after 3 years, is being turned in hotel with a generic, stripped down design. Wish we could start from scratch
  9. They can take all the time they want.
  10. Who'd you think brought this to their attention? Us? This hasn't been broken by any other news outlets, yet.
  11. That's the drive from anywhere to anywhere in South Alabama.
  12. The estimated crane raise was March 4th-5th and that was before being out of commision 2 days after the accident. That math suggests we get the final raise tomorrow, if not Wednesday. Going to be a behemoth looking from the south.
  13. Here's a good follow up story to the 505 crane accident.
  14. Land simply isn't scarce enough to warrant garage parking; this isn't Green Hills. This is a private development that has to be financed. Tacking on additional non-revenue generating expenses makes the project much less viable. This is a good start and there's no doubt it will be improved upon in years to come.