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  1. Really interested in how this goes moving forward. Hopefully the Navy will buy off on the parallel runway. I'm not sure how much it would actually affect changes in airspace, since it seems like the new runway would only be a few hundred feet southeast of the current runway, and would probably duplicate a lot of airspace requirements the current runway has. And can the Navy really not afford to alter it's current flightplan? Virginia Beach is gigantic, why can't their flightpaths go over that?
  2. I read it as basically having one security line for both concourses instead of two. A lot of airports do that, and with the limited amount of concessions that ORF has, it'd be nice if you had to stay in one concourse for a while.
  3. The two that need to be consolidated are Norfolk and Virginia Beach, as they are the two power players of the area. That is also why it is going to be so challenging to consolidate them, because neither is going to want to give up their power.
  4. Dude, it's one road, that's not close to being a major thoroughfare, that becomes a 1 lane road a few hundred feet up anyways. It's not some government conspiracy to get you to stop driving your car. Do you honestly think that local government has the reach, and the ambition to get people to abandon their automobiles because they took literally two lanes out of a whole city grid??? Just because speed limits haven't gone down, doesn't mean that people aren't driving slower. Road diets encourage drivers to drive slower and much closer to the actual posted speed limit than before. This increases safety for pedestrians, bikers, drivers, and yes even the infirm. Everybody has personal responsibilities, including the driver. The road is a public place, suitable for cars, bikes, people, and more. Act accordingly.
  5. If you follow Andrea McClellan , you'll know that she isn't afraid of taking big steps to progress the city. I would say, as someone who frequents the NEON district, $10MM would go a LONG way to make that a more organic and appealing part of the city for artists and patrons alike. That's not chump change we're dealing with here and we need to make sure we're allocating it correctly.
  6. Road diets are a tool, and when applied well they can have a tremendous positive effect. Of course, any tool used to just use it will come up with improper use-cases. The City of Norfolk has applied road diets to Llywellen and 35, to good effect in my opinion. If the city wants St. Pauls Quadrant to become a real part of downtown, then St. Pauls will need to go on a road diet too of some kind.
  7. I can't cast any stones here. I was about a second away from posting it here when I saw the date.
  8. Nah, what's there right now where it will be located is currently parking lots and a stormwater area. The sidewalk abutting the brick is what is/was Elkhorn. Since the only thing that will be accessable through Elkhorn will be the cafeteria, I imagine it will only be used for utilitiy purposes.
  9. Anyone have any idea what's going on with this project? Just walked by last night, and it looked like there was no progress at all. Right now it looks like the interior is gutted in both buildings but that's about it. Marriott's website says this is supposed to open in August of this year, but it doesn't seem like it'll be ready by then.
  10. I just went on a walk of downtown last night. That whole block has a bunch of newly opened or opening soon eateries (and they aren't all bars even!). Also, that Moe's might just be the nicest Moe's I've ever seen. It takes up 2 floors, has gigantic windows, with intricate crown molding on the ceiling and pillars.
  11. The West Norfolk route study reccommended "No Option" when it came to what route to potentiall pursue on the west side of Norfolk (Ghent, ODU, Navy Base Gates on Hampton BLVD). I would be surprised if we get light rail tracks over there within the next decade and a half. Expect for the city to push for rail lines to go through Military Circle, Janaf, and Wards Corner instead (terminus would be the east side of the Navy Base). I personally feel like this is an entirely misguided view, and that if the city wants the light rail to be successful it needs to go to Ghent, ODU, and Hampton BLVD. But that is not the direction the city wants to go.
  12. They've got another stage by the piers. I would assume this means no multi-stage concerts, for the summer at least.
  13. If you look at the properties section of these images, I think you can find the year it was rendered: URL: http://studiombdc.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/MBA_IMG_DowntownPlaza_image011-1024x526.jpg So it looks like these were made in 2014.
  14. I think 21st would be receptive to LRT. A lot of those businesses have private lots, so light rail would probably bring more customers without driving away too many. I could see a line go up Monticello, take a left at 21st, take a right onto Colley, left on 45th, and right onto Hampton all the way to the base. Around 7.5 miles. Potential stops could be: NEON district, Monticello and 21st (with all the apartment complexes), 21st and Manteo (close enough to Colley to be the Historic Ghent stop), Colley and 35th, 45th and Monarch Way/Hampton (ODU stop), Larchmont, Joint Forces Staff College/NIT, NOB.
  15. Other than the airport and navy base, where do people actually want to go on the Eastside right now? Are these the type of people that want to take LRT to get to these places, and if LRT does go to these places, is it better than the alternative? The tide has a problem in that it's got a bunch of TOD, and few current destination stops, and they're generally clustered in downtown. On the Eastside, I see those two spots, and potential TOD. Westside alignment gives people places that they actually want to go. It gets actual riders. It gives people a valid alternative to three places that people hate to park at (Ghent/ODU/Base). Depending on the line route, it adds to the TOD value of the Fort Norfolk, and other stops. I love the idea of the Tide, but if you don't give people destinations people aren't going to ride it and it loses its effectiveness as a tool for economic growth. The health of the system is better if we go with the Westside route over the Eastside, in my opinion.
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