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  1. The Tide stop right there is called the "EVMC/Fort Norfolk" stop. So I'd say that it's called "Fort Norfolk". There's also a difference between calling an area a "midtown" and something name being "Midtown". Norfolk is designating an area bordered by Church, Monticello, and 25th as "Midtown" so I would wager that that area's name will be "Midtown"
  2. The area is currently known as Fort Norfolk (as shown here https://www.norfolk.gov/DocumentCenter/View/1632/Downtown_Norfolk_2030?bidId= ), what I'm saying is 'why change that name?'
  3. Home Games vs: Virginia Tech - 2022, 2024, 2027, 2029, 2031 Virginia - 2028 Wake Forest - 2023 ECU - 2024, 2027, 2030 Liberty - 2025 Army - 2030, 2033 JMU - 2022, 2024, 2026, 2028, 2030, 2032, etc App State - 2023, 2025, 2027, 2029, 2031, 2033, etc I think ODU's gonna have teams folks wanna go so see for some time to come. I think a 30K stadium is a no brainer, but y'all can hate for no reason if you want.
  4. What if we called it "Fort Norfolk"? It's a somewhat unique name and given the location of a nearby fort makes sense, imo.
  5. An entertainment option could be good too. Isn't the flashy hub they advertised but I think it'll be decent at least for the neighborhood and surrounding area
  6. I'm not sure why y'all are surprised, the layout they showed before was very suburban. Not really a ton of density outside of a few apartment complexes. I am pretty certain the new SPQ will have less density than what is pictured above
  7. ODU hosts Virginia Tech four more times through 2031 (something that can not happen if we were still in FCS), and we're now in a conference with App State and JMU. The only mistakes were heading to C-USA instead of the Sun Belt, and keeping Wilder for as long as we did. As an actual ODU fan I'm very happy we made the move cause if we didn't we'd be left behind by all of our athletic peers.
  8. I find that folks from Richmond can have an inflated sense of ego, I wouldn't pay much mind to them. ORF is a great airport and is making major improvements seeing how we both got money from the federal government for facilities improvements.
  9. Well, we've got *some* movement here at least: https://www.facebook.com/EastCoastDemo/posts/pfbid0JMZtoPeP6JTA4WYWgnByy5q7BW9HoJ16tTm37W352Ze5ik5WyE5xBs5KDJBWr9cLl
  10. Chrysler Museum's 2018 Master Plan. Seems to incorporate acquiring that and the Red Cross sites for use in future expansion. https://wparch.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/ChryslerMOA_2018CampusMasterPlan-Rev2-Web.pdf
  11. “Council has a preference towards what Wellness Circle is proposing. What we have to do now is figure out if we can make this financially feasible,” Filer said. “It’s very possible that, by the time we’re done doing our due diligence, council may say, ‘you know what, we aren’t going get there on an arena.’” Boom. I like to think that Council read my comment and that helped grease the wheels.
  12. I don't even need the arena, but Bruces concept of an Office Park+ is just awful. I'd rather them go with one of the other two proposals and just lop off the arena if it is what's driving up costs.
  13. I think the HPN line is down to one a week. I had tickets for flights on July 2, then July 1 and both were cancelled on me. Unfortunate as I was looking forward to trying out Breeze for the first time
  14. Yea, so lets just start with the watered down idea, then we can just be pre-disappointed! I'm sorry but Bruce Thompson's idea is just not good and not what the city was looking for.
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