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  1. It's the same firm that designed NCSU's James B. Hunt Jr. Library in Raleigh: This new library could be something special.
  2. The sidewalk looked finished, or close to finished, when I rode past today. It was still fenced off, but at least there's been some progress.
  3. You know, Harris Teeter had been rumoured for years to be opening a location in Seaboard. That project was declared dead in the past year or two, but maybe they're reconsidering a Downtown location? I think something like their small Uptown Charlotte location could work well here.
  4. I could definitely see Whole Foods coming here, though it would only be about 3 miles from the Wade Ave. store. Maybe a Trader Joe's?
  5. Any readers of Strong Towns may be interested to note that as part of the Strong America book tour, they'll be making a stop in Davidson on Saturday, 5 Oct. (And Asheville the previous day, and Pittsboro the following day.)
  6. I got that too, but somehow it allowed me to rejoin. Did you look in your email for the message mentioned?
  7. Boy, did they get the Mint St. frontage of Legacy Union wrong!
  8. Yeah, the Metropolitan is the reddish-brown and gray apartment complex to the right of the Link.
  9. Supposedly they're building the first phase, which includes an office tower, on spec starting this fall.
  10. Who would get into a light war with the building occupied by the power company? That's just asking for trouble.
  11. Apparently there's not enough parking in downtown Fuquay-Varina: https://www.cbs17.com/news/local-news/wake-county-news/fuquay-varina-s-downtown-growth-is-presenting-new-problems/1997462703
  12. A new mixed-use project is now under construction in downtown Boone. It will include a 4-story mixed-use building with 64 units and 4,262 ft^2 of office space, as well as a parking lot (behind the building) and townhomes on the hill above. Here's an article from 2016 detailing the project: https://www.hcpress.com/front-page/mixed-use-development-proposed-king-street.html I drove through Boone two weeks ago, and snapped a few pictures of the construction site:
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