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  1. This is a great project. Downtown Wilson has so much potential, especially with the city having gigabit fiber internet service. Also, it looks like this is the site of the old BB&T building that was recently imploded. Glad to see it's being redeveloped fairly quickly.
  2. So, the US House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure has been collecting requests from members for congressional earmarks in the next transportation authorization legislation. There are 2,380 projects across the nation and its territories, and the complete list can be found here: https://transportation.house.gov/committee-activity/issue/member-designated-projects This doesn't mean all of these project will be funded, but their representatives are pushing for them. Reps. Butterfield (D-01), Ross (D-02), Price (D-04), Manning (D-06), Rouzer (R-07), Cawthorn (R-11), and Adams
  3. Wilmington and New Hanover County leaders discussing a 1/4 cent sales tax to fund WAVE Transit and other transportation needs: https://www.wect.com/2021/04/27/city-county-leaders-discuss-possible-quarter-cent-tax-help-fund-wave-transit/
  4. I think that would depend on routing of train services, but the tracks in question do branch off from Salisbury.
  5. I don’t have any inside information other than what others have said, but I do know NCDOT received a federal grant recently to study transit-oriented development around a dozen or so proposed stations between Sanford and Henderson. Since it’s a lower-traffic corridor and doesn’t have as many entities to deal with, some folks have speculated that it would be easier to implement a commuter service here. And with NCDOT’s experience and competence at running trains, they are at a technical advantage over GoTriangle, which has never done so before. That said, it still will be several years at le
  6. Asheville will ask the NCGA for permission to hold a 1/4 cent sales tax increase referendum. It is expected to raise $10m per year and would be dedicated to the ART bus system. https://www.citizen-times.com/story/news/2021/02/24/asheville-wants-residents-vote-sales-tax-hike-transit/4569832001/
  7. Not as far as I’m aware. Winston-Salem studied a possible line to Wake Forest recently but decided not to move forward, and there has been some discussion about putting trams in Wilmington once the rail relocation is completed, but nothing serious is planned anywhere at present. Of course, the Triangle has had a couple of (failed) attempts at light rail, if that counts, but as mentioned above Raleigh is now pursuing BRT.
  8. It's the same firm that designed NCSU's James B. Hunt Jr. Library in Raleigh: This new library could be something special.
  9. The sidewalk looked finished, or close to finished, when I rode past today. It was still fenced off, but at least there's been some progress.
  10. You know, Harris Teeter had been rumoured for years to be opening a location in Seaboard. That project was declared dead in the past year or two, but maybe they're reconsidering a Downtown location? I think something like their small Uptown Charlotte location could work well here.
  11. I could definitely see Whole Foods coming here, though it would only be about 3 miles from the Wade Ave. store. Maybe a Trader Joe's?
  12. Any readers of Strong Towns may be interested to note that as part of the Strong America book tour, they'll be making a stop in Davidson on Saturday, 5 Oct. (And Asheville the previous day, and Pittsboro the following day.)
  13. I got that too, but somehow it allowed me to rejoin. Did you look in your email for the message mentioned?
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