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  1. Where should HQ2 go?

    I found this neat test through an article on the N&O this morning. You are put into Jeff Bezos' position and asked to rank the importance of various factors about the candidate cities, and the program uses your answers to determine the best of the 20 locations for HQ2. I'm sure this test has its weaknesses and isn't perfect, but it's an interesting way to see things. I thought I would post this and see what cities other users were recommended. My 1st recommendation was Toronto, 2nd was D.C., and 3rd was Northern Virginia. The test can be found here: Where are your finalists?
  2. The Good News Report

    Charlotte is bidding to host the 2020 Republican National Convention:
  3. Southeast Raleigh

    I didn't see a Southern Gateway thread, so I'll just dump this here. It seems that the City has purchased 12 acres off of S. Wilmington St. directly across from Montlawn Cemetery as part of their plans to revitalize the southern side of Raleigh.
  4. Charlotte Area Transit System Long Term Transit Plan

    I'm not sure if this has already been suggested, but why not extend the Blue Line Extension to connect with the potential Harrisburg Amtrak station?
  5. Random observations on development in Cary: 1. A new building is being constructed in Waverly Place above the fountains and playground. The framing is clearly visible. 2. Down the street, at the corner of Kildaire Farm and 1/64, the abandoned neighborhood accessed by Guernsey Trail has finally been cleared and construction should be starting on the medical buildings (I believe) replacing it.
  6. Kane's Downtown Mixed Use Project

    The Dillon has another tenant coming: O-Ku Sushi.
  7. Accessing the top of Raleigh's high-rises

    As someone who frequents Charlotte, do you happen to know of any such places in buildings there? Not for proposing (yet — that day is still years away), but for a nice view.
  8. North Hills / Midtown area developments

    I never was quite sure where the building was supposed to go. I assume it's this lot?
  9. ^ I had some of the same ideas, but I chose my routes a bit differently. I planned 3 light rail lines, Red, Blue, and Yellow. I also planned 3 streetcar lines, Green, Purple, and Orange. The grey stations mark multimodal or shared route stations.
  10. Center City Development Maps

    What happened to the aerials around the Metropolitan? There appears to be a cloud or a bunch of smoke in the air . . .
  11. 2035 Triangle Regional Transit Vision Plan

    Here's an update on the Durham-Orange Light Rail project from TBJ:
  12. Triangle Economic News

    Apparently Raleigh was under consideration for the American headquarters of Groupe PSA, the parent company of Peugot (a French automaker). They announced Tuesday that they will be opening in Atlanta.
  13. North Hills / Midtown area developments

    I think the fact that North Hills is already quite dense and tall helps make this building easier to swallow. Crabtree is developed, but not very dense or tall.
  14. Triangle Economic News

    I don't necessarily disagree that development in Cameron Village should be more scrutinized. It's a beautiful neighborhood of the city, and I think its character should be preserved. I am certainly not against development there, just as long as it is of a quality design. The Berkshire Apartments at Clark and Oberlin are gorgeous. On the other hand, and just a few blocks up Oberlin, the 616 At the Village complex is an abomination. The colors are dreadful, the materials are cheap, and the north side even has a massive blank wall. It is the 616-type developments that I have no issues with rejecting. But high-quality buildings such as Berkshire are more appropriate in that neighborhood, in my opinion, and should not be restricted quite so much. One thing I've noticed is that Oberlin Rd. between Berkshire and 401 Oberlin across the street is 5 lanes, and it seems to rather kill the urban streetscape effect that is so nicely achieved by the two apartment complexes. I would be interested in seeing a road diet from Clark to Bedford Ave.
  15. 301 Hillsborough

    The residential portion almost looks like the Skyhouse. Overall the design is a bit more modern than I'd like to see, but almost anything is better than a parking lot. That orange box though . . .