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  1. Does anybody know what is going on and has been going on when you get off billy Graham onto the airport road on the right side? They cleared a bunch of trees and looked like they were putting in new storm water pipes. Maybe it has to do with the office park right there not sure. Are they redoing the exit ramp from billy graham onto airport road?
  2. I quit going to the epicenter before games/concerts and random Friday nights because of the people hanging around and felt unsafe. Maybe I’m the problem. clean up the bus station,
  3. They were drilling core samples in the parking lot today at off Broadway. Was going to ask what was planned.
  4. I believe it’s storage units. Atleast that was in a rezoning in the neighborhood 1-2 yrs ago
  5. I have not been theough the new interchange since it’s been completely finished. I’ve been through it multiple time on the new part from 85s to 321 and it kept backing up at that stoplight on 321. They needed to have 2 lanes feed directly into 321 from 85 without stopping. Maybe that has changed since finishing the project.
  6. What is going on at the ramp from Billy Graham to the airport rd? They have cleared a lot of trees and moved dirt. I’d this a new entrance to the airport or have to do with the office park next door?
  7. Can’t believe nothing have been mentioned about the sale of the land at All American Pub, Slate, Hot Taco and the parking lot across Bland St for either 23 or 28million. Anybody have a idea on what the plans are for the property? They’ll have a light rail stop at their front door
  8. How many units is this again? Will it have 750, 800, 1000 residents when full?
  9. I drove through Atlanta this last weekend, first time in maybe 2 years. They had finished the construction north of Atlanta widening and also a project around Greenville, both made it a nicer easier drive. Are they widening 85 from the NC/Sc border down about 25 miles? From 4 lanes to 6 lanes? When will this project be complete? NC is so far behind in widening from 485 to past kings mountain. I think that’s still 10years out from even starting. This should have been done before the SC widening it should be 6 lanes from clt to atl. Wonder if that will happen in my lifetime.
  10. These are from the corner of East and kenilworth or Scott at the vacant lot. They were out getting cores today it appeared in the first picture. first time posting a picture, hopefully it worked
  11. There’s so much going on in this area with old warehouses. I’ve probably read but forgot. What is going in this warehouse project? Restaurants, office, retail? Thanks
  12. 2 new construction trailers showed up at park and mockingbird the last 2 days. Anybody know what these would be for? The apt complex across mockingbird appears to be finished, the Pfeiffer tower has been renovated? are they getting ready to build on the parking lot on the corner now? this is directly across park rd from Brawleys beverage thanks
  13. How many total units are in the tower and shorter 4-5story apt building? Could this project alone bring 500new people to the area?
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