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  1. traffic is so bad at midtown. I hate going over there
  2. meanwhile we have a sand volleyball court at the old Andrew Blairs. I asked one of the owners kids (childhood friends) when the project would start and he said construction costs were to high right now
  3. ANYbody know what they are trying to build at the corner of tyvola and old pineville where the old car dealership was? I think it was a Harrleson dealership. It borders the train track and goes way back off Tyvola. I saw a rezoning sign posted awhile back but couldn’t find it online. Apartments?
  4. Loved that place. Quick easy and cheap. We are losing a lot of the basic quick breakfast places around town. Not everybody wants a $12-15 sit down breakfast park rd soda shoppe will be next whenever their lease is up.
  5. Why can’t we renovate the existing library? Do people still use the library besides the homeless? The design looks great and it will Be great for the north side. Just question the amount of money being spent on something that is surely losing visitors for the last 15 years.
  6. THey want the tax increase first and then next we’ll figure it out as we go.
  7. Guessing townhomes. They paid big bucks for those homes. 800-900k for atleast 2 of them and that land has some serious topo. I’m sure they will Be nice when finished.
  8. I tried to post that exact same picture yesterday. It shocked me when I looked out the windshield. Can’t wait To see Thrift Rd in a year when all the newly renovated warehouses are occupied and people are walking through enderly Park to Noble Smoke and the chicken shack
  9. HAs there ever been any discussion on development at the parking lot on Bland st bordering the light rail/rail trail? That’s a prefect spot for a high rise condo building
  10. THeres not much they can do to the east/south intersection either I don’t think. I know I know we want to get rid of cars and think everybody will ride the train.
  11. Why does it seem like the state never fines these contractors for work that is not completed on time? For the 77 toll lane project its $10,000 a day fine, that would add up quick and could be used for other projects that are desperately needed. The toll lanes have already been given a extension and are supposed to be finished by Thursday unless a extension is given. Can anybody name a road project that was either finished on time or not given a extension?
  12. the homeless keep it in business, In all seriousness I think it does VERY well.
  13. Can they not keep the car running and pickup a cats worker at a future stop to clean it up and then get off a few stops later?
  14. I noticed tonight around 7pm that legacy was lit up in panther blue and blinking to a beat at the pyramid and the lights on the side that shine vertical. It was pretty cool. Never seen that done before
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