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  1. Maybe they’ll have a announcement soon Stay tuned
  2. Yeah wish they didn’t clear all the trees unless it helps with flooding. It got hot in the summer with no shade.
  3. Anybody know what the rezoning request is for at Mr K’s and Leather & lace? I know that family owns at atleast those 2 lots maybe the nursery behind it. Saw a rezoning sign on the pole out front. Can’t believe they haven’t put a ton of money into a Reno of L&L the past 5 years for all the new apts in the hood. It’s a great location. Guess they didn’t have a long lease left
  4. Until they move the bus center/hangout joint they are always gonna have kids loiter, steal from stores if any come, and just make the general public uncomfortable gong in the epicenter. Everybody I see passes the bus center on the opposite side of the street if they need to go by it. My days of going to the epictre are over bc I’m 35 now but I feel like the only people that have been going to the epicenter the last couple years are people from the burbs and bachelorette parties looking to come to the big city for fun. I Don’t know anybody who lives in town and regularly goes out ever go to the epicenter anymore.
  5. Drove by monday and notice do it was vacant. It’s abaout time it comes down. The houses behind it are vacant as well. Think that street is Dexter
  6. Is today's Truist merger announcement the big rumor from last week?? If not, when is that going to break?
  7. I hope Blackfinn stays or some type of sports bar restaurant with a lot of TV's. I used to go there a lot with my dad for a burger before the hornets/checkers games and walk over. The food isnt the best but I did enjoy going in there for a quick bite and drink. Seems nicer than Fitzgeralds. Other than that I dont care if they clean house in the epicentre. The place is awful and scary at night with people just hanging around loitering. Some of it has to do with the transit center I think. Its not my scene anymore
  8. traffic is so bad at midtown. I hate going over there
  9. meanwhile we have a sand volleyball court at the old Andrew Blairs. I asked one of the owners kids (childhood friends) when the project would start and he said construction costs were to high right now
  10. ANYbody know what they are trying to build at the corner of tyvola and old pineville where the old car dealership was? I think it was a Harrleson dealership. It borders the train track and goes way back off Tyvola. I saw a rezoning sign posted awhile back but couldn’t find it online. Apartments?
  11. Loved that place. Quick easy and cheap. We are losing a lot of the basic quick breakfast places around town. Not everybody wants a $12-15 sit down breakfast park rd soda shoppe will be next whenever their lease is up.
  12. Why can’t we renovate the existing library? Do people still use the library besides the homeless? The design looks great and it will Be great for the north side. Just question the amount of money being spent on something that is surely losing visitors for the last 15 years.
  13. THey want the tax increase first and then next we’ll figure it out as we go.
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