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  1. Word on the street is they are raising the Ally sign tonight to test and see colors. Supposedly at night it can come out more magenta than they like. I don’t live downtown or I’d grab some pictures. It will come down after they look at it. More info from The hairdresser of the ceo’s Wife
  2. I believe there is a side parking lot for the Tyvola station on S blvd that never fills up, next to first citizens bank. Archdale has a huge parking lot on S Blvd that never fills up either.
  3. Great news for the westside. Tons of new construction homes being built over there.
  4. Not sure where to put this but if we get a MLS team, they already have their main sponsor for the jersey. Its a bank here in town at 10mil a season. Not BofA, This coming from a person very very very close to the CEO
  5. I havent seen anything on UP about the soccer announcement taking place Wednesday at BofA stadium. Guessing we are getting a MLS team. What is the announcement? its something about soccer, not a soccer fan but think its good for Clt
  6. Poor lowes employees trying to take the light rail south at 5pm will have to cram in the doors every day. That would get old.
  7. so a announcement is at 1pm today? I need to get back to work
  8. would the new FNB tower on Graham be visible in these 2 pictures? Im sure it will in the upper deck
  9. any idea how long there lease will be? Maybe they just needed something quick to move into and will begin building a tower in 3 years and move in 5 years from now
  10. theres alot of very dense zoning in these neighborhoods, alot of mf22 and R8. Should help bring more commercial to the area in the next few years
  11. the Ellis will be up there by the RNC, maybe topped out
  12. Are they demoing the office building next to the 2 story mcd's? It is fenced off and I think i remember an article awhile back that a new building would be built there. Any info on what that building would be, size, timeline, etc
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