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  1. It’s a shame we can’t hit at least 800’. The Devon Tower in OKC is 50 stories at 844’.
  2. It’ll be more expensive short term, but long term it would save all parties involved some money. Less power outages not having to worry about down poles and lines or any kind of ice related incidents during the winter.
  3. My goodness, that’s a little much.
  4. I can see some fond memories showing up of going to granny’s to do some backyard fishing in the pond.
  5. Considering Tennessee has the best economy in the United States right now, nobody should be surprised. This is a very business friendly state and is getting more friendly each passing year.
  6. It was on the front page of the Manchester Times at one point in time. I also happen to know some people that own border land to the Bonnaroo property.
  7. Manchester was supposed to get Six Flags about 5 years ago until Bonnaroo outbid them for the land they’re currently on. Both parties (Manchester and Six Flags) were very serious about the move, but money talks. Six Flags offered 7.5 million for the current bonnaroo land along I24 at the time when it was just being leased, then Bonnaroo countered with 10 million and bought it out.
  8. Let’s not stop there. Page me and I’ll call you from the nearest pay phone.
  9. All of that space in the bottom left of the photo gets me pumped (hopeful) about future development.
  10. Boom! It’s over!.........in all seriousness, I think Nashville ends up landing this with or without the oak ridge boys.
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