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  1. Virginia City

    New Bonney Road Development

    We don't get things like that because no one in any position of power here has vision or balls to go for that.
  2. Virginia City

    Virginia Beach Stores, Retail, and Restaurants

    Honestly I could care less about another grocery store but it does feel like we consistently get slighted on everything that comes here. Whether that's store size like this example or that brewery restaurant that was suppose to be in Waterside, the constantly shrinking sizes of the building built here, the ridiculously bland architecture that all of the short, fat buildings that make up our skyline are made of. It can be downright maddening. Look at the Downtowns of similar size metro areas; Raleigh, Austin, Louisville, Jacksonville and then look at Norfolk and tell me that's not depressing.
  3. Virginia City

    sports in norfolk

    No thanks. The arena league has lost teams every year since 2012. No need to see another folded Norfolk sports team.
  4. Virginia City

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Greenies is not the type of nightlife you want. Drunken sailors and old alcoholics are most of the cliental and you are more like to get an STD from your barstool than you are going to get a pretty girls number. As a drunken sailor that use to frequent there when I was stationed in Norfolk it really isn't a big lose even if it's nostalgic. BTW when Norfolk announced they were closing it, The Navy Times newspaper, that is sold in bases all over the world, ran an article about it and they ran another one this week when they announced the date.
  5. Virginia City

    sports in norfolk

    Both the Coliseum and the Scope held this tournament in the 70's and 80's and the conference was HQed out of Hampton until 2015.
  6. Virginia City

    Virginia Beach Development

    I don't see them doing anything changes to this sight until after Town Center and Town Center North are completely built out.
  7. Virginia City

    Norfolk International Airport

    It would be a lot closer but that airport might not be able to handle the extra flights
  8. Virginia City

    Norfolk Development 2

    A building with bars and restaurants for entertainment purposes is much different than offices, apartment buildings and hotels. I understand views are important to Class A office tenants but just because you move into this building and have wonderful views doesn't mean someone can come and plop a building in front of yours. You do not own the view. It is a consequence of working in a downtown, especially one that all of the office building are pretty much the same size.
  9. Virginia City

    Norfolk Development 2

    You're right, the Holiday Inn on Military Highway shouldn't be a skyscraper but the waterfront hotel that's longer the a city block should be taller then 10 floors. Granted I'm sure it was built when Downtown was pretty dead. Isn't Gateway Tower going to be offices? IDC about office views, if it was apts then that would mean something.
  10. Virginia City

    Virginia Beach Stores, Retail, and Restaurants

    Never heard of it. Excuse the quote boxes I don't know how to get rid of them.
  11. Virginia City

    Norfolk Development 2

    Unfortunately the Sheraton a short building with a ridiculous footprint on prime real estate.
  12. Virginia City

    Virginia Beach off-topic

    I remember reading somewhere that VB advertises in Canada a lot because its the closest warm water destination.
  13. Virginia City

    Scope Renovations

    I don't like your proposal to demo the courthouse but I don't have a problem with demoing the Scope. A new arena could pay homage to the old building with it's architectural design. Redesigning the underground parking garage would be a must though.
  14. Virginia City

    Norfolk Pictures

    Definitely one of the most unique buildings in the area.
  15. Virginia City

    ODU Development

    Does anybody know why the Education building has that weird curve in it. If it was rounded it wouldn't look so strange, it's not even centered either.