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  1. Virginia City

    Norfolk Light Rail and Transit

    There is nothing on the east side of the Navy Base though. It's the end of the runway and the helo detachments. If it's going to stop at Wards Corner then it need to go up 564 to the NEX. The NEX is in-between off-base barracks and Gate 1 which is by a lot of the on-base barracks. Plus it's closer to the ships.
  2. Virginia City

    Casino in Norfolk

    Can we stop with the Atlantic City references? Every single time someone mentions casinos everyone jumps on the "I don't want to be like Atlantic City" bandwagon. Just stop. Atlantic City is Atlantic City because its in New F'n Jersey and has a 100+ years worth of corrupt politicians and mob connections. It's has nothing to do market saturation.
  3. Virginia City

    Norfolk Development 2

    I doubt it's true but I wouldn't be surprised if they decided to keep it on the DL if it was. Personally I would be fine leaving VB out of it. They can be the Ft. Worth to Norfolk's Dallas.
  4. Virginia City

    Dollar Tree Tower Progress

    Chesapeake doesn't need an urban center. Not every city does. Chesapeake is perfectly fine as a suburb. I would like Dollar Tree, Smithfield Foods, Maersk, Stihl all to have a Downtown presence. It is not just Downtown Norfolk, it's Downtown Hampton Roads.
  5. Virginia City

    St. Paul's Quadrant

    Well then you're lucky this isn't VB because they would think it would be a great place to put a new grocery store.
  6. Virginia City

    Dollar Tree Tower Progress

    Too bad they didn't wait to build this since there will be a large green empty building in Downtown soon they could have filled.
  7. Virginia City

    Norfolk Pictures

    Such a beautiful building. The 60s-80s were such a bad time for urban communities.
  8. Virginia City

    Norfolk Light Rail and Transit

    My favorite part was that they stated that 37,000 cars drive through there a day and that they think taking away lanes won't increase traffic congestion. GTFO with that nonsense.
  9. Virginia City

    Atlantic Park

    Well someone has too and it certainly isn't going to be the people in charge of it.
  10. Virginia City

    Virginia Beach off-topic

    Not big on the name but I'm down with festival. Pharrell has the connections to make it a big event.
  11. Virginia City

    Hampton Roads Technology

    Amazing what working together can bring you right?
  12. Virginia City


    I wouldn't put too much stock in it. In a few months there will be another list from somewhere else about the same stuff and VB will be in the top ten and then a few months there will another list and we won't even be in it. It not scientific.
  13. Virginia City

    Norfolk Development 2

    Wow! That looks so unique! /s Seriously though it looks like every other complex in Hampton Roads.
  14. Virginia City

    Virginia Beach off-topic

    Hopefully it would be to Norfolk. Let the city be the city and stop messing with the suburbs.
  15. Virginia City

    Hampton Roads Off-Topic Talk

    They will find someway to F this up.