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  1. I think it's better the way it is. For the driving, drivers need to focus on the road not the view because there are too many people walking around to be driving while taking in the sights. For the hotel guests, the beach is for them. It's better that they can walk out of there hotel and not worry about walking across a busy road. The restaurants that are along the bottom floor of the hotel are nicer/fancier because they have views of the beach and not a street front. Now if they could build large hotels along the opposite side of the road as well creating a corridor of hotels that would be cool. Especially if they could somehow build the hotels on the west side of Atlantic taller so some floors do get views over the other hotels.
  2. I like 2 or 3 but I feel like we will get 1 because it keep the existing terminal (if it happens at all).
  3. Isn't the Casino and that history museum suppose to go where #6 is?
  4. No one cares about buses. Plus they are just as susceptible to traffic and pollution as just driving yourself.
  5. Did anything come about from that post about light rail? Not trying to be a Debbie Downer but I don't know if I would read too much into it. However as I write this I noticed they do hashtag Populous, who is the architectural firm that is known for designing sports arenas.
  6. While I do understand that, I kinda feel like that's the whole reason of this thread. Anything larger like a whole new shopping center would probably get its own thread anyway. There is nothing wrong with a 'hey, fyi the old Toys R Us is becoming an East Coast Appliance.' It takes 2 seconds to write and post that.
  7. Both Stihl and Maersk have their US headquarters in the area. The city should see if they can move some of their offices downtown. Personally I think the orange Stihl logo would look good on the top of that newly empty green office building.
  8. I'm not saying they couldn't do it, I'm saying they wouldn't. Maybe that's just my pessimism.
  9. If Richmond ever builds a large arena then we will never build one. If there is already one large one in the either metro the other won't feel like it would be necessary to build a second. Plus if Richmond builds one and gets a pro sports team for it I would get sick to my stomach.
  10. If I were the city I would call their bluff.
  11. Because cancer can spread. Norfolk and Portsmouth have a very long history and merging them into one makes sense. Norfolk is temporarily burdened for the long term health of the entire region. One city owning the entire harbor would be good thing. Less mouths to feed for the state when they divvy up state money would be a good thing. Meaning that Norfolk would probably get a lot more money especially for taking on a charity case like absorbing a political black eye on the state. Everyone say they want regionalism but no one wants to take that first leap to do it. All of the cities working together as one is not going to happen unless they are forced to. Obviously they are going to look out for themselves first and a lot of times that devolves into undercutting and competition. Norfolk needed help from the other cities to help build a new arena downtown for a pro sports team that was pretty much a guarantee but Virginia Beach didn't see it benefiting them enough and pulled their money out and everything fell apart. Virginia Beach refused to let a service road to the new outlets to be built on their land because it benefitted someone else. And so on and so forth to the end of time. Regionalism, real regionalism will never happen as long as there are seven individual cities pushing only themselves forward while pushing the other back. Sorry rant over.
  12. I say have the state step in and have it absorbed into Norfolk.
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