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  1. Saw this pop up on Amazon Prime's header banner. I'm definitely going to be watching and the city shows really well in this trailer:
  2. Details just posted to the observer site: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/article231952298.html
  3. As a resident of this area, it really is disappointing that we settled for this.
  4. Good lord you guys complain about this building a lot.
  5. Not arguing with the idea that this looks bad, but what are some examples of alternative materials/facades that you guys would prefer for this type of building?
  6. After yesterday's news, I cannot wait for this convention. I think we're gonna have front row seats to some serious fireworks.
  7. I think its one of those things people don't know they really want. Once they get a taste of quality streetscapes and ground level experience, they'll understand.
  8. I'm going to shamelessly bump my previous post because I think its WAY cooler than speed bumps. First - Discovery Place and the City picked the architect team for the museum redesign. Check out the article below. https://www.discoveryplace.org/about/press/releases/discovery-place-announces-architects-for-uptown-master-plan Second - Check out the Diller Scofidio + Renfro portfolio. Pretty sweet stuff: https://dsrny.com/ What are the odds we get something truly transformative/unique for this project? Will the city "Charlotte" this project down?
  9. Discovery Place announces architects for uptown master plan. https://www.discoveryplace.org/about/press/releases/discovery-place-announces-architects-for-uptown-master-plan
  10. Man, some of ya'll are real debbie downers. Personally I'm pretty excited for this and frankly any news of movement is great in my mind. And besides, how often do we get what was shown to us in the first renderings we see? It's been said many times before, but not every building could and should be a signature tower - besides we have several already. Also, I like where SydneyCarton was going above with the obscured rendering photo. The tower (what we can see of it anyways) seems to fit the descriptions of those that have seen it. Also, ah59369 liked SydneyCarton's post and he said he's seen the rendering. My spidey-senses are tingling.
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